In the fashion business, sewing machines have progressed into technological tools. You can utilize these machines to execute innovative purposes. If you like embroidery and desire to create some imaginative designs then there are a number of options for you. In fact, a lot of them are obtainable at inexpensive prices as well. A large number of folks into the fashion business need sewing machines at times. If you are into the fashion business, then sewing machines can help you a lot. Nearly each piece of fashion-wear or cloth-material can be tailored to fit any style and elegance with these machines.

There has been an evident growth in the knack of embroidery, with the amplified skill of embroidery machines for household use. Several individuals can now adore the miracles of designing and crafting their own embroidery. Nearly each piece of fashion-wear or cloth material can now be tailored to fit any style and elegance. Have you decided to buy a sewing machine? Yes? Then you have to take care of few assured issues.

It is at all times good to select a brand that is renowned as they are probable to be more dependable even after numerous years of service. Here, you can view a number of options that you can check out and judge if you are willing to buy a sewing machine. I am sure that numerous designers all over the world would certainly like to acquire one of these up-to-date sewing machines. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

→Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother Project Runway PC420PRW sewing machine is high-tech and the brand claims to deliver flawless stitches. It has numerous stimulating features owing to which the product becomes extremely multipurpose. If you are a sewing expert, then this product is highly recommended. It is worth every single penny for all the superb features it offers.

Adequate Stitches to Keep You Pleased: This durable sewing machine consists of 294 integral stitches, together with decorative, utility, cross, satin in addition to satin stitches. No matter if you are mending, quilting or making clothes, this appliance most probably has a sew pattern for each of it. This is one of the finest sewing machines in our listing if it is about crafting custom outfit. With about 10 buttonhole styles to pick from, you can include a collection of button sizes to your garments. The machine utilizes a one-step buttonhole procedure. Moreover, the sewing machine takes account of a twin needle. You can use it for hemming your fabrics.

Flawlessly formed, robust and secure stitches: The Brother Project Runway sewing machine is noiseless and at the maximum speed setting that is reckless and lightning fast. The great news here is that there is no more juddering or vibration at the greater speeds than at the lowermost setting, which I have observed with some grander, more expensive sewing machines.

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother Sewing Machine has a Stimulating Design

The instinctive design of the Brother Project Runway reduces the possibly irresistible number of skills it owns. By means of the LCD display, you can access error messages and sewing patterns. The machine consists of a lively and perky sewing light, in addition to an integral thread cutter. It has numerous features that assist in great projects or quilting needs. The sewing machine likewise has a 7.4-inch throat that is greater than those found on similar machines. Unluckily, the sewing machine does not comprise of an extension table.

Accessories: This sewing machine from Brother embraces 13 presser feet. That is a pleasant assortment indeed! The numerous feet can assist you with buttons, zippers, monogramming and a lot more. In conjunction with the extensive assortment of feet, the sewing machine contains an eyelet punch, seam ripper, knee lifter, twin needle, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdrivers as well as spool caps. It correspondingly arrives with a carriage case that can even work as a dust cover to guard your appliance for damaging dust bits.


  • The sewing machine contains hundreds of stitch choices to help you finish a comprehensive range of stitching projects.
  • Knee lifter
  • Brilliant for all kinds of material including leather and heavy clothes
  • Custom stitch creation
  • 294 stitching options


  • You have to regulate the thread tension by hand, which needs sewing know-how to master.
  • It possibly will take you time to sufficiently master to use the utilities.

Verdict: With a lot of accessories and features, the Brother Project Runway can be daunting to learners. Nevertheless, the spontaneous features and expressive manual assist beginners to study how to use it with comfort. The machine is intended for novices but skilled sewers will certainly favor its several features and accessory that makes it stress-free to attain an expert level stitching experience. If you are on a lookout for attaining not only normal hemming but also certified level fallouts in stitching, then this is the product for you. This is a whimsical sewing machine at a fanciful value. I honestly feel you will be glad to have it! Read also Looking for a Sewing Machine to Stitch Denim Jeans?

