Creating excellent contents that give a clear insight into the topic and answers all related queries is not enough. You need to market them well through various social media platforms. If you are one-person army behind your awesome blog cum website, manually sharing website content on social media platforms and engaging on responses becomes hard. That would cut a good amount of your work time. So, what is the right solution? Wouldn’t it be nice to make content sharing with various social media platform automatic?

In this piece, I talk about some best plugins, which have the features to take away content sharing burden from your shoulder. Moreover, the plugins would do the job in a much professional way than you could.

► Linking Social Media Accounts in Auto Social Sharing Plugin

Which plugin is best for sharing content automatically is a secondary issue. The primary issue is linking social media accounts with your chosen auto-sharing plugin. That is tricky and very frustrating.

You need to create an application in your developer account on social media platforms. Getting apps approved is a frustrating process. You need to be accurate with settings and details and also be patience.

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Setting process might continue for a day or two. It is very likely that due to some reason you wouldn’t be able to submit your application for review. Your application will be manually approved by checking how it interacts with the social media platform. Only after the application has been approved, you can start auto-sharing contents by the plugin.

→ FS Poster – The Best Plugin for Auto Social Share and Schedule Sharing

Linking social media accounts with FS Poster is super straightforward. In fact, this plugin has its own Facebook app for sharing. It also has a useful insight section that stores details about all the sharing done so far and public responses to them. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best auto social sharing plugin presently available.

FS Poster Auto Sharing WordPress Plugin

FS Poster plugin supports auto social sharing, sharing on-demand, and scheduled sharing (every after 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour…). Presently, this plugin supports auto social sharing to Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr,,, Telegram, Medium, and Google My Business. Check the official website to find out the current list of supported social media websites.

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This auto social sharing plugin has the feature to ensure instant sharing, safe sharing, and sharing without violating the terms & conditions of social media websites. That is very important. Suppose you share an article on your website more frequently at Facebook. Then the Facebook algorithm will block it and mark it spam. That will be a terrible case. FS Poster plugin will make each shared article unique by adding an ID like this (?_unique_id=5d0b34e8e21c6) at the end of the URL.

Setting up any plugin is really tricky. But proper documentation often helps. FS Poster documentation includes YouTube presentation and Picture based Steps for the entire setting process.

Still, not sure, should you buy this plugin or not? No problem! Do a thorough testing of FS poster auto social sharing plugin and then decide.

Price $45
Features Auto Sharing | Share Newly Created Content | Share Old Content | Scheduling | Log – Insight
Platforms Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Reddit | Tumblr | | | Telegram | Medium | Google My Business


→ Social Auto Poster Plugin

My first pick is this paid plugin with 4.7-points average rating by its 2200 buyers. The current price of this useful plugin is $39, but with offers, you download it by paying only $28. This plugin is super easy to configure. It wouldn’t slow your website while running in the background. That is what the developers of the plugin claimed. I believe that since no buyers have reported such an issue.

Social Auto Poster Plugin

The Social Auto Poster plugin can automatically share newly created content. It can also automatically share old content one by one, by queuing them. If your website creates evergreen content as we do on this website, Social Auto Poster could be the best choice to automatize content sharing.

This plugin can share contents to Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, BufferApp, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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Considering buyers responses, I can suggest that the customer support by the developer team is fast and friendly. However, plugin documentation is outdated. If you are going to use this plugin, better ask the developer team to help you in setting up and linking social media accounts. Their documentation and how to do videos are outdated.

Price $39
Features Auto Sharing | Share Newly Created Content | Share Old Content | Scheduling
Platforms Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | LinkedIn | BufferApp | Tumblr


→ Revive Old Post Plugin

Earlier Tweet Old Post now renamed as Revive Old Post is another excellent plugin for auto-sharing newly created, updated, and old contents one by one. This social sharing plugin has a free and paid version. The free version allows you to share content with Facebook and Twitter only. The pro version whereas gives the user full control and allows sharing content with all supported social media platforms. Using the personal pro version of the plugin you can share content with up to 50 social media accounts. The current price of the personal pro license is $89.

Revive Old Posts Plugin Auto Post to Social Media

As mentioned earlier linking social media accounts on such auto-sharing plugins is a terrifying process. Therefore, you need a plugin, which comes with solid documentation. I must say documentation of Revive Old Post plugin is very useful. I have tested them; all the required information and steps are mentioned.

Price Free | $89
Features Auto Sharing | Share Newly Created Content | Share Old Content | Scheduling
Platforms Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr


→ AccessPress Social Auto Post Plugin

AccessPress is one of the best names for quality WordPress plugins and themes. I am a big fan of this company. If I need to rank top 5 companies for WordPress plugins and themes in best code quality, AccessPress is going to be one of them. Quality coding is a strong point of AccessPress developer team.

AccessPress Social Auto Post Plugin

After Social Auto Poster, the Social Auto Post plugin is the second-best choice of buyers who want to automatize content sharing to linked social media accounts. It has no free version. Its pro version costs $26. So far attracted 1200 buyers, this plugin has more than 4-Points rating.

The Accesspress team keeps up-to-date documentation and How-to Videos related to their plugins and themes. Also, their customer support is friendly and fast.  You are not going to face any issue in setting up the plugin on your website.

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Having no feature to schedule old content for auto-sharing is a significant disadvantage of this plugin. It can only post new content to linked social media accounts. Therefore, websites which mostly covers daily news should consider it. At present, this social auto-sharing plugin supports sharing content only to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn social media platforms.

Price $28
Features Auto Sharing | Share Newly Created Content | Share Old Content | Scheduling
Platforms Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr