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Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India

Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India from Philips and Mitashi

The idea of a Boombox is awe-inspiring as it is an all-in-one audio system. Having it also, the radio function makes it more suitable choice for entertainment, especially for homemakers. In fact, I would consider a Boombox a more practical option for daily entertainment over a LED TV. While Boombox on, you can continue with regular works whereas when a LED TV is ON, it requires your presence there. As a result, the routine goes on hold. The Radio on a Boombox can tune FM or MW radio channels for the latest news, songs, and information. Moreover, you want to listen to something specific — close to your heart, just change the player mode, feed your data to the Boombox, close your eyes, and lie down on Sofa and lost yourself in the world of sound. Wow! Isn't this awesome?

In this Boombox review article, we are looking at some seven best multifunction Boombox under 5000 rupees. In India, Philips is a big player in the market of portable Boombox. This review piece includes six Boombox models of the brand Philips.

In the budget range of 3000 to 8000 Rupees, Philips has better Boombox models than any other brands in the Indian market. In addition, I am personally a big fan of Philips product for their excellent durability. Modern design, excellent customer care, and service support are some of the essential factors that make the Philips products obvious choice. If you are in search of the best Boombox in India, this review article is the perfect solution. Read also LG Smart DJ Boombox Speakers for Young Indian Music Fans.

→Philips AZ302 Boombox with FM Radio and CD Player

This is an affordable and limited function Boombox from Philips. It can be powered by either AC input or six cells combination of 1.5V LR14 battery in “C” size. The Boombox can be used for three ways: as an AM FM Radio, CD player, and a sound box system. Under its Radio mode, there is a support for digital tuning of FM and MW band radio. With CD player feature, which is a top loading function, the Philips Boombox can play all CD format.

The Boombox is powered by dual speaker setup with output of 2W and optimized for sound effect of Dynamic Bass Boost. It doesn’t have a 3.5 audio jack port and USB support. The AZ302 supports MP3 audio-in which means it can be used as a sound box by connecting it with an external player a mobile phone or a TV.

Philips AZ302 Boom Box

Though the device doesn’t list USB port and Headphone Jack, but its triple usability makes it a good choice at the current price of 2500/-. The Philips is included in the top 10 trusted brands in India. Therefore, having just 6 months of service warranty shouldn’t bother much. Without the remote function, the Radio cum audio player has some advanced functions, too.

General Function: Rotary Volume Control, Auto Search Option, and Manual Analog Tuning.

Disk Support CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD
Radio  FM and MW
Display B/W Digital
Speaker Dual, Metal Grille Finish
Sound Output 2 Watt
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features Next or Previous Album Search, Next or Previous Track Search, Repeat or Shuffle
Weight 1.84 KG
Price 2600 Rupees


→Philips AZ380 Boom Box with Dual Powerful Speaker

Some of users have register complain that the product doesn’t support Indian voltage 220-240V. According to the official specification sheet, the Boombox requires AC 110 V input. I have spoken to Philips Indian for clarity on the issue. According to the Philips India response, the device has uniquely made power cord which accepts Indian power input 220-240V. Buyers will have no difficulty in usages of the Boombox with Indian power socket.

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Philips AZ380 Boom Box

The Boombox designed to be used as a CD player with its top loading take-in function besides FM Radio tuning and Sound Box compatibility for gadgets like Laptop, Smartphone and TV. This is portable and thus easy in carrying to picnic spot or party location.

It has the player support for USB host that in also in the direct mode. With a 3.5 audio jack for headphone and a MP3 audio-in to play music from the external sources, users get more as far as value for money is concerned. Packed up with Dual frontal laptop speakers, this offers sound output of 2W RMS. It has three digit LCD display and basic disk function such as search, forward, backward and programmable 20 tracks for personal listening.

At the current price of 2850 Rupees, I hardly find any cons with this Boombox. Its sound output is loud with a perfect balance of bass remains sweet even at high volumes. Overall a good product with portable built and basic functions under 3000 rupees budget.

