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Best Carrier Air Conditioners Price Features and Specs

Best Carrier Air Conditioners in India

Carrier is one of the oldest brands in the air conditioner market. It came into existence in the year 1915 and has satisfied millions of customer since then. This company is famous for its quality products across the world.

In this article, we will review all the available options a customer gets when he decides to purchase a Carrier AC. For the sake of simplicity, I have divided everything into two parts. The first part will focus on the basic parameters one should look for while deciding on an AC. In the second part, we will discuss the pros and cons of each air conditioner Carrier manufactures.

Parameters to Look For On an AC

Compressor Type

You can find two types of compressors on air conditioners i.e. conventional (rotary) and inverter. Conventional compressors run at single speed no matter how much output you want from the AC. This results in high consumption of power and low efficiency. Inverter compressors solve this problem by offering different speeds as per the requirement.

One thing to note here is ACs with inverter compressor cost a lot of money and for some people, these may not be affordable at all.

Power Consumption and Tonnage

An air conditioner should be powerful enough to cool a room sufficiently. As you go up in the tonnage, the power consumption increases. I would like to point out though by doing a little research and making a smart decision, you can choose an air conditioner with low power consumption. Always go for high star ratings and keep looking for products with new technologies.

Dust Filters

Most people do not consider dust filters as an important factor while purchasing an AC and because of this, they make a big mistake. Filters on air conditioners have a very important role to play. They remove harmful microbes from the air that may eat components and damage the AC. One should also look for the self-cleaning feature before making a purchase decision.

Carrier Ester Series ACs

Carrier’s Ester series ACs are affordable and offer a lot of features. These can be a good option for those who have a limited budget but still want a good product.

Ester 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC

Available at just 35,490 rupees, it is one of cheapest 5-star AC in 1.5 tons category. The outer shell looks really appealing and features durable materials. It is powerful enough for medium size rooms. An air filter removes PM 2.5 particles from the air and makes it breathable.

Although this air conditioner comes with a conventional compressor but it consumes only 1370 Watts of energy. Users get to choose from 3 fan speeds with a maximum airflow rate of 525 CFM.

The noise it generates is also low. It comes with a smart refrigerant leakage detector. The Inbuilt NextGen dehumidifier lowers moisture levels and enhances the life of inner components. In case there is a problem, the smart diagnosis function helps in finding the root problem.

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Carrier also sells a 3 Star variant of this AC at a price of 30,990 rupees. This variant consumes 1522 Watts of power, which is a lot as compared to the 5-Star model.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1370 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 5
Airflow 525 CFM
Warranty 1 Year on AC and 4 Year on Compressor
Price 35,490 rupees


Ester 2 Ton 3 Star AC

All Ester ACs come with same design and same extra features. Thus, you cannot expect anything new on the Ester 2 Ton AC. It is good for large rooms like a dining area and hall.

The machine sports durable copper condenser coil. It has a cooling capacity of 6000 Watts. I would like to point out though the cooling capacity and power consumption are not the same things (although they are both represented in Watts).

This 3-star air conditioner needs 1910 Watts of energy to work. For 38,990 rupees, it may be an affordable solution for your budget but in the long run, you will have to spend a good amount of money on electricity bills.

Tonnage 2
Power Input 1910 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 3
Airflow 700 CFM
Price 38,990 Rupees


Duraedge Series Split Air conditioners

 Duraedge 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC

The Durraedge 1.5 Ton AC is available in the market for a whopping 33,500 rupees and does not offer many features. It comes in a standard outer shell and fails to give an appeal feel to the eyes. It has a rated power consumption of 1522 Watts, which is a lot considering the low airflow rate of just 500 CFM.

Luckily, not everything is bad on this air conditioner. An LCD screen at the center makes it easy to change the settings. The special Turbo Mode helps in bringing the thermostat down in a matter of few minutes. Other notable features of the Duraedge AC include auto restart, timer, security lock and refrigerant leak detector. It also has a carbon fiber filter for stopping poisonous compounds from entering the vent.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1910 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 3
Airflow 500 CFM
Price 33,500 rupees


Carrier Octa Series ACs

Octa 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC

If you want a powerful air conditioner that eats less electricity then the Octa 1.5 Ton 5 Star split AC will be the right option to go for. Although it has a price tag of 44,000 rupees but after using this appliance for a couple of years, you will be in profit.

