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Best Air Conditioner under 35000 Rupees

Best Air Conditioner under 35000 Rupees in India Market

Do air conditioners purify air? The primary work of the air conditioner machine is to blow chilled air. However, modern air conditioners come with lots of add-on features to make the air healthy before blowing out. If you are not comfortable with the air quality in your area, then select an air conditioner, which has add-on features to filter out harmful gas and PM2.5 particles from the air.

This is no secret that air conditioners consume lots of electricity. Therefore, while selecting an air conditioner for your bedroom, do consider its power consumption. This article will help you to calculate monthly operational cost of an air conditioner.

In this piece, we cover the best air conditioners from 30000 to 350000 Rupees price range. Here you read about 1-Ton and 1.5-Ton air conditioners of top AC brands in India market Voltas, MarQ, Blue Star, Godrej, Carrier Midea, Hitachi, and others.

► 1.5-Ton 3-Star Livpure Smart Inverter AC with Wi-Fi Connect

Livpure is a popular water purifier brand of Luminous inverter. Recently this RO water purifier brand launched its Smart Air Conditioners in the market. They are exclusively available at Flipkart. You can choose from three available models, presently: 1.5-Ton 3-Star, 1.5-Ton 5-Star, and 1-Ton 3-Star. These AC models come with tons of features and functions to purify and cool the air before blowing in the room.

The Livpure inverter AC is the first air conditioner with artificial intelligence. By using machine learning technology, it provides comfortable cooling. Further, Livpure brand claims that the AC will consume up to 40% lesser power compared to inverter ac models of other brands with similar cooling capacity and power rating.

Livpure 3 Star Split Inverter AC with Wi-fi Connect

What makes the Livpure ac model truly special is its smart features. You can control the ac and its functions with Alexa Voice control or by a paired smartphone. Interestingly, you will not have to remember to switch off the ac when going out of the room. You will set a distance in the Livpure AC app on your smartphone. When you are out of the distance range, the AC will turn off automatically, and when you are in the distance range, the AC will start again automatically. Isn’t it awesome?

Besides, the Livpure inverter ac comes with a fully functional air purifier system. Post-purification, the air will be almost 98% to 99% pure. So, if you are fortunate to live in a highly populated area, do consider this Livpure smart inverter ac with air purifier. In fact, it is among few selected air conditioners under 35000 Rupees that features a PM2.5 filter.

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The Livpure smart inverter AC model is fantastic. I liked its features, functions, performance, and build quality. However, I cannot comment on its durability. It has to be your decision by keeping in mind the market reputation of Luminous and Livpure brands.

Price 31990 Rupees
Features Dual Inverter Technology | AC with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for comfortable cooling | Warranty: {1-Year for Product, Condenser | 10-Years for Compressor}
Smartness 3 Intelligent Modes: {HEKA Mode = Energy Saving+Cooling Comfort, Magic Mode = Cooling Comfort, Green Mode = Power Saving} | Alexa Voice Control | AC On/Off based on your location | Mobile Remote | i-Diagnosis: Auto Service Alert and Protection | Timer & Scheduling | Auto Restart | Memory Feature
Cooling Mode: {Sleep, Dry, Silent, Turbo, Auto, Cool, Fan} | Auto Air Swing: Up-Down | Rated Cooling Capacity: 5100W
Power 3-Star BEE 2019 | Power Consumption Min-Max: 520W to 2000W | ISEER: 3.73 | Up to 40% Energy Saving: HEKA Technology helps the AC to sense temperature and humanity in the room to set cooling
Healthy Air Dehumidification | Built-in Air Purifier with EGAPA filter removes: {99% Odor & VOC, 98% PM2.5 and Bacteria, toxic gas, germs, bacteria and virus} | Filter: {Deodorizing, Fine Mess Dust, Anti-Bacterial, Active Carbon}
Build R32 Refrigerant | 100% Copper Coil | Hidden Temperature Display | Remote with Nigh-Glow Buttons | Hydrofoilx Fins/Golden Fin (evaporator & Condenser) | Anti-Fungus/Anti-Rust


