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Best Blue Star Air Conditioners for This Summer

List of Best Blue Star ACs

Although Air Conditioner has become a lot cheaper nowadays than they were in the past, people still spend money on them like an investment. And, there is nothing wrong with it. When a person spends more than 30,000 rupees on some product, he or she expects it to remain functional for quite some time.

Blue Star claims to be the largest seller of home ACs in India. Showroom and office owners always believe on Blue Star because of the durability its products offer.

These days we are running an Air Conditioner review series, the first two articles of which are already up on the website. This is the third installment in the series and as it would have become obvious by now, we will be focusing on Blue Star’s air conditioners here.

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The format of this article will be same as that of the earlier two installments. First, we will discuss the common features you can expect on every Blue Star AC and after we would be looking to individual products.

Common Features of All Blue Star ACs : Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator

This feature provides durability to the whole AC unit. Normally, low temperature of coil of indoor AC unit causes condensation to occur, which ultimately results in settling of dust and damage to important parts.

To void this, all Blue Star ACs come with hydrophilic evaporator fins. Since these fins do not allow water droplets to stick to the surface, there will be no settling of dust and hence, no damage to AC parts because of moisture.

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Loaded With Air Filters: Dust particles and bacteria are not only dangerous to air conditioners but they can cause certain types of diseases in human beings. Keeping this in mind, Blue Star ships all its ACs with an active carbon filter (for removing odor from air), a silver ion filter (for killing bacteria) and a dust-filter (for making the air cleaner).

Moreover, the front panel of all its air conditioners is detachable. You can remove it by hand and clean the settled dust off the fins.

Blue Star ACs Price Online in India

Self-Diagnosis Functionality: A good weekend during summers can turn into a burning hell because of a faulty air conditioner. Thankfully, Blue Star equips all its ACs with a special feature called self-diagnosis. Whenever an internal part suffers from damage, the AC will start showing different codes on the display. This way the customer will know that something is wrong with the AC and he or she can easily troubleshoot the problem by calling the customer care and sharing that code.

Multiple Fan Speeds And Multiple Modes: Blue Star’s split air conditioners offer 4 fan speeds i.e. low, medium, high and auto. In the auto mode, the AC itself chooses the best speed setting as per the temperature of the room.

Different operation modes like Dry, Auto and Sleep further enhance the customer experience.

Energy Star Ratings Explained

Almost all electronic appliances come with BEE Energy Star Rating. You might have wondered what this star rating actually means.

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The Indian government forces every electronic appliance manufacturer to tell the people about the electricity efficiency of its product in the form of stars. On this scale, the more stars a product has, the more will be its electricity efficiency.

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One thing to note here is the star rating greatly depends on the average temperature of the country, technological innovations, and on many other factors. Every year, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) recalibrates the star ratings according to the new standards. This way a product that was offering 5-star rating last year may offer only offer a 4-star rating this year.

Every time you purchase an air conditioner, you much check the year on the energy star label.

Available Blue Star Air Conditioners: To keep everything simple and understandable, I will group all Blue Star air conditioners based on their energy efficiency ratings.

I would also like to point out that Blue Star sells different tonnage variants of same air conditioner models. Therefore, in my opinion, it is not important to cover each tonnage variant in different sections.

Three Star ACs: Blue Star F-Series Split AC

The 3 Star F-Series AC of Blue Star is really popular in the market. In my research also, many customers were happy with the performance of this product.

It offers a modern design. The build quality of the outer shell is highly impressive. This AC certainly lives up to the expectations. Moreover, it looks really good on the wall. Slightly curved profile gives a pleasing appeal to the eyes. A little disappoint thing though is Blue Star only gives a single color option to the customers.

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Auto restart with memory function is a very cool feature of the Blue Star AC. In the case of power failure, the product remembers the last setting on which it was running. This means you will not even have to pick the remote when the power comes back.

The circuitry of this air conditioner is capable of resisting low voltage conditions. Blue Star offers a 5-year warranty on the compressor of all tonnage variants.

This AC comes in two variants i.e. 1.5-ton and 2.0-ton. The 1.5-ton variant consumes just 1550 Watts of electricity and has a cooling capacity of 4880 Watts. Both the variants are capable of working under temperatures up to 46 C.

Model 3HW18FA 3HW24A
Tonnage 1.5 Ton 2.0 Ton
Power Input 1550 Watt 2000 Watt
Cooling Capacity 4880 Watts 6365 Watt
LCD Panel Yes Yes
Dimension 940 X 275X 205 mm (Indoor) and 858 X 356 X 327 mm (Outdoor) 1045 X 315 X 235 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 mm (Outdoor)
Weight 10 KG (Indoor) and 35 KG (Outdoor) 12.5 KG (Indoor) and 45 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R22 R22
Buy 32000 Rupees 48000 Rupees


Three-star Blue Star V-Series

Those people who want a reliable and durable solution can opt for the V-Series AC from Blue Star.

Blue Star has equipped this AC with copper coiling, which is more durable and more efficient than aluminum alternatives.

