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Best Air Conditioner under 50000 Rupees

Best Air Conditioner under 50000 Rupees in India Market

Are air conditioners expensive to run? Yes! Most of the air conditioners in the market have their power consumption, even in half load, in the range of 500W to 900W. It is still almost three times the power consumption of an air cooler, running at its full capacity. Installing an air conditioner means a minimum increase of 500 Rupees in your monthly power bill. How you use and how much you use will decide how much more it will increase.

You can reduce the power consumption of your new air conditioner by using it smartly. An inverter air conditioner runs on fully capacity at the start to reach the set temperate. Once it has achieved the set cooling level, then it minimizes its operation just to maintain the cooling level. Therefore, you shouldn’t be running your inverter air conditioner many times in a day.

Which is the best air conditioner in India under 50000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best air conditioners from 40000 to 50000 Rupees price range. Here you read about the best-selling air conditioner models of top ac brands in India market Samsung, LG, Carrier, Whirlpool, Godrej, Hitachi, and others.

► 1.5-Ton 5-Star Onida Smart Inverter Split AC (IR185ONXS)

In the last quarter, Onida brand registered triple-digit growth in the air conditioner market. Today Onida is the most-preferred brand for smart air conditioners in India market. Encouraged by the incredible success, this Desi brand recently introduced two new smart air conditioner models in the market: ONYX S MART and GENIO. Both these intelligent ac models are Wi-Fi enabled. So, you can control their operation, start or close any function, and also increase – decrease temperature using your smartphone, or from a computer.

Onida Smart Inverter Split AC IR185ONXS

The Onida smart air conditioners are special not just because of built-in IOT (Internet of Things) module, but also because of the Multiplier Inverter Technology, Onida's signature technology for 20% more cooling than the rated cooling capacity of the ac model in just 30 seconds, to meet the ambient cooling demand. You could read about this in detail here.

Thus, the max cooling capacity of this 1.5-Ton 5-Star Onida smart inverter ac is 6356W (20% more) as its rated cooling capacity is 5297W. Usually, the cooling capacity of a 2-Ton AC is 6200W. Buying this Onida smart inverter ac, therefore, means you are paying for a 1.5-Ton AC, but the ac gives you cooling of a 2-Ton AC.

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Price 42000 Rupees
Features Multiplier Inverter Technology {20% more cooling in just 30 Secs than the rated cooling capacity} | VIOT Module with Wi-Fi Enabled (Now your voice can command your AC!) | Warranty: {1-Year for Product | 5-Years for Compressor}
Smartness Auto Restart | Sleep Mode | Self-Diagnosis | Timer
Cooling 5297W Max Cooling-Capacity | Max Air-Circulation: 950 CMH | Temp-Range: 16°C to 32°C | Turbo Cooling | Uniform Cooling with 4-Ways Air Deflection | AC Mode: {Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto} | Cooling at 52°C Outside Temperature | Fan Speed Levels: 4
Healthy Air Dust Filter | Anti-Fungus Operation | Self-Clean | Dehumidification
Power 5-Star BEE Rating | ISEER 4.58 W/W | Stabilizer Free {160V – 250V} | Annual Power Consumption: 895.21 Units
Build Inverter Compressor | PET Engine for Compressor Performance Optimization | Premium Matte Finish | Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant | 100% Copper {Coil, Condenser, Pipe, Installation Kit} | Smart Digital Display {ON/OFF} | Blue Fins with Corrosion Resistant Coating


► 2-Ton 3-Star Carrier Inverter Split AC {CAI24EK3R49F0+CI243R4DH90}

Carrier brand has two brilliant air conditioner models with 2-Ton capacity in 40000 to 50000 Rupees range: CAS24EK3R39F0+CF243R3AC90 and CAI24EK3R49F0+CI243R4DH90. Both the models have inverter compressor, copper coil, 3-star rated power system. Those are the features why they are the best-selling 2-Ton air conditioners under 50000 Rupees.

2-Ton 3-Star Carrier Inverter Split AC CAI24EK3R49F0-CI243R4DH90

Between them, the best model is CAI24EK3R49F0+CI243R4DH90. Its outdoor unit features the revolutionary hybrid technology (Hybrid Jet Grill) that uses a combination of air and refrigerant to cool faster even when the outside temperature is 55°C and voltage is only 195V.

With 2-Ton cooling capacity and Hybrid Jet Grill outdoor unit, this Carrier inverter air conditioner can provide optimum cooling to a closed (up to) 250 sq ft area. Therefore, it is a recommended air conditioner for shops, showrooms, large halls, and small flats. According to the brand, its annual power consumption will be only 1251.38 units.

Equipped with PM2.5 filter and other air filters this 2-Ton inverter air conditioner is quite suitable for the area with poor air quality. If your house is close to the main road, you must consider this carrier ac for chilled, less polluted air.

