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Amkette Bluetooth Audio Receiver For Car Driver

Amkette V3 Car Bluetooth Device Review and Specifications

Amkette v3.0 Car Bluetooth Device with Audio Receiver Review

In as much as we can’t avoid picking calls while driving, safety is key. In the past decade, we have witnessed quite a good number of road accidents that have happened as a result of drivers using their mobile phones while driving. On another note, a reasonable number of drivers have also caused accidents while listening to loud music as they drive. Consequently, the loud music made them loose touch of the external environment outside the car and they were kind of detached mentally from the road.

However, a workable solution has been designed and it allows for driver to pick calls seamlessly while driving without necessarily getting their hands off the steering wheel. I am sure you have heard of Bluetooth car headsets and receivers. These simple gadgets have helped restore sanity on our roads and at the same time allowed us to interact with our phones effortlessly as we drive. Lately, the market has been saturated with these gadgets, but I want to talk about a favorite Bluetooth headset to many, the Amkette v3.0 Car Bluetooth Device.

Essential Features of Amkette Car BT Device

I wouldn’t quite justify the Amkette v3.0 as the best car Bluetooth headset in the market, but it sure is one hell of a gadget. Here are some of its appealing features.

Adaptability and convenience: The Amkette device v3.0 is among the latest Bluetooth headsets with clip-on capabilities. The older headset models were entirely limited to attaching on the earlobe. This created some bit of imbalance between the ears since one ear had the headset fixed and the other one remained free. You would agree with me that this arrangement isn’t the best of experience especially when driving. The Amkette device comes with a clip that can be attached onto your shirt’s collar thus maintaining a proper sound balance with the surrounding environment. Its compact build allows it to fit nicely on your color, or if you prefer to hang it on your neck, it won’t bother you at all. Furthermore, if you want to listen to loud music, the Amkette v3.0 has a 3.5 mm jack that is compatible with any standard earphones.

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Connectivity: Being a hands-free headset, the Amkette v3.0 utilizes a Bluetooth v3.0 (with EDR) chip and hence allows up to two phones connectivity. Yes, with this particular headset you can actually connect two phones and receive calls from both phones when driving. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity in the Amkette v3.0 allows for advanced operations such as voice command capabilities. All you have to do is ask you phone to play music and suddenly your car stereo automatically plays music from your phone. Of course, to do this you must connect the Bluetooth headset to your car’s stereo through an AUX cable that comes with the headset.  The Bluetooth connectivity in this gadget has a maximum of 10 meters range, thus making it ideal for use even in the house. Moreover, you can receive calls 10 meters away from your car, if, for example, you left your phone in the car.

Ease of use

The Amkette v3.0 is generally easy to use although in the first few days of use it could be hectic. However, it comes with a 4-way control button set that allows users to change music, receiving calls or switch between phones manually. However, if you learn how to use its voice prompt feature, things will definitely end up easier for you. The only thing I did not like with this gadget in terms of ease of use is that it lacks an LCD display, unlike most standard car MP3 players. Without this display, I’d say that everything is done through speculations and for new users, things could be a bit messy.

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Battery and additional features: The Amkette v3.0 uses a 130 mAh battery that gives six good hours of use. In addition, the ingrained microphone has a functional noise cancellation technology so that users on the other end won’t be distracted by the noise in your car.

Amkette V3 Car Bluetooth Device Review and Specifications

Final Verdict: Go for it! It’s a good choice of headset. However, it lacks an LCD display so you will have to cope with guessing how to do some operations until you learn how it works. However, you can always refer from the manual provided.

Brand Name Amkette
Model No Trubeats ClipOn
Bluetooth chip v3.0 with EDR
Headset Type Bluetooth Headset & Receiver
Usage Time (hours) 6 hours on music
Operating Range (m) Up to 10
Colour Black
Battery type Li-Ion 130 mAh
LCD display No
3.5 mm audio jack support Yes
Price 1350 Rupees

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