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The manufacturer offers three variants of this product, one with 2.0-ton capacity and other two with 1.5-capacity. The rated power consumption of both the 1.5-ton variants is 1595 Watts while the same for the 2.0-ton variant is 1910 Watts. Apart from the three basic operation modes, this particular AC also offers a special Turbo mode (in this mode, the room will cool down much faster).

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Two additional filters (Anti-Bacterial Filter and Catechin Filter) enhance the life of internal parts and also make the air of room purer than outside.

Blue Star has equipped the remote of this air conditioner with a big LCD display panel, which is backlit. In addition to that, the remote buttons offer a really unique night glow feature.

Model 3HW18VC 3HW18VD 3HW24VC
Tonnage 1.5 Ton 1.5 Ton 2 Ton
Power Input 1595 Watt 1595 Watt 1910 Watt
Cooling Capacity 4995 Watt 4995 Watt 6050 Watt
LCD Panel Yes Yes Yes
Dimension 940 X 298 X 200 mm (Indoor) and 850 X 701 X 320 mm (Outdoor) 940 X 298 X 200 mm (Indoor) and 913 X 298 X 200 mm (Outdoor) 1018 X 315 X 223 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 mm (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 56 KG (Outdoor) 13 KG (Indoor) and 55 KG (Outdoor) 15.5 KG (Indoor) and 58 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R22 R22 R22
Buy 35000 Rupees 36000 Rupees 48000 Rupees


1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton J-Series

To attract customers, an air conditioner not only needs to offer powerful cooling but it should also be durable, power efficient and elegant looking. All these qualities are present on the Blue Star J-Series AC. This does not come cheap though as its 1.5-ton variant is available in the market for an amount of 35,700 rupees.

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The outer shell of this appliance is really attractive and the whole setup will enhance the beauty of your room.

Generally, indoor units of ACs need to suck air from somewhere, this is the reason why manufacturer provide some sort of ventilation on them. Blue Star has smartly turned this restrain into an opportunity to make this AC beautiful. Instead of placing multiple small vents on top, Blue Star has positioned a single big wide vent just above the fins. A slight curve on the right side making the vent quite appealing in nature.

This product features most powerful compressor of all Blue Star’s 3-Star ACs. I was amazed to know that the 1.5-ton variant of this AC offers a cooling capacity of 5000 Watts. Considering this, the power consumption of 1580 Watts is highly reasonable. If 1.5-ton capacity is too low for your room, then the 2.0-ton variant with a cooling capacity of 6225 will certainly impress you.

I would like to point out though this particular model features Aluminum coiling, which will come as a small disappointment for many customers.

The remote does feature an LCD display panel, though the buttons on the remote are not backlit.

Overall, this product seems to offer a good package considering the price point.

Blue Star ACs Mobile App Options (4)

Model 3HW18JB/G/R 3HW24JB
Tonnage 1.5 2.0 Ton
Power Input 1580 Watt 1985 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5000 Watts 6225Watts
LCD Panel Yes Yes
Dimension 1020 X 320 X 230 mm (Indoor) and 840 X 545 X 300 (Outdoor) 1020 X 320 X 230 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 38 KG (Outdoor) 13 KG (Indoor) and 45 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R22 R22
Buy 36000 Rupees 48000 Rupees
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5-Star ACs: Blue Star Z-Series AC (1.5 Ton)

We live in a world where global warming is melting glaciers and resulting in unexpected weather conditions. Under these circumstances, utilizing every joule of energy efficiently is the least we can do for the mother earth. And, it is a fact that Air Conditioners consume a lot of electricity. Even if you do not care about our nature, at least care about your electricity bill.

However, we cannot ditch ACs. In summers, these machines are the last resort we can opt for to save ourselves from heat.

Thus, the best way to tackle the electricity issue is by going for the appliances with high energy star ratings like the Blue Star Z-Series AC.

It consumes just 1500 Watts of energy and has a BEE 5-star rating. The power consumption of this air conditioner is much low considering it offers a really high cooling capacity of 5260 Watts. If used wisely (i.e. do not put fan on high speed when the temperature of the room is already comfortable), you can save a lot of money on the power bill.

Generally, the temperature sensor on AC is located on the indoor unit. This placement degrades the efficiency of the whole system as the sensor fails to sense how much heat the people living in the room are feeling. Interestingly, Blue Star features an additional temperature sensor on the remote of this air conditioner. Moreover, the customer gets to choose which sensor he or she wants to use for calibration.

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A special blow mode is also present to help the customer in the maintenance of the AC. In this mode, the fan of the indoor unit keeps running for 10 minutes even after the user turns off the AC. The blowing air helps in removing settled dust particles and ultimately enhances the durability of the product.

Blue Star ACs Mobile App Options (5)

Model Blue Star 5 Star Z-Series AC (5HW18ZCW/CG/CR)
Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1500 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5260 Watts
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension 940 X 298 X 200 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 mm (Outdoor)
Weight 14 KG (Indoor) and 41 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R22
Buy 43000 Rupees


S-Series Air Conditioners (1.5 Ton)

The Blue Star S-Series AC is a great solution for people who want a 5-star air conditioner for the lowest price. At the moment, you can get this machine for as low as 38,500 rupees.

