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Best Boat Sports Wireless Headset and Nirvanaa Earphones

Best Boat Sports Wireless Headset and Nirvanaa Earphones

In the online stores, one of the most recognized names for Headphones, Earphones, Bluetooth Speaker, and Connect cables is the brand Boat. This piece is about the best products of this Indian brand. With hundreds of products on sale online, this Indian name has become a sensation in recent years. Today, the brand Boat is one of the top favorites of youngsters.

Check online for a price, the brand Boat designated earphones have got more ratings than the similar products of top established names. Apparently, Boat earphones and Bluetooth speakers have become desirable alternatives to that of JBL, Sony, and Philips. Especially for exceptional design and sturdy build, I rate the brand Boat much higher than Philips and JBL. Boat earphones, in fact, all its products come in a fresh, earthy design that looks very different and fascinating, too. JBL and Philips, whereas still sales their headset in the same 90's design.

Planning to buy an earphone, decide one of the top Boat earphones for the best value for money. Whatever is your budget boAt earphone would be a much stabler choice over JBL and Philips earphones in the same price.

► SweatProof boAt Rockerz 245 In-Ear Wireless Sports Earphones

As it is apparent from the product title of the Boat earphone, it is a suitable solution for musical dose during morning run and workout session to keep listeners in a good mood. Additionally, the features of this desi brand headset are such it is fit for several other usages as well.

The brand boat had launched this SweatProof earphone just around two months before. Currently, it is at the sale for a price of 2500 Rupees. Being compatible with all the latest medium to flagship smartphones in the market it could be a great buy at its current rate.

boAt Rockerz 245 Sweatproof Sports Earphones Design

The boAt wireless earphone weighs 27.2 grams. It, therefore, is one the most massive sports running headsets. Although In our market, have many affordable alternatives much slimmer than this.

For instance, Philips ActionFit headset range, one of the best choices for wireless sports earphones, starts around 600 Rupees, comes in a lightweight build. Similarly, Sony Active Sports Earphones, and Leaf SweatProof Sports Jogger Earphones, not to miss TAGG Wireless Earphone are some noted alternative comes in a lightweight build despite a trendy design over a sturdy build. The gross weight of these affordable options is less than 15 grams.

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Thus, the boAt earphone certainly has a more massive build than the trending SweatProof sports earphones in the market. Extra weight could be because of battery, and the wireless function. The weight is one of the factors you must consider while deciding to purchase earphone and headphones.

Nevertheless, what goes in favor of this wireless sports earphones is — at present, it being the only branded headset in such a grand unyielding design. During morning marathon or a workout session, it is unlikely that it would fall off since it fits so well on ears. However, even if that happens, it would safely survive due to a high build.

→ Essential Functions

The central connectivity of this boAt earphone is Bluetooth with the dual pairing. It comes with the inline remote and microphone. It could produce deep bass, and its overall build is water resistant, too. Enjoy your favorite music while getting wet in the heavy rain– now possible thanks to this impressive headset. You cannot share the music with your loved one, though. Further, it comes with one year warranty, limited to the only manufacturing defect. Essentially that means just ten days of warranty which e-commerce website offers.

This Boat wireless headphone can produce outstandingly clear, natural vocals. In addition, it can play music boasted with deep bass. You would have no complaint whatsoever about its sound quality. It is a fantastic slim wireless headset for listening to music or having a conversation with someone over the phone. Such magic is being possible by the 10-mm speaker driver on both sides of the earphones.

boAt Rockerz 245 Sweatproof Sports Earphones Wireless

As I suggested earlier, the extra weight is because of a battery. 90-mAh battery on this Boat wireless earphone is quite lasting. Once fully charged the battery would last about four to five hours when used continuously. Even if one listen to two to three hours music daily, not a case in general though, this SweatProof earphone by the boAt would be required recharging only after three days.

