As soon as the babies reach the age of 6 months, they can start eating solid foods gradually. Even though they are suitable to buy, store-bought foodstuffs can be expensive together with being poor in nutrients. Preparing homemade baby food for your babies will ensure that what your kid eats fresh and nourishing food that’s free of spices. Furthermore, by preparing homemade baby food, you can save a lot of money. You can have a control over what you put into your baby's daily nutrition. And along these lines, you can take additional steps to confirm that only the best quality foodstuffs are picked and used. Read Also Philips Breast Milk Pump For Indian Mothers.

Preparing homemade baby food is truly a simple procedure and needs very slight things in terms of kitchen tools. You would need specific equipment to cook your child's food at home. Although the baby food blenders let you prepare some healthy and nutritious homemade food without difficulty, the extensive choices can make the buying process bothersome. Quite a lot of these machines can be found in your nearby stores. Or else, you can obtain them online with no trouble. Here we are exploring some options for automatic baby food makers and cookbooks. Check them out as you’ll probably need these instruments to prepare flavorsome homemade baby food. Read on to pick up what to seek for while buying your baby food maker.

Automatic Baby Food Maker under 5000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

→ Baby Food Maker Haier Portable Mini Blender with Automatic Safety Function

This Haier portable mini blender is simply breathtaking. You can mix and match all types of fruits without any obstruction and prepare the baby food with no trouble. Together with preparing flavorsome baby food, the multipurpose Haier Blender lets you whip protein shakes, smoothies, and juices. It blends foodstuff to prepare smooth food that is rich in nutrients with no trouble. The chopping cup is removable and movable. The cap is leakage-proof that allows you to carry it out-of-doors and reload your energy while undertaking outdoor activities. With the 700~1000 ml capacity of the chopping cup, this blender is a perfect fit for your nutritious supplement.

Baby Food Maker Haier Portable Mini Blender with Automatic Safety Function


  • Covers the maximum ratio of 5-star reviews
  • Safe Design
  • Shockproof product
  • Durable suction cup base that produces an anti-skid setup
  • Fairly reasonably priced
  • Sleek and robust design
  • A huge capacity

Cons: It cannot separate the residue

Verdict: This portable mini blender from the brand HAIER is multifunctional food equipment. You can restfully use it to make flavorsome smoothies, juices, protein shakes and all other foodstuffs that you find appropriate for your kids’ dietetic needs. This SUPER COOOL product is a brilliant option for parents trying to find sustenance for their precious ones with nutrient rich, home-produced nourishment. Buy: 4900 Rupees

→ Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender for Babies above 6 Months

With the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender, you can prepare yummy homemade recipes, personalized for your baby’s requirements. The blender-sized equipment is wonderful and open to working with two settings only:

  • Steam
  • Blend

Furthermore, you can read step-by-step cook-books, view interesting and instructive videos and discover countless valuable tips and tricks. These guidelines may help you to make weaning as easy as possible. You can save your valuable time with it as well. The container has a capacity of 1000 ml. As a result, you can prepare up to four servings at one time. So, serve one portion and stock three in your refrigerator or for future. The best thing about this Steamer and Blender for Babies is that it’s way too easy to clean. The blades and the container are dishwasher safe. Likewise, owing to its open design, you can refill the water tank with no trouble.  In consequence, you can manage the whole kit and caboodle without problems. Read also Prepare Delicious Meal with Philips Food Steamer.

Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender


  • Steam fruits, vegetables, fish as well as meat
  • Book with Tasty and Nutritious Recipes
  • Efficient Steam Cycle
  • Compact Design
  • Steam Technology
  • Multiple Meals in One Go
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy Maintenance


  • The mouth of the jar is a bit limited
  • No indicator to indicate when it needs the descaling
  • You have to wait for 10 minutes for the motor to cool before you use it again

Verdict: Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender are not just for your veggies. You can furthermore use it for steaming foodstuffs like fruits, fish, and meat. You can easily prepare anything according to your baby’s palates. Due to its efficient steam cycle of the Steamer and Blender, you can prepare the meals favorably while maintaining its original consistency, nutrition, and cooking liquids. On top of that, you can cook some appetizing sauces and finger food as well. The compact design makes the process of storage convenient. Buy: 6000 Rupees

→ Stainless Steel Baby Food Blender Lee Star LE-803

With the Baby Food Blender from Lee Star, you can have the pleasure of stress-free blending in a matter of a single button touch. The product is made up of stainless steel and can make your blending cool and hassle-free like never before. You can enjoy the pleasure of preparing yummy baby food with it as it works perfectly at each stage of weaning. It reliefs you as it retains all the nourishment and juices of the foodstuff so that you can provide the best food to your baby. Over and above, you can make your much-loved smoothies, shakes, and a lot more with no trouble and with ease!

