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Attain Flawlessly Elegant Hairdos With These Best Hair Straighteners

Do you wish to make your hair straight? Fortunately, nowadays, there are numerous ways to make your hair healthier and straighter such as picking for hair flattening treatments and spending on hair straighteners. There is a copious of hair straighteners on the marketplace today but only a small figure of them provide worthy outcomes. If you frequently style your mane and do not have the time to officially visit hairdressers, then spending on a decent professional hair straightener is suggested. So now, no more issues can restrict you from the attainment of your dream hair!

A multitude of hair straighteners in almost every single form and dimensions can be irresistible. All the same, before procuring one, it is commended to explore and relate features that fit your prerequisites. Therefore to make this imperative verdict stress-free for you, we have tapered down the array of innumerable straighteners to the four preferred options. Let us look what makes them well-deserved to stand on the list!

Roots Professional HSLM Hair Straightener

This adorable peach color hair straightener by Roots possesses a glossy handle and smooth figure that can make any girl fall in love with it. It doesn’t jerk or tweak out your hairs and is extremely tranquil to use. In addition, its ceramic cushion plates with Korean technology discharge negative ions for that healthy and gleaming gloss in your hair. With an extra compact and thin size, you can carry it everywhere for styling your hair on the spot!

Roots Professional HSLM Hair Straightener Review and Specifications

Alongside, you attain a fine and non-sticky hair serum. You can control frizzle in your hair and attain a lustrous finish with it. So, no more relying on different hair styling products! For the reason that, there is a product so-called – Roots Professional Hair Straightener, that can aid you to get gorgeous and nurtured hair every day. The ions emitted by ceramic plates act as vitamins and cause you to have long and shimmering locks.

This innovative technology comes to you at an economical charge of Rupees 1700 with 12 months warranty. I think buying this professional styling iron is a worthy venture since it can offer you progressive features and eccentric consequences. Contrariwise, the consequence is that – just left the beauty salon guise with very petite struggle.

Brand Roots professional
Warranty 1 year
Heat settings 80-200 Celsius
Plate material Ceramic
Plate coating Ceramic
Hair conditioning Basic straightening
Material Plastic
Voltage 110-240 volts
Price 1700 INR


Lifelong HSB01 Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

The Lifelong Hair Straightening Brush is a ground-breaking product that uncurls and flattens your hair while combing it to accomplish seamless fallouts within minutes. You can achieve this while sitting in the coziness and comfort of your own house. All you need to do is just split your hair into subdivisions and drive the brush on your withered tresses. Then and there what you will get is hair that is beauty salon straight. You will be startled at the appearance you can accomplish very effortlessly with this Lifelong Hair Straightening brush!

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Lifelong HSB01 Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush Information

This hair straightening brush has a large paddle head that permits you to cover an additional volume of hair in a single stroke. What’s more? You can control the temperature depending on your hair type with the assistance of the LED display and controls. Here’s a list of advised temperature for each hair type:

  • 210-230 degrees centigrade for thick hair
  • 190-210 degrees centigrade for normal hair
  • 170-200 degrees centigrade for thin hair

Consequently, whatsoever is your hair type; you can straightforwardly increase or lower the temperature of your hair straightening brush to preeminently triumph pronounced hair styling grades. Likewise, now you can expect these long lasting and far superior up shots at a price tag of 2250 INR. Compatibly, the product comes with a one year warranty offering you nil but then again the unsurpassed affects you can have from a straightener.

Brand Lifelong
Voltage 220-240 V
Power consumption 32 W
Warranty 1 year
Price 2250 INR
Plates Ceramic coated
Temperature settings Up to 210 degrees C


Philips BHH777 Easy Natural Curler Tulip

With this Philips Natural Curler Tulip, shaping your hair is no more a time exhausting workout. It can serve you to be a very worthwhile styling gizmo and can create wonders for your locks by giving them a neat and lustrous look. Did you know that you can twist or curl your tresses with it? All you have to do is to cape a segment of your mane round the plates of the iron and then twitch it softly through. This way, you will succeed in getting that segment of your tresses leaping spiritedly about your crown in stunning whorls and twirls.

Philips BHH777 Easy Natural Curler Tulip Review and Specifications

Furthermore, the Philips Natural Curler’s clipping and curling plates spontaneously clip and grip the strands while styling them; subsequently, you can twist in a distinct drive and that too with fairly one hand. On the other hand, with its Dual Voltage System, you can carry this hair curler with no trouble at all, even while roaming overseas.

The Ceramic Coating of the Philips Natural Curler gives suitable cherishing to your tresses and its heat safe design shields your locks from sweltering due to over-warming. Currently, you can create impulsive hairdos by attaining this multipurpose styling aid at a meek cost of 2800 INR. And above, this advanced hair curler by Philips derives along with 2 years Philips international guarantee.

Brand Philips
Temperature 200 degree C
Plate size 20*70 mm
Cord length 1.8 mm
Voltage 110-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Price 2800 INR
Warranty 2 year


Philips KeraShine HP8632 Heated Styling Brush

Longing for a good health of your hair? Then, Philips KeraShine HP8632 Heated Styling Brush is the product for you! With this, you can attain that extra shiny, wavy hair that looks absolutely fabulous! Get ready to give yourself a renovating makeover almost daily with a great number of diverse hairdos using this vibrant black and golden KeraShine hair styling brush by Philips. The styling brush comes with a protecting ceramic coating that has keratin infusion. This will avert withering up of your hair as you style them to attain that grace.

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Philips KeraShine HP8632 Heated Styling Brush Review and Specifications

Additionally, it comprises of the sheath able bristles that make a laid-back and harmless usage of this product. It is equipped with two unlike styling temperature settings. You can disparately fix the temperature of this hair brush in accordance with your hair type.  And more, the ion conditioning care contributes to providing you frizz free hair. The KeraShine hair curler entails a twirl cord that enhances the expedient practice of this exceedingly unconventional and competent curler.

Having said that, let's now look at its value! You can clear your dilemma as with a price tag of 2500 INR, you can economically amplify the effect it originates. Congruently, 2-year manufacturer warranty can do a lot more for you!

Brand Philips
Barrel diameter 45 mm
Heater type PTC
Cord length 1.8 m
Voltage Universal
Swivel cord yes
Price 2500 INR
Warranty 2 year


Which one is the preferred choice?

The choice that would be preferred the most must be operative, well-organized and reasonably priced. There are sundry straighteners or flat irons that fluctuate in temperature and eminence; accordingly, you have to pick out the best one for curly or straight locks that ensemble our requests fine.

In supposition, to take good care of the well-being of your tresses, I would recommend you to buy Philips KeraShine HP8632 Heated Styling Brush. Reason? For this tool understands your hair, apprehends its requirements and furnishes your mane by cherishing it and nourishing its natural velvetiness and silkiness. Being prominent for straightening or curling mediocre to long hair locks, Philips KeraShine is superlative to add a virtuous amount of volume and life. And, it is cool to carry it everywhere as your routine brush. Get ready to blow dry, curl or straighten with this delightful tool in order to achieve sleek and lustrous hair!

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