► 1.5-Ton 3-Star Onida GENIO Smart Air Conditioner {IR183GNO}

In the last quarter, Onida air conditioners sale increased by 108%. That is incredible growth driven by the growing demand for smart air conditioners in India market. Encouraged by the success in the smart ac segment, this Indian air conditioner brand has now launched two new smart ac models: ONYX S MART and GENIO. Here I discuss the features and functions of the GENIO air conditioner model. GENIO is a Spanish word for English word GENIUS. So, let’s find out whether the Onida GENIO AC is truly a genius or say smart air conditioner or just a marketing gimmick.

Onida GENIO Smart Air Conditioner

With the smart ac models, Onida introduced its signature technology “Multiplier Inverter Technology” which enables the ac to go beyond (up to 20% more) the rated maximum cooling capacity in just 30-seconds when it is required according to the ambient conditions. Thus, the maximum cooling capacity of Onida GENIO smart inverter air conditioner can be 6360W (5300W + 1060W), 20% higher than its rated cooling capacity of 5300W. Interestingly, the usual cooling capacity of 2-Ton AC is 6200W. So, by paying for a 1.5-Ton ac, you will get the cooling capacity of 2-Ton ac. Isn’t it incredible?

The Onida smart inverter ac comes with IOT (Internet of Things) module and has Wi-Fi to communicate with a smartphone, computer system, or a LAN. Hence, you can control its operation from your laptop, smartphone, besides its smart remote.

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Build, and design of this Onida inverter are very impressive. So is its cooling performance. With its four ways air deflection, the AC will provide uniform cooling in the room.

The current market price of this 1.5-Ton smart inverter AC is 34000 Rupees. However, you could get it in as low as 22000 Rupees during sales. Considering its build quality, features, and cooling performance even at the current price, it is a value for money option. Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Onida GENIO is undoubtedly one of the best air conditioners under 35000 Rupees. Don’t forget the cooling performance of this smart ac technically is better than a 2-Ton AC!

Price 34000 Rupees
Features Multiplier Inverter Technology {20% more cooling in just 30 Secs than the rated cooling capacity} | IOT Module with Wi-Fi Enabled | Warranty: {1-Year for Product | 5-Years for Compressor}
Smartness Auto Restart | Sleep Mode | Self-Diagnosis | Timer
Cooling 5300W Max Cooling-Capacity | Max Air-Circulation: 950 CMH | Temp-Range: 16°C to 32°C | Turbo Cooling | Uniform Cooling with 4-Ways Air Deflection | AC Mode: {Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto} | Cooling at 48°C Outside Temperature | Fan Speed Levels: 4
Healthy Air Dust Filter | Anti-Fungus Operation | Self-Clean | Dehumidification
Power 3-Star BEE 2019 | ISEER 3.98 W/W | Max Power Consumption: 1600W | Stabilizer Free {160V – 250V} | Monthly Power Consumption: 384 Units {Full Capacity use: 8-Hours×30 Days}
Build Inverter Compressor | PET Engine for Compressor Performance Optimization | Premium Matte Finish | Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant | 100% Copper {Coil, Condenser, Pipe, Installation Kit} | Smart Digital Display {ON/OFF} | Blue Fins with Corrosion Resistant Coating


► 1.5-Ton 5-Star MarQ by Flipkart Inverter AC

While most of the 1.5-Ton air conditioners in 30000 to 35000 Rupees price range consume 1700W or more power, the new MarQ 1.5-Ton ac consumes just 1430W power. That means if this MarQ air conditioner used 8-Hours daily, it would consume 343.2 Units of electricity. At 5-Rupees per unit electricity rate, its operational power cost will be 1716 Rupees monthly. This is 324 Rupees is less than the operational power cost of those 1.5-Ton AC whose power consumption is 1700W. Usually an AC conditioner last 5-Years. Thus, in 5-Years the MarQ by Flipkart 1.5-Ton AC will save you 19440 Rupees compared to 1.5-Ton air conditioners of other brands.

