In last twenty-odd days, Gadgets Shiksha received many requests from the website followers that we must do an article on some best-performing air purifiers currently on sale. Not arduous to guess most of the requests were from the followers live in Delhi-NCR, and its neighboring areas. This article, therefore, is for those looking for ideal, smart air purifiers, which can provide genuine relief from air pollution.

A gentle reminder to readers, this website already has some trending review articles on best air purifiers. So while you go through the air purifiers discussed here, care not to miss those popular review articles as well. Once you have been through features of all the reviewed air purifiers on this website — then take a decision on which one fits your requirement? Your this little effort would result in — you purchase the right air purifier with the required traits.

Air Pollution is such that it is hard to envision its adverse effect from a distance. You might have seen images of air pollution in China cities. Can you imagine the inimical challenges for the local population there? Similarly, it is hard to visualize the worst pollution adversity the population of Delhi currently subjected to — by sitting in Chennai. Based on what GS team learned from news sources in last few weeks we could only make some assumption thereby give an appropriate tilt to this review article so that it serves the purpose of those who are a substantive sufferer of air pollution. Read also Best Smart Gadgets for Car Owners in India

Since not many brands are active in the air purifier space, only three hundred-odd air purifier models are currently up for sale. The reason is — demands for Air purifiers have not yet reached the adequate level where, it, as a sector, generates enough transactions for manufacturers to survive. That is a good thing by the way; wish this sector did not survive.

In the budget category, Philips and Xiaomi are only two reliable brands have qualified air purifiers as a solution to the air pollution challenges in Indian cities. Come to the premium segment, the US brand Honeywell is the favorite here.

In this review article, already reviewed air purifiers on Gadgets Shiksha are going to find a place. After all, they are one of the best-selling air purifiers in last twenty to thirty-odd months. Besides, some top rated, in-demand top air purifiers launched this year, too.

The technology on which contemporary air purifiers operate and the layers built-in within the filters happen to be as it is in last some years. Panasonic, however, has introduced an air purifier with a unique technology, and the good news is — that works exceptionally well. The Panasonic air purifier finds a place in the second half of this review article.

If you happen to be someone new to the technology of air purifiers, you must know economics is not how much you pay for the machine. Rather how much you would have to spend for the filter. In general, a filter last 12 to 18 months. Philips mentions this on its official website. However, how long the filter of a new air purifier would last when used in Delhi region: probability 6 to 8 months.

Primarily for residents of Delhi/NCR, suggesting the three great air purifiers from Panasonic and the most trust brand Philips.

  • Philips AC 3256 AeraSense Air Purifier
  • Philips AC 2882/2887 Air Purifier
  • Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) Air Purifier

60-Watt Philips AeraSense Air Purifier – Philips 3000 Series AC3256

At Amazon India, currently, at the number 6 in top hundred air purifiers, the Philips Air Purifier Ac3256 is a mind-blowing smart purifier with some exceptional features.

The air purifier comes with a built-in sensor for PM2.5 particles. In fact, it has a built-in sensor for PM2.5 measurement, too. So this Philips air purifier can measure the density of PM2.5 particles as well as purify the air of a room as big as 800 square ft.

Further, this Philips air purifier can protect breathers from H1N1 Virus, TVOC, harmful bacteria and also freshens the air from impure odors.

In Air purifiers, the fan that sucks air makes a whole lot of noise. Therefore, before saying YES to an air purifier, you must check whether it has a sleep mode or not. This Philips Air Sense purifier comes with an ultra-sleep mode that reduces fan speed hence noise level to around 33db. If the noise is still unbearable, a practical solution is to use Hearos Earplugs.

Which are the smart features with this AeraSense air purifier that earns it fame of being a top-most air purifier models hither? Auto Mode, Sensible Touch Panel, Healthy Air Protect Alert, Digital timer is an enunciation of what refers to its smart ability.

Philips AeraSense Air Purifier AC3256 Review and Specifications

All in all this smart air purifier is an excellent machine around rupees 25000 Rupees. In fact, it flawlessly fit for the adverse air pollution so homes in Delhi region should order it today. Philips made it superior with many innovative and user-convenience features to justify its price. Not much I have shared here since a complete review of this Philips masterpiece is already on Gadgets Shiksha: do check out the review article before you decide to buy it. Read more at 5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Home.

Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 700 Air Purifier

Eureka Forbes is one of the top three brands in the Water Purifier market. The brand had started with just one air purifier model, however, quickly got stable feet in the market. Today Eureka Forbes is a brand to look out for if you are out to buy a gem air purifier. This water purifier brand has a complete product line of innovative smart Air Purifiers now.

