Sumptuous, luscious, and tempting cakes are far and wide prepared for having a good time on all special occasions. You see, one and all love to have a piece or more of cake in the birthday bash and you definitely can't stop the toddlers! Right? There are quite a lot of shapes, zests, and designs obtainable in the bakeries today. All you need to do is just step into your favorite bakery and pick your favorite flavor and much-loved design. However, don’t you think that eating appetizing cakes turns into an unforgettable experience if it's homemade by you or by your loved one in front of our eyes?

If you are an expert at it, then there is no need to worry. However, if you are a bit unskillful when it comes to baking and is yet learning to acquire excellence, then you need to keep trying up until you master the art of cake making. Each time you make your cake, you learn something new. The tests and trials you perform may not perhaps hit the bull's eye, but it gives a grounding to advance your talents. Preparing a cake by following a recipe is a simple task but the hard time jumps when you try to bake it. Isn’t it? So, here comes the character or rather a pretty significant part of all the baking appliances and equipment along with the necessary cake baking tools.

Important baking equipment makes your baking experience at home delightful and stress-free. In order to become a qualified baker, it's significant that you identify and discern the numerous kinds of tools and appliances you need for the process. Here, we are brushing up some important appliances and tools you need to bake a flavorsome cake at home.

In this article, you’ll learn about all the tools together with how and when to use them to save your time and money. I hope that these tools offer you the appropriate direction on how to cook and accurately mix the extensive recipes for creating the delicious dessert courses, cakes, pastries, patties, pies or mouthwatering cookies.

☼ 300W Black & Decker Hand Mixer

The Black & Decker Hand Mixer is one of the best kitchen equipment you can have in your store. The product lets you whip dense cream, create meringue, or knead bread dough for preparing fresh home-produced cakes and pies. When it comes to competence, ease of operation, worth, power, and sturdiness, this product is a real champion!!

Lightweight: The paramount benefit of having this hand mixer from Black & Decker is that it is rather lightweight. You can use it to perform quite a lot of kitchen errands competently. It’s light enough to grip firmly in your hand and compact enough to store once you are done.

Power – 300-watt Motor: The Black & Decker Hand Mixer owns 300-watt Motor that is flawlessly good for a decent hand mixer to mix your batters. If you are looking for a hand mixer that can manage dense cookie dough, cake batter or heavy potatoes without any straining, then this product is the solution for you.

5 speed with Turbo function: Of course, wattage can’t be your only escort for discovering the appropriate hand mixer for you. But with the Black & Decker Hand Mixer, you can put your mind at ease.  If you’re on a hunt for a hand mixer that allows precision mixing, then this model offers 5 speeds to select from. These speed settings are accessible when incorporating dry materials or when you need to whip egg whites for preparing a flavorsome soufflé or meringue.

Black Decker Hand Cake Mixer 300 wattWhen it’s about selecting the accurate hand mixer, you certainly need to concentrate on the factors of comfort, ease, and accessibility. At this point, the Black & Decker Hand Mixer turns out to be a well-adjusted and ergonomically designed option. The product retains a regular and comfortable angle while you use it. This would inhibit any wrist or shoulder uneasiness, and the handle proposes a stable clasp. Furthermore, the quick beater lock in addition to the beater eject button enhances the ease of operation.

Multipurpose Functionality: The Black & Decker Hand Mixer is truly handy and flexible in nature. In point of fact, the product is diverse enough to achieve all the purposes of a mixer, beater, and a blender. If all you are seeking for are all-out functionality, then this model comes along with an assortment of add-ons and attachments:

  • Stainless Steel beater
  • Dough hooks
  • 5 L geared rotating bowl for regular mixing
  • Quick beater lock
  • Beater eject button


  • 300-watt motor
  • 5 speed setting with Turbo function
  • Stainless Steel beater
  • 5 L geared rotating bowl for unfailing mixing
  • 5 speed with Turbo function
  • Quick beater lock
  • Ease of operation
  • Highly long-lasting

Verdict: If you’re somebody who loves baking, then this quality hand mixer from Black & Decker is obligatory in your kitchen. Being extremely high quality, suitable, convenient, easy, comfortable and efficient, this hand mixer must be appreciated for its capability to blend your batters with power and speed. So, if you are willing to spend on a hand mixer that’s trustworthy and dependable, then this appliance is just flawless for you. Buy: 3000 Rupees.

☼ Rolex Aluminum Cake Mold

This reusable and washable cake mold set consists of the three distinct molds that can be used to bake a range of scrumptious cakes. This baking equipment can help you prepare rich and succulent cakes for anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebratory occasions.

