Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece for this website on “best smart gadgets for car owners.” One of the six recommended smart electronics was a Honeywell car air purifier. It has been a favorite article with hundreds of reads every day. As a result, the best car air purifier recommended then, has been sold in a good number.

When I wrote the piece, there were not many portable air purifiers on the market. However, now I see many low-cost purifiers on sale. What is great with the new models is that In spite of, they being so affordable, they bear many outstanding features. They have a lasting build, too. Therefore, we decided to rework and present before you an exclusive piece on bestselling & top-rated car purifier currently on sale. In this exclusive review, meet top recommended, the best car air purifier in the Indian market.

I have divided this article into three parts. The first part talks about the premium models, or say car air purifier best buy in the Indian market. They are products of famous brands. What makes them a premium purifier, hence costly is their features and advanced purification technology. The second part is exclusive wherein we review budget air purifiers for cars & SUVs. Purifiers in this segment fall in the price range of 3000 to 6000 Rupees. At last, the third part includes some low-cost purifiers.

  • Philips, Sharp, and Honeywell are three best car air purifier brands in the global market as well as in India.
  • Pricing of air purifier varies based on how efficient the filters are in removing fine particles.
  • To reduce the maintenance cost of an air purifier, buy a car air purifier that usages ions to active sterilization bacteria. Such air purifiers would also be less noisy.

If you have any query or you need more details on the suggested air purifiers, use the comment box below. Read also Top 4 Car Vacuum Cleaner Between 1200 to 3500 Rupees.

→ What is a car air purifier? How does a car air purifier work?

The air purifier is the next big thing in the Indian market due to polluted air around us. In Delhi, the air quality is so bad that one out of every three children has lungs disease. They visit a doctor regularly. Delhi air is toxic. In fact, more or less the same is the condition in other Indian cities also.

However, it is possible to minimize polluted air effect using an efficient air purifier. Especially for closed ambiance, air puffier is very useful and a practical solution.

The best car air purifier on the market has multi-stage air purification system made using filters. Some purifiers also use Ozone gas, wherein, using a control mechanism, popularly called ionizer use to release ions that does active sterilization of bacteria and makes the air almost 100% pure.

Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter for SUV Sedan

Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier 4-Stage Technology

A car air purifier is a portable version of a room air purifier – carries the same purification technology. Car air purifiers need less power in between 3V to 12V. Further, a portable air purifier would make a noticeable difference in the air quality in inside a car or SUV in as less as 10 minutes.

You are now clear about what a car air purifier is. Why is a natural car air purifier necessary for your car?

► Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier – The Most Advanced Air Purifier

Philips has set too much price for it. In return provides a more mediocre air purifier than its affordable variants are. It has some premium facility such as air quality index and Natural Fragrance Dispenser, although. Especially the air quality index is quite a useful feature.

You should run an air purifier only when the air quality is poor — not all the time. Now the question is how to know when the air quality is poor.

The AQI of this Philips Purifier would indicate that what the air quality is inside the car. Thus, you can decide well on time when to start and stop the purifier. In fact, just because of the features, I would say it is the best car air purifier for those have breathing difficulty.

Philips GoPure Slimline 230 The Best Car Air Purifier

Still, it seems to be over-priced to me. The right price for this Philips purifier should have been not more than 10000 Rupees. It lacks features to justify its current price.

Instead of checking AQI, just run the air purifier every after two hours. For that, why should spend a whopping 10000 Rupees extra? However, a contrary argument could be — a healthy fit person like you and me can breathe and survive even in poor air quality. However, the same is not case with those who have breathing difficulty. For them, poor air quality becomes a matter of life and death.

That could justify its over-pricing to some extent. However, a comparison with its affordable variant shows that the Philips 230 Purifier fails in meeting the standard set by them.

Price 16000 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters
Filter Efficiency 10m3/hour
Clean Air Efficiency 13 Minutes
Features Auto on/off, Filter Replacement Indicator, Air Quality Indicator, Natural Fragrance Dispenser
Filter Life 350 Hours
Filter Cost 1500 Rupees
Can Filter out Dust, allergens, viruses smoke, bacteria, and odors, PM2.5 Particles


► Sharp Car Air Purifier IG-GC2E-B – the Best Stylish Air Purifier with Lowest Maintenance cost

I would recommend this car air purifier as one of the best options to make the air inside your car natural. It is efficient, noiseless, and reliable. Moreover, it comes with many great features, and its maintenance cost is very less. It has an average build with a stylish design. Not just in the car, you can use it on your office desk as well.

Those have extreme breathing challenge should not consider it, although. The filter on this Sharp car purifier can remove only PM10 particles, not PM2.5 particles, which are fine particles in diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less.

Sharp Car Air Purifier The Best Stylish Air Purifier with Lowest Maintenance cost

Further, the best car air purifier has a washable filter with 19000 hours of lifespan. If the air purifier used even ten hours a day, you would need to change the filter only after five years. Outstanding, isn’t it? That is how you justify a price of a product by providing exceptional efficiency and features.