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The Octa AC offers a really high airflow rate of 725 CFM, which is something no other alternative in the market can match. Despite high CFM, it has a low power consumption rate of 1471 Watts.

Design of this device is also appreciable. It will add to the beauty of the room no matter of what color the walls are. Interestingly, this Octa AC sports a multi-stage self-cleaning system.

The list of extra features of this air conditioner includes refrigerant leakage detector, LCD display, indicator lights, super turbo mode and hyper-protective filter.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1471 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 5
Airflow 725 CFM
Price 44,000 rupees


Carrier Superia Series ACs

Superia is the top of the line AC series from Carrier. All the products in this segment come with premium features and premium price.

Superia 2 Ton 5 Star AC

This is the best air conditioner I would recommend for people who have a deep pocket. Its price tag of 47,990 rupees is in perfect balance with the features that come along.

At its heart is a conventional type compressor featuring copper condenser pipe. Although this AC has 2 tons capacity but it consumes only 1710 Watts of energy.

Solid build quality and eye-catching design are the two trademarks of the Superia 5 star AC.

Tonnage 2
Power Input 1710 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 5
Cooling Capacity 6740 Watts
Price 47,990 rupees

Carrier Air Conditioners Review and Specifications

Superia 2 Ton 3 Star AC

Carrier offers a 3 star variant of the same AC we have discussed in the preceding section. One can purchase it for an amount of 44,290 rupees. The only difference between that AC and this one is of power consumption. This model consumes around 190 watts more energy than the 5-star variant.

As a top of the line product, it comes with features like 3-in-1 microbe filter, auto cleanser, follow me, etc.

Tonnage 2
Power Input 1568 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 3
Airflow 700 CFM
Price 44,290 rupees


Superia 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC

A slightly degraded version of the Superia AC with 1.5 tonnage capacity costs around 39,900 rupees. In my opinion, this model will be more economical than the 2 Ton model (if the room is small). Its power consumption of just 1471 Watts comes as a surprise because the AC delivers high cooling capacity of 5421 Watts.

There is no difference of design between this AC and the other two Superia models. So, for people who are looking for a high-quality product at reasonable cost, this device will be the best choice.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1471 Watt
Fan Speeds 3
Energy Star Rating 5
Cooling Capacity 5421 Watts
Price 39,900 rupees
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Carrier 1.5 Ton Elektra Inverter AC

Inverter ACs are always better than the rotary ones, though many people do not buy them because of budget problem. Carrier has taken a great initiative on this front by offering its Elektra Inverter AC at 38,182 rupees.

This air conditioner has a capacity of 1.5 Tons and is perfect for small to medium size rooms. Its compressor runs at different speeds as per the needs. As a result, the power consumption varies from 600 Watts to 2020 Watts. It also offers 4 fan speeds for better efficiency.

The body of the Elektra AC looks highly futuristic. Its layered design in white color finish will blow your mind on the very first look. Built-in i-Check feature shuts down the air conditioner in case of a fault and starts displaying an error code on the screen. This code will help the customer support staff to identify the problem. It also has a silver ion filter for killing bacteria and harmful microbes floating in the air.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 600 – 2020 Watt
Fan Speeds 4
Airflow 700 CFM
Warranty 1 Year on AC and 5 Year on Compressor
Price 38,182 rupees



Carrier does not provide free installation service to customers. This can be a huge setback for many people. A customer who pays more than 30,000 rupees on an appliance at least deserves free installation. AC manufacturers should understand this.

The installation charge will be around 2,000 rupees depending on the materials used and time consumed.

Post-Purchase Service

Unfortunately, Carrier fails to provide quality customer service. Although its products are good but when it comes to post-purchase support, the brand always lags behind. During the research, we met many customers who are not satisfied with the service Carrier had provided to them.

Customers should try to purchase Carrier ACs from a local dealer. In the case of online purchase, the replacement of parts will take days (in some cases even weeks).

Pros of Carrier ACs:

  • High quality build materials
  • Impressive design
  • All ACs come with LCD screen
  • Most Carrier ACs are power efficient
  • User friendly

Cons of Carrier ACs:

  • Free installation is not provided
  • Poor customer support


From this discussion, we can say Carrier sells quality products. Almost all its air conditioners offer good features and top-notch performance. The only front where I would like Carrier to improve is of customer support.

Moreover, it would be quite generous of the manufacturer if it starts offering free installation service in the coming days.

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