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Affordable HP DeskJet Printers under 7000 Rupees

HP DeskJet 1112 Review and Specifications

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 All-in-One Printer

Today the technology is changing at a very higher pace and the deadlines or time limits to perform the tasks assigned have to be completed according to the designated formats. Quality work is another prerequisite to accomplishing the work in front of the clientele so that it looks presentable and acceptable.

The priorities for the technology and choices of the users are getting changed due to new products, easy operation and lesser price tags. In such situations, finding the best deal in printers also becomes a herculean task. HP has always developed the wide range of capabilities through it products and caters to needs of all the verticals.  The technology paid is what the quality earned. This statement is well proved by all new versatile HP DESKJET INK ADVANTAGE 4535 Printer. HP Printers comes with a detailed history of revolutionary printing technology and once again legacy is proved by this All-In-One-Printer.

It is an era where technology is in your hands. For instance, take a situation like someone is in the middle of the meeting and requires to print the charts, images, presentations or documents available in their tablet or Smartphone, that point of time the technology of HP DeskJet INK ADVANTAGE 4535 seems to be a boon for the user. Because the best part of this printer is easy printing from your Smartphone and tablet. You can print wirelessly which gives you space and time in your work.

It’s a multipurpose printer which can do scanning, printing, copying and photo which in return give you the flexibility of performing the various tasks with one machine only. It will not eat up your space which could have been due to four difference machines for individual jobs.

Convenient Printing

Through this incredible printer, the user will get the convenient printing of as it can print from your device i.e. Smartphone or Tablet. It can print the documents and photos with a high level of comfort at user's level. You can just connect the printer to your Mobile or Tablet or PC and can give the print command from anywhere. What best deal you will get in this printer is the excellent scanning module, which will give you a fresh experience of scanning the documents.

Low-Cost Printing

If technology and gadget come in a pocket-budget friendly mode then there is nothing like it. HP DESKJET INK ADVANTAGE 4535 is very reasonably priced with cost effective printing solution.HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 Review and Specifications

Stylish and Advanced

A little bit more stylish in design like the trend being followed in the Smartphone market. So we can say it gives a fresh look to eyes and add a feeling of soothe.


This is a multi-tasking printer with the facilities of Printing, Scan, and Copy. Few clicks or touch and your jobs are done. While designing the printers, HP especially take care of environment factor with its cutting edge technology.

It will give you ease of loading up to 100 paper at one go. So no need to the tray again and again. At the other end, it has 25-sheet output tray. It means you can print up to as many pages as you can while limiting to 25.

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It also saves paper use up to 50% and a small share of environment concern is given back.

Print high-quality laser text with the facility of auto-deploying output tray for paper.

It is compatible with latest Smartphone and Tablets, so gives you ease of printing with less noise.

Final Verdict

The product delivers a high standard of Printing, Scanning and Copying solutions to the customers. It will make your life a bit more comfortable and hassle free with it sleek design and savings for all your printing related needs.

Functions Print, Copy, Scan, Photo
Display 5.5 cm (2.2″) Hi-Res Mono LCD
Print Speed Color: 6.8 ppm; Black: 9.5 ppm
First page out from ready Color: 20 seconds; Black: 18 seconds
Print resolution 1200 x 600 dpi Mono Print Resolution
  4800 x 1200 dpi Color Print Resolution
Printing from USB Drive Word, PowerPoint, PDF,  JPG
Borderless Printing Yes, Available
Duplex printing Automatic (standard)
Scan speed 4 ppm color 8 ppm mono
Scan resolution Up to 1200 dpi
File formats PDF, PNG, TIF, JPG, BMP
Copy resolution Black: 600 x 300 dpi; Color: 600 x 300 dpi
Fax Not Available
Processor 360 MHz
Memory 64 MB DDR1 Memory
Monthly Page Volume 100-200 (For Best Results)
Duty Cycle Up to 1000 pages
Size 445 x 367 x 128 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 5.4 KG
Buy HP 4535

Incredible HP DeskJet 2132

Nowadays consumer needs more value for the money with cutting edge technology essence in the product. The inclusion of maximum features and solutions as per the usage is another key point where consumers are focusing. So the market is full of the product variants as per their requirements and budgets. In this line of printing product requirement, All-In-One-Printers (AIOP) are getting favorite pick for the business as well as home use.

These printers are perfect for everyday printing, scanning and copying needs while they come with the option of lesser burden on the pockets. In the series of DESKJET All-In-One-Printers, Hewlett-Packard has introduced this exclusive DESKJET 2132 All-In-One-Printer.

It comes with a gentle and compact design with which also gives a relief in fitting it at any place and easy to operate. The hassles in getting the prints from a cluttered place are reduced to minimal through such compact design and in results we can get the prints with easy mind.

Value for money is the top priority for the buyers and expectations of maximum output from the machines are the key points where customers always stop before making a decision. In such case, a brand value like HP is always a reliable partner. The same characteristics are owned this all in one printer where its high yield ink gives more prints than other regular print and hence a savings in itself. It can be perceived as a top printer in low budget with reliable brand name, especially in its category.

