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Advance RO UV UF Water Purifier Under 17000 Rupees

Brand New Advance RO UV UF Water Purifier Between 14000 to 17000 Rupees

7 Liter Kent Ace Mineral RO TM –  An RO with UV +UF Water Purifier

A number of water purifiers that do not require electricity to run are available at a really low price in the market. However, let me warn you that these types of purifiers are based on UF technology only, which is not good enough for cleaning hard water unless water source is corporation supply. Therefore, a useful advice from my side would be to purchase a water filter that comes with both RO and UV units. Although these types of purifiers will cost more money but at the end your family will be protected as drinking water is the primary source of germs and harmful bacteria.

Kent has a good reputation in Indian water purifier market. Its recent launch the Ace Mineral RO TM water filter requires electricity to run, has a capacity of 7-Liter and equipped with all the needed filtration units like RO, UV as well as UF. If its price of 14,748 rupees comes in your budget, then I would advise you to buy it. Read also Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology.

RO, UV and UF Technology

The three purification technologies (RO, UV and UF) make sure the water that you drink is 100 % clean and chemical free. A TDS unit inside the machine controls the amount of minerals present in the water. The 11 Watt UV lamp is powerful enough to rip the DNA apart even the smallest bacteria. All the filtration units come arranged in the horizontal position because of which the efficiency of this machine gets increased. It is also capable of purifying up to 15 liters of water every hour, but with a limit of 75 liters in a day.

Automatic Operation: You will not have to manually operate this machine. A smart software controls all the purifying operations. When the tank gets filled with water, the purification processes run automatically stops. Moreover, this water filter is highly efficient and does not waste even a single drop of water.

Kent Ace Mineral RO TM 7 L RO UV UF Water Purifier

Durable Body: The outer shell of this purifier is made of ABS material, which is highly durable as well as food grade. The storage tank can contain 7 liters of water at once and also comes with a level indicator. All the components are tightly fitted using O-Rings to ensure leak free operation. Another great thing is that this machine supports both wall mount and table top installations.

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Power Consumption: This Kent purifier comes with an inbuilt SMPS that supports a wider voltage input range of 100-300 Volts. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the power fluctuations impact and possible short-circuit or burning of the components. The maximum power consumption of this machine is 60 Watts, which is highly impressive.


  • Horizontal position of filtration units
  • Food grade materials are used in the body as well as storage tank
  • Purifier is compatible with both wall mount and table top installation types
  • Powerful UV lamp
  • Water level indicator
  • Leak-proof fittings
  • Wide voltage input range

Cons: Maintenance cost is too high

Verdict: This Kent Ace Mineral RO water purifier is a good solution for households getting water from bore wells or lorry supply. However, the maintenance cost of the product is really high and you should consider that before making a purchase. Read also Aquaguard RO Water Purifier with Mineral Guard Protection.

Storage Tank Capacity 7 Liters
Filtration Technology RO, UV and UF
Purification Capacity 15 Liters/Hour
Extra Features Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter
Maximum Duty Cycle 75 Liters/Day
Installation Type Wall Mount and Table Top
Power Consumption 60 Watts
Weight 8.34 KG
Buy 15000 Rupees


8.5 Liter Livpure Touch Plus 2000 – An RO Water Purifier with UV and UF Technology

About two-thirds of Indian population lives in villages where municipal water pipeline net is not available. Even many city corporations have failed in providing adequate drinking water to every citizen. In this situation, the only option common Indian has to drink bore well water, which contains the high level of harmful minerals and dangerous bacteria. Moreover, the underground water of some regions in our country gets contaminated as the polluted river water seeps through the surface. Read also Eureka Forbes Air Purifier for Indian Homes below 25000 Rupees.

In today’s highly polluted environment even fresh vegetable is not from chemicals, we strongly recommend a water purifier for a secure healthy life. If you have a pregnant lady in the home, then taking a chance with the bore well water will be too dangerous and certainly stupid decision.

Yes, agree to the point that a water purifier is needed to be installed, but the problem arises while deciding from thousands of water purifier available online. In this water purifier review article, we are assisting you to pick an advance purifier for your family.

To make bore well or tanker even corporation water potable for every member of your family, the Livpure Touch Plus 2000 is one of the best-suited purifiers for hard water. However, its current price tag of 14988 rupees seems to be on the higher side in my opinion.

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Comes With All the Purification Technologies

Using purification technologies like RO, UV and UF, this machine can purify any type of hard water. The water passes through seven stages inside this purifier and comes out as pure as it can be. But before entering the main purification system, water first passes through the sediment filter that removes the suspended particles and makes the water look clean. Also, the activated carbon filter removes those chemicals that make water smell bad. The machine is also equipped with a taste enhancer that makes the water taste sweet.

But the one thing that has disappointed me is the vertical position of UV lamp because of which the efficiency of the UV rays gets reduced. Moreover, this filter will do more harm than good if used for corporation water.

Livpure Touch Plus 2000 8 5 L RO UV UF Water Purifier

Large Storage Tank: The 8.5-liter tank of this water purifier can store enough water for an average Indian family with 4 to 7 members. Its body is made of food grade materials, so you do not have to worry about any kind of contamination.

Heavy Duty: This Livpure purifier is capable of cleaning 15 liters of water every day, which will prove to be more than needed. However, the maximum volume of water that you can purify in the whole day is 75 liters only.

Touch Interface: Although a touch interface is not a requirement on a water purifier but I do like the information related to inside processes, this interface displays. The end user also gets multiple water dispensing options on the display.

Compact and Wall Mountable

Even though this purifier comes with a bunch of purification units but it consumes much less space in your house. Furthermore, wall mount option allows saving more space in a congested family apartment.

Power Efficient: I was really surprised after looking at the power consumption of this machine. Its UV lamp consumes only 11 Watts of power, whereas the whole machine requires just 24 Volts of electricity to run.


  • Can clean hard water from any source
  • 5-liter storage tank
  • Food grade body
  • RO, UV and UF technology
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Purifies 15 liters of water in an hour
  • Power efficient
  • Touch interface shows various useful information
  • User gets multiple water-dispensing options


  • Vertical position of the UV lamp reduces efficiency
  • Table mount installation option is not present
  • Cannot be used to clean soft water

Verdict: From this discussion, it is clear that the Livpure Touch Plus 2000 is fully capable of cleaning any type of hard water. This purifier also offers many extra features that will enhance the experience of the end users. However, I do believe you should not buy this purifier unless the manufacturer drops the price. Read also Stylish and Smart Water Purifier below 22000 Rupees.

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Storage Tank Capacity 8.5 Liters
Filtration Technology RO, UV and UF
Purification Capacity 15 Liters/Hour
Extra Features Carbon Filter and Touch Interface
Maximum Duty Cycle 75 Liters/Day
Installation Type Wall Mount
Power Consumption 24 Volts
Dimensions 388 X 271 X 500 mm
Buy 15750 Rupees

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  1. Kent Ace Mineral RO is the best. I am using it from last one week. Water taste is sweet. Overall good exp from the brand so far.

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