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Best LG Single Door Refrigerators under 22000 Rupees

Best 11 LG Single Door Refrigerator under 22000 Rupees

The daily trend on this website suggests that Whirlpool rules the premium segment of the market largely the double door refrigerators, but LG has been trailing behind some Indian brands in the single door segment. We had reviewed some budget Onida refrigerators last year; they are now the hot choice in the online market around 15000 rupees budget. Thus, it is should have been an obvious decision to carry out a review article on the next generation of single door refrigerators from Onida. However, we decided to list some brilliant LG single door refrigerators in this review article instead. We are sure of one thing that we shall never fall into the trend trap rather work hard to present brilliant reviews on the newly launched electronics products available in the Bharatiya Bazaar.

11 Best Models from the 39 Available: We went through a herculean task selecting 11 best models from available 39 in the single door segment. Due to close similarity in features, it was not so easy to filter out superior models, though.

The refined list we have prepared does the 99% of your works. Now you need to see which model is right according to your budget and the specs desired by your family. In the budget range of 12000 to 22000 rupees, we cover three to five star models and their capacity starting from 185 liters to 270 liters.

Eco System: LG’s single door refrigerator works at a standard cooling mechanism that is simple and durable. The refrigerators start cooling from top goes up to bottom sections. This way the top most section has the highest cooling followed by the chiller section, the second best and the fruit & vegetable basket with least cooling.

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The freezer section, the topmost compartment might touch as high as -25 degree Celsius. Once the unit reaching the set temperature, which could be either user’s preference or the season best, it will stop cooling. And, it starts cooling again once the internal temperature falls below the set level. This is although a regular feature, but worth mentioning here for the first time buyers.

► Ever Cool Single Door Refrigerators

LG’s smart engineering brings the best refrigerator for rural Bharat where 5 to 7 hours of daily power outrage is normal. The Power Cut EverCool keeps cold air flowing with power and during power cut.

The ability to preserve the right cooling while power cut is in effect is one of the reasons, I decided for doing a review article on LG’s new refrigerator series in the year 2015, and 2016. LG’s EverCool has the three variants: 7 hours, 9 hours, and 12 hours of cooling during power cut. All the models with the EverCool feature have the seven hours of saving by default. Only a few specific models have the 9 hours or 12 hours variant.

LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Power Cut EverCool

Using the Thermosyphon method during power cut, LG’s EverCool technology ensures sufficient cooling from three backup sources that are additional two than single cooling source in power on mode. With two backup evaporators and bigger PCM, the refrigerator units holding up to the cooling requirement for seven hours in fridge and ten hours in freezer sections. LG claims it to be a way better than the competitors could offer. The backup cooling is also called as LG TRIPLE COOLING SYSTEM with three Evaporators.

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Effective Lighting System: A refrigerator is the all-in-one solution for preserving consumable stuff. Thus, in order to use it any time day or night, internal lighting system has to be powerful. Also, things hidden in one corner could be noticeable if the internal lightening delivers light at every inch in the refrigerator. I am only trying to emphasize that most regular refrigerators come with either single LED or poor lighting system. LG solving it by illuminating every corner of the refrigerator with power LEDs that consumers less power and do not add anything substantial to your monthly power bill.

→ Universal cooling with section and Box wise cooling adjustment

Double door refrigerators come with dedicated temperature control knob for all the sections. LG replicates the same by using box technology, which has the slide-in button for setting a suitable cooling. The uniform cooling although running from top to bottom, individual boxes can have a cooling temperature according to the temperature needed less or more for the food content stored inside.

Why you must Deforest Direct Cool refrigerator: In order to maintain a healthy working of a refrigerator, at least two or three times in a week it must manually run through a deforestation process. This way ice layer formed on the surface of the refrigerator freezer is removed. Deforesting is necessary for single door units. Excess ice formation in the freezer seriously affects the cooling to the lower section of the refrigerator. After deforestation, fresh ice is formed, which is also needed for maintaining high hygiene inside the refrigerator.

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Now the question is how one may know that the refrigerator needs a deforestation run. This is easy to find out. Open the refrigerator door and review foresting or ice formation in the freezer. Uniform one-inch thick ice layer on the walls in the freezer is clear sign the unit needs to be deforested.

The ideal time to initiate deforestation process is in the night. Locate the temperature knob, which doubles as the deforestation knob in most LG single door refrigerators. If you want deforestation process being smooth without creating a mess in the kitchen, follow some basics.

LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Review Specifications Price Online

Ensure the chiller tray is at the place and it must not be removed during entire deforestation process. Check ice is melting and dripping below the freezer to the tray and then further into a cup, fixed below the tray. Never use a knife or any hand tools to suspend ice layer from the freezer wall.

Cooling in the unit will be reduced during a deforestation run. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. The unit will return to direct cooling mode automatically once the deforestation run is completed. Check the temperature control/deforestation knob, it must have returned to its position now.