Display Technology LCD
Color Category White
Brand Brother
Volts 110 V AC
Fabric Content 100% Multi
Material Multi
Stitches Number 294
Feet 13
Needles 6
Automatic Threader yes
Computerized yes
Free Arm yes
Weight 17 pounds
Buy 72000 Rupees

→Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine with 60 Built-In Stitches

Brother CS6000i is an extremely adaptable sewing machine that is just the best for novices. It is too cool to use and arrives along with every single accessory you could perhaps want. With great pleasure and hope, you can terminate your expedition for your paramount sewing machine with the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine.

Sew, craft and quilt – effortlessly and at a reasonable cost! Intelligible and handy, the CS6000i offers an extensive choice of quilting and sewing facilities, all at a value that's stress-free on your financial plan.

  • Pick from 60 integral sewing stitches, together with decorative stitches.
  • Utilize the removable, huge board for greater projects.
  • You can select from the 9 comprised presser feet
  • You can pick from 7 styles of one-step buttonholes as well
  • It is handy and portable, so you can carry it to classes with the built-in carry case

The CS6000i is intended for comfort and simplicity, with its easy-to-view LCD screen, you can maintain the ease. A published Quick Start book is contained within that offers a comprehensive guidelines manual. Thus and so, with the amazingly cherished, CS6000i sewing machine, you can adore sewing- or quilting!

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches

The Brother Sewing Machine is Simple and Instinctive

The Brother CS6000i makes sewing cool and exciting for novices and expert sewers. The LCD screen is reliable and the manual makes things easier. The extension table makes it cooler to work on great projects. It is light in weight and takes account of a carry case that turns it out to be extremely handy. You can start or pause it by simply pressing a button. Furthermore, you don't need to possess upright foot flexibility to use it. Read also Low Cost Singer Multi Stitch Sewing Machine for Beginners.

Additional useful features: With the Brother CS6000i, you would encounter very few sturdiness or durability grievances. In addition, there are numerous useful features:

  • Forward and Reverse Sewing: This convenient feature lets learners simply double-stitch layers and designs without stopping to change the position of the fabric.
  • Easy-Adjusting Sewing Speed: Using this, you can regulate your stitching speed to fit every fragment of your sewing venture.
  • Ultra-Perky Work Area: The sewing machine’s illumination offers a lustrously lit working area to support you when stitching.
  • Huge Sewing Table: The convenient and large work table proposes the essential space to achieve quilting and other ultra-big stitching or crafting assignments.

Free Accessories for this brother Sewing Machine

  • Nine sewing accessory feet
  • Power cord
  • Hard storage case
  • Instruction manual
  • Detachable wide table


  • Sews like a dream.
  • Sews beautiful buttonholes!
  • Radiantly lit working space
  • Printed Quick Start guide included
  • 25-year limited warranty

Cons: The plastic foot pedal is not designed well.

Verdict: To encapsulate, the Brother CS6000i is a ground-breaking, exclusive and treasured sewing machine in modern markets. With its useful, compact, handy design, this lightweight appliance can go wherever you go. Above and beyond, with its high-tech abilities, sundry adaptable features, and meek cost, this machine is supreme for learners as well as skilled and expert sewing buffs. Particularly for beginners, the CS6000i proposes an elegant and easy format that rapidly empowers learners to finish and stitch like veteran professionals. This contemporary computerized model is absolutely a radiantly glittering star in the market of sewing machines. Read also Sewing is Fun with This Budget Singer Electric Sewing Machine.

Display Technology LCD
Color Category White, Purple
Model CS-6000i
Brand Brother
Volts 110 V AC
Fabric content 100% Multi
Material Multi
Thread Count 60
Buy 53000 Rupees

→SINGER 9960 Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 truly stands out from the rest with markedly reckless sewing speeds, a wide-ranging stitch pattern selection in addition to the thread-cutting and programmed tension control. The SINGER 9960 sewing machine takes account of 600 diverse kinds of stitch patterns together with an adjustable speed setting.