The filter being washable is another advantage in terms of air quality. See, in an air purifier, as usages progress, air quality diorites due to accumulated dust over the filter. On this Sharp air purifier, however, you can take out the filter, nicely wash it, and place it back. Now your old air purifier becomes a new air purifier once again. If you are looking for a car air purifier and ionizer, here it is. Do consider it if the price of the Sharp car air purifier is in your budget. Read also Sharp Air Purifier Review – Best Air Purifiers for Indian Homes.

Price 9000 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters + Oozier
Features Automatic Shut Off, Noiseless
Filter Life 19000 Hours or Eight Years, Washable Filter
Can Filter Out removes mold odor, smoke, food smells, bacteria, virus, PM10


► The Best Car Air Purifier in 5000 Rupees – Honeywell Move Pure

There are two good reasons why this car air purifier ratings – is vast in number. The first sound reason is its price. The best car air purifier price in India is only 5100 Rupees. Now compare this purifier with its alternative in the same price segment in terms of features and performance. It is far more competitive, efficient, and multitasking.

The second kind reason is the features of this Honeywell Purifier. It consists of high-grade HEPA filter capable of removing PM2.5 particles. Further, it can filter out odor, cigarette smoke, bacteria, and toxic gas from the air inside your car. Thus, it is all in one air purifier.

Further, the low-cost car air purifier benefits also include it being less noisy and Ozone free. It does not release ions. See, there is a debate on the use of ozone gas to kill harmful bacteria. The process is termed as active sterilization of bacteria, virus. Is the use of ions is useful or harmful to a human? Although there is growing number of smart electronics that use ions to remove bacteria, still I am on the side of no ozone ions use.

The best car air purifier in 5000 Honeywell Move Pure

The Sharp air purifier, suggested above is also using ions to active sterilization of bacteria. Often happens is that a brand to position its products in the market would claim that their scientific discovery is absolute truth.

However, I would not recommend this Honeywell car air purifier to those who suffer from breathing difficulty. They need an advanced air purifier with multistage purification something equal to the standard of Philips, and Sharp premium purifier has.

The Honeywell Car air puffier is an excellent option to make a start. It is a just primary purifier with all useful features. Expecting too much from it would too much. More you can read about the best car air purifier at 5000 Rupees at here.

Price 5100 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters
Performance Silent Mode + High-Performance Mode, A big Noisy, Power ON/OFF, Change Fan Mode, Filter Replacement Reminder
Filter Life 12 Months
Filter Cost Buy New Unit, No Filter in the Market
Can Filter Out PM2.5, dust, pollutants


► Philips GoPure Compact 100/110 Car Air Purifier

With all the necessary features onboard, the Philips air purifier is my favorite. I suggested to all my friends. They liked its efficiency but complained about high maintenance cost. The only problem with Philips air purifiers is their operational cost is a bit higher.

The features of the best car air purifier more and less are parallel to what Honeywell offers on its purifier. How better it is when compared to the Honeywell Air Purifier. Hard to answer since both the purifiers are almost identical on what they offer to users. The Philips portable air purifier is a bit more advanced, though. It has an additional feature like automatic ON & OFF management.

Philips GoPure Compact Airmax Car Air Purifier

Still, I vote for Honeywell purifier for better performance. The only complaint associated with the Honeywell purifier is that its replacement filter is not available in the market. It looks to me a cheap marketing tactic: forcing users to buy a new unit every year. That means monthly maintenance cost would be around 425 Rupees (5100/12), given the fact that filter lasts a year in use.

The filter of this, the best car air purifier by Philips around 5000 Rupees, has 350 hours of lifespan. Even if used 3 hours daily, you need to change the filter after four to five months of use. The price of the new filter is around 1500 Rupees. Thus, the maintenance cost per month is around 400 Rupees.

Now you can decide for yourself that which is the best car air purifier when comes to maintenance cost. Apparently, both are same in terms of maintenance cost.

Price 5700 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters
Specs Up to 14m3/hour
Performance Auto on/off, Filter Replacement Indication, Air Quality Indicator
Filter Life 350 Hours
Filter Cost 1500 Rupees
Extra Natural Fragrance Dispenser, Attachment belt, suction cups, anti-slide pads,
Can Filter Out dust, PM2.5, allergens, viruses bacteria, smoke, and odor


► Atlanta Healthcare MF-01 & MP-01 – Elite Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter for SUV/Sedan

The Philips car air purifier would take at least 13 minutes to make a noticeable difference in the air quality inside your car. However, an Indian brand presents a quick air purifier for car, which would take less than 10 minutes. Therefore, I would not be wrong in saying it is the best car air purifier in store with some caveat.

In many ways, it is much better than what Philips Honeywell air purifiers have to offer in terms of features, purification speed, and efficiency. Looking for a fitting car air purifier for smokers, try the Atlanta Healthcare car air purifier with HEPA filter.