The Dr.Aeroguard SCPR 700 is an advanced air purifier with five-stage filtration. This air purifier Consumes only 45-Watts power, and it has a compact build and user-friendly control options, which is programmable, too. Moreover, it is a purifier designed with lots of excellent quality trait such as measuring air quality in real time. It comes with a robust air purification system for faster result. However, the best feature of this Eureka Forbes air purifier has to be — not necessarily, it has to run all the time.

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 Air Purifier Review and Specifications

The purifier checks air quality, and the results are easy to follow. “Red” light glows means air quality is highly impure, “Yellow” light glows means air is moderately impure and “Green” light glows means air quality in the room is satisfying and has just negligible impurity. Want your baby to sleep in a room has pure air, turn on this Eureka Forbes smart air purifier for just an hour or two to achieve an appropriate air purity level in that room. More about this efficient air purifier is at Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 700 Air Purifier Review.

Alternatively, you may also consider other affordable yet innovative air purifiers of this water purifier brand. The Aeroguard Mist is a 56-Watt Air Purifier with 6-stage active shield purification process. If you are looking for an air purifier under 10000 Rupees, you may even consider the Eureka Forbes's Aeroguard Breeze with the 5-stage air purification shield.

Philips AC1215 – the best Selling Budget Air Purifier

Launched this year and currently standing at number one position on Amazon India in the category of best air purifiers, the Philips AC1215 is the most popular smart air purifier. Follow this Philips smart machine on any shopping platform it is in top demand. Although we did not get a chance to see this air purifier while working for this air purifier review, somehow arranged to get a real user feedback from one of my friends who happen to be using it for some time now. He termed this Philips Air purifier a good buy and admired its efficiency. Therefore, under 9000 Rupees, this air purifier is a great buy as it comes with many great specialties.

This Philips budget air purifier, ideal for Indian boudoirs, would help to breathe pure air. Air quality index on it has the four levels, represented by 4-color indicators. Moreover, timely it alerts for air filter change, Philips says on its official website, once in 12 to 18 months, change the air filter of your air purifier. This air purifier also has four fan modes, ideally representing purification that includes ultra-sleep mode, too.

Philips AC1215 Top Selling Budget Air Purifier under 9000 Rupees

All these features discussed so far, for this Philips Machine is now more or less fundamental features in all air purifiers. However, the features that give this Philips air purifier an identity among three hundred-odd air purifier models — up for sale currently– is its extra smart features. So what are they? They are “NightSense Auto Mode,” “Allergen Auto Mode,” “Auto Mode,” “Smart Light Control.” That is what called automation. The Philips AC1215 Air purifier is an automatic air purifier, it, therefore, can alter its mode of purification according to air impurity in the air. So all you have to do with this air purifier is that switch it on, relax and take a deep breath of pure air.

Now a million dollar question: can it be a solution to breathe pure air in Delhi? No, it cannot be– for Delhi, a purifier with multi-stage purification system, at least four or five, six-stage purification would be the best. The ideal multi-stage purification feature is absent from this Philips Champ. Therefore, this air purifier is fit to reduce air impurity level in one of the rooms of your Chennai or Bangluru Flat. Buy: 9000 Rupees

Philips AC 2882 and AC 2887 – A Fit Air Purifier for Delhi NCR Region

Are looking for a suitable air purifier to work efficiently with the level of air pollution Delhi/NCR region has? Buy either this air purifier or its advanced version, Philips AC 2887, which has Philips's signature technology to measure PM2.5 level in the air, the AeraSense.

I just evoke here I also reviewed an advanced variant of Philips air purifiers in the beginning. That air purifier model is entirely appropriate to purify the impure air in the homes of the Delhi-NCR region.

Both the variants AC 2882 and its sister AC 2887 is 100% Ozone-Free, Philips has claimed it officially. The claim is from none other than Philips. So I have every reason to believe it. Moreover, the 2-years of on-site warranty by Philips — is a nice gesture to win over customers who priorities to post-sales service more. In fact, you should do, too.

While researching for this purifier review article, participants raised concern about their in-use purifier. According to them, they were not sure whether the purifier is actually working or only lights are on.

Philips AC 2882 and Philips AC 2887 Air Purifier for Delhi NCR Reason

Philips has addressed such users concern by adding the feature of “Visualize Air Quality,” which measures the air quality of a room. At the start, it measures the air quality and indicates in number as well as in a Color tone. While time passes, the machine distills air quality, the numeric index changes so the tone of the color-ring. Besides many great features, the “Allergen mode” is also on the list of its critical features.