The instinctive design and spontaneous features would assist you in learning the process of sewing. Concurrently, a number of stitch options, feet as well as customizable sewing gears make it a specialist’s preferred pick for cutting-edge projects. Read more about the Singer sewing machine at Best Rated Singer Sewing Embroidery Machine for Fashion Designer.

→SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter is not merely value assessed but comes along with extra fixtures that make quilting informal and stress-free for novices. With this sewing machine, 12 of the most prevalent stitches are obtainable with a single touch and all of the additional stitches are fairly a small number of clicks away. Read also Usha Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine for Indian Designers.

Quilting made easy! The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter sewing machine, as the name suggest is an impeccable solution for beginners and trained quilters alike. With a lot of progressive features, your quilting will be soothing and innovative. When patching together patchworks, the programmable needle up/down aspect are a dynamic aspect for quilters.

The Confidence Quilter machine owns four extra quilting feet to magnify your imaginative quilting and stitching potentials. You can likewise use the darning and embroidery foot for speckling. In addition, the even walking foot can be used for smooth streaming of cloth. You can attain improved perceptibility with the open toe foot. Moreover, the great sewing area allows you to handle big quilts and additional sewing missions with comfort.

SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

An Innovative Sewing Machine with Large number of useful features

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter sewing machine owns a number of significant fixtures that makes the process of sewing and quilting easy-going and stress-free for beginners as well as experienced.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: The interior frame of the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter offers an inflexible upkeep and grips all the tools in flawless alignment for impeccable, skip-free stitching.
  • Adaptable Stitch Length and Width: You can retain the strength of your and stop them from huddling on any sort of material using adaptable stitch length and width.
  • Drop and Sew Bobbin System: With drop and sew, you do not need to elevate the bobbin thread before stitching!
  • Automatic Needle Threader: This feature lets you save your time.
  • Programmable Needle Up/Down: This feature is dynamic for quilters when patching the patchworks together.
  • Extension Table: This enlarges your sewing area to handle quilts effortlessly.

Ease of use: The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter offers following features to ensure comfort and ease of use:

  • Skip-free sewing experience ensured by the Heavy Duty Metal Frame.
  • Accessible Online Support
  • Link with other sewers for guidelines and tricks with the help of effective Social Media Support
  • You can get the training for threading, Presser Feet and Bobbin installation by means of a YouTube channel.

Additional Accessories Provided by Singer for this Sewing Machine

The typical accessories incorporated with the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter are measured to be vital for any novice or experienced quilter.

  • 9 presser feet
  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Even feed [walking] foot
  • Open toe
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • 3 spool pin caps (mini, small, large)
  • 2 spool pin felt discs
  • Combination seam ripper and lint brush
  • Quilting guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Special purpose/Satin foot
  • Straight stitch foot
  • 4 size 15J bobbins
  • Extra needles
  • Dust cover
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Seam guide
  • Darning & embroidery foot


  • Extra quilting accessories
  • Programmable up/down needle
  • Robust
  • Loads of built in decorative stitches
  • Ideal for learner sewer
  • Drop feed dog functionality
  • Horizontal thread delivery
  • Automatic and adjustable settings


  • It is limited to using class 15J bobbins.
  • The thread tension sets at “auto” where it must be 0. This could be ambiguous for learners.
  • Twin needle capable but twin needle has to be bought distinctly.
  • Presser foot pressure is not modifiable.

Verdict: The SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter is an electronic quilting and sewing machine that is filled with progressive features. You can access the programmable needle up/down feature that works well for quilters. In fact, you can use an automatic tension system to guarantee wonderful sews irrespective of the kind of cloth material you are using. You can likewise access the needle stop for quilting or hinging the material. The electronic twin needle control would mechanically fine-tune sews for twin needle stitching by way of a simple press of a button. Read also Singer Electric Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Features.

Skill level Advanced
Color Category White, green
Brand Singer
Fabric content 100%n/a
Material Plastic
Thread count 98
Dimensions 17*8*12.50 inches
Bobbin class 15 J
Light bulb LED
Weight 16.25  Pounds
Warranty 25 year
Buy 63000 Rupees