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Best Closed Back Bass Headphones under 1300 Rupees

Closed Back Headphones with Dynamic Sound

In this piece, we cover the latest models of best headphones on sale in the price range of 1200 to 1300 Rupees. Here you read about the set of headphones that comes with stylish design, lightweight build, and powerful sound with clear BASS. Read also Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica.

► Philips SHL3075 Bass+ Closed-Back Headphones with Mic

Most brands today into targeting customers based on their age group and preferences. Same goes for the market for headphones and Philips is one of the pioneer companies of going ahead with it. With its Philips SHL3075 headphones, Philips has made it clear that it takes its consumers very seriously despite the age gap. It, in fact, has launched these sets keeping in mind that even children are in need of a splendid headphone to call their own and be able to enjoy their music in a fun way. If you are looking for a set of comfortable closed back headphones under 1300 rupees, do consider this Philips BASS Plus headphone.

The pair of headphones is capable of producing the sound that would leave the listener awestruck. The magnet placed in their speakers is Neodymium, and its drivers are 32-mm in measurement. Further, the magnet placed in the speakers also ensures that every time they are plugged in, the sound produced is entirely balanced and there is no room for any errors related to it. Philips has also set the maximum volume level on these headsets for safe and sound hearing experience.

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Philips SHL3075 Bass Plus Headphones with MIC in 1300 rs

→ This Philips Headphone is a Great mix of sound and style

Philips has made the SHL3075 available in four colors: Red, Black, White, and Blue. The ear shells of the headphones are padded with a cushion made out of soft material. With the soft cushion on earpads, these headphones are comfortable for an extended musical session. Moreover, the earpads also cut the ambient noise around you and let you enjoy the music as it is.

The headphone is named BASS+. Does it have clear BASS in the audio produced? What I love about these headphones is that despite being affordable – sounds very natural. Thus, when there is BASS in the audio, you hear clear Bass. When there is no BASS, you do not get machine generated BASS. This makes sense. When the music producer created the audio file with lower BASS, why do you want to hear it with machine-produced BASS? Philips SHL3075 headphone is one of the best closed back Bass headphones under 1500 Rupees you could buy currently.

→ Pro Features and Specs of this Philips BASS Headphone

Also, these headphones are super light in weight for comfortable wearing. Also, the design of these headphones is on-ear which makes them pretty stylish to look at.


  • Stylish and colorful
  • Clear Bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent Ambient Noise cancellation
  • Balanced sound
  • Cozy fit
  • The neutral sound range for safe listening
  • Lightweight
  • Best choice for listening to songs and speech ( Dynamic and static audio files )

Cons: – Made of cheap plastic

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Verdict: For those looking to buy a fantastic set of headphones within a budget and without compromising on the quality, Philips SHL3075 BASS+ are perfect ones to go for. The set for perfect headphones hardly have any shortcomings, and it passes with good marks on every safety test.

The looks of the headphones are something, which all your friend would appreciate and not get bored of very quickly. The bass of the headphones is rather enjoyable. You are unlikely to face any issues with related to fit and sound quality, withal. SHL3075 model is the best Philips headphones under 1300 Rupees. It is, therefore, worth going for and would even make up for an ideal present to gift someone.

Price 1299 Rupees
Speaker Driver: 32-mm | NdFeB Magnet |Frequency response : 9 – 23K  Hz | Maximum power input : 40 mW | Diaphragm : PET | Sensitivity : 103 dB
Body Weight: 132-Grams
Cable 3.5-MM Connector | 1.2-Meter Wire Length
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