Its cooling capacity of 5260 Watt will be perfect for medium size rooms. The AC offers extra features like Anti-Freeze Thermostat, I-Feel, and Turbo Operation.

This particular variant using the R22 refrigerant that can cause harm to the ozone layer. Fortunately, Blue Star also sells another variant of this 1.5-ton AC running on R410A refrigerant, which is regarded as a relatively safer gas.

Model 5HW18SA 5HW18SAF
Tonnage 1.5 Ton 1.5 Ton
Power Input 1500 Watt 1450 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5260 Watts 5110 Watts
LCD Panel Yes Yes
Dimension 940 X 298 X 200 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 mm (Outdoor) 940 X 298 X 200 mm (Indoor) and 968 X 689 X 367 mm (Outdoor)
Weight 14 KG (Indoor) and 41 KG (Outdoor) 14 KG (Indoor) and 41 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R22 R410A
Buy 38000 Rupees 42000 Rupees
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Inverter AC Technology: No current technology can match the electricity efficiency of inverter compressor technology. While normal rotary compressors run only at a single speed, inverter compressors are capable of changing their speed according to the need. This capability allows inverter compressors to consume power only in needed amount. Blue Star’s inverter AC lineup contains two products and we will discuss them both in the coming paragraphs.

Blue Star Inverter AC

The Inverter AC model 3CNHW18CAF from Blue Star is a 3-star rated product. You might wonder if inverter technology is so efficient, then why this AC has a low BEE rating. Well, for one thing, the standards of rating inverter ACs are different from that of rotary ones. Thus, it is not possible to compare both. Moreover, inverter ACs that come with 5-star rating are priced too high to be budget friendly as this technology is still new. We will see a sharp decline in the prices of inverter ACs in the coming decades as manufacturers start producing them in large quantities.

The power consumption of the 1.5-ton variant of this AC is slightly higher at 1600 Watts and the same for 2-ton variant is 1985 Watts. Still, you do not have to worry, as the AC will not always consume that much power. Once, the room cools down, the compressor will shift to lower speed setting.

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This air conditioner comes with almost all features that we have discussed till now like turbo mode, blow mode, Self-Diagnosis functionality and I Feel (two temperature sensors).

Blue Star has also equipped it with a bunch of air filters like Cold Plasma Filter, Vitamin C Filter, Catechin Filter, Anti-Acarien Filter, etc.

Customers can even purchase an optional Heat Pump with this AC. It helps in generating warm air during winters.

Blue Star ACs Review and Specifications

Blue Star R410A Multi Inverter AC: The R410A Multi-Inverter AC is the second member of Blue Star’s inverter air conditioner family. The outdoor unit of this is really powerful and can run up to three indoor units at the same time, hence, the name Multi-Inverter AC.

Blue Star sells only a 1.5-ton variant of this beasty air conditioner. Its outdoor unit consumes 12650 Watts of power when connected with three IDUs.

The Multi Inverter AC setup does not come cheap. You will have to spend around 1,77,000 rupees to get it.

Model HNHW18CBF HNHW24CBF HNHW18BAFI (Multi-Inverter IDU)
Tonnage 1.5 Ton 2.0 Ton 1.5 Ton
Power Input 1600 Watt 1985 Watt NA
Cooling Capacity 5300 Watt 6450 Watt 5300 Watt
LCD Panel Yes Yes Yes
Dimension 865 X 305 X 215 mm (Indoor) and 899 X 596 X 378 mm (Outdoor) 1008 X 319 X 221 mm (Indoor) and 955 X 700X 396 mm (Outdoor) 998 X 340 X 178 mm (Indoor)
Weight 12 KG (Indoor) and 38 KG (Outdoor) 15 KG (Indoor) and 52 KG (Outdoor) 15 KG (Indoor)
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
Buy 52000 Rupees 63000 Rupees
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Pros of Blue Star ACs:

  • Durable and reliable
  • Loaded with all modern features
  • Most ACs are energy efficient
  • Low noise production
  • Space-friendly

Cons Of Blue Star ACs: Some AC units do not come with night glow remotes

Installation: Unfortunately, Blue Star does not offer free installation service with its products.

According to its official website, the installation charge for the Split ACs is 1500 rupees, while that for the Inverter Split ACs is 2000 rupees.

Once the AC is delivered to your house, you will have to call Blue Star customer support at 1800-209-1177 to initiate the installation procedure.

Extra Cost: Apart from the normal installation charge, customers will also need to pay the charge of labor and any extra part. Most customers we reviewed said they had to pay somewhere around 3000-4000 rupees during installation.

You may also have to purchase a stabilizer if your locality suffers from serious power fluctuations.

Verdict: Blue Star is one of the few brands that have succeeded in maintaining a good reputation among customers. If maintained properly, its air conditioners can easily last for more than 10 years.

The brand might be charging for installation but the post-purchase customer service it offers is excellent.

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