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ACT Broadband Chennai Complaints and Fraud

act broadband complaint

I am going to expose ACT Broadband for its wrong business module and terrible customer service. This is important and should be known to all broadband users that such malpractices are taking place, which impacts users businesses and their service delivery. In fact, I am shocked to know ACT broadband is involve cheating practices to make few lakh by halting Internet connectivity to regular customers.

I have been a happy customer of ACT broadband in Chennai. Everything was fine until ACT decided to cash-in popularity of the Cricket world cup 2015. On 26 March 2015 while my broadband connection disrupted in the morning, I thought to wait for half hours for auto resolution of the issue. The issue persists even after 30 minutes, so I called to customer care to get resolution on internet access failure.

The customer care representative asked me to initiate command prompt action to resolve the issue. While the issue was not resolved on command prompt action, the executive asked me to wait for four hours to correct this malfunction by the back-end technical team.

→ Terrible Customer Support

After four hours, I called again as I could not able to access Google or any other website except ACT portal home page. I was pleased with a two hours waiting request from the customer care executive.  By 6:30 PM, I made the fourth call to know status of my complaint. Once again, I had repeated answer from the executive to wait for next two hours. So, I got angry and demand to have word with a senior officer.

To cool my anger, a senior officer came online and explained the reason for halted connection at my place. In his word, “due to India Australia match today, we had migrated entire bandwidth to FUP data pack buyers. Unfortunately, your access was chocked since bandwidth was not available besides FUP data pack users.”

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Now I could able to understand reason behind my internet connection disruption.  For India Australia semi final cricket match, ACT broadband chocked network connectivity for a regular customer like me and priorities bandwidth release to those customers with FUP data pack to watch world cup match live. As a regular customer of ACT, connections were chocked just minute before match started and continue to remain stalled until 7:45 PM on 26 March 2015.

In simple word, my data and bandwidth was transferred to those customers who had a FUP data pack to watch India Australia match live. How fair is it? Shame on the ACT for cheating a regular customer. Therefore, beware of ACT Fiber net broadband and its cheating business practices. I cannot rely on a broadband company, which indulge in such unfair business practices by cheating regular customer. Also, I decided to raise a complaint to TRAI and the Telecom minister against ACT broadband cheating practices.

→ Frequent ACT Broadband Cable Cut

In Chennai, cable cut is the biggest issue with ACT broadband. In fact, cable cut issue becomes bad to worst during the month of Monsoon. Cyclone hits Chennai almost every year from November to January. Strange but the fact is Cyclone is the primary source for water in Chennai city.

Cyclone rain fills all the lakes and ponds in the city and nearby areas. That provides one portion of the water requirement by the city population. However, when Cyclone is intense, it creates enormous damage to necessary infrastructure. One of the first victims of Cyclone every year is the ACT and other broadband companies as they pass their wire through tree branches and building rooftop. Post-cyclone, network of such broadband companies would resume in three to four days since cable cut problem is in every area.

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Therefore, for a constant broadband connection, it is advisable to get a broadband connection from the company like Airtel or BSNL or Jio. They have cable underground.

26 thoughts on “ACT Broadband Chennai Complaints and Fraud

      1. No, I did not get any response from TRAI. However, after my complaint to TRAI, ACT broadband issue in my area completely resolved.

  1. Hi Amar,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

    Warm Regards,
    ACT Fibernet

  2. This is ok but If you read my story.. May be your eyes will be lightened more:

    On 26 May 2015 at 02:14,
    Hi Team,

    I’ve given this complaint on Saturday 24th May’15 at 1:45 PM. Your helpdesk executive said that it would be resolved in 24 Hours (I still don’t know the ACT’s meaning of 24 Hours.. funny). Again I called on Sunday 25th May’15 at 5:15 PM, executive replied its Sunday holiday (great support). And still there is no response/no follow-up/no resolution/no report (which I’ve requested).

    I’m explaining my issue once again:
    1. Everyday at 2:00 AM to 2:26 AM your network was down, and it connects at 2:27AM only.

    2. I’ve used only 13.47 GB (from 1st May’15 to 22nd May’15), when I’ve checked at 22nd May’15 12:00 AM. As Usual network down at 2 AM and back at 2:27 AM, great but this time it was showing I’ve completed 17.80 GB (without downloading anything). I’ve ignored and continued.
    Next day at the same time i.e., on 23rd May’15 at 1:00 AM, it was showing as 19.30 GB (I thought may be a HD video will take that much size, as I’ve watched a HD movie in youtube).
    And on the same day night at around 11:45 PM (this time you are much improved), it was showing as 30.65 GB (but here the great thing was no one is there at my home, not even Wifi Connected, I’ve never connected the cable to my lappy also), I thought of giving complaint on the next day morning.