The cake molds are available in three sizes:-

  • The first mold has a diameter of 14 cm that tends to be perfect for a cake that weighs 250 grams.
  • The second mold owns a diameter of 19-cm. This medium-sized mold is impeccable for all medium-sized cakes that weigh nearly 500 grams.
  • The large cake mold that has a diameter of 22-cm is perfect for big cakes that weigh about 1 kilogram.

Easy clean up: These reusable molds from Rolex are easy to clean and sustain as well. All you have to do is just use warm lathered water to rinse the molds and evade using any kind of abrasives to clean it.

Uniform and even baking: While you are using them in your microwave, I’d recommend you to use the convection mode. With this, you can whip up tasty baked delights with no trouble.  Finished from remarkable quality food grade aluminum, the Rolex cake molds guarantee smooth and uniform baking that assist you in the creation of the much-desired brown coating.

Excellent standing for quality: The brand Rolex Tin has a brilliant reputation for quality, dependability as well as service. In fact, it is a leading producer of a variety of bakeware articles together with cake molds, bun trays, baking trays, cake adorning accessories and a lot more. The brand embarks on orders as per the customer’s conditions and proposals. This simple, easy to use cake mold set lets you specifically and skillfully add the desired magic to your birthday parties.

Rolex Aluminum Cake Mould

The baking molds from Rolex make the process of baking food stuffs for your loved ones way more exciting. Designed with quite a few eye-catching shapes, the range takes account of a number of sizes to match your suitability and comfort. Being sure to last long, the product is made from fabulous quality material and is stress-free to use. You can prepare fresh and appetizing cakes, pastries, pies and other puddings. The major advantage of using this mold is that you can offer the flawless shape to your dessert course without spoiling the design on top. On top of that, it comes along with free recipe book.


  • Washable and re-usable
  • You can hand wash it in hot foamy water
  • Set of 3 round cake molds
  • Safe for microwave use


  • Must only be used in convection mode
  • Avoid abrasives or sharp utensils

Verdict: Taking everything into account, the Rolex Aluminum Cake Mold is a dependable option each time you desire to bake a delectable cake for your family or friends. Even if you are experienced baker, this is a tried and tested gizmo. All you need to do is just bring home the Rolex Aluminum cake mold and enthrall your family and visitors with your outstanding baking abilities. This three mold set is multifunctional. Besides cakes, you can prepare quite a lot of dessert course like pudding, pastry, patty and more. In addition, you can use the tool in your microwave on the convection mode with no trouble: truly perfect for both novices and qualified decorators! Buy: 350 Rupees.

☼ 1200W Oster Mini Cup Cake Maker

Do you delight in whipping up cupcakes for the dessert course? Yes? Then perchance it is time for you to put in your personal cupcake maker. Why try sweating and baking cupcakes in your timeworn kiln when you can do it in a rather cooler way by means of a pleasant and brand new cupcake maker? Here, I’d recommend you to purchase the Oster Mini Cup Cake Maker.

A better baking experience: As the Oster Mini cupcake makers dedicate themselves on making scrumptious cupcakes, it obviously makes better cupcakes than your regular ovens and microwaves. In point of fact, the product cooks cupcakes far more uniformly. There are more occurrences of overcooked and patchy cupcakes baked in ovens than in the Oster Mini cupcake maker.
Likable design and approach that’s pretty tempting: The outside design of the Oster Mini cupcake makers is pretty alluring, particularly to kids. In fact, preparing cakes with this product is an amusing and interesting activity for children. This way, they’ll learn how to prepare appetizing cupcakes in the long run. They can blend the batter or dispense it into the cupcake maker. This will shape their self-confidence and perhaps even upturn their interest in baking. They will adore assisting you in the kitchen and enjoy a delectable delicacy that they have helped you out to cook.

Helps you save energy: If you are a supporter of environmentally friendly equipment, then the Oster Mini cupcake makers must be added to your list of eco-friendly appliances. The product possesses energy conservation aspects that are else lacking in ovens. The maker won’t use considerable heat, not like ovens. Thus and thus, you can make your midsummer months more relaxed due to the slighter amount of heat that it produces.

Oster Mini Cup Cake MakerAs the name suggests, the Oster “Mini” cupcake makers won’t occupy a lot of space. This makes the product way handier and accessible. The appliance is designed to fit on your kitchen stand without occupying copious space.

Bake about 12 mini cakes in a matter of minutes: Yes! The Oster Cup Cake Maker lets you enchant your family and friends by way of scrummy, miniature-size, homemade cupcakes or muffins. The smooth and low-profile of this easy-to-use countertop tiny cake maker lets you bake about 12 little cupcakes in a matter of minutes! As a consequence, you save a lot of time and energy.

