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Best Air Conditioner under 40000 Rupees

Best Air Conditioner under 40000 Rupees in India Market

What is sleep mode on air conditioners? The sleep mode of air conditioners optimizes its performance automatically for ideal cooling to ensure you get good sleep in hot, humid nights. Ideally, an air conditioner in sleep mode will keep changing its temperature every hour to maintain uniform cooling in the room. Also, air conditioners in sleep mode make less noise and save energy.

Which are the best 2-Ton AC under 40000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about best-selling 1-Ton, 1.5-Ton and 2-Ton air conditioners in India market from 35000 to 40000 Rupees price range.

► 2-Ton 3-Star Onida IR243RHO Dual Inverter Split AC

The Onida AC is an excellent option if you are looking for a fast air conditioner under 40000 Rupees to cool a large space. The cooling capacity of this Onida air conditioner is 6450W, and its power consumption will not be much since its power system is rated with BEE-2020 3-Star, which is equivalent to BEE-2019 4-Star.

Onida IR243RHO 2 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC Copper Condenser

Which are other best-selling 2-Ton AC below 40000 Rupees in India market?

Model Star Compressor Price
MarQ Flipkart FKAC203SIAA BEE-2019 3-Star Single Inverter ₹34990
Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO+ BEE-2020 3-Star Single Inverter ₹35990
Sansui SAC203SIA BEE-2019 3-Star Triple Inverter ₹37490
Onida IR243RHO BEE-2020 3-Star Dual Inverter ₹38990

For faster cooling and power-saving, the Sansui triple inverter air conditioner and Onida dual inverter air conditioner are two ideal choices. In terms of build quality, however, the former is better than the latter because it comes with Gold Fin, which is much better than Blue and Aluminium Fin for Evaporator and Condenser Coil protection.

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The compressor is the heart of an AC cooling system. Faster and dynamic compressor means faster cooling and power saving. With the dual rotary compressor, which has a speed range of 700 to 8000 RPM, this Onida AC will cool a 200 sq ft room instantly and afterward maintain a healthy and even cooling there.

Price ₹38990 | Flipkart
Features iFEEL Sensor | Auto-Restart | Timer | Self-Diagnosis | Child-Lock | {Warranty: {1-Year for Whole Unit | 5-Year for Compressor}
Cooling Max Cooling-Capacity: 6450W | Turbo-Mode | Sleep-Mode | 4-Ways Air Swing
Power ISEER: 3.83 | BEE-2020: 3-Star
Healthy Air Dehumidification | Dust-Filter | Filter-Cleaning Reminder
Build Refrigerant: R32 | 100% Copper: {Condenser-Coil, Condenser Pipe, Installation Kit} | Dual-Rotary Inverter-Compressor {700 RPM to 8000 RPM} | Gold-Hydrophilic Fins for Evaporator & Condenser Coil | Temp-Notification Display


► 1-Ton 5-Star Panasonic NU12VKYW Inverter Split AC

For a super energy efficient air conditioner, you will have to pay a litter higher price. The Panasonic 1-Ton inverter ac is costly, but it will consume less than 4 units daily even if it runs whole night at a set temperate of — anything above 24°C. Government agency recommends 24°C an ideal air conditioner temperature for energy saving and extended life of the ac unit. The annual power consumption of this inverter ac is 573.24 units only according to the Panasonic brand, though. Moreover, its operation is less noisy, and with 4-ways air swing, it will provide uniform cooling in the room. It also comes with a powerful mode for quick cooling in the room.

Panasonic Inverter Split AC NU12VKYW

This Panasonic inverter air conditioner comes with PM2.5 filter to purify unhealthy, harmful air. So, it is not just an air conditioner, also an air purifier, 2-in-1 system. Therefore, it could be an excellent air conditioner for Delhi region as the city tops the chart of the most polluted city in India.

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Whether it is the cooling performance, build quality, and energy saving, the Panasonic 1-Ton 5-Star inverter split ac excels at every front. It is one of the best air conditioners under 40000 Rupees in the market.

