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Automatic Paper CD Shredder for Indian Offices and Home Use

The best paper shredder machine for office use and Home Use

Documents containing classified information, whether official or personal, can do significant damage if they fall into the wrong hands even when they are of no importance to you or your company. Therefore, it is so necessary to use a shredder for destroying documents, CDs instead of throwing them away intact. In the online market, you could easily find a reliable automatic paper CD shredder for your requirement.

The shredder which is only a paper shredder can't destroy confidential CDs. For office use, a manual shredder cannot be a useful solution either. Thus, I highly recommend an automatic paper and CD shredder & trimmer for office use, whereas a shredder & trimmer with a manual process is excellent for home use.

While purchasing a paper shredder, customers need to pay attention to many aspects because a lousy shredding machine will not dispose of documents effectively. In movies, we often see master spies would try piecing together shredded documents to retrieve information about their targets.

In this article, first I discuss the essential features one needs to look for while buying a document shredder. Then move to an in-depth review of the three best paper shredders with automatic operation at a low price. Read also 4 Most Efficient Printer for Small Business and Corporate Office.

► Automatic Paper CD Shredder Types

Generally, shredders come in three types i.e. Strip-Cut, Cross-Cut, and Micro-Cut. Strip-Cut Shredders are the least secure as they cut documents into long strips. These shredding machines are only suitable for disposing of documents with no confidential information. Cross-Cut shredders are one step ahead of Strip-Cut ones as they cut documents horizontally as well as vertically. These devices are fast and make it very hard for wrongdoers to reassemble the shredded documents. If the documents you want to shred – contain highly confidential information, the Micro-Cut Shredders will be the best option to go for as they are capable of making confetti out of a document.

Noise Level: Most good quality Cross-Cut and Micro-Cut shredders come with loud motors. Customers should always check the noise level ratings on specs sheet before making a final decision. You would certainly not want other office colleagues (using an office shredder) or family members (using a home shredder) to get disturbed with the annoying noise of a shredder.

Run Time and Shredding Speed: A good document shredder should at least offer 5 minutes of run time per session. Run time below 5 minutes would mean a particular shredder features an inefficient motor and will not be able to work in a busy environment. Shredding speed is another indicator of build quality. High shredding speed would be a clear hint of good quality and durable parts.

So, these were the three factors based on which one can decide if a particular shredder is good or not. Now let us discuss some decent quality paper shredders available out there.

→ Fellowes H8CD Paper CD Shredder – Fully Automatic

Fellowes is one of the best paper shredder brands and it has some reliable products in the market. Many of its products have got great reviews from customers around the world. The H8CD model is an automatic paper shredder is available for an amount of 6500 rupees. Its price is nothing compared to the features and performance you will get.

Fellowes H8CD Paper Shredder

Powerful and Fast: This Cross-Cut shredder is capable of processing up to 8 sheets simultaneously. The shredding speed of 9.84 fpm clearly shows how powerful its motor is. It consumes 240 Watts of power, which is another attraction because other paper shredders of the same price category eat up a lot of electricity.

Talking about performance of this automatic paper CD shredder, its 220-mm throat is perfect for A4 and Letter size documents. Reverse functionality helps in removing the paper in case of a jam.

Shreds CDs and Plastic Cards: Besides paper documents, proper disposal of CDs and ID cards is also very important. Most budget shredders are generally not up for this job but the Fellowes machine is enough powerful that it cuts almost anything into pieces.

Great Build Quality: The H8CD Paper Shredder has a strong and durable outer shell. It can resist strong collisions and high temperatures. Bottom bin has a volume of 14 Liters, enough for an all day use.

The design of this automatic paper CD shredder machine is certainly impressive. Further, its glossy black finish gives a great appeal to the eyes. On the name of convenience, a small window is on the front, that allows users to see if the documents are properly shredded or not.

Fellowes Automatic Paper CD Shredder

Safe: For the safety of users, this shredder only works when the top (motor) part is perfectly seated on the bin. Inbuilt overload protection saves the motor from damaging by cutting the power supply in case of overheating.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Has a separate throat for shredding CDs and Plastic Cards
  • Safety lock
  • Overheat protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Superior build

Cons: Generates loud noise while shredding

Verdict: The Fellowes automatic paper CD shredder has greatly impressed me with its features and performance. A customer cannot go wrong by purchasing it. This machine will be a perfect solution for all your shredding needs. Read also Reliable Wonderchef Philips Coffee Maker for Small Offices.

