Are fitness bands worth it? How does a fitness band help? Why use a fitness band to measure everyday activity and how would that help in enhancing one's health? A fundamental question often people have in their mind. Even I used to have such inquiry until I got chance to wear an affordable fitness band for my daily activity tracking. Based on what I learned, my straightforward answer to the above questions is – to understand the benefit of a fitness band or activity tracker; first, you have to use it. It would burst many settled myth you might have about your body and the way you care it.

You can start with an affordable fitness band. However, you must begin to use a fitness tracker, I insist. Do not postpone it to until next month, or next year. You need to spend only 2000 to 4000 Rupees for an affordable fitness band that would save your hundreds of thousand Rupees that you might have to pay to recover from a severe illness.

Your opinion about your body is just a guess. In the absence of facts collected by a reliable device, you rely on fabricated thought created by your brain. However, using an activity tracker would give you real hard data and force you to take the right decision before it is too late. Thanks to my fitness band, I came to know I sleep much less hour than I should have, and I walk much lesser than I thought I am every day. Although I look entirely fit, things are not all right with my health. I know now thanks to my activity tracker band. Therefore, a fitness band is must for everyone.

No need to spend ten or fifteen thousand Rupees, instead purchase a thousand rupees affordable fitness band. But you must use a device to collect data about your daily activity to see — in which part you are overdoing and in which part you are lesser than what is ideal for you. Your activity data would help you to balance your health, reduce the chance of having prolonged illness including cancer.

In today time, if your health is right, you are one of the most fortunate people. You can achieve anything. The only fear in my life is terrible health. I am not scared of death but illness. And, the only way to keep diseases away from you is – to breathe healthy air, drink clean water, do some 10 minutes exercise every day, and monitor your daily activity.

In this article, I look at some of the best fitness bands under 5000 Rupees in the Indian market. You can start with an affordable fitness band, which comes with essential features. Here I would discuss the most affordable fitness band from the well-known brands Xiaomi, Huawei, Boltt, WEARFIT, and GOQii. All these are top-rated affordable fitness resistance bands in India.

►Mi Band HRX Edition – The best low-cost fitness band

The Xiaomi fitness band below 2000 is, in fact, the second most affordable option, which comes with great features and a durable build.

I am personally not a big fan of Xiaomi products' durability. Therefore, for this project, I interviewed few people, who as a Mi Fitness band user for more than 12 months, confirmed that they benefited from its regular use. Moreover, the build quality is such that it would last more than a year even if used in decorous care. For me, that certifies the lasting durability of the activity tracker and also it comes with the necessary features. So what are those excellent features of this affordable fitness band?

Mi Band HRX Edition top affordable fitness band

The Mi band is made out of environmentally friendly material. Hence, it is safe to use. According to the official website, the materials used are Thermoplastic elastomer and aluminum alloy. Since made in skin-friendly elements, it does not cause any harm to your skin and cause no irritation or itchiness.

The total length of the Mi Band is 235-mm whereas adjustable range is 155 to 210-mm. Thus, it is fit for most age groups.

→Xiaomi Fitness Band Display and Battery

The fitness band best choice, going by online ratings it has, comes with a 0.42-Inch OLED display and a lithium polymer battery, which could render up to 20 to 23 days of standby. For connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.0. Paring it with your Android smartphone is easy, withal.

Not a big fan of the overall single color design but liked its tinny display, which is also quite visible in sunlight. Besides, it is a light in weight affordable fitness band.

The Mi fitness band for man and women is compatible with all Xiaomi Smartphones, and the smartphones have Android version 4.4 or above. You can wear it all the time. Enjoy the rain wearing it thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating. It is dustproof as well as waterproof fitness band.

→Affordable Fitness Band Mi Band Features

The Mi band latest edition counts user's steps thereby calories burned. You get both the data very accurate. Being so affordable yet its accuracy in recording user’s activity is unbelievable but real.

This activity tracker band has the feature to set small goals on its app, which should be installed on your smartphone. You would get to see the hard data of your activity on the app. That would encourage you to work on to become a well-fit person.

The Xiaomi band can also measure user's sleep. Not just that, it would tell you how many hours you had a deep sleep and how many hours light sleep from the total sleep hours that day. It also has an alarm function to wake you up on time.