MarQ by Flipkart Inverter AC with 5-Star Rating

Besides, the MarQ by Flipkart AC comes with a dual inverter compressor. That means it will ensure uniform cooling, it will require less service, and chances of its component failure are lesser. Thus, you will not just save on serving cost, chances of sleeping without ac will be smaller.

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Price 31000 Rupees
Features Ideal for 110 to 150 Sq. Feet Room | In-Built Sensor adjusts power consumption as per room temperature thereby saves electricity | Humidity Regulation and Control | Anti-fungus | Switching Off the Notification Display | Dual-Inverter | Dehumidification | 1-Year Warranty on Whole Product | 5-Years on Compressor
Smartness Auto Restart | Sleep Mode | Memory Feature | Self Diagnosis
Power 5-Star BEE Rating 2018 | Consumption: 1430W (343.2 Units if used 8-Hours Daily 30 Days) | ISEER: 4.65 W/W
Cooling Faster and Uniform Cooling | Cooling Capacity: 5200W | Air Throw Distance: 10-meter | Quiet Cooling | Turbo Mode
Build 100% Copper Condenser Coil | Refrigerant R-410A | Evaporator Fin Type: Coated Al | Condenser Fin Type: Bare Al | Stepped Louvers | Mesh Filter | Remote with Night Glow Buttons | Rust-Proof Casing


►1.5-Ton 3-Star Voltas Inverter AC {183V}

This inverter AC is from the All-Star series of Voltas brand. At Amazon India website, it is currently the best-selling air conditioner in the market. Why shouldn’t it be? It is a Voltas product. It has an inverter compressor and 100% copper condenser coil. Besides, it has several features and filters to reduce the pollution level in the air. It provides faster cooling, withal. What more you want in 32000 Rupees?

Voltas 183V 1.5-Ton 3-star Inverter AC

It is the second best 1.5-Ton air conditioner under 35000 after the 1.5-Ton MarQ by Flipkart AC. This Voltas AC has 3-star BEE 2018 rated power system whereas the MarQ by Flipkart AC comes with 5-star BEE 2018 rated power system.

If Voltas 183V 1.5-Ton 3-star AC in 32000 Rupees is out of your budget, then get the Voltas 173V 1.4-Ton 3-Star AC in 30000 Rupees. Both these inverter ac variants are from the same family, Voltas All-Star inverter ac series. Therefore, their features, functions, and performance are the same. The apparent difference between them is in their cooling capacity and efficiency of their power system.

Price 32000 Rupees
Features 5-Stage Filtration | Super Silent-Operation | High Ambient Cooling | Dual Temp. Display | Cross Flow | Warranty: {1-Year on Whole Product | 5-Years on Compressor}
Smartness Self-Diagnosis | Lock | Timer | Auto-Restart
Cooling Intelligent Sleep Mode | Turbo-Mode | Auto Swing | 3D Air Flow | Full-Capacity Cooling: 5200W | Air Flow Volume: 900 CMH | Max Operating Outside Temperature: 52°C
Healthy Air Anti-Dust | Catechin Filter | Acaro Bacterium (Red) | Silver-Ion | Anti-Fungal | Active Dehumidifier
Power 3-Star Rating {ISEER: 3.9} | Stabilizer-Free {145V – 270V} | Power-Consumption: {Full-Load: 1654W | Half-Load: 631W} | Monthly Power Consumption (8-Hours × 30-Days at Half-Load}: 152 Units Approx.
Build 100% Copper Condenser Coil | 2-Stage Steady Ready Compressor | High EER Rotary – BLDC Compressor | R32 Refrigerant Gas| Connecting Pipe Type: Cu-Cu | Remote with LCD Buttons | Hydrophilic Aluminium {Blue}
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