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Best 3 Water Purifier Below 7000 Rupees

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Let us dig deep into some reliable water purifiers  in India. In this article, we are reviewing Kent Ultra, Expert Aqua Wave, and Tata Swach Viva Silver Water Purifier. These water purifiers are a good solution when the water source is from the local municipal corporation. The corporation water supply goes through some basic purification process for making safe for use. But remember, not all corporation water has the standard quality. This is also possible safe water might be getting contaminated due to leakage in pipeline before reaching to your home. Thus, when you are very sure the water supply in your home is safe, then pick one from these three for making them even more safe for drinking.

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Tata Swach Viva Silver UV UF Water Purifier

Indian pride the Tata entered the purifier market late. However, when it did everyone appreciated movie initiatives by the range of water purifiers. Tata moved with a plan that every household, no matter what income group it represents, should be able to drink clean and safe water.

It launched many low-cost purifiers that were able to clean water without the need of electricity. But when you want a filter that can remove the dissolved minerals and bacteria from the water, then you will have to get a purifier that uses electricity. This is what made Tata launch the Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted Water Purifier at a price tag of 6999 INR.


Sorry for those has been planning to put this purifier in a counter top position as it can only be mounted on a wall. But that does not mean it will look ugly, in fact, the design that it features and the color that it wears make it look premium. It is only 240 mm thick so it would not take much space in your kitchen or anywhere else you want to mount it.

Purification performance

The four purification stages might sound too low, but they are not because they are effective. The first stage removes all the visible and suspended particles from the water. The second stage removes dissolved chemicals and gases making the water clean and odorless. The third stage deactivates almost all the bacteria and cysts present in the water using UV rays. The last stage is of UF (Ultra Filtration) that removes everything that the earlier stages were not able to remove. But do not get frightened as the minerals that are important for your body will not get removed.

Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-Litre Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Also, the “Silver Action Inside” technology that Tata teases prolong the cartridge life as well as improves its effectiveness.

The Tata Viva Silver UV+UF Water Purifier can filter about 30 liters of water every hour. However, the six liters of storage tank might give you a little hassle. Once the tank gets filled with water to its capacity the auto-off feature stops the purification process automatically.

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The easy to read panel at the front contains all the information related to the different parts of the purifier like status of UV lamp and life of the UF membrane.

The purifier body is made of ABS material, which is considered non-breakable and in simple words ensures longevity. The storage tank is concealed from all the side keeping the water contamination free. It will also save you from the cleaning of tank every week. Moreover, the front panel can easily be detached without removing any screws ensuring easy service.

The supported power voltage range is 160-270V, which is less than what other purifiers offer. Most of the purifiers from other brands are capable of working in a power voltage range of 100-300V.

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  • Concealed storage tank ensures contamination-free water
  • Silver Action Inside prolongs the life of cartridge as well as increases its effectiveness
  • 4 Stages of purification with UV and UF promise 100 percent pure water
  • Screw free front panel for easy service


  • No RO, so not recommended for the households getting water with high TDS level
  • The storage tank has the capacity to hold only 6-liter water
Price 7000 Rupees
Convenience UV Lamp
Capacity 6 L
Purification 4 Purification Stages with UV + UF
Filtration Sediment Cartridge 10 Micron, GAC Silver
Warranty 1 Year
Membrane Type 0.01 Micron UF Membrane

Expert Aqua Wave RO + UV Water Purifier

The rising water purification awareness is making India a hotspot for water purifier manufacturers. Also, we are witnessing that many brands are coming up in the water purifier business. This has resulted in the availability of a bunch of options to the customers. As a result, the prices of purifiers are going down, good for budget households.

Expert Aqua Wave RO + UV Water Purifier Review and Specifications

The purifier brand Expert launched its latest version of Aqua Wave RO + UV Water Purifier, available on at the price of 6833 INR. This machine is automatic and uses 7 stages purification technique to make water drinkable. Let’s dig deeper into the details of this purifier.


The Expert Aqua Wave RO + UV Water Purifier supports both the counter-top and wall mount installations. Food graded ABS material increases the longevity of the body of the purifier. At the top which contains most of the filters, is transparent. Also, you get a level meter on the tank to see how much water is left. A user to see the quality of the purified water before drinking is essential. This is possible if the purifier featured a transparent storage tank.

Purification performance

The purifier makes the water drinkable by passing it through seven stages including RO and UV. The first four stages remove the sediments and the dissolved chemicals from the water making it odorless. Balance three stages deactivate bacteria and remove any left dissolved compounds from the water. At the end, you get 100 percent clean and tasty water.