Additional features: The Oster Cup Cake Maker, owing to its supplementary features, lets you prepare lip-smacking tiny cupcakes and muffins in no time at all.

  • By means of its dominant 1200 W motor, this machine can bake about 12 cupcakes or muffins.
  • The non-stick cooking plates of the product certify stress-free upkeep and care.
  • It comes together with a cap that features a fastener for additional security.
  • More than that, the indicator lights make it easy to function as well.


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Bake about 12 mini cupcakes
  • Non-Stick Cooking Plates
  • Designer mold for gorgeous cake profiles
  • Lid latch for extra security
  • Easy clean-up
  • Indicator lights for easy processes

Verdict: The Oster Mini Cup Cake Maker must be a principal appliance in your kitchenette, particularly if you adore whipping up cupcakes time and again. As soon as you plug the device in, the batter prepares into delectable cupcakes that just needs to be adorned later. With this appliance, the batter has a tendency to cook more consistently. Trust me! This product will not just fit your penchants but will turn out to be an amazing appliance your interest of cupcake-making. Buy : 1000 Rupees

☼ 1200W Lifelong 16L Oven Toaster Griller

Intended to make your overall cooking and baking convenient as well as healthy, the Lifelong Oven Toast Griller is power-packed with quite a few serviceable features. It is just flawless for all your baking, roasting, toasting, grilling, broiling, and barbecue needs.

Remarkable Capacity of 16 liters: By way of a large capacity of 16 liters, the Lifelong Oven Toast Griller is far more than satisfactory for all your grilling, toasting, and baking necessities.

Splendid Design: The Lifelong Oven Toast Griller owns a graceful, compact and urbane design that is combined with a matte finish frame. This adds a trace of sophistication to your kitchenette with conviction. The large interiors together with the general and compact exteriors make it an ultimate choice for your bakery.  The front panel of the Oven Toaster Griller possesses three distinct dials. Each of these dials regulates:

  • Temperature
  • Element
  • Timer

Thus, you get the capability to choose the ideal settings for your cake. Furthermore, it holds a glass door that considerably escalates your level of perceptibility and access to the OTG.

Power levels – 1200-Watt: As the Lifelong Oven Toast Griller owns the 1200 W heating element, therefore it provides an acceptable performance for all your toasting, grilling and baking requirements. As a result, you are sure to attain an enduring gratification. In addition, this Lifelong microwave oven takes account of the temperature control of about 250 degrees.

Lifelong 16L Oven Toaster Griller Cake Maker

The Oven Toast Griller from Lifelong comes along with a minute timer setting. This makes certain that all your profound culinary stuff requests get realized. You can set the regulator without any difficulty as per your needs to choose the perfect setting for that appetizing and flavorsome cake. You can correspondingly pick the ideal settings for heating your food; to relish a warm dinner or lunch at whatever time you want.

Safety Features – Truly marvelous! The stainless steel body of the Lifelong Oven Toast Griller is intended to provide excellence together with additional safety in use. It guards you against electrical shocks, blows and makes sure that you are completely safe while cooking. Furthermore, the fireless cooking on this piece of equipment guarantees that you are free from all possible fire threats.

Supplementary Features: In addition to all the other features, the Oven Toast Griller comes fitted out with few more accessories:

  • Skewer rods that enable grilling
  • A cooking tray
  • A crumb tray
  • A tong for the cooling tray
  • A wire grill cum barbecue tray

These additional accessories add to the suitability and convenience of cake preparation and regular cooking.


  • 24 months warranty
  • 16 Litres capacity
  • Matte Finish Body
  • A healthy way to prepare food, particularly scrumptious cakes!
  • Temperature control of about 250 degrees
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes add-ons like skewer rods, crumb tray, cooking tray, wire grill cum barbecue tray as well as tong for cooling tray
  • Facilitates baking, roasting, toasting, grilling and barbecue

Verdict: The Lifelong Oven Toast Griller owns a remarkably compact design that is immensely easy to clean. Power-packed with a number of useful features and s ease of operation, the product provides improved performance while you make your cake. You can bake large batches of delicious and delectable patties, pies, cakes, pastries and bread instantaneously in the OTG. Its first-class interior is long-lasting and easy to keep up. You can regulate the temperature and cooking time by means of its simple power-driven control panel. Smooth, shiny and stylish! This compact oven would complement your kitchen with assurance. Buy : 2600 Rupees

☼ Bajaj Majesty 1603 Oven Toaster Grill

Planned to be an oven, toaster, and griller, the Bajaj Majesty 1603 conveys grand performance in your kitchen, allowing you to prepare mouthwatering cakes with no trouble.