However, only major feature it lacks is the heart monitor. That is an essential requirement but is not a must-have feature although. Eventually, how many traits should we expect on a 1300 Rupees fitness band?


  • Great Build Quality
  • Excellent display that shows time, notification from a connected smartphone, how much of the daily goals have been achieved so far, and time.
  • Excellent Battery Life

Conclusion: I liked this affordable fitness band, which is rightly priced around 1400 Rupees. It comes with right features that include; counting your steps, recording burned calories, your sleep time, and following up with you on your daily fitness goal. Overall, it is a great fitness band for man and women to make a good start of using a fitness band.

Price 1300 Rupee
Steps Count YES
Calories Burned YES
Set Daily Goal YES
Sleep Monitor YES
Date & Time YES
Display 0.42-Inch OLED
Waterproof YES
Smart Notifications YES
Battery backup 23 Days Claimed by the brand


►GOQii Fitness Tracker – Affordable Fitness Band by an Indian Startup

Another best affordable fitness band under 2000 Rupees, the GOQii Tracker comes with a sensor to monitor user’s Heart also. The rest of the features are parallel to — what the Mi Band HRX Edition band has. However, its build quality and design do not seem to be of a high standard. That is even not near to — what the Xiaomi Band has set for a fitness activity tracker under 2000 Rupees. However, its extra features make up for the lacking design.

The fitness band at low cost besides showing date time, also provides a crisp detail of steps walked for the day, current heart rate, activity hours, calories burned today and thereby Karma points earned.

GOQii Fitness Tracker low price resistance band

You can upload your previous health record to GQQii cloud, and match that with a current health record to observe — has there been any improvement. You can share your current activity report with your doctor, too. If you have bought a health care plan from GQQii, then you can share your activity report with the mobile health doctor and get appropriate suggestions.

Moreover, GQQii has also tie-up with famous diagnostics labs. Being a GQQii fitness band user would give you the advantage to book appointment and complete your diagnosis on time. It can also show notifications of the connected smartphone on its screen.

Besides, all the great features, which the GOQii fitness band has, what also goes in favor is — it being a product of an Indian startup.

Which one is Best, GOQii Tracker or Mi Band?

Although when I compared it with the Mi Fitness band, Xiaomi seems to be offering still a better affordable fitness band. The sleek design of the Mi Band has an appeal. Xiaomi provides a 12-month of warranty for it. The GOQii tracker whereas has only 3-month of service warranty for this model.

With this article, we are encouraging people to become a fitness band user. Start with a best most affordable fitness band, which has at least the essential features. On that criterion, the Mi Band turns out to be the best low price fitness band in India. Therefore, I leave it to you to decide. However, before you say YES to one of these two, also check, what other best options are under 5000 Rupees.

Steps Count YES
Sleep Pattern Monitor YES
Distance Covered Monitor YES
Heart Rate Monitor YES
Smartphone Notifications YES
Battery Life 7 Days ( Claimed)
Time Monitor with Alarm YEA
Personal Health Coaching YES
Price 2000 Rupees


►Boltt Fitness Tracker with Mobile Health Coaching

The Boltt is an Indian startup for fitness stuff with a global presence. In the Indian market, the Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker at 1250 Rupees, and Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker at 1500 Rupees — are two best-selling affordable fitness band variants.

The difference between both the models is a mirror of the difference between the Mi Fitness Band and GOQii Band. That is the having or not having Heart Rate Sensor. The cheapest model requires Heart Rate Monitor sensor whereas a bit costlier variant has it.

Both the top affordable fitness band variants do the accurate counting of steps you walked and calories burnt due to various activities performed. Further, they have features such as intelligent motion and automatic sleep detection. The advanced model in them not just detects how long you had a deep sleep but also toss, turns, and light sleep stages in total six or seven hours of your sleep.

Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker low cost fitness band in india

Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker

Besides, Boltt offers one to three months of health coaching to help you with a proper diet and the right exercise for you. Boltt Health Coaching, as I have been told, is quite useful. The mobile health coaching does offer a good result if the user strictly followed the suggestions.

Both affordable fitness wristbands do justify their price by the features inbuilt on them, which are stylish design with a durable build, and more than 24 hours of battery life.

