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Best 10 inch Hybrid Tablet under 16000 Rupees

Lava Twinpad Hybrid Tablet Price Online in India

Lava Twinpad Hybrid Tablet with Power Specifications

The market of hybrid tablets has seen a great growth in the recent months. These devices are attracting customers because they are portable, can do casual tasks and are much easier to use as well.

Lava, a brand that has suffered great criticism in the past few years, is seeing the hybrid tablet era as an opportunity to secure a strong place in the electronics market. In the month of February, it launched the Twinpad Hybrid Tablet. With this device, Lava has tried to focus on entertainment and productivity related usage.

Currently, this Lava tablet is selling for an amount of 15,999 rupees. You can also purchase an optional stylus from Lava for an additional 1000 rupees. Read also 7 Remarkable Low Cost Tablets with Outstanding Features.

Great Build Quality: Lava is infamous for using cheap materials on its products. Most of its smartphones end up in service centers even before their warranty expires. I would like to point out though the brand is trying to change people’s perception now.

The Twinpad Hybrid tablet comes in a full metal body. A single piece of aluminum covers its sides as well as back.

Metallic outer shells create a problem when it comes to connectivity by blocking radio signals. To avoid this issue, Lava has placed a small plastic bar on the top. This bar is not of good quality and can break if much pressure is applied.

The design of the Lava Twinpad is quite impressive. In fact, it looks more beautiful than the budget tablets of other manufacturers.

Lava Twinpad Hybrid Tablet Review and Specifications

Enjoy Using of this Lava Tablet with Its Comfortable Keyboard

Lava has taken inspiration from Apple devices while designing the keyboard for this tablet.

Like the tablet, its keyboard also features an aluminum body. Its Chiclet keys are much easier to press and offer a decent amount of travel as well. These keys look just like the buttons on Apple MacBooks.

The hinge part of this keyboard is of plastic and is not durable. It relies on a slot system to lock with the tablet instead of a magnetic system.

Interestingly, its hinge slots are reversible, which means users can also flip the tablet: put it in presentation mode.

Mediocre 5-inch Display: Although Lava has used IPS technology for making the display but its quality will disappoint many customers.

Colors start to shift when you look at the screen from corners. The screen brightness is high, still one cannot use this tablet outdoors as it suffers from reflection problem. Even its resolution is limited to 1280 X 800 pixels. Considering this device is primarily a tablet, you will not enjoy consuming media on it.

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The Lava Twinpad’s display is only good when you are typing documents or browsing internet. For gaming, movie watching and book reading, I will not recommend this device.

But Lava Twinpad is Not a Great Performer

The Twinpad is not for those people who expect their tablets to perform. It sports a 2-year-old Intel Z3735F processor with a base frequency of 1.33 GHz (Bursts up to 1.83 GHz). Onboard 2GB of RAM is a little low for running graphic intensive programs. You get 32GB of inbuilt storage along with a 64GB microSD card support. Read also Best Tablets under 10000 Rupees.

This device runs a full desktop version of Windows 10 right out of the box. Animations remain smooth and fluid throughout the menu.

While performing casual functions like playing videos, typing documents and copying data; its processor remains stable. However, problems start to appear the moment you open multiple programs at the same time. After opening 10-15 tabs in Google Chrome, the UI becomes choppy and unmanageable.

When people buy a tablet, they expect to do some gaming but that is not possible in the case of this device. It cannot even run an app like Adobe Photoshop fluently. Thus, running a heavy game is beyond the reach of its processor.

Disappointing Cameras and Poor Audio Output in Twinpad Tablet

The Lava Twinpad features two cameras, one on the back and another on the front. Both these shooters capture images in 2 MegaPixels. It is quite clear although users would not be able to do quality photography with this tablet. Read also Lenovo Fun Learn Educational Tablets with CG Slate Program.

Video conferencing is an important functionality for both normal users and businesspersons. While the front camera of this device will allow using apps like Skype and Google Hangouts for video conferencing, but the quality of videos transmitted to another side remains poor.

Speakers Do Not Generate Quality Audio: The manufacturer has equipped the Twinpad tablet with two front-firing speakers. I was really excited about them at first, though my opinion changed after playing a couple of songs. These speakers generate ultra-low volume audio. In fact, while watching movies and serials, the viewer will not be able to listen to what the characters are saying. Thus, use of headphone is necessary while consuming media on this device.

Is The Stylus Useful? Lava teases this product with a stylus on its website. To get it, customers need to pay extra 1000 rupees while making the purchase. The worthiness of this small tool though is limited to only a small segment of users.

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Not everyone needs a stylus and those who do like designers, artists, and other art professionals will not prefer this tablet because of its mediocre processor.

Superior Connectivity and Battery Backup of this Lava Tab

I must say, the Lava Twinpad offers unparalleled connectivity options in the budget segment. It features all the ports you will ever need like microUSB, full-size USB, mini HDMI and headphone out. Users do not even need to use the keyboard in order to attach an external HDD or a pen drive because the full-size USB port is on the tablet itself.

Lava was also kind enough to equip its keyboard with a secondary USB port. Customers can also use 3G network to browse the internet by inserting an SIM in this device.

Decent Battery Backup: A massive 7400-mAh battery powers this tablet. It easily gives around 4-5 hours of usage in laptop mode. In my opinion, Lava has not properly optimized the operating system according to the hardware of this device. Otherwise, its power backup could have been higher.


  • Mind blowing design
  • Metal body
  • Two full-size USB ports
  • 3G connectivity
  • Average battery life


  • Disappointing speakers
  • Low-resolution display with limited viewing angles
  • Low performing CPU
  • Unimpressive camera

Verdict: This tablet is good for occasional uses, like when you are traveling to a place where it is hard to go with a laptop. It will allow the users to do on-the-go typing and other productivity related tasks. Gamers, photography lovers, heavy media consumers and music listeners should look for alternatives.

Lava Twinpad Hybrid Tablet Price Online in India

OS Windows 10
Network Single SIM, 3G, 2G
Display 10.1 inch, 720 × 1280 Pixels, IPS LCD, 145 PPI
Processor Intel Atom, Quad Core, 1.33 GHz, 64-bit, Intel HD Graphics
Memory 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, 64GB expandable memory
Camera 2MP, 1600 x 1200 Pixels, Digital Zoom, 2MP front Camera
Battery 7400 mAh, Li-Po
Connectivity Wi-Fi, BT4.0, GPS, USB 2.0, Audio Jack 2.0
Buy 16000 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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