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Bajaj IFB Solo Microwave Oven for a Family of Four

IFB 17PM MEC1 17L Solo Microwave Oven Review and Specifications

Bajaj 1701MT 17 Liter Solo Microwave Oven

Everybody is aware that Bajaj is an Indian super brand which deals in manufacturing automobiles to electrical items for household. Although more prominently known for manufacturing fans in the latter category, Bajaj is looking to have a breakthrough in kitchen appliances through its microwave oven range. Its Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven is one of the most sought after microwaves in the 17L category. Let’s figure out all about this amazing kitchen appliance by going in its details.

A bit outdated on design: This microwave from Bajaj has a power capacity of 700W and as stated above a capacity of 17L. Priced at Rs. 3990, it’s one of the low priced microwaves from Bajaj. The product type of this microwave is solo and its model name is 1701MT. One of the most basic microwaves to hit the market from Bajaj, it has 5 power levels which can be operated through mechanical knobs. This is where Bajaj has used the outdated design in this piece as most microwaves available in the market today have buttons instead of knobs.

Cooks everything and anything: The build of the knobs is, however, quite strong and sturdy. The cooking time provided by this microwave is almost 30 minutes. It is perfect for small families which are looking to use it for heating up meals or even cooking them for that matter. All edible items from eggs to meat are cooked very effectively and nicely by this microwave within a matter of minutes. This is something which isn’t possible for small microwaves, but this one from Bajaj makes it look tremendously easy. It’s also perfect for students who look forward having homemade meals but don’t have sufficient kitchen spaces in their apartments.

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Bajaj 1701MT 17L Solo Microwave Oven Review and Specifications

Looks of this Solo Microwave Oven and Bajaj's warranty terms

Bajaj provides a warranty of 1 year on this product from the time of its purchase. However, it doesn’t cover any external damages caused to the product due to negligence and mishandling.

It is the perfect device for people looking to defrost food items, which are frozen. The color in which it makes the product appears very sophisticated and classic at the same time.  The monochrome colour of this microwave would easily compliment the interior space of your kitchen or any other space where you decide to place in your house for that matter.


  • Small and compact
  • Cooks well

Verdict: Although there are so many microwaves available in the price category to choose from, this product from Bajaj very well stands out. It’s a highly reliable microwave which you can depend on to provide you with sumptuous meals every single day. The price is definitely one aspect of this product which makes it appear very attractive to users. It is a piece definitely worth going for if you are bored of the complicated large grill machines and microwave ovens which promise so much but deliver nothing, to be honest.

Price Rs. 3990
Capacity 17 L
Power Level 5
Warranty 1 Year
Colour White
Brand Bajaj


17 Liter IFB 17PMMEC1 Solo Microwave Oven

IFB is one of the biggest manufacturers of household appliances in the world. It has already established its name as one of the leading players in the industry. IFB is known for manufacturing some of the best household appliances such as washing machines, microwaves etc. available in the market. Its 17PMMEC1 Microwave Oven is one of those microwaves which very much falls into the smaller and low priced microwaves category.  Priced at Rs.4390, let us find out all about it in details.

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High specifications: When it comes to the specifications of this microwave, it has some of the best in the category. The type of this microwave is “solo” and it has a cooking capacity of 17 litres. The clock featured on the microwave is in the form of a mechanical timer and power levels are flexi power control. The defrost system of this microwave is a speed defrost which can very quickly defrost any form of frozen food items. The microwave output capacity is 700W and it has a frequency of 2450MHz. The power source it can handle is between 230-50 V and Hz.

It is cheap Oven yet it has a fast defrost option

The net weight of this product is about 10.5 kilograms and its outer dimensions measure 262 X 452 X 330 mm. The turntable diameter of this microwave is 245 mm. The power consumption of this product is about 1200W.

There are five power levels provided on this microwave, which is similar to most microwaves in this category. Instead of tact-able buttons, there are knobs provided on the machine for adjustment of these. There’s also the speed defrost option available for fast defrosting and heating up frozen food items. Therefore, it is great for users who do not have a lot of time for cooking and consume a lot of readymade frozen food. Read also 4 Latest Best Microwave Ovens for Cooking Tandoori Dishes.

IFB 17PM MEC1 17L Solo Microwave Oven Review and Specifications

This is a good looking microwave

The electromechanical timer present allows users to control power output and helps stay safe while using the microwave. The color of this IFB microwave is all white, which makes it appear very good and sleek.

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The design is very neat appearing too and it would definitely look good sitting on the slab of your kitchen. Moreover, the size of this microwave is one thing that makes it perfect for small families and especially single people. The fact that it does not occupy much space makes it perfect for using in spatially challenged apartments.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Compact size
  • High specifications

Cons: Knobs instead of buttons

Verdict: IFB provides a warranty of total 3 years on this product. It is more than what most brands in the market are offering these days. There’s a one year warranty on the machine and other two remaining years on its magnetron and cavity. There’s also an auto cook menu option available on the microwave that makes cooking so much hassle free for its users. The company even provides a free demo and installation of this product. Therefore, it’s a microwave from IFB definitely worth going for.

Price Rs. 4390
Capacity 17 L
Power Level 5 Levels
Warranty 3 Years
Colour White
Brand IFB

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