Personal mobile health coaching does help in achieving health goal. Expressly, live vocal instruction, during user's workout is the primary features, separates them from other fitness bands under 2000 Rupees.

→Live Voice Assistance to Guide and Motivate during Your Workout

Apparently, the live vocal instruction looks magical and does encourage you to complete daily's goal. Human psychology is such that it pays more attention to something being said vocally than a written instruction. Just because of this feature, even I wish to buy this affordable fitness band.

Buy whichever is affordable for you. My favorite, however, is Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker, which costs now only 1500 Rupees.

Are you going to get married in next three to four months, I would certainly suggest this fitness band. Follow the diet and exercise suggestions; you would be greatly benefited. Trust that in your marriage you would get applause for your excellent Physique.

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker best affordable fitness tracker band

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker

However, I still consider the MI band a much better option for those who are physically fit and just wish to maintain fitness by recording daily activity. Whereas, if you are not in good health and your body is not in right shape size then consider the 1500 Rupees Boltt Band. It has extra features to motivate you to work hard and get yourself in the proper Physique.

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker
Heart rate monitoring NA
Automatic sleep detection Automatic sleep detection
Calories Burned Monitor Calories Burned Monitor
Steps Count Steps Count
Distance Covered Distance Covered
Run, Walk, and Active Time Monitor Active Time Monitor
Smart Notifications Smart Notifications
Weight Loss Coaching Weight Loss Coaching
Voice Call Assistance During Workout Voice Call Assistance During Workout
Price: 1500 Rupees Price 1200 Rupees


►Huawei Honor Affordable Fitness Band Activity Tracker

Honor is the name of the product line-up of one of the five biggest smartphone brands in the world, Huawei. Therefore, whether you buy a Huawei band or Honor band makes no difference. Next, I discuss the features of best-recommended Huawei bands in the Indian market.

Honor Fitness Band 3 comes with essential features such as water resistant up to 50m, approx. 30 days of battery life, heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, and smart notifications. The Band 2, whereas, has the features for steps count, recording calories burnt, distance covered during a run and swim, monitoring sleep stages, and showing smartphone notification on its display.

Huawei Honor Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker

Huawei Honor Band 2

Band 2 and Band 3, both the variants of the Huawei Honor activity tracker is two of the best-selling fitness bands on the market today. In fact, both the gadget comes with the latest and must-have features in a fitness band. Therefore, they, around the price of 4000 Rupees, are two of the best options to consider.

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker Afforable Fitness Band

Honor Band 3

However, comparing them with the other top-selling affordable fitness band by Xiaomi and Indian Startup for Activity Tracker, it appears as though Huawei has overpriced its fitness bands for the Indian market. In my many review pieces on Gadgets Shiksha, I gave enough reasons on as to why I trust the build quality of Huawei products.

→Durability Comparison: Affordable Mi Band or Costly Honor Band

Could it be possible that while Xiaomi Fitness Band fails to track after 15 to 18 months of use, whereas one of these two Honor fitness bands continue to be in use for years because of a durable build on them? Very likely! My trust in the brand Huawei leads me to believe that Honor Fitness band would last much longer than any other affordable fitness band in India.

Besides, the looks and design of the Honor fitness bands make it much more elegant. Other fitness trackers, discussed in this review piece so far, fail to compete against them.

If the price of the Honor fitness bands fits in your budget, consider the best, which is the latest. What I sincerely believe is that Honor gadgets are reliable, long lasting, and if not better, at least equivalent compared to its alternatives. Thus, I leave it for you to decide whether to buy a Huawei fitness band or consider its option, which comes with pretty much same features but only in thousand rupees price.

Huawei Band 2 Honor Band 3
Daily Activity Daily Activity (a fit fitness band for swimming)
Steps Count Steps Count
Sleep Tracking Advanced Sleep Tracking
Calories Burned Calories Burned
Distance Covered Distance Covered
Alarm and Time Date Time and Goal Alert
Smart Notifications Smartphone Notifications
Waterproof Waterproof Advanced
Heart Monitor Advanced Heart Monitor
Guidance for warm-up, workout, and cool-down All Day Assistance and Guidance
Price: 3800 Rupees Price: 4400 Rupees


►WEARFIT Fitness Band with All-In-One Activity Tracker

So far, I discussed the best affordable fitness bands of the top brands Xiaomi, Huawei, GOQii, and Boltt. Now I am going to introduce here a best low-cost fitness band of a new brand, WEARFIT.