The Gadgets Shiksha website already has a review article lists top air purifiers fit for Indians cities. Therein we have given meaning and importance of the essential features of an air purifier in detail. Therefore, in this article, I restrict to just naming of the features, which make an air purifier variant distinct. Buy AC2882 : 15000 Rupees | Buy AC2887 : 17000 Rupees

Best Panasonic Air Purifier in India

Lost faith in this Japanese brand since it put out an insulting social media ads to get its product through in the Indian market during this Diwali. However, as expected, the cheap ads turned to be counterproductive. Consequently, Panasonic lost a big chunk of its loyal customers during Diwali Sales festival and after that, too.

Essentially, Panasonic should focus on developing products that excel on buyers' expectation. Also, it should improve customer service to match the level where Philips stands today. If you are still a loyal customer of Panasonic, here is the best air purifier that you might consider fitting for the air quality in your home. This Panasonic air purifier also fits to be one of the best-fit purifiers to pure — impure air in the Delhi-NCR region.

Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D), a 20-Watt Air Purifier with all right reasons is one of the best air purifiers under 15000 Rupees. It comes with the wherewithal to sterilize pollution in the air around you. This air purifier variant is the only model currently worth considering from the Japanese brand. Therefore, I am compelled to say this: Dear Panasonic launch more affordable, innovative air purifier models, not cheap ads.

Super Silent Air Purifier Panasonic F-PXF35MKU in India

Coming back to the reasons why this Panasonic model could be your next buy is the set of its great features. It consumes just 20-watt power leads to it to be the most economical air purifier at present. Next, it is unbelievably quiet, a super silent air purifier. Eventually, the secret of all its success lays in the technology used for air purification.

The air purifier works with an alien technology of creating nanoe particles, which is an acidic water particle with electric charge and reactive substance. The “nanoe” particle has the character of removing hydrogen from impure elements in the air around us. With this distinct technology, the performance of an air purifier rests with the setup inside to generate the volume of “nanoe” particles. Higher is the value of nanoe particles per second faster impurity from the air would reduce. Exposing the details of acidic water particles in air purification answers why this Panasonic air purifier is so silent as opposed to the filter based air purifiers from rated brands Honeywell and Philips. Buy: 15000 Rupees

Super Premium Air Purifier Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G

Failed to understand why foreign brands like Panasonic, Honeywell, and many others use cheap ads to draw attention to its products. This US brand was under fire during Diwali due to one stupid advertisement it released defaming our Indic culture. Embracing the Indian culture and celebrating it with a beautiful message would help brands to win Indian consumers' heart, not some cheap ads.

Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Air Purifier Review and Specifications

If my memory serves correctly, Honeywell was the first brand to launch a professional air purifier for the general public. The US brand leads from the front in the world market of air purifiers. Here in India, however, Honeywell failed in being noticed. The only reason I could figure out is the cost of its products. Honeywell air purifiers are in the super-premium category of the market. Since every room in a house needs an air purifier, even a millionaire would think twice before considering Honeywell air purifier for his or her's home.

In a complete review of this US made air purifier variant, we presented enough reasons why it has to be your favorite. HEPA filter, low operating noise, easy filter replacement, less power consumption with robust build are some of its key features. More about this efficient but costly air purifier is at here: Best Air Purifier in India below 30000 Rupees.

The Most Affordable Xiaomi Air Purifier

Not just Smartphones, the Chinese cum Indian brand Xiaomi is also a top air purifier brand in the Asian markets. It has so far launched two air purifier models one after another wherein the second variant happens to the most popular air purifier at present. With more than thousand plus ratings which on average culminates to extra-ordinary 4.3 rating, entirely rare for products like an air purifier, which ensures an invisible protection.

Mi Air Purifier Pressure System

The great feature of this Xiaomi Air purifier, known as Mi2 Air purifier is its price. Not 10000 Rupees, but 1000 less, only 9000 Rupees is what one has to spend to get this to home. An ideal air purifier for a room in the size of 400 to 500 sq ft, this Xiaomi air purifier is genuinely fruitful on the expectations of customers.

Further, Xiaomi M2 Air Purifier can measure PM2.5 level and sterilize such impurity at faster speed thanks to a powerful machine resides inside its rectangular shape box-type body. However, it is not a worthwhile solution for the air pollution outbreak in the Delhi/NCR reason. I rephrase it once again: for Delhi NCR you need an air purifier with multi-stage purification system inbuilt.

The Gadgets Shiksha had already reviewed this budget air purifier when it was launched in the Indian market. You can follow the review of Xiaomi air purifier at here: Why you need an Air Purifier? Xiaomi Air Purifier Review.