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Babyliss 2400W Hair Dryer Below 7500 Rupees

Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer in India

Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer

Women are exceedingly particular when it comes to hair dryers. Well, am not quite sure what they usually check in these gadgets, but like most people I find them all to be pretty similar. Nonetheless, there are several notable differences in terms of quality of service, precision, and durability if you pay close attention when using them. Just like hair clippers, finding a good hair dryer could mean getting a decent admirable look. Of course, nobody wants to leave for work – looking like a horse on rampage although with some hair- dryers, this somewhat what you would expect. Babyliss is a brand that has come to be loved in this line of electronics and its latest release, the Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer is a one-off gadget.

Features of Babyliss Le Pro Intense 6616E Dryer

Here is a detailed description of some of the exceptional features in the Le Pro Hair Dryer.

Build and Design

Just like all hair dryers in the Le Pro series, The Babyliss 2400W 6616E has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for use even for long hours. It’s a lightweight hair dryer. In addition, it has a set of two ultra-fins nozzles that are efficient in guiding the airflow to a specific region of the hair without damaging it. Unlike most competitions in the market, the Babyliss 6616E is exceptionally sturdy and would not twist even when blowing long tangled up hair. The designers also thought of how they would make this gadget easy to clean and maintain and so they modified the rear grille to facilitate easy cleaning.

Latest Technology

The Babyliss 6616E uses a new technology known as Ionic Ceramic Technology. This technology helps the gadget to dry your hair fast enough and leave you with a shiny glare on the hair. In addition, there is reduced static effect on your hair as a result of this technology, meaning your hair remains smooth and sparkling.

2400W Power

The Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer uses a very strong motor for a hair blower. It’s a Powerful and long-life (1000h) AC motor. It has a 2400W power rating with two temperature setting which allows for cold air positioning. This powerful motor allows the dryer to blow hot air at speeds amounting to a maximum of 130km/h. It’s among the few Italian blower models that can reach up to such speeds.

Other essential modifications

In addition, the Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W Hair Dryer has a long power cord for easy maneuvering which is about 2.7 meters in length. There is also a provision for other secondary attachments such as the concentrator. The Nozzles can also be interchanged depending on the hairstyle you want to achieve. Babyliss also included a cool shot provision in this model for holding the hair in position when making a hair style. Moreover, the Babyliss 6616E Hair Dryer comes with a Hang-up Loop for easy storage either on your bathroom wall or next to your dressing table.

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Pricing and Warranty

The Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer is priced at 7300 Rupees in most retail outlets, which sounds fair to me. I mean, you are getting an original Italian hair dryer at just 1000 Rupees more from the Chinese’ cheap models. This dryer comes with a 5 Year warranty, so no worries.

Babyliss Le Pro Intense 2400W 6616E Hair Dryer Review and Specifications

Final Verdict

If you can raise 7300 Rupees for a dryer, then this is the best option for you. I would strongly recommend this dryer for people who run hair parlors and barber shops since it won’t break down easily.

Number of Heat Settings 2
Attachments supported Concentrator
Number of Speed Settings 2
Cold Air Feature Yes
Technology Used Ionic Ceramic Technology
Nozzle/Concentrator Concentrator, Nozzle
Cord Length 2.7 m
Warranty 5 yrs
Motor type Long-life AC Professional Motor (1000h)
Hang-up Loop Yes
Removable Easy Clean Rear Grille Yes
Price 7400 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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