Disk Support CD, CD-R/-RW, MP3-CD, WMA-CD
Radio  FM and MW
USB Feature One Port, 2.0
Display LCD Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Speaker Dual, Metal Grille Finish
Sound Output 2W, Stereo Sound System
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features 20 Track Programing, Next or Previous Album Search, Next or Previous Track Search, Repeat or Shuffle, Radio Tuner Band
Weight 1.10 KG
Price 2850 Rupees


→Philips Bluetooth USB Direct SD FM Digital Tuner AT10

  • Radio and USB Player
  • Headphone Jack
  • Stereo 2W RMS Sound Output
  • Remote Controller

This is a brand new launch from India’s premiere electronics brand. Philips has designed it to capitalize on the booming market of wireless device. Unlike the first two Boomboxes of Philips, the AT10 is a wireless optimized gadget with FM and AM radio, wireless media streaming, SD card playback and excellent battery backup up to 20 hours of music playback.

The device looks absolute classy and fits perfectly in your room interior. Having just 500 gram makes it a light-weight device. It offers easy connectivity with all kinds of Bluetooth powered devices for seamless streaming of music and multimedia content.

It has a headphone port and a USB 2.0 port along with SD card slot support. With given battery power, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of music playback. The Wireless Boombox has a pair of speakers with sound output of 3.3W RMS. Both speakers are capable of delivering mind blowing music with rich sweetness and loud such you can have a grand home musical party.

We like the device for its build, remote control function, loud and clear sound output and latest communication port. I hardly recall I have purchased a music CD in last four to five years. But, my laptop and mobile phone is loaded with my personal collection of songs. The Bluetooth Boombox is very handy and a smart product from Philips. At the current price of 3150/- the gadget has extremely light-weight craft and best operational functions.

Philips Bluetooth USB Direct SD FM Digital Tuner AT10 Boom Box

Radio FM with Digital Tuning
USB Feature USB 2.0, One Port
Remote YES
Display LED Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Speaker Dual, Ultra Sound System
Sound Output 3.3 W, Stereo Sound System
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features Bluetooth Music Streaming, USB Direct and SD Card Slot for MP3 Music Playback, FM Tuner, External Audio-in for Music playback
Weight 500 Gram
Current Price 3150 Rupees
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→Philips Multimedia Player AZ329 with Dynamic Bass Boost

One of the well appreciated Boombox with the best sound output from Philips on the acceptable price of less than 3500 rupees. The device is in high demand and remains out of stock most of the time I enquired online. Coming with usual CD player with top loading option, it supports playing of CD, CD-R and CD-RW with MP3 CD option. It got usual FM tuning and LCD display with tree digit input.

Philips AZ329 Boom Box

Along with FM tuning, the Boombox has support for USB and outdated, but relevant Cassette Player. There is a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack port and a USB 2.0 port for USB host playback. Interestingly, the AZ329 has a SD card port, which accepts any standard microSD card and plays music from your personal collection.

It’s built-in speaker give sweet and loud sound output measured in 2W RMS in stereo mode. With dual power mode, it has some unique feature such as 20 tracks programming and advance control feature for Cassette, CD, FM, USB and SD cards input.

  • Cassette Player: Auto-stop Cassette Deck, Mechanical Cassette Deck Technology
  • General Control: Volume Control, CD Shuffle / Repeat for Personalized Music Enjoyment
Disk Support CD-RW, CD, CD-R, MP3-CD
Radio FM Tunning
USB Feature USB 2.0, One Port
Display LCD Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Sound Output 2W
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features 3.5 mm Audio In, Dynamic Bass Boost, SD Card Slot, Play, Pause and Stop, Skip Albums, Repeat Current track, Repeat all tracks and Shuffle all tracks.
Weight 2 KG
Current Price 3300 Rupees


→Philips Radio CD and USB Player AZ1837

This is one more choice available at the sales price under 3650 rupees with latest feature and excellent sound output. The Boombox features AM and MW radio tuning along with top loading of CD-in and USB playback. It requires power input either from battery or electricity. Though it has remote control feature, but the same is limited just to USB and CD playback.

Philips AZ1837 Boom Box

Coming to its remote control feature, we find most of control option bears connectivity even from the long distance. It’s nicely crafted dual speakers are Metal Grille renders treble and bass with high loudness. The device has sophisticated craft goes with your day to day house interior.

Along with other features, it is packed with advance playback option such as forward, backward, track search, shuffle, repeat, stop and fast options. The AZ1837 doesn’t have all features that will make it a great option in the available options. However, the AZ1837 is the first Boombox in the current list, offers the best function with a remote.