Lee Star LE-803 Baby Food Maker cum Stainless Steel Blender


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Push start and single speed control and
  • Rust resistant blades
  • Push start and
  • Single speed control
  • Ideal for wet and dry grinding
  • 400 watts power
  • 220-230 volts operating voltage

Verdict: Your everyday cooking requirements need little amounts of crudely or finely cut spices and veggies like tomatoes, onions, cabbage, beans, herbs, nuts and other materials. With the Lee Star Baby Food Blender, you can get all this done in a matter of seconds. That too, up to your paramount satisfaction! It is an unconventional, high-performance food blender. In fact, it not only cuts vegetables but also beats eggs and batters, purees fruits like bananas and apples for kids. You can further prepare fresh chutney and dips as well. All this in a matter of few seconds! So bring the Lee Star Baby Food Blender your home and get all set to be amazed by its overall performance! Buy: 1575 Rupees

→ Panasonic Automatic Baby Food cooker for More than 6 months old Babies

This Automatic Baby cooker from the brand of Panasonic is available in pink and blue colors. You can prepare your baby’s food in this cooker with no trouble. This is an all-in-one unit will help you save a lot of time from preparing the baby food the out-of-date way. The cooker has a metallic body with tremendous strength and measures 22.5 cm x 22.2 cm x 21.8 cm. You can begin by cutting the veggies or fruits and then cook it in this cooker either by boiling or by steaming. (It comes along with a steamer attachment as well.) The Panasonic baby cooker ensures that the food for babies holds most of the essential nutrients. On top of that, you can prepare a larger quantity of food at one time. Read also High Capacity Easy to Clean Rice Cooker below 3500 Rupees.

Panasonic Automatic Baby Cooker


  • Automatic and Convenient Cooking
  • See Through Glass Lid
  • Light Weight and Easy to Carry
  • Power rating of 300 Watt
  • Compact

Cons: Can cook not more than 0.16kgs of baby food at a time

Verdict: If you want to make certain that your baby eats right, then the Panasonic Automatic Baby cooker is the right solution for you. The product does its best to ensure that your kid grows up eating right and healthy. Cooking homemade baby food is a perfect idea your baby’s health, with the Panasonic baby cooker, it is simple to do. The food preparation would not at all be laborious yet very satisfying. Moreover, the advantages are just massive to your kid's happiness. Buy: 2000 Rupees

→ Mix Fruit Salad Maker Borosil Chefdelite BCH20DBB21 with Twin Blade Technology

If you expect the best for your kids, then with the Borosil Chefdelite’s Mix Fruit Salad Maker, you can have it too. As the product is well-known for its high quality and performance, you can cut and slice your favorite salads with comfort. You can chop and dice everything from nuts to fruits and vegetables – all become a breeze in your kitchen. Thus and so, it saves you a lot of precious time and hassle. CHOPPER-CHEFDELITE is really a stunningly-designed, simple and smart product. It supports you in balancing your demanding and tiring life. So, with this, you can prepare baby food that’s healthier in a simple and smart way. The gorgeous product claims to be “as dependable as it is desirable.” Read also 6 Best Vegetable Cutter Chopper for Indian Kitchens.

Mix Fruit Salad Maker Borosil Chefdelite with Twin Blade Technology


  • Convenient and portable chopper
  • As it has the double blade, it cuts vegetables more rapidly

Cons: It might crunch veggies into grainy particles

Verdict: The Mix Fruit Salad Maker from Borosil Chefdelite can turn out to be the number one assistant in your kitchen. In addition to preparing a scrumptious salad for your family, this product can be a perfect gift for any person who adores cooking. In fact, presenting it to somebody who spends just a portion of the time in the kitchen is not a bad idea. You can buy one for yourself and treat your baby with the best care. Buy: 1500 Rupees

→ For First Time Mothers Baby & Toddler Cookbook in English by Tarla Dalal

Baby and Toddler Cookbook by Tarla Dalal is an appropriate book for you that provide answers to all the questions of promising mothers. You get to know everything on the subject of when what and how much you need to feed your babies.  The book makes sure that each included recipe is ‘baby friendly.' It further guarantees that the recipes fulfill your kid’s nutritive needs while sustaining their appetite. Read also For Homemade Cakes First Collect These Appliances and Essentials.

First Time Mothers Baby Toddler Cookbook by Tarla Dalal

Recipes included are:-

  • Cheese Straws
  • Dal Mash
  • Palak Paneer Rice
  • Teething Biscuits
  • Carrot Cake
  • Corn Sambar
  • Spring Vegetable Risotto

Tarla Dalal is a best-selling Indian cookbook writer and chef. She has been bestowed the prestigious ‘Padma Shri’ by the Government of India for her respected works.  Furthermore, in the year 2005, this woman is conferred with the title of “Woman of the Year’ by Indian Merchants' Chamber. So, if you are enjoying the delightful moments of maternity, and are worried about nourishing your baby as well, Baby & Toddler Cookbook is just the best book for you. Buy: 275 Rupees