    On the next day (this is the crucial twist in the story) when I’m trying to login to my ACT account, page was loaded within 2-3 mins (generally it will open in 15-20 Seconds). When I logged in and trying to go to My Account page, oh god it was loaded in 5-6 Mins and great thing was it was showing that my FUP was over (great, without my knowledge and without logging into the account my FUP was over, what a service and promise guys).

    I’ve got p***ed off and contacted the customer care (remaining story is above the e-mail).

    After that I’ve verified the net for the consumer complaints against ACT, great all are equal before ACT. You guys are doing the same fraud to everyone of your customers (great going guys).

    One thing I’m still not understanding is I’ve used BEAM in Hyderabad from Feb’2013 to Sep’2014 and I’ve Never ever faced this kind of frauds and adding to that, they are very genuine and transparent about our FUPs. They are providing the transaction/usage report day wise in My Account page itself.

    So, I’ve installed the Data usage software in my lappy now. I need my 26 GB for this month and also, I’ll check my data usage every day. If you guys are doing the same way, I’ll never send or post any complaints in Consumer complaints.

    So, my advice is to not loose the BRAND trust please. Once you lost, no chance to get it back.

    Hope you understood why I’ve taken this much time to prepare this e-mail and sending to you (Only because of I love BEAM brand and network). I’m saying my friends that it was a very good and genuine brand, if you guys are doing such things, how can I suggest to others??

    Still no response from those guys. How they’ll promise the customers that they’ll provide which they are not at all capable of.

    Please let me know, how to contact directly the TRAI (if you know the office address, my intention was to go manually and give the written complaint and make sure that the promises what they are giving while taking the connection to fulfill all the customers all over the country).

    I’m really fed-up with these guys, I lost to handle priority 1 issues at my client’s production and my SDM got pissed off because of not resolving the issue on-time (All because of ACT FIBERNET).

    1. Hello Rao Sir,

      I totally agree that there is fishy uncalled activity taking place from ACT side. And, I totally agree to your problem of ACT internet getting disconnected between 02:00 AM to 02:27 PM. Even I wanted to register this complains.

      I do not want to make it political, but it is shame that even in 21th century of India, a prime location in Chennai does have multiple internet connection provider.

      I live in absolute prime location in Chennai and next to my street is IIT Madras. Unfortunately, Other than ACT, I do not have any option. Taking BSNL connection is out of question.

      However, I would praise ACT fibernet for being fair in giving promised speed and Reliability. In Chennai, Service query resolution is prompt. I never experience down-time and sudden disconnection.

      ACT Fibernet Chennai

      Extremely Reliable
      Prompt Response
      The Best Internet Service Provider than Reliance, BSNL, Airtel, Tikona and MTS

      No Usages report
      Lacks Transparency
      Sometimes get involve in some fishy work.

      Finally, If anyone have complain about the ACT Fibernet, please report to Government of India and TRAI at [email protected]

    2. Hi all I have taken new connection from act fiber net on 29 Feb 2016 after initial visit they have collected the documents and 1500/-(1000+ 500 installation) money for the plan I took.

      After that they said the box is not there in my building and the other building owner where they have box is not allowing the connection to my building. 2 days later they came to my place and they given the connection from the same building without informing to me and they said other building owner is accepted. days later I lost my internet connection because of other building owner is disconnected my wire.

      Since then I started calling and raising complaints but act is not at all taken care of my again I called them and asked them to cancel and refund my money back but they said they will cancel it but I won’t get money as per their terms and conditions.guys beware of act fiber net they are big time cheaters.I hope this review may be useful for people who is going to new connections with act fiber net.

      since our corrupted governments are blind that is the reason these kind of companies are cheating the between few times they called me and they said they will install a box in the building where I am staying but they never came.I hope people who is going for a new connection with these catheters will realize this

  3. Hi Amar,

    Thank you for your update. But as you said there is no prompt response from those guys. I’l still waiting for their Acknowledgement from last 3 Days (Continuing too)….

    Sure, I’ll send a mail to TRAI and also, I’ll see till 30th of this month and then I’ll take a legal action (which I love to proceed legally instead of begging for our own property and rights).

    Thank you once again for your details.


    1. Hi Rao Sir,

      I have already fought a battle with MTS as they were trying to cheat me with wrongly generated bill, despite my request of cancellation. I am of the view that the government setup has to respond to public grievance.