Disk Support CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Radio FM, MW Tunning
USB Feature USB 2.0, One Port
Remote YES
Display LCD Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Speaker Dual, Metal Grille Finish
Sound Output 2 W
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features Track Search, Repeat, Shuffle, USB Direct Playback, USB Host, USB Media Player
Weight 1.8 KG
Current Price 3650 Rupees


→Mitashi All-in-one multimedia Player MX200 with Karaoke Feature
  • Radio, DVD, CD, Cassette( with recording), and USB Player
  • Karaoke
  • Headphone Jack
  • Stereo 2W RMS Sound Output
  • Remote Controller

The Mitashi is one popular electronics brand in India with good presence of sales and service support. The Mitashi doesn’t offer large catalog of Boombox products, but the current device has more functions that the rest of listed devices here. Mitashi Boombox is “all in one” product. It has support of CD, DVD, HDCD, AM/FM, Cassette Player and Karaoke. You think for a feature and you will that in the device.

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Mitashi MX 200 Boom Box Specifications and Review

Advance Function: CD Ripping, Card to USB, USB to Card, AUX Input, songs and photo files Support, Earphone output, Cassette recorder and stereo player, FM/ AM Receiver, cassette recorder player, Dual MIC Jack Karaoke function, Fully functional LCD Display, Dolby Digital decoder

  • Port and Jack: USB Port, SD / MMC / MS Card Slot, Headphone Jack
  • General Function : Parental lock, Supports PAL & NTSC, Play PAL movie on NTSC TV or Play NTSC, Movie on PAL TV
  • DVD Player: Multi subtitle and Multi Angle for DVD playback, Supports DVD Aspect Ratio 4:3 Pan Scan, 4:3 Letter Box, and 16:9 Wide screen
  • CD player: Composite video output, Component video output, S-Video output
Disk Support Cassette, CD, DVD, Dock, Karaoke
Radio AM and FM Radio
USB Feature USB 2.0, One Port
Display LCD Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Power Source Battery/AC Input Power
Advance Features SD Card Slot, Player Play, Stop, Next, Previous Controls,, Region code free, Parental lock, DVD 16:9 Wide screen, Dual Mic Jack Karaoke function, S-Video output, Zoom Slow features, Repeat features
Weight 4.5 KG
Current Price 4750 Rupees


→Philips Boombox AZ5740 with Radio CD USB DVD and Cassette Player

The AZ5740 is one such electronic audio gadget has standard design and all features with the best quality of sound output as well as a remote control. The brand is packing its sales box with a Boombox, a power cord, and a remote control. In the specification feature, we will start with CD player function. CD player is top loading supports playback of CD-RW, MP3-CD, DVD-video, DVD+R/+RW, Picture CD, Video CD and SVCD.

Philips AZ5740 Boom Box

As far as universal port support is concerned, the AZ5740 has USB host compatibility with auto playback operated under default control buttons. Those want to play some old musical collection stored in Cassette; the Boombox features Cassette Player with recording feature. Honestly I don’t find the use of Cassette recording in today’s time. Having recording on a MicroSD could have been a better idea.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support for SD card playback. Though the feature isn’t too relevant, but we cannot ignore while MicroSD is one of most usable nano store facility and we store our most of personal collection on a smartphone SD card.

Rest of its features are almost similar to the other Boomboxes listed here. Though it is one of considerable choice for those, believe in the quality of Philips. In terms of functionality count, the Mitashi MX 200 has upper hand over the Philips AZ5740. However, I would recommend the Philips AZ5740 due to the long brand trust of Philips in India. Read also Sony Boombox with Bluetooth NFC CD and Pendrive Support.

Disk Support CD-RW, MP3-CD, DVD+R/+RW, Picture CD, Video CD/SVCD
Radio FM Tunning
USB Feature USB 2.0, One Port
Remote YES
Display LCD Display
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm port
Speaker Bass Reflex, Dual Full Range Speakers, Metal Grille Finish
Sound Output 2 W, Stereo
Power Source AC Input Power
Advance Features 7 Display Digits, Repeat, Fast Backward, Fast Forward, OSD, Pause, PBC, Zoom, Track Search
Weight 4.13 KG
Current Price 5300 Rupees

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