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Aquaguard RO Water Purifier with Mineral Guard Protection

Iconic Aquaguard is one of the oldest and most trusted water purifier brands in the Indian market. Its manufacturer, Eureka Forbes, has satisfied millions of customers around the world. The company recently launched its Superb Water Purifier with a price tag of 18,999 rupees. This RO Purifier comes with many great features and is focused towards premium segment of the market. Having the three major purification technologies onboard, Aquaguard Super is the right water purifier when the water source from bore well especially for hard water with high TDS levels.

Aquaguard Superb Green RO Water Purifier with UV UF Technology 

Customers would love the design of this purifier. Its outer shell sports a combination of black and silver finish. Curved sides with flat front give a modern touch to the whole setup.

Build quality of the machine is also impressive. It does not suffer from any kind of flexing or creaking no matter how much pressure you apply. Eureka Forbes has used durable ABS plastic in the making. This material is also food safe, which means the stored water will not get contaminated even after many days.

Further, the Superb purifier supports both wall mount and table top installation. I would suggest you to install it on a wall because that would save space as well as provide a pleasing look to the kitchen.

UV, UF and RO Purification: The USP of this Aquaguard purifier is RO purification. It passes the water through a Reverse Osmosis membrane where all the heavy elements and harmful chemicals are removed. This technology is great for water with high TDS level.

I would like to point out, though, for low TDS water, RO can do more harm than good by removing the important minerals. Eureka has tried to solve this problem by equipping the Superb purifier with a TDS modulator. This small device diverts a small amount of water before the RO stage and mixes it back to the processed water. As a result, the water does not lose essential minerals and also tastes good. Eureka Forbes dubs this as Mineral Guard Technology.

To purify the diverted water, this purifier uses UF (ultrafiltration technology). In the last stage, a UV unit deactivates all bacteria and microbes by radiating high-frequency UV rays.

Use of the Silver Ion Technology to Add Extra Layer of Safety

Silver ions are quite famous in air conditioner industry for killing disease-causing microorganisms. Eureka has tried to incorporate same technology on this purifier. The Silver ions rip apart cell membranes of bacteria and inhibit their growth.

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Big Storage Tank: The Aquaguard purifier can store up to 6.5 liters of water in its storage tank. It would suffice the needs of a family with 4-5 members. Tight fitting of inner components stops insects from entering the tank and contaminating the water. Moreover, an advanced dispenser not only stops the water from sprinkling all over the kitchen floor but also adds to the user’s experience.

Aquaguard Superb Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Advanced Warning System: Another worth mentioning feature of this amazing purifier is the onboard advanced warning system. It notifies the user about necessary maintenance days in advance. On the right side of the front panel, you can find three LED lights, each of which corresponds to a different type of fault.

Eureka Forbes Offers Free Installation for this RO Purifier

Surprisingly, Eureka provides free standard installation with the Aquaguard Superb purifier. This move is highly welcomed and I would recommend other brands to follow it. However, customers should understand that the company would charge money in case some extra parts are needed.

Pro Features:-

  • Modern design
  • High-quality build
  • Good for high TDS water
  • Smart notification system
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Mineral Guard Protection
  • Ro, UF, and UV Technology in Action
Total Storage Capacity 6.5 Liter
Filtration Method RO, UV, UF and Silver Ion
Electricity Required Yes
Installation Type Counter Top And Wall Mount
Filter Life 6000 Liter
LED Notification Yes
Power Consumption 40 Watts
Warranty Year
Price 18,999 Rupees

One thought on “Aquaguard RO Water Purifier with Mineral Guard Protection

  1. To whom so ever it may concern , we have purchased Aquaguard RO+UV+UF Advanced mineral guard Technology approx 17 months back, now it had accrued a problem with water filler,
    We have complained it to the company with reference Dated 01/08/2017 Complaint No.0100125630.
    but no body as attended my home.

    We have noticed that your Aquaguard company is one of the poor & worst service provider.

    G.V Shivakumar
    place: Chinthamani-563125

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