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Advance Laptop with 8GB RAM below 65000 Rupees

HP 15 ac126TX Intel i5 Processor Review Specifications Price Online in India

Dell Inspiron 5000 5558 Laptop

Over the last few years, Dell has acquired a reputable place in the laptop market. People believe this brand so much that they purchase its products even without a second thought. However, for any brand to rule the market continuously, it is necessary to keep launching new and amazing products. Truth be told, Dell has so far kept its competitors at bay by following this rule. But the competition in the laptop world is supposed to get more and more intense in the coming days.

In the middle of last year, Dell launched its long-awaited Inspiron 500 series 5558 laptop. It is available in a number of variants, but the one that I am going to discuss here comes with a price tag of 66,990 rupees. At this price point, people expect a laptop to be capable of handling big games and heavy software. On paper, this device looks attractive. However, you should not make the purchase decision just based on the specification list. Let us move into the details and see if this laptop is a worthy buy or not.

Dell Inspiron 5000 5558 with Intel i7 Processor Review and Specifications

Premium Design

At least on the design front, this laptop seems to be maintaining the dignity of its price tag. You get to choose from multiple color variants, of which the silver one looks the best. If kept at a distance, this laptop feels just like a budget version of MacBook Air. I would highly recommend it to those people who want a premium quality laptop in the budget of a mid-range one.

Even the build materials that Dell has used in the making are of much high quality. The keypad flexing is at the minimal. You will find some rudders on the display to ensure safety but do not worry, as they are not much thick. Like the back panel, the bottom of the laptop also features a matte finish but the problem is that it attracts fingerprints.

Bright Display: The display technology that the manufacturer has used for this laptop is quite appreciable. Its viewing angles are high because of which blacks offer a nice appeal to the eyes. Moreover, the backlighting of this display is powerful enough that the users will not have any kind of problem in reading texts outdoors.

But do not get too excited because not everything is good about the display. As I have mentioned in the introduction also that there are a plenty of variants of this device. Of all those, only the one with 16 GB of RAM and Core i7 processor comes with full HD display. All other variants flaunt an HD ready display with a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. Now the question is would you like to spend more than 65,000 bucks on a laptop that does not even offer full HD display? I am 100% certain that this drawback will push many customers away from this device.

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Performance Beast

The variant that I used for testing purpose featured Intel’s fifth Generation Core i7 5500U processor. Believe me, this processor is a performance beast. At its heart are located two cores both of which clock at the speed of 2.4 GHz. Using the Turbo Boost technologies, this clock speed can be increased up to a whopping 3.0 GHz.

Applications get sufficient memory to run flawlessly because of the 8GB DDR3 RAM. But if your work is based on video editing, then my advice would be to go with the 16 GB variant. The laptop also features 2TB of HDD storage, which should be enough for storing tons of media files and installing hundreds of applications.

For all your purpose, the NVIDIA GT920M will offer enough power. It features an onboard 4GB DDR3 memory. My experience says you should not face any problem in running games like Fallout 4, Battlefield 4, and even GTA V.

Dell Inspiron 5000 5558 with Intel i7 Processor Price Online in India

Superb Audio Quality: At the front of the laptop has been featured a set of 2 speakers. The Waves MaxxAudio processing technology takes the experience of the users to a much higher level. It is a great platform for movie watching and playing games.

Full-Size Keyboard: This laptop is a great solution for productivity so it comes with a full-size keyboard. The keys offer a nice feedback and you will not get easily tired during long typing sessions. What is more interesting is the keyboard also has an LED backlighting system that helps the users in the dark situation.

Appreciable Webcam

Generally, laptops come with bad inbuilt webcams. This is the reason that many people are forced to purchase an additional webcam for extra money. But not with this laptop. This time around, Dell has featured a webcam that is capable of capturing great quality videos. However, you will have to make sure that the light source is placed in front of you or else your face will not receive enough light and the video will turn out to be dark.


  • Comes with all the needed connectivity features
  • Attractive finish of the outer shell
  • Strong construction
  • Ultrafast processor
  • High-quality webcam
  • Optical disk drive
  • 4GB graphics memory
  • 2 TB of HDD storage
  • Decent battery backup


  • Full HD display is only available on 16 GB version

Verdict: From this discussion, it is very clear the laptop offers a nice package as compared to its price. However, the display resolution is something that you will have to take into consideration before making the purchase decision. Moreover, the laptops from other manufacturers of the same price segment will also prove to be great alternatives.

Price 65000 Rupees
Display 15.6 inch, HD
Processor Intel Core i7 5500U, 2.4 GHz
Number Of Cores 2
Architecture 64bit
Storage 2 TB
Ports 1 X USB 3.0, 2 X USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Combined Audio Out/Microphone In, Multi Card Slot
Other Connectivity Options Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Extra Features Webcam and Inbuilt Microphone
Battery 4-Cell
OS Windows 8.1
Sound Dual Speakers
Warranty 1 Year
In The Box Laptop, Adapter, Battery and User Guide
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HP Laptop 15-ac126TX (Core i5/8GB DDR3/1TB/Windows 10/2GB Graphics)

The HP ac126TC does not excite in terms of overall built and design. I am not saying it lacks quality & appeal rather it is as good as any other HP laptop with a 15.6-inch screen. In spite of it being a costly machine, HP has shown no intention to make it slim and lightweight.