Price 6500 Rupees
Bin Volume 14 Liter
Paper Capacity 8(A4)
Power Consumption 240 watt
Noise Level 70 dB
Automatic Operation Yes
Separate CD/Card Throat Yes
Dimensions 360 X 305 X 200 mm
Features Safety Lock, Thermal Overload Protection and Indicator, 9.84 fps shred speed


→ Sun-Max Smart Paper Trimmer for Office Use

While researching for reliable, durable paper shredders at a low price, I came to know about the brand Sun-Max, which sells excellent quality electronic products to use in offices, banks, and in small businesses. To boost your trust in this Indian brand, I let you know that Sun-Max is one of the top brands of note counting machine.

Around the price of 5000 Rupees, Sun-Max SC-1001 Paper Trimmer is a perfect machine. It is a recommended paper shredder for office use. The paper trimmer cannot shred CD and cards, however. It is not an automatic paper cd shredder and cutter, a smart paper shredder machine with automatic operation only, instead. It is indeed fast in destroying useless papers with valuable information.

Automatic Paper CD Shredder Sun Max SC 1001 Paper Trimmer


Impressive Performance: At such a low price point also, this shredder offers a great performance. Its power is on par with any other good quality shredding machine.

The Sun-Max shredder machine capable of disposing sheets up to 12-inch long. Its throat is thick and wide enough to hold 7 sheets without any problem.

Fully Automatic: This machine offers a fully automatic paper shredding operation. Sun-Max has equipped its throat with a paper sensor. Whenever a user places some paper in the throat, this sensor comes into action and instructs the motor to start operation. After shredding paper, the machine stops on itself.

Average Build Quality: The Sun-Max automatic paper shredder scores high for its performance but on the front of durability, it scores very less. Although the body is made of stainless steel, still use of cheap build materials and unattractive design would act as a deal breaker for many customers. It is lightweight, weighs only 2.5-kg. Hence this compact paper shredder could also be a great choice for manager's cabin


  • Portable and Compact Build
  • Paper sensor
  • Overheat protection
  • Powerful Operation
  • Consumes less power

Verdict: The Sun-Max paper trimmer is one of the best affordable shredding machines with smart operation out there. Further, the paper shredder is lightweight, smart, and portable. Except for average build quality, everything looks good on the SC-1001 paper Shredder. Less noisy motor, automatic operation, and a high performing motor are some key features on this automatic shredder. Read also Heavy Duty Office HP Printers for Indian Offices.

Price 5150 Rupees
Paper Capacity 7 (A4)
Automatic Operation Yes
Separate CD/Card Throat Yes
Dimensions 33 X 30 cm, stainless steel body
Feature Thermal shutdown


→ SToK Automatic Paper CD Shredder for Home Use

Are you on a tight budget but still want a good document shredder? Well, in that case, SToK ST-20CC Paper Trimmer will be the most viable option in my opinion. Available at just 2,699 rupees, it is a perfect choice for small offices and homes. Looking for a paper shredder for home use, I strongly recommend this STOK automatic paper CD shredder machine.

SToK ST 20CC Paper Trimmer


Ultra-Compact: The SToK automatic trimmer sports compact and portable outer shell. In fact, it is smaller than a typical mini-CPU case. Moreover, this machine looks much attractive. Silver paint gives a premium feel to the whole setup.

The bin looks small but it has a volume of 10 liters. You also get a small see-through window on the left side.

Decent Quality Motor: Even at this price, SToK was able to equip this shredder with a motor capable of trimming CDs, Plastic Cards, and thick papers. I would like to point out though its throat is a bit thin and can only trim 5 pages simultaneously.

The SToK automatic paper CD shredder has a laser guided cutting system for greater accuracy. Like any other good quality shredder, this SToK device also offers reverse function and automatic operation.

StoK Automatic Paper CD Shredder

Appreciable Build: The manufacturer SToK deserves a great appreciation for making this shredder with durable materials. Finding a good quality product like this in the low budget segment is no less surprising than finding water on the moon.


  • High RPM motor
  • Cross-Cut type
  • Auto start and auto off
  • CD and Plastic Card shredding

Cons: Just 5 sheet capacity

Verdict: Customers will not get a better deal on a automatic paper CD shredder than this under the price cap of 3000 rupees. However, the SToK shredder is not suitable for big offices. You should only purchase it for home use or small office use. Read also Easy to Use Black Decker Vacuum Cleaner for Indian Offices and Homes.

Price 2700 Rupees
Bin Volume 10 Liter
Automatic Operation Yes
Separate CD/Card Throat Yes
Dimensions 36.1 X 15.6 cm
Features Auto Start & Off, Auto Reverse, Auto Clear
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