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Best 24 Inch Computer Monitor below 10000 Rupees

Best 24 Inch Computer Monitor below 10000 Rupees

In this piece, the GS team presents latest & best 24 Inch computer monitor with best response time. Many of you who are the first time buyer in the computer market would have the question that – what is response time in a computer monitor? In layman's terms, a computer monitor with lower response time is better ready for gaming. The modern computer monitors have the response time in between 1ms to 8ms.

I often get this question on the Gadgets Shiksha that does response time matter for gaming. Yes, it does matter, and an exemplary gaming monitor would have the response time less than 5ms. How much response time is right for gaming monitors? On a TN panel, the lowest response time possible is 1ms at present, and the same on an IPS panel is 4ms. For a fitting gaming monitor, response time should not be more than 5ms. More about the response time of the computer monitor, read this webpage.

So what do response time mean and what it signifies in a computer monitor? The response time says that how fast pixels (a display is a galaxy of pixels) can show black to white and one shed of gray to another. Therefore, it eventually is a factor in deciding how quickly a frame would appear on the screen.

Another misconception is about response time, and the refresh rate time in a computer monitor. Are response time and refresh rate the same? Response time and refresh time is two separate matter. We measure response time in milliseconds and refresh rate time of a display in Hertz. They are two unique elements in the specs of any display, not just the display of computer monitors. It also implies to LED television. Most of the computer monitors in the market have 60 Hz refresh rate time. Most recent premium monitors also come with either 120 Hz and 240 Hz refresh rate, although.

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Again refresh rate, and the frame rate is two different factors. At 60 Hz refresh rate, a computer monitor takes about 15 ms to display a frame fully and 1ms to receive it. The frame rate, on the other hand, is the speed at which frames are provided to the display. Response time, refresh rate, and frame rate are the key factors in deciding what you perceive on a computer display.

Here, meet best 24 Inch computer monitor around 10000 Rupees budget from top brands BenQ, Acer, Dell, and AOC. Despite being available at affordable prices, the branded monitors are exceptional in performance, their users say. You can very well use them for gaming as well. In fact, not just for gaming, developers and art & animations creators would also find them resourceful enough for their use. Read also Best Monitor LED Projector and All in Printer.

► Acer KA240HQ 24-Inch LED Monitor with 4ms Response time

Recently Acer posted on its Twitter account for India operation that according to the IDC India, Acer is now the third best-valued brand in India for computer monitors. That's indeed incredible news. The brands like Acer should get prominent space since they provide not just better quality peripheral, but better service, too. On the part of product quality, Acer is one of the brands along with Asus, Logitech, and HP I trust.

The Acer 24 inch computer monitor is one good full HD monitor with excellent specs for the price of 10000 Rupees. Its response time is just 4ms. It bears contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1(dynamic) and brightness 300 cd/m². Being based on a TN panel means it could also be an ideal monitor for gaming.

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Acer KA240HQ Best Best 24 Inch Computer Monitor Full HD 4ms Response Time

Further, the Acer KA240HQ has a standard look, and it is available in the default color for gadgets, glossy black. The whole setup is adjustable; you can tilt the monitor to fit your comfort.

Next, on this LCD monitor with LED backlight, the display has full HD resolution and refresh rate is 60Hz. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, withal.

If you are someone work most of the time on a computer, you might consider this monitor to better care your eyes. The Acer 24 inch Monitor has the features such as anti-glare, flicker-free, and harsh blue light protection to take great care of your eyes.

Together with the excellent specs and a durable build of this monitor, Acer's 36 months warranty that too on-site make it one the best 24 Inch computer monitor. I must say Indian computer users have rightly preferred the brand Acer.

Price 9800 Rupees
Screen Full HD, 4ms Response time, 60 Hz refresh rate, Flicker-free, Blue Light protection, Anti-glare
Connectivity DVI, HDMI, VGA
Power Consumption 22-Watt, Energy Star Rating


► AOC e2450Swh Full HD Monitor with 2ms Response Time

The computer monitor I am working is an AOC full HD monitor presently. This LED monitor has been in use for four years. Its build and display quality is brilliant.

I have faith in the product quality by the brands like Acer, Asus, and HP. However, For my personal use LED monitor, I prefer only an AOC monitor. For your information, AOC is an American brand, plus point no 1, and it is one of the most renowned brands for public display units, plus point no 2.

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The AOC 24 Inch computer monitor has many excellent features, not seen generally on computer monitors priced not less than 20000 Rupees. However, for this marvelous device, you need to pay only 10500 Rupees.

AOC e2450Swh 24 Inch Computer LED Monitor in India

Its design does not have that appeal. I would have liked, had it a frameless screen with minimum bezels. Still it in the conventional design, the same is the design on my AOC monitor also — is no less than a masterpiece.