Buy 2500 Rupees


  • Outstandingly clear Vocals
  • Powerful Bass
  • Cable Manager to adjust size to make it fit according to user's need
  • Inline control and Microphone
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones
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Conclusion: The fact is, around the price of 2500 Rupees, the boAt headset is the only sweat proof sports earphone in the Indian market which connects wirelessly and has the exclusive design. It builds quality is study but lacks a great finish. However, it sounds quality quite impressive. I wouldn't be wrong in including it on the list of best five sports earphones in the Indian market.

► Boat Nirvanaa In-ear Earphone with MIC

There are three variants of Nirvanaa titled earphones on sale in the market. All three are decent options, but contrary to my expectation they are not the best pick around 1500 Rupees. Sony, JBL, and Philips have well-designed top quality earphones on the same budget.

As the brand describes – the Nirvanaa series earphones are about “Pure comfort,” “High Definition Sound,” and “Unrivaled Styling.” The standard features on them are the dual driver for powerful audio with deep bass, inline MIC, and trendy design that would undoubtedly attract many eyeballs if used in public. Compatible with all types of smartphone whether that is a regular budget smartphone or a flagship, wither.

Boat Nirvanaa Uno Earphone Under 800 Rupees

Among the three models of Nirvanaa Earphones, the most favorite of buyers is the Boat Uno, which is on sale currently at the price of 800 Rupees. The rest two variants are Boat Nirvanaa Duo and Nirvanaa Bliss at the cost of 1300 Rupees and 1000 Rupees, respectively.

→ Users concern

For outstanding vocal, the Nirvanaa Earphones are an excellent choice around 1000 Rupees price. However, to listen to pure music, there are better options from other known brands in the market. Additionally, the sub-standard build quality of these stylish, attractive earphones has been the primary reason why users rated it online coarsely.

Many users have reported that within a month or two some malfunction occurred. Either MIC stopped working or BASS died, or sound loudness became poor or something else. However, there are a good number of users rated each of Nirvanaa Earphones with a 5-star rating. Thus, I live to you to decide whether to consider one of them or not.

For this review piece, we have selected the most-rated Boat Nirvanaa Earphone. I am going to review it in the next section.

You will have a close look at the design and features of the Nirvanaa Uno Earphone through my words. I aim to find out why it has been a favorite of so many buyers. This affordable but chic Boat earphone has been rated actively in the online market.

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I tried to get Boat Earphones in local markets in Chennai but did not find in any of the electronics showrooms. It seems Boat limits its products sale only in the online stores.

→ Main Features

The price of Boat Uno is 799 only. And, at the same rate, there is one more super favorite earphone from one of the best names in the world of earphones & headphones, JBL. And, I am talking about its super hit earphone the JBL C150. Now the question is which one is the best value for money earphone since we have two excellent choices at the same price. My vote goes in favor of Boat Nirvanaa Uno. The reason is an incredibly fashionable design, outstanding vocals, powerful deep Bass, and inline music control with a dominant inline Mic, too.

Even more, the comfort factor of the Boat Earphone would make it your favorite choice, too. The design of earplugs has such perfection — fits appropriately in user's ear. One could run, walk, sleep, or do any activity while using this earphone for following a mobile call or listening to music. In fact, because of such an impressive design qualities, I happily rate it as the best earphone for homemakers.

Boat Nirvanaa Uno Earphone Review in India

Moreover, the design is also quite efficient in diminishing background noise. Therefore, I would not advocate walking on a road while listening or following a calling on this earphone.

I have a question — since the earplugs can go so deep in the ear, wouldn't that be pernicious to eardrum over the time if one uses the earphone regularly?

Buy 800 Rupees

Conclusion: See, all the three Boat Nirvanaa earphones are a great option at their respective prices. However, among them, the best value of money seems to be the Boat Uno. It is on sale currently at a fair amount, just 800 Rupees. Build, traits, controls, sound quality, the depth of BASS and everything else is copacetic on this earphone. As said earlier even one of the best selling earphones under 1000 Rupees, JBL C150 surrenders to this Indian brand earphone for its appealing design.

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