The laptop is 24.3 mm thick whereas its weight including battery comes to 2.1Kg. I am of the view, a budget of 54000 rupees (its current MRP) should have been sufficient for the brand HP to use an SSD drive instead of an SATA and power it with an advance 6-cell battery instead of current 4-cell.

If you travel more in a congested bus or a metro train, then HP is the best brand to choose a product to carry in rush hour. Therefore, consider the HP ac126TX laptop, which comes with a solid built and it can resist well if wrong pressure applied.

The outer surface of this laptop is textured with dots, which give it more a premium appeal. I am sure you find your personality enhanced while carrying the machine along.

Keyboard with Numpad: The Island style keyboard carries AccuType technology results in faster typing with fewer errors. I am disappointed for the brand HP, as the keyboard does not come with backlit. A keyboard with backlit helps in better typing in low light ambiance.

HD LED Display: The Key features of the display are HD resolution, LED panel, HP’s quality enhancement features, and exact 15.6-inch size. Yes, the HP ac126TX has a quality display with a fast motion refresh rate suitable for playing HD action games.

Thanks to the HD BrightView technology onboard as this reduces and minimizes the polarization effect of light, the HP machine maintains a decent readable display even under harsh sunlight. Reading web contents on this machine is a great experience. In fact, you see the real color and life-like experience while watching an FHD movie.

HP 15 ac126TX Intel i5 Processor Review Specifications Price Online in India

Mammoth Power

According to the brand HP, the combination of four Li-ion cells can withstand up to four hours of continuous work. However, in day-to-day use, if you use this laptop for watching movies or listening to music, it can work up to three hours uninterrupted.

Processor and Graphics:The Intel Core i5 processor powers the laptop. You can increase the initial clock speed of 2.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz using HP’s turbo boost technology. AMD Radeon series 2GB graphics memory adds a real power to the CPU core makes a smooth playing of top games and FHD videos.

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Without any second thought, you can choose the HP ac126TX for playing of top HD games and FHD multimedia contents or as a resourceful platform for the development of graphic oriented advance applications.

Memory and Storage: This is a premier machine comes with two RAM slots wherein one keeps 8GB DDR3 memory while another remains unused.

To store large multimedia and valuable contents, you are getting oneTB SATA hard disk, which has a regular RPM speed of 5400. You can increase onboard RAM from 4GB to 8GB and HDD support up to 4TB using an external hard disk.

Powerful DTS Audio System

If you really want a great audio, then never choose a Dell laptop. Coming to this product, here HP powers this laptop with two stereo speakers, which is powered by DTS sound system. Sound from both speakers is loud, crisp, and clear. As mentioned earlier, the HP ac126TC is a perfect laptop to watch FHD films and the powerful sound system onboard confirms that again.


  1. 64-bit Windows 10 operating system original
  2. Intel i5 5th generation processor
  3. AMD 2GB Graphic card
  4. 8GB DDR3 RAM, One unused slot
  5. Good design and solid construction
  6. Massive hard Disk


  1. The keyboard does not have backlight
  2. A regular battery backup
  3. Neither slim nor lightweight

Final verdict: One opinion about the product is buying it without a second thought. Also, it is one fast selling premium laptop at Amazon. However, after a test drive and a careful analysis of specs, I am neither excited nor disappointed for HP ac126TX. As I have been suggesting a mobile phone with a better battery life, the same is true in laptop segment as well. While all is well, the battery fuel onboard is just average.

Choose the HP 15 ac126TX, only if you cannot find a laptop with a right balance between hardware and the latest software on board.

Price 55000 Rupees
Operating System 64-Bit, Windows 10
Hard Disk 1TB @ 5400 RPM, SATA
Display 15.6 inches, 1366 x 768 Pixels, LED, HD LED Backlit Widescreen
Processor 2.2 GHz, Core i5 5th Gen-5200U, AMD Radeon R5 M330
Memory DDR3 8GB RAM, 2 Memory Slot, up to 16GB RAM support, Speed @ 1600 MHz, 1 x 8 Gigabyte
Ports 2× USB 2.0, 1×USB 3.0, Ethernet Port, BT 4.0, HDMI, Headphone & Microphone Jack, Inbuilt Microphone, Digital Media Reader
Peripherals SuperMulti DVD burner
Keyboard Full-size island-style with numeric keypad
Webcam YES, HP TrueVision
Sound   DTS Studio Sound, HD Audio Solution
Battery 4 Cell Li-Po, 65 W AC Adapter W
Body 384 x 254 x 24.3  mm, 2.1 Kg

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