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Advanced LG 1.5 Ton AC with Mosquito Away Technology

LG BSA18IMA One and Half Ton Inverter AC with Mosquito Away Technology

Monsoon = Mosquitoes

Throughout the summers, we keep complaining about rising thermostat. Praying for rainfall is a common thing in the months of May and June. The month of July brings the monsoon season to the Indian sub-continent and with it come some relief from heat. However, this rainy season has its own drawbacks.

During monsoon, water gets logged everywhere. This provides a perfect breeding ground to mosquitoes. In school days, we had learned that mosquitoes multiply exponentially when they get a good place to breed, which is why we experience a sudden rise in the number of mosquitoes at this time of the year.

Standing water not only provides a platform for fast breeding of mosquitoes but also increases the risk of them being infected with deadly viruses and bacteria. Hospitals witness a tremendous increase in the number of dengue and malaria patients during monsoon months.

Smoke Based Repellents Can Be Harmful

Although smoke based mosquito repellent does have a good success rate in deactivating or keeping the mosquitoes at bay, these solutions are not good for sealed rooms.

Today, almost every middle-class family owns an air conditioner and these cooling machines require sealed rooms to bring the thermostat down, which can be bad for health in case you use smoke based repellents.

LG May Have A Great Solution

A couple of years ago, LG did something really innovative and unique. It launched some air conditioners with built-in ultrasonic mosquito repellents.

There is a very simple technology behind these ACs. The onboard repellent generates vibrations in ultrasonic sound spectrum. These frequencies give mosquitoes headache and as a result, they either die or they leave the room. LG calls this technology as “Mosquito Away”

It is perfectly safe for humans. In fact, many health organization and authorities around the world have approved the Mosquito Away technology.

Does It Really Work?

Many times brands fool customers by selling useless products. There are dozens of mosquito repellent bands and mobile apps that claim to deactivate mosquitoes but none of them actually works. Thus, it is quite obvious for a person to have some negative thoughts about LG’s Mosquito Away technology.

The good thing though is this technology actually working in real life conditions. It deactivates all mosquitoes in a room within 30-60 minutes.

LG ACs That Come With Mosquito Away Feature

In the last two years, LG has launched many ACs with the Mosquito Away feature. It is impossible to discuss the pros and cons of all them, though we have listed two ACs below, which we think will prove to be a great buy for customers.

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LG LSA5PT3D1 1.5 Ton AC

The LG LSA5PT3D1 is a cool looking AC and comes with a price tag of 35,390 rupees. It is one of the cheapest air conditioners to offer Mosquito Away technology.

You will have no problem in installing this 1.5 Ton AC in a medium size room. It gives a powerful cooling effect and brings the thermostat down within minutes.

I would like to point though the power consumption of this machine is a bit high at 1460 Watts. Because of this, it only manages to get energy rating of just 3 stars.

LG has tried to make this 1.5 AC as user-friendly as possible. It sports a backlit display on the right for showing the temperature and other settings. The remote is intuitive and features a dedicated button for Mosquito Away function.

It also filters out harmful mold and bacteria from the air, thereby enhancing the life of fans. The AC is also capable of reducing humidity in monsoon season.

LG LSA5PT3D1 One and Halt Ton AC with Mosquito Away Technology

Capacity 1.5 Ton
Power Consumption 1460 Watts
Mosquito Away Yes
LED Panel Yes
Refrigerant R22
Compressor Type Conventional
Warranty On Inverter 5 Years
Price 35390 Rupees


LG BSA18IMA 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

For a customer who wants to save on power bill, the LG BSA18IMA 1.5 Ton Inverter AC will be the best option to go for. It flaunts an inverter compressor that changes speed according to the need. In comparison, compressors of non-inverter ACs run at same speed at all times. According to LG, you can recover the cost of this AC in just 1 year in the form of reduced power bill.

It has a capacity of 1.5 Tons and is good for small to medium size rooms. The manufacturer is also offering 10 years of warranty on the compressor.

Extra features like Monsoon Comfort, Himalaya Cool, and Chaos Logic enhance the user experience.

LG BSA18IMA One and Half Ton Inverter AC with Mosquito Away Technology

Capacity 1.5 Ton
Power Consumption 1460 Watts
Mosquito Away Yes
LED Panel Yes
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type Inverter
Warranty On Inverter 10 Years
Price 55990 Rupees

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