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Best Bluetooth Speaker Below 30000 Rupees in India

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

No matter how pleasing modern day portable Bluetooth speakers might look, there will always be some concerns and limitations. You might appreciate a portable speaker for a compact body, which is easy to carry around, but when comes to real music quality you need something bigger and better.

For those who love music quality rather than the aesthetics, we suggest the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is a perfect choice from every angle except price. To get this device home, you will have to spend whopping 26270 rupees. However, think once its performance can overshadow even those speakers that belong to a price range of 30000-50000 rupees.

Vintage Design

This Bluetooth speaker comes in an old-fashioned unique design line, which will certainly impress old generation users and those like be with vintage items. Every element of its outer shell including the speaker grill, control knobs as well indicator lights give the taste of a mid-twentieth century device. Rims and edges of various components come painted in a golden color that enhance its beauty.

The manufacturer has focused on the durability of this speaker. Its body and internal components are made of high-quality materials. Further, buyer gets to choose one from two color variants (Brown and Black) of this Bluetooth speaker available online. My favorite is the black color model.

I like the design, but I do not think the brand decision to launch this speaker as a vintage design collection will impress a new generation of buyers. There are users who want their gadgets to look futuristic and trendier.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker Review Specifications Price Online in India

Top Notch Sound Quality: In terms of sound quality and clarity, this speaker is one of the best products you can buy in 30000 rupees price segment. The total RMS output of 80 Watts will give you a good idea of its audio output range. It offers 2.1-channel audio, which is good for enjoying all types of music.

The outer shell houses two 0.75-inch tweeters and one 5.5-inch woofer. This speaker has an impressive frequency response range of 45 – 22000 Hz. You would not need any other speaker system at your house in the presence of this device.

The deep bass that it generates will shake the ground beneath you. Audio remains undistorted no matter what the volume level is. Sound separation is good and the users will be able to distinguish easily between the audio frequencies of two instruments. The audio remains tight and musical from low to high frequencies.

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One of the main highlights of this speaker is its control panel. You can find two-equalizer knob on it, one for controlling bass and another for controlling treble.

Offers a Number of Connectivity Options

Truly speaking, you can connect this speaker to all audio devices exist in the earth. Looking on the back, you will find a standard RCA panel with separate left and right channel ports. Use the optical port to transfer ultra-high quality music to the speaker.

There is even a universal 3.5 mm audio jack on the top. Apart from this, the device also offers uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity along with APTX codec support. You can connect up to four devices simultaneously. The source button located on the control panel will help you choose the main source according to your preferences.

Pros Features:

  • Will be appreciated by vintage product lovers
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Dedicated bass and treble control knobs
  • Old style power on/off latch
  • Special power saving mode
  • Offers four connectivity options
  • Supports APTX codec for generating high-quality audio over Bluetooth
  • Wide frequency response range
  • RMS output of a whopping 80 Watt
  • 1 audio channel


  • Vintage look is not loved by everyone
  • No NFC chip
  • Lacks inbuilt FM Radio

Verdict: The Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker offers more features and better sound quality than any other Bluetooth speaker available in 30000 rupees price segment does. In my opinion, this is a paisa vasool gadget returns every penny of your expense.

The manufacturer has tried the best to offer all the latest, advance and premium features on this costly speaker set. I am sure many users will appreciate it just for a dedicated bass and treble control. Moreover, remember it is one of the few Bluetooth speakers in the market offer optical port connectivity.

Price 28000 Rupees
Dimensions 350 X 185 X 185 mm
Weight 5.1 KG
Audio Channel 2.1
Frequency Response Range 45-22000 Hz
Connectivity Aux-in, Optical In, RCA In and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery No


Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless Speaker

The Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless Speaker offers superb build quality and amazing sound quality. This product really lives up to the brand reputation. Even though most Indian cannot afford it but for you, since music is everything the office price tag will not matter much. Yes, you will not have to spend a fortune to get it. Currently, you can purchase this speaker for an amount of 15127 rupees only.

Premium Build Quality: I am sure of the fact that the Harman Kardon device will blow your mind on the very first look. The brand has done a great job in terms of built, design, control, and connectivity selections. This speaker is so compact and lightweight that you would always love to carry it around. Chamfered edges reflect light and offer a premium appeal to the eyes.

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A metallic frame provides sturdiness to the product. The speaker grill comes engraved with Harmon Kardon logo, which in itself is engraved with patterns. Bottom of the device features a rubberized sleeve that saves it from getting scratches. The soft leather finish of the back panels gives an idea of the artisanship that the manufacturer has used while making this speaker.

All the control buttons are located on the top offer an easy single hand use. There are two LED indicators on this device, one for showing power status and another for battery status.

You are also getting a high quality carrying case along with the box. It pads the speaker from all sides for a secure portability.

Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless Speaker

Features an NFC Chip

The speaker uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly with devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Harmon Kardon confirms this device is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

One of its main features is the NFC support using which you will be able to pair a smartphone with just a single tap or touch. The inbuilt microphone has been tuned to offer good call quality and the Noise Cancellation technology enhances the experience of users even more. Thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack that allows you to physically connect this speaker to any compatible device in the world.

Unparalleled Sound Quality: Under front panel is located a pair of two powerful driver units. A total RMS output of 20 Watts seems enough loud to shake up a medium size room with pure music. This speaker is great for throwing small parties and celebrating small occasions.

Audio output of this speaker is never distorted even if you increase the volume to maximum. The frequency response range of 80 – 22000 Hz proves it is a beast when it comes to Mids and highs. The device also flaunts a hidden bass port produce ground shaking and tight bass frequencies. The speaker performs terribly on the front of sound imaging, though.

Offers Long Battery Life

The inbuilt battery of this speaker will give you several days of power backup on a single charge. On continuous usage, its battery lasts about eight hours before dying completely. One great thing is you can charge it with a laptop using a USB to mini-USB cable. Moreover, the power brick that comes in the box features three USB ports.

Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless Speaker Online in India

Pros Feature:-

  • High quality build and premium craftsmanship
  • Two LED indicator panels
  • Leather finished back panel
  • Chamfered edges
  • Inbuilt microphone with Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Dual driver setup
  • Total RMS output of 20 Watts
  • Generates deep bass and sharp treble
  • Built-in bass port
  • Offers 8 hours of power backup on a single charge
  • Users get a carrying case
  • NFC support
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  • No FM Radio

Verdict: The Harmon Kardon Wireless speaker is an advance sound system suitable all test of users. Its premium design and unparalleled sound quality can blow anyone’s mind. I would highly recommend this speaker if you can afford it.

Price 19000 Rupees
Dimensions 12 x 19.9 x 20.6 cm
Audio Channel 2
RMS Output 20 Watts
Connectivity Aux-in and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes

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