      In my opinion, you should send an mail to TRAI by keeping ACT broadband appellant authority in CC. If there is no action, then take it to the next level with the TRAI secretary. Send an mail to Telecom minister, still there is no action from the TRAI or the ACT Broadband. Finally, the PM and the President is there to look into our problems.

      I have already fought a battle with MTS for a wrongly generated bill fraud. I had gone upto the TRAI secretary. Though I did not get response from the TRAI secretary, but the MTS had become ultra pro active in dealing with my complain. Finally, it settled issue in my favor.

      If you are legally sound, than you should proceed as per your choice.

  4. hai team,


    Internet is not working.. i calld customer car 100 time they are not responding me..
    i have office emergency thats the reson i called so many times they not pick my call also..very bad service
    registered contact number:8050907761

  5. Internet is not working..from 09/11/2015 to till date 20/11/2015. i called customer car many time they are not responding me..and also mail sent
    i have office emergency that the reson i called so many times they not pick my call also..very bad service
    registered contact number:10890524

    1. The Same problem here in Velachery. Last week, Monday to Friday complete blackout. This week from 18 Nov ( 5 PM ) to 20 Nov ( 6 PM ) no internet connection. Yesterday, one lady customer care told me if I cannot wait, then place a request of connection cancellation. I am going to make a complain with TRAI.

      Next month, Reliance Jio 4G service will be roll out. I will switch to reliance 4G.

      1. Hi, Similar problem in Indira Nagar, Adyar as well. ACT not working at all properly since 8th Nov. till date (21st Nov.). The customer care number is either busy or not reachable at all most part of the day. Very crap customer service. The online complaint posted on the Customer Care link from their main website is of no use. No acknowledgment nor any response. Only after calling do they find that some junction box may have had a problem. Until then, nobody bothers to fix. Even for that they say it will take 2 days to fix. I have no idea why it will take 2 days given the engineers are available locally, this as per the info from the CSR. If this continues, I will terminate the connection next month.
        Anybody from ACT – Hope you bother to read through these posts. Really pathetic customer service experienced for the amount we are paying (more than 1200 bucks per month).

  6. I’m a user of FRAUD ACT Broadband, Chennai. They are the No.1 FRAUD and if you call for a new connection, they will come within 1 hour like a dog searching for a bone. But once you get a FRAUD ACT Broadband connection, that’s it. Then they will show their real face and they act like they are the ruling party.

    FRAUD ACT Broadband sucks customer’s money exactly on the date they say irrespective of whether the connection is still presence at customer’s place or any disconnection in the FRAUD ACT Broadband line. They would never bother about the customer’s complaints.

    My FRAUD ACT Broadband user name: 11113712 and I have a connection in Triplicane, Chennai.

    They want only money by fraud from customers and if ACT dies, even then they would like to bury them with money. If you ask for regarding to the issues related disconnection or anything, the customer care people would attend the calls for few times and bluff; then if customers again disturb them, they would switch off their customer care contact numbers, hence you can’t call them. The customer care people are totally waste; they got one computer and a chair to sit on it. If they attend a call from customers and just them “we will do it within 1 or 2 days”. That’s what they trained for. But the main culprits are sitting above them and they have to be punished.

    I’ve shifted my residence to Mylapore; hence I asked them to shift the FRAUD ACT Broadband connection. I contacted them nearly 20 days back, but still they dig the caves all over the Chennai. I never knew that they are fully involved in Chennai flood relief activities due to the heavy rain to save Chennai people. But we need to keep in mind that whoever they save, their plan is to suck the money from them as well.

    Still they are shifting the connection to Mylapore. Everyone knows the distance between Triplicane & Mylapore and it is not more than 2km. I contacted many FRAUD ACT Broadband customer care people and got irritated as they would bluff some non-sense.

    Then I asked them to connect to a next level KUMAR and GIRI and I talked to these useless and culprits. They never knew what is the policies and regulation at FRAUD ACT Broadband. Kumar says that he needs address proof without which he can’t provide the shifting. But when we contact to another FRAUD ACT Broadband person (next level), he says that it’s not required. Finally I decided to ask them for a new connection to the newly shifted house and called them, they came within an hour (as I said dog searching for a bone) and the person who came to the house said “no address proof required except signing in their application form with the photo copy of PAN card or driving license”. Is this FRAUD ACT Broadband functioning?

    FRAUD ACT Broadband pays the salary for useless people like KUMAR and GIRI unnecessarily as they are not sure about FRAUD ACT Broadband’s rules and regulation. If these guys need address proof, then how did they provide FRAUD ACT Broadband connection to my Triplicane’s address in the beginning?

