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Automatic Rice Cooker with Steamer below 2000 Rupees

rice cooker automatic under 2000 Rupees

Cooking rice is much more comfortable than making roti. Still, to cook rice perfectly, you should either a long experience or a perfect automatic rice cooker. In this piece, we cover the best rice cooker under 2000 Rupees. Here you read about automatic rice cooker with steamer on sale. Read also Automatic Rice Cooker below 3000 Rupees.

► 1.8-Liter Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Rice is pretty much the staple food of most Asian countries, with India being at the top of the list. The good thing with this delicacy is that it has so many techniques for preparing it. Nevertheless, boiling is still the most comfortable and most convenient way of cooking rice. Investing in a good rice boiler machine is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make.

Apart from saving you time, an electric rice boiler will make your rice meal soft and tasty, without charring on the cooking pan. In this piece, we cover one of the best-selling electric rice cookers in India, the 1.8-Liter Prestige Delight Rice cooker. In actual fact, TTK Prestige is the oldest rice cooker manufacturer in India. The company specializes mainly on kitchen appliances. Here is what you need to know about the 1.8-Liter Prestige Delight Rice Cooker.

Prestige Electric Rice Cooker in 1850 Rupees

Designed to serve a Standard Indian Family: Presumably, we could say that this is the best rice cooker for a standard Indian family. Although it is not exactly the biggest rice cooker on the market, small, as it seems, it could cook enough rice for 4-5 persons. The maximum raw rice cooking capacity for this cooker is 1100 grams (1.1kg).

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The manufacturer included two aluminum cooking pans, a rice scoop and one measuring cup in each cooker purchase. Apart from cooking rice, this multifunction rice cooker can be used for cooking stews, porridge, soups, and idlis. You could also use it to steam vegetables for a family of 6 people.

→ Good build with Heat retention capabilities

Prestige built this cooker with a sturdy and compact structure to help with heat retention. This unique design not only speeds up cooking time but also helps you save huge on electricity. Additionally, the close fit stainless steel lid traps in all the pressure and vapor within the cooking pan. This way the cooker can keep the food warm for a considerable amount of time.

Convenient: Moreover, the manufacturer built this product to use a detachable power cord so as to minimize storage space. The cool touch handles on this device make it easy to carry this cooker. Furthermore, these same handles also act as the scoop holder.

For automatic cooking, all you need to do is toggle the control level on the control panel. Later on, the cooker automatically switches itself to “keep warm mode.” This happens once the rice is cooked. The control panel has two indicators to show the two cooking modes.

choose rice cooker for your family

→ This Prestige Rice Cooker does Fast Cooking

What makes the 1.8-Liter Prestige Cooker the best electric rice cooker in India is the fact that it cooks really fast. Essentially, this is because a 700W motor with an auto cut-off feature is used to power this device. On average, it will take about 20 minutes to cook a cup of rice with this device and 40-45 minutes to cook 3 cups. You can then add 15 minutes or so in “Keep warm mode.”

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Price 1800 Rupees
Capacity Power: 700 Watt | 1.8-Liter
Feature Cook 1KG Rice in one go | Keep Warm | Detachable Power Cord
Body Stainless Steel Lid | Cool Touch Handles
Warranty 12 Months for the Product | 5 Years for the Heating Plate
Sales Box Two Aluminum Pan | Rice Cooker | Measuring Cup | Rice Scoop | User Manual | Warranty Card

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