→ LG Refrigerator Works without Stabilizer

LG says it adds some advanced components before the compressor motor, so the units from the new series working without stabilizer. I agree to this, but still I suggest using a stabilizer. Use an v-guard stabilizer to protect the refrigerator from power fluctuation.

LG’s refrigerators with the “works without Stabilizer” feature supporting input voltage range of 135V to 290V. Yes, this is brilliant but is that an ideal case always in our cities. Sudden surge or fall in voltage, sometimes below 90V, especially in north Bharat is a regular course of events. Here in Chennai we too face voltage crisis although Tamil Nadu considered a well-managed state in terms of electricity management. Therefore, in order to avoid any possibility of having damage to an essential machine which has a pivotal role in the kitchen, must use an external stabilizer.

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A stabilizer works on a simple funda that is to absorb voltage fluctuation thereby ensuring an even power input to the connected equipment. LG’s single door refrigerator may good in terms of power management, but an extra care is always a good choice. The V-guard stabilizer will not cost more than 2000 rupees.

→ How to solve Low cooling issue

There are three quick reasons for low cooling. The first is low voltage in the power input. This could be solved by using an efficient stabilizer. All eleven models listed here more or less working in the voltage input range of 135V to 270V. If the input voltage drops below 135V, the unit may suffer from low cooling as well as that harming internal mechanism of the refrigerator. If this continues every day, the unit might get some serious issue, as a result, it might stop working. Therefore, to solve low cooling problem and 100% safety of the refrigerator motor, your must install a V-guard stabilizer.

Another reason of low cooling might be halted deforestation process. In such condition, initiate the deforestation run and get the refrigerator back into the right cooling mode.

The third obvious reason why the refrigerator is not giving enough cooling will be the freezer temperature has not been adjusted according to the season. According to LG, for the winter season, the right cooling temperature level should be 1 to 2 and for the summer season, it has to be 4 to 5.

→ Moist Balance Crisper

Of late, I have reviewed Whirlpool Professional double-door refrigerators, which had a big size vegetable basket with moisture lid. However, here, LG offers a small box, which is not suitable for keeping fruits, green veggies, and other stuff that evaporates moisture.

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The Issue is not that the box successfully arrests moister and condense onto the lattice, rather how much we can store in it. The box is big enough for storing a few grams of green chili, some tomato, and carrots as well as one or two bunch of Palak or Methi leaf.

Obliviously, we cannot blame LG for a small moisture control box since the refrigerators are small in size therefore not much scope for a big size box. Although one thing is clear that the box, whatever its size may be is quite effective in dealing with evaporating moisture, which ultimately dries eatable green contents.

LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator exterior

→ Single Door Refrigerator with Base Stand with Drawer

I love add-ons because that works side-by-side the main unit but never claiming for resource sharing. The add-ons are also making the main unit attractive in terms of delivery into the user convenience. Here, the add-on is the base stand, finds a place at the bottom of the LG refrigerators.

The base stand makes better use of the empty space underneath a refrigerator. It also reducing chances of having cockroach lizard shelter and dust being accumulated because no brooming or mopping easily possible over there.

In fact, I will say Kudos to LG’s design engineers that they were smarter while thinking of the refrigerator concept. If a refrigerator offers some solution in terms of space management in a small kitchen, it should be heartily welcomed then.

The base stand, which can glide easily back and forth, can store four to five Kgs Aloo and Onions. Also, it hides refrigerator’s foot thereby enhancing exterior appearance of the refrigerator.

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→ 5-Star Energy Rating with with the Latest Models

Energy star rating changes every year (or in two years) according to BEE’s decision to set a new standard for all five rating points. The electronics equipment had five-star rating last year now is only 4-star rated product in 2016.

LG offers brand new single door refrigerator models with 2015 energy star rating. However, as Flipkart reported, and we too covered in a recent review article is the energy star ratings issued prior to December 31, 2015, now counts one star lesser than the star ratings will be given during the period of January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016.

The star rating mismatch applies across the electronics product sections in Bharat unless they have got ratings done after January 01, 2016. Whether you are buying online or offline, do not miss to check the product manufacturing date or the year of energy star rating.

Beauty ‘n' Care Box: You will not get this extra box in every model. Only in three models from eleven we have selected has the B&C box. The care box is nothing but a place to keep some essential beauty creams. However, there is not much width for keeping a bowl with some homemade paste. Actually, the mention of an extra box looks good only on paper; in reality, it has no specific purpose. It does let you keep everything well organized in the refrigerators, though.

→ Build Design and Safely Features

LG has taken a good care of overall build and exterior interior design. All the units come with aging and rust proof coating as well as matt finish for looks enhancement. The shelves glass is tough and can hold up to 175 Kgs weight as LG claims. All the sections and small boxes are made using quality tough plastics. They will last longer for sure.

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Whether it is 185 liter or 270-liter model, LG’s smart interior management creating good space to keep all daily use kitchen stuff and big size water bottles. In fact, the units with door lock can also be considered a safe space for keeping some personal collection. You know what I mean.