Price 38990 Rupees
Features Less Noisy Operation | Uniform Cooling | Auto Restart | Warranty: {1 Year on Product | 10-Years for Compressor}
Cooling Rated Max Cooling: 3840W | Powerful-Mode for Quick-Cooling | 4-Ways Air Swing
Healthy Air PM2.5 Filter | Dust Filter | Dehumidifier
Power 5-Star BEE Rating | Annual Power Consumption: 573.24 Units | ISEER: 4.7
Build 100% Copper Condenser | Temperature Indicator | R32 Refrigerate | Stabilizer-Free {145V – 285V}


► 1-Ton 5-Star LG Q12FNZD Dual Inverter Split AC

The LG 1-Ton AC is currently one of the best-selling air conditioners under 40000 Rupees. Besides LG brand trust, dual inverter compressor, 5-star rated power system, 100% copper condenser coil, fast cooling, Advanced air purification system and lots of smart and convenience features it has to justify its not so pocket-friendly price. It is a perfect air conditioner for room size up to 110 sq ft.

1-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Split AC LG Q12FNZD Q18FNZD

All the great features that are found on LG’s AC line up can be found on this AC also. In sleep mode, the environment of your room is smartly controlled by this AC to give comfort cooling. You won’t have to leave your bed to start the AC in the case of a power outage because of its Auto Restart feature. For your convenience, this AC boasts other features like on/off timer and monsoon comfort technology.

The dual rotary compressor enables the AC to give the best output at the lowest power consumption. LG’s famous Himalayan Cool technology also makes its way into this AC for faster cooling. 3-speed fan settings allow controlling the environment of your room according to your convenience.

This AC comes with both dust and anti-bacterial filters to ensure clean air in your room. The auto-clean feature removes any disease-causing bacterial formation before it reaches you through Ac’s air flow.

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LG brand provides installation service for this 1-Ton 5-Star air conditioner. Usually, installation is completed in 2 to 3 days. You will have to pay the installation charges, which will be anything between 1200 to 2000 Rupees.

Price 38000 Rupees
Variant 1.5-Ton @ 45000 Rupees
Features Ideal for Room Size up to 110 sq ft | Dual Inverter Compressor | R32 Refrigerant Gas | Warranty: {1-Yr on Product | 10-Yr on Compressor} | Child Lock
Smartness Low-Refrigerant detection | Smart Diagnosis | Auto clean | Sleep mode | Timer
Cooling Max Cooling Capacity: 3470W | 4-Ways Auto Air Swing | Air Circulation: 441 CFM | Himalayan Cool | Monsoon comfort | Comfort Air {Cooling Across Room} | Cools at 52°C
Healthy Air HD Filter | 3M Micro protection filter | Ez Clean Filter | Anti-bacteria Filter | Active Carbon Filter | Deodorizing Filter | Dehumidification
Power Max Power Consumption: 938W | 5-Star 2018 {ISEER 4.7} | | Stabilizer-Free Operation | Annual Power Consumption: 571.99* Units.
Build Magic Display | 100% Copper Condenser | Ocean Black Protection Coating on Body | Gold Fin | Remote with Night Glow Buttons


► 2-Ton 3-Star Carrier I024 Split Inverter AC

The US brand Carrier is a specialist air conditioner brand with huge global footprints. If you need a smart ac in outstanding build quality, select a carrier air conditioner. Currently, the most intelligent 2-Ton inverter ac in 35000 to 40000 Rupees range is from this brand.

2Ton Carrier Split Inverter AC 3-Star Power Rating I024

The Carrier 2-Ton air conditioner is fully automatic. It has a robust build quality, which will withstand harsh weather for many years. 2-Ton capacity means it is perfect for large rooms, drawing rooms, and in fact to cool all the rooms in a small flat.

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The power consumption of this Carrier air conditioner is not too high. It would consume only 2155 units annually if used 8-hours daily at its half capacity.

Besides, this carrier ac comes with filters and features to make air healthy. If the air quality is poor in your area, you should definitely consider it.

Price ₹38000 | Amazon
Features Rotary Inverter Compressor | PM2.5 Particles filter | NexGen Dehumidifier | Refrigerant R-410A | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Unit | 2-Years on ODU Printed Circuit Board | 10-Years on Compressor}
Smartness Auto-Restart | Refrigerant-Leakage Detector | Louver Position Memory | My Mode (create your mode) | Follow me (AC sets its cooling operation to maximize its cooling towards the remote-control location) | Auto Cleanser | Auto Malfunction Detector | 24-Hours Timer
Cooling 6250W Cooling Capacity | Turbo-Mode | Sleep Mode | Comfort Cooling Even when outside temp is 55°c | Auto Air-Swing | Air Flow Rate: 725-CFM
Power 3-Star BEE Rating 2018 | Stabilizer-Free (Min Voltage: 195V) | Power Consumption: {2000W (Full-Capacity) | 748W (Half-Capacity) | Electricity Consumption units per annum – 1234.6 units per annum when running Daily 5-Hours on half capacity}
Build LED Notification | Rust-Safeguard (5-Layers of coating) | Condenser Coil: Copper


► 1.5-Ton 5-Star Voltas 185V Inverter Split AC

If you trust the brand Voltas as I do, then you will surely like its newest 1.5-Ton inverter air conditioner model with 5-Star rated power system. Don’t think the ac is costly. You will save huge on its power consumption and annual maintenance.

