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Altec Lansing Mobile Tablet Speaker Below 15000 Rupees

Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 Bluetooth Speaker below 15000 Rupees

Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 Portable Bluetooth Mobile/Tablet Speaker review

I don’t mean to be skeptical but I wonder if there is anyone who is still using a wired radio system in this era and time. Gone are the days when people used to place speakers strategically in their houses so as to get a 360-degree audio surround. With technology facilitating the generation of better and efficient sound systems in radios, the possibilities in this line of electronics seem to be endless. One particular feature that has come to be embraced in modern audio systems is Bluetooth connectivity. As more and more electronic companies continue to manufacture audio systems with Bluetooth capabilities, the demand for gadgets with this feature is on the rise. Altec industries has not been left behind and it has released one particular speaker model that is quite alluring, the Altec Lansing IMW865 Bluetooth Mobile Tablet Speaker.

Features of Altec Lansing IMW865 Speaker

Although there are many Bluetooth speaker models in the market, they seem to vary in terms of design, efficiency, and connectivity range among other features. The Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 hasn’t come without competition from other renowned electronics companies like Sony, LG, and Samsung but some of its exceptional features are the reason why it hasn’t been scraped off from the market. Here are some of its qualities.

Design and build

The Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 has a unique spherical shape that is appealing and reasonably creative. Its base is stable, so it won’t topple easily just because it’s a sphere. This speaker shell measures about 35.6cm in diameter. In the shell are four 3.81 cm (1.5) neodymium drivers which can produce a 360-degree audio surround effectively. In addition, it has one 11.43 cm (4.5) reflexive bass radiator meaning that the speaker generates some kind of background bass, unlike most similar competitions out there. Nonetheless, I must say that I wasn’t fascinated by the spherical shape decision although the speaker’s multi-color LED display kind of won my heart. As music plays, the speaker emits different colored lights which are in rhythm with the beats.


Altec chose to fit a Bluetooth radio chip on the Lansing Sphere IMW865 probably to help it fit in the market perfectly. However, the fact that it has a Bluetooth chip adds on to another rather ambitious feature that very few competitions have thought of, a hands-free communication system. The Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865is designed supports voice prompts and you can control it through voice commands. Moreover, it includes a 3.5mm audio jack input. This means that you can connect it to your phone or laptop through the provided AUX cable.

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Power Sound Output

The Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 is quite a powerful gadget since it has an audio range of slightly above 9 meters. For such a small speaker, you would agree with me that this is more than enough. In addition, the speakers are placed in a way that they can produce a 360 degree sound surround. After doing the Math you will realize that it can actually produce enough sound for people within an 18-meter diameter range.

Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Specifications

12 Hours of Battery

This particular speaker has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can go up to 12 hours in use. This is quite a huge upgrade from its predecessor, Altec Lansing iMW355-BLK Orbit. The Orbit iMW355-BLK only had only 5 hours of battery life, so we are talking about more than double the life.

Pricing Warranty and Color options

To have one of these gadgets, you will have to part with about rupees 7200 from most online retail outlets. This price is quite steep for a Bluetooth speaker but it’s worth a try. The Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 comes only in Black and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. However, it doesn’t need to be colorful since the LED lights are enough to add a sparkle to its glare.

Final Verdict

If you’ve got the money to blow, go for it! Nevertheless, you can get a way much powerful audio system in the market than the Altec Lansing Sphere IMW865 at half its price.

Brand and Model ID Altec Lansing (Sphere IMW865)
Type Mobile/Tablet Speaker
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth Support, 3.5 mm Aux Input,
Configurations 1 Channel configuration
Colors Black only, but with Multi-color/Multi-mode LED capabilities
Battery In-Built Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with 12 hr. battery life
Additional Audio Features 4 x 1.5 inch Neodymium Drivers, 4.5-inch Down Firing Ported Driver (Passive Bass Radiator)
Exceptional Features Bluetooth with Voice Confirmation prompts, 360° Sound Output,
Supported Devices All Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Tablets and Laptops with 3.5mm audio jack output
Price 15000 Rupees

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