With the rising cases of related respiratory diseases, efforts have been made to reduce air pollution. Among these efforts include the stringent measures that are being taken on industries which are guilty of violating pollution laws. Motor vehicle manufacturers are being coerced to build vehicles with low carbon emission, as well as incorporate hybrid technology in vehicles. Even so, the governments alone can’t be able to curb pollution to a 100% capacity. For this reason, it is a wise move to get a personal air purifying device.

In urban areas, where, air pollution is at its worst, an air purifier is not something that you can ignore. In India for example, more and more companies and offices have come to embrace this new technology by purchasing large-scale air purifiers for their staff. Those living in areas surrounding urban areas in India have also been sensitized to purchase air purifying equipment for their homes.

Which is the best air purifier under 10000 Rupees? This air purifier review article covers the top air purifiers from 5000 to 10000 Rupees range. The suggested air purifiers are currently the favorite of buyers from the price segment.

☼ Bepure B1 Air Purifier for 500 sq-ft Area

Bepure is an Indian brand for air purifiers and water purifiers. Its B1 air purifier model is currently the best option for instant purification of a room up to 500 sq-ft. No other air purifier can match the Bepure B1 air purifier model in terms of build, design, performance, and other traits. This Bepure air purifier comes with a remote controller for operating it wirelessly.

The Bepure B1 air purifier can freshen up the air quality of a remote in less than 10 minutes. Three-stage purification of this air purifier makes the air up to 99.97% pure. There are three filters, of which one is a True HEPA filter. Together these filters capture as small as 0.1-micron particles, such as mold, hair, pet dander, dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, germs, and allergens.

Maintenance of this Bepure air purifier will not be cumbersome. The total cost of the three filters is 1499 Rupees. You only have to change the filters once a year, and changing them will not require any special skills.

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Thus, the Bepure B1 air purifier is for you if your budget for a new air purifier machine is less than 10000 Rupees. At the price of 6000 Rupees, Bepure provides features and functions that other brands do not even offer in their air purifiers that cost more than 8000 rupees.

For 500 Sq-Ft | सबसे सस्ता & बढ़िया | Best Air Purifier under ₹6000 | #Bepure B1

Price ₹5990 → Amazon
Features For 500 sq-ft Area | Three-Stage Purification {Primary Filter → True HEPA filter → Activated Carbon Filter} | Filter-Cost: 1499/- | Power-Consumption: 40W | Warranty: 1-Year