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The RO method, no matter how modern it sounds, has some limitations. It is the best-suited purifiers for the households that get water from non-municipal sources like bore well as the water from these sources contain high TDS level. But when you use this filtration technique to filter the municipal water that has low TDS level, it removes the necessary minerals as well. So be sure to consider this if you live in a city where you get water from pipelines.

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The purifier can purify up to eight liters of water in one hour and the storage tank also has the capacity to hold that much water only. The storage tank has a decent capacity, but the rate of purification is much low. All other purifiers at least purify 45 liters of water in one hour. The overflow protection feature cuts the power once the storage tank gets 100 percent filled with water. The storage tank is made with food safe material so you don’t have to worry about any contamination.

One downside of this purifier is that it does not feature any indicator so you wouldn’t know if it is working perfectly or not unless you collect the water from its tap and drink.

The inner parts of the purifier come pre-fitted that means you will just have to install it on your desired place and you can start drinking clean water right away. You get one year warranty from the manufacturer on this purifier that covers parts and labor cost.


  • Comes at an affordable price of 6833 INR
  • 7 purification stages that ensure sediment and bacteria free water
  • Overflow protection feature automatically shuts off the filtration process once the storage tank is full of water
  • Non-breakable ABS material with food safe storage tank


  • Not suitable for households that get water from municipal sources
  • No UF
  • No indicators to notify the user about any malfunction
Price 6800 Rupees
Convenience Overflow Protection, Auto Start
Capacity 8 L
Purification 7 Purification Stages with RO, UV
Filter RO, UV
Warranty 1 Year
Membrane Type RO Membrane
Installation Wall Mount, Counter Top

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

We see many ads on TV featuring Kent purifiers. In fact, Kent is ahead of any other purifier brand when it comes to advertising its products. It offers a wide range of home water purifiers that come at various prices. For a budget customer and want a low-cost purifier with UV system, the Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier might suitable under the 7000 rupees budget. However, you will have to read the full review before you take any decision. The official Kent website is selling this purifier for the price of 6000 INR, but you can buy it from online shopping websites at 5170 rupees.

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You will not get much impressed with the design of this product. It features a transparent body in the form of wall-mounted fitting. Since it is usable by mounting on a wall so be sure to decide a wall to sacrifice before making a purchase. The total capacity of the storage tank is only seven Liters. Although the design is not that ergonomic, but the non-breakable ABS body ensures a long durability. The push-fit components used in the purifier do not allow any kind of leakage.

Purification Performance

The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier comes with a three-stage purification technology. Sediment filter removes all the visible and suspended sediments from the water. Activated carbon filter removes about 99 percent of dissolved compounds and chemicals from water. And, the UV filter deactivates all the bacteria and cysts present in the water.

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review and Specifications

11W UV Lamp is powerful for killing almost all the bacteria from water. There is a UV fail alarm, notifies if the UV lamp stops working. However, the lack of other alarms and auto-cut feature are something that should have been included in this purifier.

The purifier may not be able to purify water with high level of dissolved impurities as it is only based on the UV technology. This purifier is recommended if drinking water is from a local pipeline. I will not praise the Kent Ultra if you get water from a bore well or some other source.

The purifier requires installation by Kent Technician. In general, buyers have to wait for about 2-3 days for a service engineer from the manufacturer.

The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier can filter about 1 Liter of water every minute, which gives it a filtration capacity of 60L/hour. The purifier also features a built-in SMPS that supports a wide range of power input, to be precise 100-300 Volts. This reduces any risk of damage because of power fluctuations.

You get one year of on-site warranty on this product that covers repairs and replacement of defective parts. On-site warranty means that a guy from the service center will come to your house to fix the problem.

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  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • The purifier has a filtration capacity of 60L/hour
  • UV fail alarm ensures that you don’t drink a single drop of non-purified water
  • Built-in SMPS prevents any damage arising because of power fluctuations


  • Only suitable for low TDS water as it doesn’t feature RO or UF
  • Only wall mountable
  • Customers have reported that the quality of the purified water was not up to the expectation
Price 5600 Rupees
Alarms Fit-in UV Alarm
Purification 3 Purification Stages with UV
Filtration 60 L/hr
Filter Micron Sediment, Activated Carbon
Warranty 1 Year
Installation Wall Mount

Users Review and Opinion


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