While researching about this project, I got a chance to see products of WEARFIT. Their features and performance stunned me. Therefore, I decided to include one of the best models of WEARFIT fitness tracker in this article. I would not say it is the best buy, though. Reason, I am not sure of its durability. Moreover, I did not get any convincing information on whereabouts of the brand WEARFIT. In addition, how it provides post-sales services. Nevertheless, its features are so exciting that I would allow myself to suggest it.

WEARFIT Affordable Fitness Band Activity Tracker Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

The design of the WEARFIT fitness tracker looks excellent. It can record daily calories and your sports activity. Further, it can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen (non-medical), and your sleep activity. No other fitness band could have this many tracking functions as this WEARFIT activity tracker has.

→Locate Your Stolen Smartphone with WEARFIT Activity Tracker

This all-in-one fitness tracker also has smart notification feature thereby it can mirror notifications to its display from your smartphone. Further, it could also help you to prevent losing your phone to thief.

Suppose you are not aware that your phone has been already stolen from your pocket minutes before. Suddenly you notice that your WEARFIT band is searching for Bluetooth signal. That means the phone is now out of its Bluetooth range. Saying someone has stolen your phone from your pocket. There is a button on the Fitness band, just long press it to make your phone ring. Now you can quickly locate your smartphone. In whose pocket it is.

Besides, the OLED display of this affordable fitness tracker is 0.96-Inch in size. That is an excellent size for a fitness band display. You check all the notifications even under the sun.

The brand WEARFIT offers 12 months of service warranty against manufacturing defect. To request for service support, you need to call +91-8433655166.

If I were you, I would take the risk of buying this best affordable fitness tracker band since it comes with all the activity tracking features. It comes with the same set of features, which a branded 15000 Rupees fitness tracker often have. Here only the brand is new, but the product has a class. Considering a 10-Days replacement guard by the E-commerce website, you can consider this affordable fitness band although it is a product of a new brand. Read also Here are Best Stylish Smart Watches for This Year.

Heart Monitor ( Dynamic & Static ) YES
Daily Activity Tracking YES
Sleep Depth Monitor YES
Oxygen level in Blood ( Non-Medical ) YES
Calories Burned YES
Blood Pressure Monitor YES
Locate Stolen Phone YES
Date Time Smartphone Notification YES
Count Steps YES
Blood fatigue YES
Screen 0.96-Inch HD OLED
Price 4500 Rupees


►Which one is the best affordable fitness tracker band in India?

No doubt, the Mi Band leads because of a perfect build, a cool design, and essential features and yet costs just 1300 Rupees. It is the top affordable fitness band currently. Then comes the products of two Indian startups, their products are excellent, too.

Huawei Honor is my favorite brand since its product has a lasting build. In this affordable fitness band in India review piece, I have suggested both the variant, Honor Band 2 and Honor Band 3. However, they are a costly option compared to what India startups and Xiaomi offer.

At last, I suggest a product of a new tech brand (at least for me). The WEARFIT fitness tracker tracks everything, from oxygen level in the blood to your sleep activity. No other fitness tracker has this many features. In fact, it is a top fitness band new launch in the market.

The purpose of this review piece is to encourage people to start wearing a fitness tracker. To live a healthy life, it is essential you have real data before you about your fitness. Assumptions by guessing could be fatal in future.

→Activity Tracker Data Motivates Me to Follow Daily Health Duties

I used to have a habit that “no big deal If I skip today's exercise, do it tomorrow on time” despite knowing sufficiently well that it could be fetal one day. However, now due to my fitness tracker, I cannot ignore daily exercise anymore. The raw data of my daily activity gives me the direction that in which area I need to work to keep myself always fit. At least I am not someone would ever take a risk on health. Health always first: you ignore it today; you have to pay for it tomorrow. Whatever you saved by ignoring health, a severe illness would take away much more than that. In the end, you are at a great loss.

For good health, I suggest, you must do annual full body health checkup, and wear a good quality fitness tracker. In Chennai, a complete body diagnosis would cost just 3000 Rupees. In other cities, it would be much cheaper. Never risk your health and every day when you wake up ask yourself – are you giving proper care to your body.