In this article, I present a short overview on three advanced video editors for Android Smartphone users. These multilayered apps are downloadable free of cost. Bundled with easy to use tools they are highly rated applications at Google Play store currently. Produce high definition videos in any size and in any length using one of them. In order to claim your copyright for the content you have created, you must add your watermark. A video editor will make that easier for you.

Social media activists would be more interested in such efficient yet free apps. Working with video editors is simple: import your video, add your signature and other decorations, and share the edited content on mainstream social media platforms like twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

No restriction on length and HD output with tons of editor tools – for free – making these three video editors must have applications for Android users. When compared these apps based on their current user's ratings. Inshot is at number one position with average 4.6 ratings. Whereas Videoshop is at number two with 4.5 rating and FilmoraGo with 4.1 ratings at number-three position.

► Inshot Free Video Editor

At 4.6 ratings on Play store, it is one of the most admired free multimedia editors available on Android platform. Despite being a free application, the list of features built-in is really long. In fact, I did not expect it to have this many multipurpose tools when it is totally free.

Inshot Video Editor

The application offers tons tools for making your content appear interesting for a greater appeal. It works with both images and videos. It could also export full HD videos – 10 minutes long or more.

While editing videos or making a video out of gallery images, it provides tools for adding text, emoji, and music. Furthermore, it could blur background and border.

Upload the edited video directly to social media platform or choose to save it for later use. By default, it saves video at sdcard/instashot.

Since it is free of cost, application watermark will be added on final content. However, users have the option to eliminate watermark by seeing some advertisement. I think this is a logical and a fair approach for earning maintenance and further development cost for this app. Accusing the developer company, therefore, for ads priority would not be fair in my opinion.

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Lots of editor tools, super easy user interface, no export restriction and no price are some unbelievable key characters making the Inshot application, one of the best free video editors for Android platform. Download!

► FilmoraGo – Free Android Video Editor

The play store introduction of FilmoraGo says: create videos without watermark and there will be no restriction on content length. Users, therefore, could export edited high-quality videos in any length and size.

FilmoraGo Free Video Editor

I am a big fan of the fun tools of this android application – using them one could create really funny presentations from raw contents.

Much like the Inshot editor this too making videos using music, fun elements, and interesting effects. It also provides the options for easy sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

When compared on the basis of features count, FilmoraGo could defeat the Inshot video editor. Features like background effects, transition, subtitle and others that too in good numbers is making it a superior choice in some cases.

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Now the question is why it is rated poorly compared to Inshot application. Honestly, even I am not been able to figure out the reason behind its poor ratings! Download!

► Videoshop Video Editor

In terms of features, this free video editor is close to FilmoraGo application but it has been getting better ratings from users. Videoshop mobile video editor so far has got 4.5 users rating; this is a way above – than the 4.2 average rating points for FilmoraGo at Playstore. The only reason I could underline for its huge popularity is – its smooth working and easily usable tools. Although I am not a big fan of such applications but had a great experience while testing it recently for this article.

Videoshop Video Editor

Its basic working is as good as FilmoraGo: it could also produce edited high definition more than 10-minute long video without patching watermark on them. Furthermore, users have the option either to save on internal memory or share them on social media. The recent update made its sharing options easier.

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Users would be able to re-tune videos by executing some eighteen tools of Videoshop app. Some of the primary features of this editor are

  • Trim (with cut, split, and merge),
  • Flip
  • Stroke text
  • Slow & fast motion
  • Adjust display
  • add Voice over ( My favorite )
  • Add subtitle and Animated titles
  • Filter, transition, and add image slideshow
  • Resize, reverse, Stop, copy and produce high definition video

I like this video app; in my opinion, you should try this first followed by FilmoraGo and finally the Inshot application. Download!