The Atlanta Healthcare is Indian brand sells original health equipment to breathe safely. It sells breathing mask, car air purifier, and room air purifier.

The car air purifier benefits include 4-stage filtration, One-Touch Operation, and decent build quality. Efficient filters of this purifier can remove PM10 and PM2.5 particles, bacteria, odor, Toxic gas, body smell from the air inside the car. Moreover, only this air purifier claims that it can filter out Pet Dander from the air.

Atlanta Healthcare The Best Car Air Purifier

Further, the maintenance of the best car air purifier by an Indian brand – is low. Once in 8 to 10 months, you need to change the filter, which costs, not much, only 1100 Rupees. Thus, the monthly operational cost is not more than 100 Rupees. On top of that, it is all in one car air purifier.

The Atlanta Healthcare has so far launched two variants. The first is MF-01, priced 5700 Rupees and the second is MP-01, Priced 4700 Rupees. Both the variants are equally popular. There is no difference in terms of features and performance. However, what separates both the models is – filter size and machine. Hence, purchase the cheaper version.

Conclusion: I would pause before calling the purifiers, the best air purifier due to the use of Ozone ions. Often you read on products that the use of Controlled Ozone. Who guarantees that the machine would always remain function and release only controlled Ozone ions?

Would you prefer driving a car with your one-year-old baby, wherein a purifier on the front desk releasing controlled Ozone ions to sterilize bacteria? So think carefully and then decide what you are buying. Nevertheless, the efficiency of this air purifier is just exceptional. It is fast, reliable, and efficient and you need to spend less on maintenance. If you have breathing difficulty, I would recommend it then. Read also Helix Water Purifier Review – RO Purifier with Mineral Guard and Iron Remover.

Price 5600 Rupees
Technology HEPA + Ionizer
Specs 15 m3/hr
Performance Feel Noticeable Difference in 10 Minutes, One-Touch Operation
Filter Life 8 Month
Filter Cost 1100 Rupees
Can Filter Out PM2.5/PM10, Cigarette Smoke, Virus, Bacteria, Bad Odor, Mustiness, Stuffiness, Gases / TOC, Formaldehyde, Pet Dander


► Airspa Car Air Purifier with Low Maintenance Cost

Under 3000 Rupees, the Airspa portable purifier is undoubtedly the best car air purifier. It comes with the regular features wherein HEPA filter used as the primary filter to remove fine particles and toxic gas – and then comes the Ozone ions to suspend active bacteria.

I have made argument earlier in this article that, I do not favor the use of a smart electronics that usages harmful Ozone gas. I do not believe marketing term “CONTROLLED” release of ions. Therefore, should you purchase it or not has to be purely your call. However, it does come with many other great features.

Airspa Car Air Purifier The Best Car Air Purifier Below 3000

One of the reasons to include the Airspa Car Purifier in this piece is – its low maintenance cost. The filter of this car air purifier costs 600 Rupees only, and that has a lifespan of not less than some ten to twelve months. Moreover, it is light in weight device. In terms of performance, it is just a mediocre device, although. Its capability to purify air is almost half of the capacity of high-grade purifier discussed above. Citing its price, that is understandable, however.

How long should you run this purifier in a running car? The noticeable difference would take about 30 minutes. You can very well run it for 30 minutes and then switch it off for an hour.

Price 2900 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters + Ionizer
Specs 7m³/hour
Performance 360° high efficient
Filter Life 10 Months
Filter Cost 600 Rupees
Can Filter Out Formaldehyde, Benzene, and PM2.5


► Gliese Elegant Air Purifier – The Cheapest Air Purifier on the Market

In the car air purifier market in India, one of the cheapest yet top rated portable purifiers is the Gliese Car Air Purifier. It is, in fact, the best car air purifier under 2000 Rupees. It is a lightweight device, only 248 grams and its body is scratch resistant as well. Further, it consists of advanced HEPA filter and ionizers to active sterilize bacteria. The control point of this low-cost car air purifier is a LED Panel to switch it ON or OFF.

The air purifier fits in all car and SUVs, claims the manufacturer. It sucks airs from all directions and evenly distributes pure air inside the car. Hence, you can place it anywhere in your car; the effect is going to be more or less same. Moreover, it is an air purifier easy to set up; you can do it by yourself.

There is enough testimony of users online to help build a bright assessment about this, the best car air purifier at a low price. The users have only complained about its build quality. That is obvious. Only 2000 for an efficient air purifier is too less. After all, the manufacturer would save money somewhere. That is the overall built of this purifier. Read also Best Air Purifiers for Delhi NCR Region and Other Indian Cities.

Price 1990 Rupees
Technology HEPA Filters + Ionizer
Performance 360° Air Purification, LED Control Panel
Filter Life 8 to 10 Months
Filter Cost Contact the manufacturer
Can Filter Out Exhaust fumes, PM2.5, dust, TVOC, allergens, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and odor | Anti-Air Toxic