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Which is the best ASUS laptop to buy below 35000 Rupees?

Which is the best ASUS laptop to buy below 35000 Rupees

For your new laptop, I have an idea. Whether you need a gaming laptop, a business laptop, or an everyday laptop, my concept for your new laptop would save your money. Just last month I saved close to 20000 Rupees of my cousin brother. I presented him a refurbished laptop, which is despite having Intel i3 Processor is better in performance than a brand new laptop with Intel i7 Processor. Needless to say, the Intel i7 Processor is the most advanced Intel processor for a multitasking laptop.

For cousin brother, I bought a 9-month used HP Laptop with Intel i3 Processor and 4GB RAM for a price of 18500 Rupees on OLX. Then I bought a Samsung SSD 256GB at 6500 Rupees (after 10% Cash Back). I swapped the HDD in the laptop with the ultra-fast SSD storage. Then I installed Windows OS and other required software.

The same you can get it done at a laptop repair shop in your area. That would cost no more than 1000 Rupees. My cousin brother already had a license for Windows OS. Using an internal HDD Enclosure, which costs 400 Rupees, I made the internal HDD of the HP laptop usable like an external data storage. My brother is using it now to archive relevant old data. Thus, the overall cost my cousin brother had to bear for a powerful laptop was just 25400 Rupees. Read also Things I bought Online to Make an Old PC Run Faster.

Now he has a laptop that can beat in performance to any laptop despite having best of the best specifications but has HDD storage. I also removed CD-ROM to lessen the gross weight.

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The outcome of my hack was the HP laptop became light in weight, it boots fast, its speed is mind-blowing. Moreover, the data reliability of the laptop is unquestionable due to SSD storage, and battery backup, which used to be 2 and half hours, is now close to four hours. For your information, SSD means Solid State Drive meaning it has no moving parts hence consumes no power. On the other hand, HDD storage consumes power due to moving parts.

An SSD storage could bring tremendous performance boost on a laptop. I would say switch to SSD today. You must know the secret that a laptop or computer that runs on an SSD storage would always outclass those with a regular HDD storage. HDD is now an outdated storage technology. In fact, the PC I am working at present boots on an SSD. We at Gadgets Shiksha use only SSD as the primary storage. Hope you like my idea to refurbish an old laptop with SSD storage.

However, you want a brand new Windows laptop, not interested in a refurbished laptop, and then continue reading the piece wherein I review an Asus laptop latest model in the market. The budget laptop comes with exemplary configuration and has a reliable build, too. The price of this laptop is 35000 Rupees.

I would use space on this review piece to answer a few questions, related to Asus brand Laptops.

Is Asus best brand for a laptop? Yes, the reason is Asus is one of the top vendors to supply hardware to top IT brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, and others. The brands whose product we proudly buy have reduced themselves to just assembly exercise. If you are purchasing an HP laptop, in a way, you are buying Asus hardware. When the same brand that runs its manufacturing plant to produce reliable equipment launches a computer, a laptop then why would you doubt the build quality of the gadget.

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Next question is which is best laptop Asus or HP? Brand positioning is a popular term in the marketing world. In perception battle, HP is the winner since it is well-positioned in buyers’ mind as a reliable, trustworthy brand. That truly it is. However, the question is – should you pay a premium price for an HP laptop when an Asus laptop has the comparable configuration? If I were you, I would buy the Asus laptop for its lower price. However, when comes to trust the brand HP is always a winner.

In fact, I would repeat my above answer for questions such as “are Asus laptops better than dell” and “which is the best laptop Asus or Lenovo.”

Besides, Asus is not a Chinese brand. It is Taiwanese brand. Buying an Asus Gadget means most probability you are buying a Made in Taiwan Product. When comes to quality, my experience says “Made in Taiwan” products are much more reliable and lasting. Read also 29 Best Windows 10 Laptops under 35000 Rupees.

►Asus Vivobook Max A541UV-DM977T Laptop

I am sure you are clear now that why should you buy an Asus laptop. Your next question could be – which is the best Asus laptop to buy under 35000 Rupees in the Indian market.

35000 Rupees is a fair price of an advanced notebook. That could be a gaming laptop, a business laptop, or an everyday laptop. You need not have to have more than 35000 Rupees budget for a brand new laptop if it is for regular use.

At present, one of the best Asus laptops under 35000 Rupees is the variant DM977T from Asus's A541UV Laptop series. In this piece, I review this best-selling Windows Laptop.

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The Asus A541UV-DM977T model is an ideal laptop for hard gaming, for office & business use, to run high-end applications. It comes with wherewithal often not seen on a 35000 Rupees laptop.

The Asus laptop configuration is 15.6-Inch display, 4GB RAM, 2GB Graphics, Intel i3-7th Gen Processor, and pre-installed Windows 10 Home edition OS.

Asus Vivobook Max A541UV-DM977T Laptop Review in India

Build and Design: If you are a writing professional, you will enjoy working on this Asus laptop. The working side of it looks broad, more spacious than a regular 15.6-Inch Laptop. That is the magic of a professional design. The input keys are soft and have appropriate high. You would get desktop keyboard feel while typing on it. Moreover, enough gap is in between keys, and there is a separate numpad, too.

There is no unusual arrangement of the keys. Hence switching to this laptop and then being comfortable in using it as per user’s regular speed would not take much time.