Further, with the exceptional specs, this AOC monitor does claim to the best 24 Inch computer monitor, which is also fit for gaming. It would flawlessly run games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and others. The display properties of the AOC e2450Swh such as contrast ratio being 20000000:1 (Dynamic), 300 nits (2D) brightness, and 0.2715 mm pixel pitch does validate the claim.

AOC provides three years on-site warranty, withal. More you can read about it at 20 Best Full HD Computer Monitors below 12000 Rupees.

► Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL- Best 24 Inch computer Monitor with Curved Display

The design and specs of this Samsung 24 Inch monitor do set it aside in hundreds of look-alike monitors. It is unique because it is a curved LED monitor, and there is every reason why should you consider it if viewing comfort matters to you. A curved LED monitor is always a better option over a flat monitor. How? This time you buy a curved LED monitor. There is nothing better than self-experience.

The price of this 24-inch computer monitor on Flipkart is 11000 whereas on Amazon it is being sold with a price tag 9500 Rupees.

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Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL 24 Inch Curved LED Monitor in India

Next, this LED monitor with a VA panel is ideal — more so for reading, watching movies than gaming. Considering its curved display, the use of a VA panel is a masterstroke. A game mode profile is built-in to retune the monitor settings for advanced gaming although. Still, I would not recommend it for gaming.

Besides the regular features, the pro factors of this Samsung LED monitor are 4ms response time, curved profile, and several protection features to guard users eyes against the adverse effect of a computer display. Internationally it is a hit computer LED monitor. Therefore, I would not pause in calling it the best 24 Inch computer monitor with a curved display around 10000 Rupees. Samsung offers net three years of warranty on it as well.

Price 9500 Rupees
Display Curved, Full HD, 4ms, Contrast Ratio: 3000:1, 250 nits (2D),
Feature AMD FreeSync, Eye Protection
Connectivity HDMI, Headphone Jack, D-Sub
Screen Curvature 1800R
Panel VA


► BenQ Computer Monitor with Speakers GW2470HL & GW2470ML

BenQ is undoubtedly one of the best names in the computer monitor segment. No review piece on computer monitors best buy in the market is complete until it includes at least one BenQ monitor. If I am not wrong, BenQ has the most number of LED monitors on sale.

Here I recommend not one but two BenQ monitors: GW2470HL and GW2470ML. Both the variants are best 24 Inch computer monitor with speakers and on sale around 10000 Rupees price. The price difference between them is just 500 Rupees. So, what is the notable difference between both the variants?

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BenQ GW2470HL BenQ GW2470ML best 24 Inch computer monitor with speakers

The BenQ GW2470ML LED monitor comes with inbuilt speakers. Each side of the speaker can produce 2W audio. Thus, the total audio output is 4W. On the other side, the BenQ GW2470HL has only a headphone jack. The rest of the technical specs on them are parallel including 4ms response time.

Now the question is which one should you purchase given a case that one of them is undoubtedly fit for you. See, that you only can decide. Having an inbuilt speaker is a pro, but you cannot ignore the fact that the alternative is having a Headphone jack, often helpful if you are buying it for home use. You can privately enjoy your content without disturbing crowd around you.

Further, the specs on both the monitor are more or less same what Samsung offers on the curved LED monitor. More information about them is also at 20 Best Full HD Computer Monitors below 12000 Rupees.

► Best 24 Inch computer Monitor for Gaming ASUS VS248HR with 1ms Response time

You know now that this article is about best 24 Inch full HD monitor with less than 5ms response time around 10000 Rupees price. So far here five best computer monitors have been recommended. Their response time is 4ms. We did not get any 24 Inch monitor with the 1ms response time under 10000 Rupees.

After lots of searches, however, we could identify an Asus monitor with 1ms response time. The price of this 24 Inch LED monitor is little higher, 12000 Rupees precisely, but it worth every penny. Everything is copacetic on this computer monitor.

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ASUS VS248HR 24 Inch Full HD LED Gaming Monitor with 1ms Response Time

Asus rightly promotes this 24 Inch LED monitor as a fitting gaming monitor. Having a TN panel and 1ms of response time with 60Hz refresh rate, it is one of the most outstanding gaming monitors around 10000 Rupees budget. However, it may not be an ideal option if you are looking a great monitor with excellent viewing angles. For impressive visual comfort, the way to go is a VA panel. That is a well-balanced panel, sits between TN panel, which is more about the frame speed with can achieve 1ms of response time, and IPS panel, which is more about a remarkable visual experience but lacks speed.

The ASUS VS248HR is a full HD monitor with splendid video intelligence technology. It also has the function to set aspect ratio. Moreover, it has energy star rating for being energy efficient computer peripheral. Besides the 1ms response time, 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio is also one major highlight on this best 24 Inch computer monitor.

Price 12000 Rupees
Response time 1ms
Other features 60 Hz refresh rate,
Connectivity HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D
Contrast Ratio 50,000,000:1
Aspect Control Function 16:9 & 4:3 Adjustable
Resolution Full HD. 1920 × 1080
Brightness 250 cd/㎡

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