Helps you keep up with your demanding and tiring life: Do you want to prepare crispy home-made patties, pastries, cakes, breads and club sandwiches sitting at the comfort of your home? Well, if yes, then the Bajaj Majesty 1603 is the best solution. Its splendid capacity of 16 Litres makes it fabulous for all your baking, grilling, roasting and grilling needs. By way of stress-free functionality and a trendy design, this Oven Toaster Grill will surely convey a whole new touch to your cooking and baking experience. Likewise, it comes together with a heat-isolated door handle that helps you dodge annoying heat shocks while accessing hot foodstuff.

Flexible equipment for appetizing dinners and lunches: This sophisticated and handy OTG helps you prepare succulent lunch and dinner with remarkable comfort. You can roast, grill and bake easily for a number of people, obligations to its huge 16L capacity. Finished with stainless steel, this oven toaster griller from Bajaj is absolutely rust-free and lifelong kitchen equipment. The exclusive heating element in the OTG heats the appliance to just the accurate temperature. The thermostat of the appliance controls the temperature from 0 to 250 degrees to make certain that you attain crusty grilled bread.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 Oven Toaster Grill and Cake Baker

The 60 minutes timer setting together with auto shut off feature of the Bajaj Majesty oven allows you to carry on with your other errands while your dinner is being prepared. One of the crucial features of the OTG consists of a cool touch door handle that averts injuries while you open or close the door. In addition, the oven toaster grill arrives – to you along with certain add-ons like a baking tray, tong, grill rack as well as skew rods. Crumb tray at the bottommost of the equipment makes elimination of scraps and cleaning pretty easy and convenient. Likewise, it consumes just about 1200W of power in 60 minutes to function.

Impeccable solution for all your baking, toasting and grilling requirements

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 possesses a powder-coated body that adds a dash of classiness to your kitchenette. Its capacious interiors along with the principally compact exterior make it the accurate choice for your culinary needs. The front panel of the oven holds three discrete dials for the following purposes:-

  • Element
  • Temperature
  • Timer

Thus and so, you can choose the appropriate settings for your cakes and pastries.

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 lets you prepare some flavorsome skewers, shish kebabs and steaks without problems. The Oven Toaster Grill comes along with a grill rack in addition to a set of skewing sticks. This lets you cook some luscious kebabs. Likewise, the baking tray helps you prepare scrumptious cakes and cookies. Moreover, a pair of tongs allows for calm and stress-free use while the crumb tray allows negligent cleaning.


  • A Thermostat observes the temperature
  • 60 minutes timer setting together with auto shut-off feature and cool touch door handle
  • Exceptional heating element
  • Add-ons including a tong, skew rods, baking tray, grill rack as well as crumb tray
  • Powder coated and stainless steel body
  • 2-year warranty
  • 16 liters capacity

Verdict: Being laden with all the serviceable characteristics of an oven, toaster and griller, the Bajaj Majesty 1603 promise overwhelming performance. It comes along with a baking tray so that you can prepare scrumptious cakes and cookies. Correspondingly, a grill rack in addition to a set of skew sticks lets you cook lip-smacking grill sticks and kebabs. On top of that, the OTG encompasses an ergonomically designed grill. Hence, you can use the product for cooking as well as heating your lunch and dinner. Buy: 3200 Rupees

☼ Pillsbury Cake Mix

Pillsbury makes it enjoyable, exciting, fun and easy to make your each moment special. No matter what’s the occasion, you can make each day notable with a lip-smacking dessert course. Pillsbury Cake Mix makes it easy for you to get artistic in your kitchen while baking and make daily moments a festival! You can use your much-loved cake mix to inspire appetizing cupcakes, cookies or pastries; the likelihoods are simply interminable!

If you want a flavorsome cake that prompts you of the cake you ate at birthday parties, then cake mix is the flawless solution for you.  Soft, delicious and airy, with just the accurate amount of sugariness and a clue of vanilla, the taste and quality yell birthday cake. Get out that chocolate icing to seal the longing! You cannot just prepare cakes and cupcakes but cake mix cookies as well… I’m really looking forward to preparing the luscious pineapple upside down cake.

Pillsbury Cake Mix

Correspondingly, I loved the Pillsbury Cake Mix in strawberry. It was fairly flavorsome with a great amount of strawberry essence.  I would recommend this product to any person. The cake has bits of strawberry that offer it that additional strawberry palate that other brands do not. The cake is stress-free to create and frosting is wonderful as well. It's an exciting intriguing cake that tastes yummyyyy… The cake at all times comes out moist and you can add fresh sliced strawberries to the batter as well. Buy: 100 Rupees.