    Still they are crawling on the Mylapore road to shift the FRAUD ACT Broadband’s connection to my newly shifted Mylapore’s address. I called them many times to their customer care landline numbers and nearly 200 Rupees gone only for talking to them on the shifting, but the ACT fraudster still not shifted the connection. I put lot of efforts to contact them.



    But these ACT frauds would exactly send the bill within a day or two for no internet connection, MONEY SUCKERS. These SUCKERS have collected me the advance amount 2times, this happened when I asked them to temporarily disconnect the service for only ONE MONTH. Even I sent them an E-Mail one month in advance as a prior notice. These fraudsters not considered and not responded to my E-Mail at all. I advise these frauds to remove their customer care’s E-Mail address from their website as they would never respond to those.

    So far these fraudsters looted my money Rs3500 and my efforts I spent so far to reach them to get the connection shifted. Still their mouths are shut.



  7. ACT is Really Wrest Service in Hyderabad, Since 2009 Am Using Beam, At my Home and Office,Previously it was a Good and Popular Internet Service Provider, as my Exp am sharing this, now ACT is came in to Market, they are increased Prices, and plans, but, really not providing that much of Speed, what they promised, so Recently last 1 week back i was Shifted to Pioneer Really it is a Good now am Using, my Exp ACT is Wrest Service

  8. From Dec 2nd No Internet.

    I am Kailash, Residing @ Ashok Nagar. I have taken a new account from November. At first for my plan they collected Sum of RS. 1639 including the installation charges through Cheque and told this is for the month of December.

    For November month a bill of RS. 802 has been generated and i have paid it online and the proof for the same is attached here.

    The issue is from December 2, there is no internet available for me. There is some connectivity problem. I have raised online complaint and also through customer care, but till now the problem is not rectified.

    At first i have received a complaint NO: 0006797493, and informed from Dec 9, the connection problem will be rectified. I waited till Dec 10. The connectivity problem has not been rectified. I was trying to contact the customer care, they are not attending any of the calls. They just put a Voice message to send an SMS “CC COM” to “9535840000” number for registering the connectivity related issues. I did it more than 10 times, but no response or none of the action has been taken in my case.

    Meanwhile i received a message from ACTTEL saying your problem has been rectified on Dec 10, and said to send an SMS with “Y” for rectified and “N” for not rectified to “8861202208” i replied with”N” to the same mentioned number, for that too no response came.

    Whenever i send an email to “[email protected]” they saying your problem will be rectified within 3 days. But i have been waiting for more than 10 days, till now my connectivity problem is not rectified by your team guys.

    I just want to ask one thing, for what the hell you are collecting the amount in advance of every month bill cycle. If you want to collect it that way then you guys should provide immediate resolution for the problems. I have paid an amount of RS.1639 for the month of December in the November month itself, and now for half of the month i been waiting for the connectivity for you guys.

    I demand an explanation from you guys for my mental stress, my money for the December month and for the problem not yet been resolved.

    And also i would like to inform one more thing, if i didn’t get the connection within today or tomorrow. I will make this issue as a big problem in Social Medias followed by Online complaints, if i am not satisfied with your reply i won’t mind in registering a Consumer Complaint through Court under the Public section in your company “ATRIA CONVERGENCE SOLUTIONS”.

    Awaiting for the immediate action in my case.

  9. Same FUP issues here. On Mar 6, I am over 100GB of usage when we were merely browsing emails. I had it reset to 100GB again on Mar 8, after a big battle w/ the technical team. now Mar 9, I have already used 55GB. how is it possible?
    we will need to report this to TRAI. My Account ID:11078922

  10. Worst ISP ACT fibernet : Worst customer care. I have been using ACT for almost one year, their transmitter box is connected to my house. They have taken electricity connection from my home for which they are giving 50 rupees discount on the bill.
    After few months, few more connections were given from the transmitter which is connected to my home. Electricity consumption is much more that what they are paying. My electricity bill has raised drastically with no change in home usage. They have stopped giving electricity discount for which i have sent mail and called customer care like a million times, but no response. I requested them to send me the correct bill after deducting the electricity discount, but all in vain. So, i have decided not to pay the bill till they revise the bill.

    ACT even sent recovery agents to my home to collect the money. These recovery agents always have some criminal backgrounds. ACT has closed all complaints without actually solving them. They keep sending the messages to pay the bill without making corrections in the bill. They even put fine for delay in payment. They finally disconnected the connection. Even i have cut the power cable from transmitter which was connected to my home.