1.5-Ton Voltas Inverter AC SAC 185V JZJ

The annual power consumption of this 1.5-Ton inverter AC is lesser than that of a 1-Ton non-inverter ac. Moreover, its maintenance cost will be much lower as well.

But how this is possible? Apparently, a 1-Ton ac should consume less power than a 1.5-Ton ac. Voltas brand makes that wonder possible by the use of a dual inverter compressor.

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The Voltas 1.5-Ton air conditioner comes with a dual inverter compressor. Thanks to the compressor its operation is silent, and it provides faster and comfortable cooling according to the temperature outside. Therefore, it is a fast-moving air conditioner in 40000 Rupees range.

Price ₹40000 | Amazon
Features 5-Stage Filtration | Super Silent-Operation | High Ambient Cooling | Dual Temp. Display | Cross Flow | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Product | 5-Years on Compressor}
Smartness Self-Diagnosis | Lock | Timer | Auto-Restart
Cooling Intelligent Sleep Mode | Turbo-Mode | Auto Swing | 3D Air Flow | Full-Capacity Cooling: 5200W | Half Capacity Cooling: 2600W | Air Flow Volume: 900 CMH | Max Operating Outside Temperature: 52°C
Healthy Air Anti-Dust | Catechin Filter | Acaro Bacterium(Red) | Silver-Ion | Oxygenator | Anti-Fungal | Active Dehumidifier
Power 5-Star Rating {ISEER: 4.51} | Voltage-Range: {145V – 270V} | Power-Consumption: {Full-Load: 1355W | Half-Load: 570W}  | Voltas’s Annual Power-Consumption: 892.32 Units | Monthly Power Consumption (8-Hours × 30-Days at Half-Load} : 137 Units Approx.
Build  Condenser Coil: 100% Copper | BLDC Compressor | Refrigerant: R32 | Connecting Pipe Type: Cu-Cu | Remote with LCD Buttons | Hydrophilic Blue-Fin


► 1.5-Ton 3-Star LG Q18YNXA Dual Inverter AC

This LG AC is perfect for medium to large rooms. With its rapid cooling and high cooling capacity, it cools a room quickly and quietly. Its turbo mode is for instant cooling. In fact, it will ensure Himalayan Cool in the room even when the temperature outside is 52°C. Its 2-way air flow provides an equal amount of cooling across the room, withal.

LG Dual Inverter AC Q18YNXA Q12YNXA

Thanks to LG’s dual inverter compressor, the AC doesn’t consume power like any other 3-star 1.5-ton AC. Even after its continuous usages daily, you will save huge money on its power consumption and maintenance. Also, its indoor operational noise is negligible. According to LG brand’s claims, the annual power consumption of this LG dual inverter AC is just 1050.84 units.

The build quality of this LG air conditioner with Himalayan cool is outstanding. Besides, dual inverter compressor, 100% copper condenser coil and unique Ocean Black Protection applied to indoor and outdoor units to protect them from weather and pollution are some of the build quality highlights of this LG inverter air conditioner.

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Trusting the words of those who have been using it for many months, it is a value for money air conditioner in 40000 Rupees. It is made to last long.

Price ₹40000
Variant 1-Ton @ ₹36000 {Q12YNXA}
Features Dual Inverter Compressor | Cool at 52°C | HD Filter | EZ Clean Filter
Smartness Low-Refrigerant detection | Smart-Diagnosis | Auto-Clean | Auto-Restart
Cooling Max Cooling Time < 15-Minutes | Cooling-Capacity: 5000W | Air Blow: 494 CFM | UP-Down Auto Air Swing | Himalaya Cool | Monsoon comfort | Comfort Air | Sleep-Mode
Power Power-Consumption: 1740W | 3-Star Rated | ISEER Value: 3.68 | Stabilizer-Free Operation
Build 100% Copper Condenser Coil | Ocean-Black Protection | Gold-Fin
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