Further, the design of the Asus laptop is such that your both hand rests away from the touchpad area. Hence, you would not face mouse jump problem after using this Asus laptop for six months and more.

→The Asus Laptop Display and Battery Life

Being a multipurpose gaming laptop means, it has to have lasting battery life. The Asus laptop comes with 3-Cell battery. As the brand claims, this laptop variant comes with enough power to be in working mode for 4.5 Hours in typical usages condition. However, in real usages, for the first six months, you would get close to three and half hours of battery life. That would gradually reduce to just two hours. Although until the last use of the battery, you would get not less than 45 minutes of backup. Read also 3 Best Touch Screen Laptops Under 50000 Rupees.

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The 15.6-Inch display of this Asus gaming laptop has a full HD resolution, and the screen has the anti-glare layer to protect user's eyes, too. That is why I mentioned above that it is one of the excellent laptops for those write and read a lot. The display quality, clarity, and depth in color are appreciable, too. Although the display is not path breaking but it is not bad either.

Further, NTSC 60Hz Panel on this Asus Gaming Laptop in the aspect ratio 16:9 does a great job. For gaming, not just the CPU, the screen of a laptop has to be resourceful enough.

→Is this Asus laptop good for Gaming?

If you are looking for suggestion on what is the best Asus laptop for gaming, without incertitude, I suggest Asus Vivobook Max A541UV-DM977T. Asus promotes this model for all-purpose, though. This Windows Laptop with Intel & NVIDIA processor has the right credentials to be termed the best Asus Gaming Laptop under 35000 Rupees.

The center of the CPU of this Asus gaming laptop is an Intel i3 Processor in its 7th edition, which is the most recent variant. Then it has a 2GB DDR3 Graphics memory from NVIDIA Geforce (920MX), must-have to run high-end racing games.

DDR4 4GB RAM stick on this laptop is the best and latest in the market. In fact, all new age laptops come with DDR4 RAM only. Yes, you can expand onboard RAM size to 8GB more: maximum built-in RAM can be only 12GB. The Asus laptop has two slots for RAM.

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There cannot be a debate on whether the Asus A541UV series laptops are fit for home & professional use or not. However, often questions are on — how capable a laptop is for hardcore gaming. Based on what the users of this laptop recorded, the Asus laptop is much more than just being ideal for gaming. In fact, it is one of the best gaming laptops under 35000 Rupees and that is rightly so. Measure its specs with the options on the market. I am sure you would declare it a winner.

On this Asus gaming laptop, you can play GTA 5, 6, Vice City and other top games in high settings. You would not see lag and frame delay on the screen for sure.

→Connectivity and Pro Factors of this Asus Gaming Laptop

The Asus gaming laptop has all the needed connectivity options. Out of three USB ports, one is of USB 2.0 type, and the rest two are of USB 3.0 type. It also has RJ45 Ethernet port. Further, the Asus laptop comes with Headphone in & out port and VGA port. It also has HDMI Out port and 5-in-1 card readers, withal.


  • Two-Year International Warranty (Warranty Applicable in India)
  • Laptop Bag Included
  • Up to date Hardware and Software
  • Appropriately Priced
  • A Gaming Laptop
  • A Multitasking Laptop
  • Best Rated Online
  • 3W Sound System with ASUS SonicMaster Technology
  • 2GB NVIDIA Graphics

Verdict: A laptop being a complicated gadget cannot be free from cons entirely. I have always recorded some critical drawbacks with every laptop reviewed on this website. However, the Asus A541UV-DM977T laptop is one rare masterpiece, which impresses with its thorough flawless performance.

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If you are looking for a masterpiece laptop for music production, here it is. In fact, to run top applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and audio editing applications, you can purchase this Asus laptop. It has the right powerful hardware to run those applications.

→What is the best Asus laptop for a student?

I cannot close this review piece without addressing this critical question: can it be a perfect laptop for students? It depends. If a student needs a high-end laptop to work on a project, and he would run powerful applications, then I suggest this 35000 Rupees Asus laptop. Although the fact is this Asus laptop got more resources than students would ever use. For student use, a 25000 Rupees laptop with latest specs would be fine. Alternatively, try my idea of a refurbished laptop with SSD storage. Read also HP Laptop under 25000 Rupees for Student and Home Use.

Thus, for a price of 35000 Rupees, one of the best Asus laptops, the variant A541UV-DM977T, and its color variant A541UV-DM978T, both are recommended options in the market. Consider it if you need a business laptop or an everyday notebook. It is a fit laptop for entertainment, watching movies and above all, it is a perfect gaming laptop.

Price 35000 Rupees
Display 15.6-Inch, Full HD, 60Hz, 16:9, Anti-Glare, LED backlit
Processor 2.40 GHz, Intel Core i3 7th Edition (6100U/7100U Processor), 3MB Cache
Graphics 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce 920MX
RAM 2 Slots, 4GB DDR4
Storage 1TB, 5400 RPM
Optical Drive Super-Multi DVD
Card Reader 5-in-1
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Ports USB 2.0×1, USB 3.0×2, Ethernet Port, VGA Port, HDMI Out
Battery 3-Cell, 4.5 Hours Claimed
Power Adapter 2.37 Amp, 45W, 19V DC
Weight 1.9 Kg
Warranty 2 Years On-site
Asus Toll Free 1800 2090 365 ( Only on Working Days and Working Time )
Speaker 3W, ASUS SonicMaster Technology
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