    ACT has worst and most arrogant customer service, so a big NOOOOOO for ACT.

    I feel Airtel has better customer service.

    ACT does not know how customer service is important to stay long term in this business.

    Never opt for ACT, a big NOOOOOOO for ACT.

    Go for better ISP which have good customer care service even if the broadband plans are bit costly.

  11. TIS IN BANGALORE because some are saying ACT is super nice here…

    I started to hate them before using it..

    I was using their service for some days in my office. It was ok and works well but some time it will go all down. we had even some network virus it is still existing. i am new in bangalore so i thought i could take the same connection to my home than office. so i call them. they said it will need at least 7 days to check the feasibility and everything. i agreed. i waited. finally in the end of the final 7th day i called them. i asked about the connection. they said actually we have no service in your area. (i called them from the number which is just from my opposite apartment) so i said why you didnt inform that you dont have any service? so he just told me why we need to inform you if we cannot give you a connection ? this is the kind of answer can loose their customers.

    come on ,,, i was pissed of with their answer and at least i am happy that i didnt choose them in my home. i called another service provider and they didnt even take 24 hours to give me a new connection with feasibility and everything…

  12. From 1 July to 26 July my data consumption was 60GB. However, today morning on 29 July I got message that I have fully consumed 75GB data. This is a big fraud from ACT.

    60GB / 26 Days = 2.30GB data almost every day; it is really surprising how I consumed 5GB data in between 26 Jul to 29GB without any significant change in my daily internet usages.

    Dear ACT, please stop such fraud. I am not going to change FUP. But I will remember this. Now this is time to look for an alternative of ACT.

  13. Must get RJ Balaji to contact ACT cust care and act as a real customer, with real problems, then put that conversation on radio. This may help them do correct work.

  14. hi Team,

    On the eligibility by ACT I had taken new ACT internet connection on 15-09-2016 and paid 7928 (6 months) plan. They confirmed me that within 3 days I will be getting connection. But no one turned and after continuously following up on 19 Sep the came for installation. They found that ports are full and will come back to me. None of them turned back. I kept on following up with them. Later Sales executive told me wire is already pulled up and just installation of router is required. I went home and checked nothing was there. My brother went to regional office on 23-Sep to Rajajinagar and inquired it, concerned person says the port is choked and we cant give connection for next two months and alternative option is refund will be provided within 10 working days. I said them then why did you guys commit me that connection will be done in three days. If there is a problem in that area you should have rejected saying that I am not eligible. I said refund me with the amount of interest which you people used for delay and false commitment. He said its not as per company policy and even I said its not in my personal policy also.
    Later he had a discussion with sales executive (Chandan) and they came to a conclusion that they will provide me new internet connection and will put up a new setup box in our building , as I am a tenant I dont have right to provide this permission and talk to my owner for this. He disagreed and said we cant talk and will provide Rs.50 as cash back to my account (Rs.50 is for current bill of set top box and current will be pulled from electricity board ). As I am a tenant i am paying rent why will owner allow a set top box in his building, if he allows also he may charge rent as he charges me. The person on call said this is not possible and I need to convince and get approval. Although I convince and get approval I dont want to fall in this payment you do direct transaction with owner I said. For this the ACT person said this will not work out and I will proceed for refund and disconnected. This is the same person who said initially that he cannot provide internet for next two months and suddenly agreed in 15 min to install a box in our house and provide a connection in next day. The person is not sticking to one word and providing wrong commitment. Today is 23 Sep and still I am not getting a proper solution for this, either provide me connection (sought out with my owner) else refund me the amount with interest (for wrong commitment and delay in days of refund ) .
    As a Citizen of Republic INIDA I hope I get a correct resolution for this problem.
    Jai Hind

    Vishal R

  15. Act Broadband is worst in Velachery Area

    Sunday 09-Sep-2018 – 8 AM to 6 PM No network
    Wednesday 12-Sep-2018 – 11:25 AM to 6 PM No network
    Friday 14-SEP-2018 – 02.09PM ………..I know connection will resume by 6 PM

    I am now accessing the internet using my smartphone, which has Reliance Jio 4G.

    Just now I called up and requested for a new broadband Connection

    Airtel 40 MBPS (200GB Data ) Plan cost is 799 Rupees

    799 + 18% GST = 799 + 144 = 943 Rupees

    Currently, I am paying to ACT 1296 Rupees (GST Included) Every month.

    Switching to Airtel will save me 353 Rupees Per month.

    Airtel cable is underground whereas Act Cable is on Tree and On Building.

    Cable cut is the biggest problem with the ACT Broadband

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