Besides aging protection, door lock, and anti-bacterial gasket, which is easy to remove for cleaning purpose, are some features in terms of safety and security.

→ Additional information about the Refrigerators
  • In general, deforestation process runs two to three hours.
  • After unpacking, keep the unit without doing anything for two to three hours. After that run it empty for three to four hours. Start feeding stuff to it only after seven to eight hours of the initial drill.
  • If refrigerator door is not locking properly, remove the gasket, wipe it nicely with warm water, and fixed it back to the door. Never use a brush and some rough thing to clear it up.
  • Never cover the new LG refrigerator from back.
  • If you are doing necessary deforestation every after 72-hour, then the refrigerator itself can do management for the water coming out from melting ice layer.
  • Never forget closing freezer door correctly every time. Do not fill the ice tray fully.
  • Never cross the cooling level five. The level six or seven does give a fast cooling, but in return create ice layer at much faster speed. That results in the low cooling problem in the unit.

LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Interior


  • Stylish and strong build
  • Matt finishes and scratch proof coating
  • Many feature in low budget refrigerators
  • Brilliant internal and external space management
  • The latest (2015) energy star ratings
  • Maintain cooling in spite of power cut (up to 12 hours in some model)
  • Easily removable gasket
  • One-year warranty for refrigerator and 9-year extended warranty for its compressor.
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  • No odor management
  • One-year free service is not actually free. You need to pay for component replacements. In addition, you need to pay the service charge for the replacement. LG takes full responsibility for the refrigerator compressor, though.

Final Thought: I would happily suggest affordable, stylish, and standard LG single door refrigerators for bachelors and small families. 185L is suitable for three member families and after that keep adding 20 liter for each new member. Thus, for a six-member family, a refrigerator should have at least 245 liter [185+ (20×3)] capacity . This is not an abstract calculation rather we developed it simplifying the calculation needed for finding out how much capacity an ideal refrigerator for a small, medium, and large family should have.

Price 13200 12800 12200
Model B195OGSP B195CRLR B191KPZQ
Capacity 185L 185L 188L
Star Rating 4 Star 3 Star 3 Star
Power Cut EverCool YES YES NO
Works without Stabilizer YES YES YES
Fastest Ice Making YES YES YES
Moist Balance Crisper YES YES YES
Anti Bacteria Gasket YES YES YES
Vegetable Basket 11 Litre 11 Litre 11 Litre
Base Stand with Drawer NO NO NO
Humidity Controller NO NO NO
Handle Type  Opal Cosmo Recessed
Freezer Door Transparent Transparent Transparent
Tray Ice (No./ Rows) 1/2 1/2 1/2
Egg Tray/Egg Cum Ice Tray  Yes  Yes YES
No. Of Shelves 2; Glass 2; Glass 2; Glass
Beauty ‘n' Care Box NO NO NO
Body (H×W×D) 1147×538×634 1147×538×634 1142×537×634


Price 15600 15000 14300 14000 14300
Capacity 190L 190L 190L 190L 190L
Star Rating 5 Star 5 Star 5 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Power Cut EverCool YES NO NO Yes 9 Hrs NO
Works without Stabilizer YES YES YES YES YES
Fastest Ice Making YES YES YES YES YES
Moist Balance Crisper YES YES YES YES YES
Anti Bacteria Gasket YES YES YES YES YES
Vegetable Basket 14 Litre 16 Litre 14 Litre 14 Litre 14 Litre
Base Stand with Drawer NO B/S NO NO NO
Humidity Controller NO YES NO NO NO
Handle Type Axe Ariana Ariana Ariana Ariana
Freezer Door Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent
Tray Ice (No./ Rows) 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Egg Tray/Egg Cum Ice Tray YES YES YES YES YES
No. Of Shelves 2; Glass 2; Glass 2; Glass 2; Glass 2; Glass
Beauty ‘n' Care Box NO YES NO NO NO
Body (H×W×D) 1142×537×634 1243×537×634 1170×537×634 1170×537×634 1170×537×634
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Price 19500 20200 22200
Model D225BMPZ B241ASLT B285BGSN
Capacity 215L 235L 270L
Star Rating 5 Star 5 Star 5 Star
Power Cut EverCool YES Yes 12 Hrs NO
Works without Stabilizer YES Yes YES
Fastest Ice Making YES Yes YES
Moist Balance Crisper YES Yes YES
Anti Bacteria Gasket YES Yes YES
Vegetable Basket 21 Litre 21 Litre 21 Litre
Base Stand with Drawer YES NO NO
Humidity Controller YES YES NO
Handle Type Blaze Ariana Blaze
Freezer Door Transparent Transparent Transparent
Tray Ice (No./ Rows) 2/2 2/2 2/2
Egg Tray/Egg Cum Ice Tray YES YES YES
No. Of Shelves 2; Glass 3; Glass 3; Glass
Beauty ‘n' Care Box YES NO YES
Body (H×W×D) 1338×591×638 1483×591×621 1550×591×621

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