All-In-One Printer

It is modern and top All-In-One-Printer which is multipurpose and steadfast printer also with quick outputs of any task like Printing, Scanning, and Copying. The multi-tasking feature gives it a one stop solution for all the daily requirements even to a small business to home. The small budget can be satiated through this innovative printer. While minting the tag of the brand, it also gives printing a new experience with its fine quality printing.HP DeskJet 2132 Review and Specifications

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Quick Start

A user-friendly and easy to operate machine always gets the chunk of push and interest in buying the electronic products. Following the statement, this Printer is very easy to set-up and then very simple to use after installation. This quick start feature gives it ready to use in a fraction of the time with simple controls.

Space Friendly

Since it is meant for small business and home usage, the placing and fitting for such things are always a matter of consideration. While designing it, HP has kept this small concern in mind and presented this machine.  This is a compact printer which gives the user to save the space and can be fitted at any smaller place as well.

Pocket and Environment-Friendly

The cost is less in buying as well as printing and gives a value for money. Users can print twice the regular prints. The printer also conserves energy as it backed by the Energy Star certification. The certification gives an authentic approach and promise for the buyers with genuine savings and makes it a must buy in its segment.

Final Verdict

HP DESKJET 2132 is a great printing machine which works great and prints quickly with easy set-up. We can say loud that it is a class one top printer with small price stacked over it. It can be perceived as an ideal printer for the home and small business. It possesses all the basic and high-end qualities needed in a printer for both home and small office use. We can conclude the printer as best deal with its overall features and pricing.

Function Print, copy, scan
Print Speed Black Up to 7.5 ppm
Print Speed Color Up to 5.5 ppm
Duty Cycle Up to 1000 pages
Print Technology HP Thermal Inkjet
Print Cartridges 2 (1 Black, 1 Tri-color)
Connectivity USB 2.0
Paper Handling Input 60-sheet input tray
Paper Handling Output 25-sheet output tray
Duplex Printing   Manual
Media Sizes Supported A4, B5, A6, DL envelope
Scanner Type Flatbed
Scan Resolution Optical Up to 1200 dpi
Copy Resolution  Up to 600 x 300 dpi
Buy HP 2132

HP DeskJet 1112 Color Printer for Easier Printing

Nowadays it’s time for instant results and outputs from the technology and products according to consumer’s interest. The expectations are elevating from the technology drastically. Today, customer needs more value against price paid. The accomplishment of the job is required at rapidity in comparison to other options available for the same product with same features.

Likewise, we can say a printer comes with the specific needs required according to the customer base. In this line, this budget printer HP DESKJET 1112 is most appropriate to have possession of. We can say it (HP DESKJET 1112) is consolidated resource pool geared to offer excellent printing solutions by integrating best technology being developed by HP in the printing technology.

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If we talk about a Printer, then the very first impression comes to mind is how does it look and which brand it is. Then the second step goes for the specifications and utilities imbibed into it. We can extend a statement with the compliment that HP DESKJET 1112 Color Printer is pocket-friendly and so easy to install.

With the technology backed by the HP, this printer gives quality prints within a fraction of the time. The printing is trouble-free while it also saves the energy as it’s certified with ENERGY STAR certification.

Some Salient Features: The product is laced with a variety of features to meet the customer contentment as follows:

Reasonable and Ideal

This printer is cost worthy and prints the documents within a range of simple commands. It is the best suited for homes and for very small-scale printing. It can be observed as the ideal match for the lower budget printer with exceptional and inexpensive printing solution.

Easy Solution

While placing a printer at the right and easily accessible location at home or office has different values. One can save the space while installing the printer in any small part of the home or workplace. It can be fitted on a small desk, rack or anywhere wherever it’s convenient to print. Duplex printing is manual only.

Affordable and Value for Money

You can print more with less expense as it comes with original HP ink which gives quality printing with an assurance of maximum prints. So without any doubt, we can categorize it in the stream of value for money.HP DeskJet 1112 Review and Specifications

Energy Efficient

This printer also makes you a sensible buyer as it conserves the energy and you automatically contribute in saving the energy as it is certified by ENERGY STAR where details of the benefits and assurance are mentioned above.


  • Simple Installation gives it thumbs up.
  • This is an ideal printer for the home printing solution where it is suitable for small-scale printing.
  • It also comes with a single USB port which enables the user to print with simpler connectivity.


  • It is not compatible with wireless connection
  • Color prints are little slower

Final Verdict

If someone is looking for the best printer for the vivid color prints and crisp black text, then it deserves frontline. We can also give it a smart shot for the value for money which is suitable for home and very small businesses.

Functions Print
Print Technology HP Thermal Inkjet
Print Speed Color: 6.8 ppm; Black: up to 7.5 ppm
First page out from ready Color: 18seconds; Black:15 seconds
Print resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi Color Print Resolution
Printing from USB Drive Standard: 1 USB 2.0
Duplex printing Manual
Media sizes supported A4; B5; A6; DL envelope
Media types Plain paper, Photo paper, and Brochure paper
Power consumption 10 watts maximum
Monthly Page Volume 100-200 (For Best Results)
Duty Cycle Up to 1000 pages
Size 425.8 x 215.6 x 124.3 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 2.02 KG
Buy HP 2132

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