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ACT Broadband Chennai Complaints and Fraud

act broadband complaint

I am going to expose ACT Broadband for its wrong business module and terrible customer service. This is important and should be known to all broadband users that such malpractices are taking place, which impacts users businesses and their service delivery. In fact, I am shocked to know ACT broadband is involve cheating practices to make few lakh by halting Internet connectivity to regular customers.

I have been a happy customer of ACT broadband in Chennai. Everything was fine until ACT decided to cash-in popularity of the Cricket world cup 2015. On 26 March 2015 while my broadband connection disrupted in the morning, I thought to wait for half hours for auto resolution of the issue. The issue persists even after 30 minutes, so I called to customer care to get resolution on internet access failure.

The customer care representative asked me to initiate command prompt action to resolve the issue. While the issue was not resolved on command prompt action, the executive asked me to wait for four hours to correct this malfunction by the back-end technical team.

→ Terrible Customer Support

After four hours, I called again as I could not able to access Google or any other website except ACT portal home page. I was pleased with a two hours waiting request from the customer care executive.  By 6:30 PM, I made the fourth call to know status of my complaint. Once again, I had repeated answer from the executive to wait for next two hours. So, I got angry and demand to have word with a senior officer.

To cool my anger, a senior officer came online and explained the reason for halted connection at my place. In his word, “due to India Australia match today, we had migrated entire bandwidth to FUP data pack buyers. Unfortunately, your access was chocked since bandwidth was not available besides FUP data pack users.”

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Now I could able to understand reason behind my internet connection disruption.  For India Australia semi final cricket match, ACT broadband chocked network connectivity for a regular customer like me and priorities bandwidth release to those customers with FUP data pack to watch world cup match live. As a regular customer of ACT, connections were chocked just minute before match started and continue to remain stalled until 7:45 PM on 26 March 2015.

In simple word, my data and bandwidth was transferred to those customers who had a FUP data pack to watch India Australia match live. How fair is it? Shame on the ACT for cheating a regular customer. Therefore, beware of ACT Fiber net broadband and its cheating business practices. I cannot rely on a broadband company, which indulge in such unfair business practices by cheating regular customer. Also, I decided to raise a complaint to TRAI and the Telecom minister against ACT broadband cheating practices.

→ Frequent ACT Broadband Cable Cut

In Chennai, cable cut is the biggest issue with ACT broadband. In fact, cable cut issue becomes bad to worst during the month of Monsoon. Cyclone hits Chennai almost every year from November to January. Strange but the fact is Cyclone is the primary source for water in Chennai city.

Cyclone rain fills all the lakes and ponds in the city and nearby areas. That provides one portion of the water requirement by the city population. However, when Cyclone is intense, it creates enormous damage to necessary infrastructure. One of the first victims of Cyclone every year is the ACT and other broadband companies as they pass their wire through tree branches and building rooftop. Post-cyclone, network of such broadband companies would resume in three to four days since cable cut problem is in every area.

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Therefore, for a constant broadband connection, it is advisable to get a broadband connection from the company like Airtel or BSNL or Jio. They have cable underground.

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Act Broadband is worst in Velachery Area Sunday 09-Sep-2018 – 8 AM to 6 PM No network Wednesday 12-Sep-2018 – 11:25 AM to 6 PM No network Friday 14-SEP-2018 – 02.09PM ………..I know connection will resume by 6 PM I am now accessing the internet using my smartphone, which has Reliance Jio 4G. Just now I called up and requested for a new broadband Connection Airtel 40 MBPS (200GB Data ) Plan cost is 799 Rupees 799 + 18% GST = 799 + 144 = 943 Rupees Currently, I am paying to ACT 1296 Rupees (GST Included) Every month. Switching… Read more »