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Price 44000 Rupees
Features Ideal for Room Size up to 250 sq ft | Temp Display/Hidden | Warranty: {1-Year on Unit | 10-Years on Compressor}
Smartness Auto Restart | Refrigerant Leakage Detector | Louver Position Memory | My Mode
Cooling Max Cooling Capacity: 6300W | Cooling Even When Outside Temp is 55°C |
Healthy Air PM2.5 Filter | Dust Filter | Air Filter | Dehumidifier
Power 3-Star 2018 Rated Power System {ISEER: 3.9} | 1251.38 Units Annual Power Consumption | Stabilizer-Free {150V – 280V}
Build 100% Copper Coil | R410A Refrigerant | Outdoor Unit with Hybrid Jet Grill | Inverter Compressor


► 2-Ton 3-Star LG Dual Inverter AC {KS-Q24ENXA}

Air conditioner price and its power consumption are two essential factors to consider while selecting a suitable AC model.  If the daily usages hours are expected to be more than 5 hours, then the priority should be on power shaving ability. And, if not then the priority should be machine cost.

2-Ton 3-Star LG Dual Inverter AC KS-Q24ENXA

The 2-Ton 3-Star AC equipped with LG’s DualCool technology cools faster, operates silently, and saves money by reduced power consumption. LG logo on its body is a certification that its build quality is outstanding. This 2-Ton AC will provide Himalayan cooling even when the temperature outside is 52°C. It is a recommended inverter air conditioner for showroom, shop, office, and also home use.

This LG 2-Ton dual inverter air conditioner has lots of exciting features. From them, my favorites are Auto clean to prevent bacteria mold formation inside ac, stabilizer free operation, Himalayan Cool Technology for instant cooling, 360° cooling by Comfort Air, and Active Energy control. Yes, it is the best 2-Ton inverter air conditioner in 50000 Rupees.

Price 50000 Rupees
Features Dual Inverter Compressor | DualCOOL Technology | Himalayan Cool Technology for Instant Cooling | Monsoon Comfort | Warranty: {1-Year on Unit | 10-Year on Compressor}
Smartness Auto Restart | Timer | Child-Lock | Low refrigerant detection | Smart Diagnosis System | Auto Clean Inside AC
Cooling Full-Load Cooling: 6200W | Max Air Circulation: 636 CFM | Auto Air Swing: {Up-Down} | Comfort Air for 360° Air Flow | Sleep Mode | Cools @ 52°C
Power 3-Star 2018 {ISEER: 3.72} | Full-Load Power-Consumption: 2090W | Half-Load Power-Consumption: | Stabilizer-Free Operation | Active Energy Control {saves up to 57% energy} | LG’s Annual Energy Consumption: 1291.36 units
Healthy Air Dust Filter | Anti-bacteria Filter | HD Filter | Active Carbon Filter | Deodorizing Filter | Ez Clean Filter | Dehumidifier
Build 100% Copper Condenser Coil | Digital Display | Ocean Black Protection | Gold Fin | R32 Refrigerant | Remote with Night Glow Buttons
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► 1.5-Ton 5-Star Samsung Inverter AC {AR18NV5HLTRNNA}

Samsung is a very reliable brand for heavy-duty home appliances. But this Korean brand hasn’t introduced a new range of air conditioners for this summer. If you have decided to trust Samsung brand for your new air conditioner, then you have to select one from its last year’s models.

Samsung Inverter Split AC AR18NV5HLTRNNA

The 1.5-Ton inverter split ac from the house of Samsung, despite being more than a year-old model, is still a best-selling air conditioner under 45000 Rupees. It is stabilizer-free ac, and it gives fast and instant cooling. This Split AC is loaded with all the features and functionality, which will make your life at home as convenient as ever. It is a super smart air conditioner.

This Samsung inverter air conditioner has lots of exciting features for comfortable cooling. It has auto temperature control and 2-step cooling mode. It will start in the fast cooling mode and then change automatically to comfort cooling mode. Thus, it provides instant cooling and after a few minutes comfortable cooling. Isn’t it awesome?

Price 44990 Rupees
Features Ideal For room size up to 150 sq ft | World’s First 8-Pole Digital Inverter Compressor | Auto Temp Control | Warranty: {1-Yr on Product | 5-Yr on Condenser | 10-Yr on Compressor} | Smart Installation
Smartness Convertible Mode {Group/Single} | Auto Clean | Auto Restart | 24-Hr Timer
Cooling Max Cooling: 22179 Btu/hr. | Turbo Cooling Mode | 2 Cooling Mode: Fast Cooling → Comfort Cooling | Good-Sleep Mode | Auto Air Flow Up-Down | Manual Air Flow Left-Right | Single-User Mode | Fan-Mode | Quiet-Mode
Healthy Air Anti-Bacteria Filter | Dehumidification
Power 5-Star BEE Rating {ISEER Value: 4.64} | Stabilizer-Free Operation {146V – 290V} | Max Power Consumption: 1390W
Build Alloy Condenser Coil | Triple Protection Plus | Anti-Corrosive coating by durafin | R410A Refrigerant
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