The GS article ( Things I bought Online to Make an Old PC Run Faster ) encouraged me to consider restoring my home system, which I had abandoned long ago since started using HP X360 2-in-1 Laptop with a touchscreen. Most of the things suggested in the article, I could arrange them from friends and neighbors. However, the primary concern was which SSD model I should consider so that later I do not regret my decision for less memory and sluggish performance.

I bought Samsung and ADATA SSD to Boot Performance of Old Systems

The GS article ( Best Internal SSD Solid State Drive This Year ) suggests that Samsung's SSD technology is the best, most reliable, and fastest in the market. Even on Amazon and Flipkart Samsung SSD has been the most rated a top choice for buyers. Therefore, it was quite apparent I should buy a Samsung SSD. Samsung is an old brand, a known name and is a Global brand with best products with excellent reliability and durability in the market. For my cousin's system whose system use is primarily in gaming, although I decided to purchase the same 120GB ADATA SSD, suggested in the article.

Adata SP580 Premier SSD is the Best SSD in India

During the recent Amazon Great Indian Sale, I placed an order for Samsung 850 EVO 250GB, and ADATA SSD 580 Premier 120GB. I got both the SSD yesterday. Immediately in the excitement of using the SSD, I mounted them on the systems, connected to the motherboard, and started installing Windows 7.

Samsung EVO 250GB SSD Review in India

I had already ready a bootable pendrive for Windows 7 Ultimate, again following instructs given in this article ( How to make Bootable Pendrive for Windows from ISO file ). Using the Bootable Pendrive, I installed Windows on the ADATA SSD successfully, however, when I tried to install on the Samsung SSD, there was an error. After completing 40 percent installation, it stopped with a failure message- “Setup could not complete, Windows File is corrupt.” I tried twice but no success. Eventually, I decided to call a computer technician. For 500 Rupees, he installed Windows and MS office programs.

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ADATA SSD Toolbox vs. Samsung Magician SSD Application

Next is to tune up the SSDs for better, reliable performance. While ADATA application for SSD is quite user-friendly easy to understand, Samsung Magician for SSD optimization is not that user-friendly.

Adata SSD Toolbox Driver Info

In fact, the ADATA Application for SSD provides all the essential details such as SSD temperature, SSD life, one-click Performance Boost, and it would not be included in Windows Startup. Samsung Magician, on the other hand, looks a bit complicated application. You must know what SSD is and how it functions — to use the options of the application.

Adata SSD Toolbox Diagnostics

Over-provisioning is a crucial factor to enhance the life of an SSD. The ADATA SSD comes with a factory setting for over-provision wherein 10 percent of the overall size of the SSD has to be kept free and locked, to boost SSD life. An end user cannot alter the setting and use the space secured to remain never used. However, on Samsung SSD, the end user has to set it up. — It does not make sense. If over-provisioning is must, then it should not be left for an end user to configure it. It must be done at the factory level while adding factory setting to the SSD. If you have over-paid engineers, you will get this result.

Adata SSD Toolbox Utilities

How Samsung Magician SSD Application makes your Data unsafe?

Then there is an option to erase data entirely from the SSD. There is no warning, no multistage options, one-click all the data including windows installation gone. On top of that, the application by default loads in Windows Startup. It is a huge risk. In general use, you cannot delete Windows file. You get an error, a big pop-up with Red Cross, and a message that – you cannot delete the Windows file. However, Samsung Magician application for SSD – makes it so easy. If someone mistakenly clicked on the option” erase all data” you are finished. Only a team of crazy developers would make such an application.

Samsung Magician For SSD Otpimization

Thus, the conclusion is – purchasing the Samsung SSD eventually was a mistake. I should have bought an ADATA SSD in 250GB size. ADATA SSD is affordable and the Best in the market. I am going to get approx. 1000 Rupees cash back; Amazon festival offers cashback. Whereas, I already paid service charge 500 Rupees for no reason.

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Do not fall for speed test results in the ideal cases. That has no bearing on the experience you would get when you work with many applications opened running on your desktop powered by an SSD. Hands-on experience on of both the systems – my system with 240GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and my cousin's system with 120GB ADATA Premier 580, is almost same. In the end, the total sum fact is the Samsung SSD does make my system fly, or even better than a system, which runs on an ADATA SSD.

Why is ADATA SSD Better Option than Samsung SSD?

My final submission is to buy an ADATA SSD to save money, you would get the same SSD technology which Samsung has based its SSDs, and you need not have to go to nearest service center for Windows installation. SSD boosts system performance — is a settled fact, irrespective of the brand name engraved on your new SSD. Essentially SSD means performance.

Adata SSD Toolbox System Optimization

On an ADATA SSD, install Windows by using a bootable Pendrive and buy Keys online from Microsoft to activate it. Thus, save money and time by investing in an ADATA SSD.