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According to AnTuTu Benchmark Top 10 Popular Smartphones are

According to AnTuTu Benchmark Top 10 Popular Smartphones are

One of the most followed and trusted hardware benchmark testing application AnTuTu has released an interesting list of most popular smartphones currently up for sales or soon expected to be launched in India. We present that list here with some useful insight on the listed devices.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi’s device heads the list is not surprising news. Xiaomi was the first smartphone manufacturer to bring down prices of premium hardware in the mobile phone world.

Note 3 is available in 16GB and 32GB variant and priced 11500 and 12000 respectively.  Note 3 32GB variant makes more sense in terms of pricing. Let us discuss some noted features of this no. one device according to AnTuTu.

With massive 4050 mAh battery, Note 3 dons mighty configuration that includes 5.5-inch full HD screen, Snapdragon 650 processor, 3GB RAM, and 16MP Camera with dual tone LED flash.

OnePlus 2

As Apple iPhone fans never switch to any other device similarly OnePlus has achieved this great brand loyalty in a short span of time. Because of uniqueness in design and freshness in user’s experience, once someone usages a OnePlus device, he or she might not switch to any smartphone of other brands. Within the Android ecosystem, OnePlus has created a niche with its newly launched Oxygen operating system.

OnePlus 3 will take some more time to become available in Bharat. And it is going to be costly, too. Thus, OnePlus 2 16GB model at 21000 rupees makes sense. Until Apple releases a new set of smartphone features, all smartphones manufacturer is going to just increase numbers in the specification sheet. OnePlus 3 is on the same path.

I have only one request to OnePlus: avoid this marketing drama. People buy OnePlus device, not because of the stupid “invitation” marketing drama rather your devices comes in premium built with reliable configuration still priced sensibly.

LeEco Le 1S

LeEco rewrote the same history which once Xiaomi had written with its first smartphone in Bharat that had an affordable price but premium hardware then. A full body metal phone in just 11000 rupees is what first LeEco offered to Indian smartphone users. Not only that, in terms of performance and specifications, too, LeEco 1S has been getting positive feedbacks in great numbers.

Thus, if LeEco 1S is still popular and gets shortlisted by smartphone buyers those looking a good device under 15000 should not be considered too surprising. LeEco is no longer available at the official store. At present, you can choose a LeEco device from available these three: 1s Eco, LeEco 2s, and Max2.

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OnePlus (Model name is not specified)

I guess AnTuTu is referring to OnePlus X: one of the best devices today in 15000 rupees range. If you need a stylish device with good performance and found this at sale then grab it.

If you are looking for a second-hand device on OLX or Quikr, and OnePlus X pops up in the search result, grab it without a second thought. Ensure that the device is in good condition and the price is appropriate according to the condition of the device.

Lenovo K3 Note

The phone is the best Lenovo smartphone till date. It has all the right ingredients to feel good to users. Its performance is snappy, hardware onboard is taken from reputed vendors, and priced below 10000 rupees – a must have reason to register better sales in the Indian market.  However, my opinion about this Lenovo champ is not that positive. In fact, Huawei device launched along with K3 Note were much better in terms of CPU and camera performance.

The first half is totally dominated by mainly Chinese smartphone brands. Let us now see – is there any chance for Indian manufacturers to find a place in the balance five devices of the AnTuTu’s list of top 10 popular smartphones in India. You can read more about K3 Note at Paisa Vasool Smartphone.

 Lenovo A7010

Lenovo is desperate to win in the mobile business. This reflects in the frequent launch of handsets one after another. Although one good thing is that Lenovo has found the right formula needed for producing reliable and stylish smartphones that come priced sensible, too, to appeal maximum numbers of buyers’ group.

A7010 is currently in “coming soon” mode. It packs some regular specs and expected to be priced around 11000 rupees.

3300 mAh battery, Octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB RAM, 5.5inch full HD screen and 13MP primary camera are the main specs of this phone. 32GB internal memory is one more reason why this Lenovo device looks attractive at the expected price.

Motorola Moto X Play

If you are in search of a beast under 20000 rupees, Moto X Play could be one of the best choices currently available. The device is rightly configured and is rightly priced, too.

There is only one area it disappoints is in the RAM management. 2GB RAM does not sound good with the hard configuration onboard. However, Motorola should not be blamed for this. Actually, Moto X was launched in the month of September 2015. And then the maximum RAM size in the trend was just 2GB.

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The phone has one of the best memory and camera management. Its battery life is also good lasts more than a day at least. Read more about Moto X Play at Smartphones Under 20000 Rupees

Xiaomi Mi4i

Despite being one year old in market, the phone is still doing great in sales. Around 18000 ratings of this phone on Flipkart show its popularity. Cool configuration and the right pricing is the main reason why this has been so popular.

Actually, Mi4i is the successor of Mi4, which is the fourth generation flagship device from Xiaomi. The Mi4 reportedly had many cons. In fact, the fault in its design was not possible to cover through software updates. Thus, Xiaomi launched Mi4i, sorting out all the reported faults in the design and in the custom MiUi user interface.

If you are a fan of Xiaomi ecosystem and looking for a reliable device in 10000 to 15000 rupees price, then Xiaomi Mi4i could be the right choice currently.

Samsung Galaxy J7

This Flipkart exclusive has been a great success among the Samsung fans. In fact, for the first time, in the medium budget segment, Samsung stepped out from its shell and trying to woo lost customers with a great device that comes with reliable and snappy performance. Once again price of this disappoints. In my view, Samsung is demanding around 3000 rupees more. Even Samsung understands this and that is why it has been trying to compensate by giving some exciting offers to new as well as existing customers.

The Samsung device is blessed with powerful configuration, larger storage, good design, and excellent battery backup. Fortunately, this time, Samsung has not tried to fool customers with the amazing brightness of TouchWiz user interface. According to the latest update, Samsung plans to offer free 4G usages for three months through Reliance Jio network.

My favorite feature on Samsung Galaxy J7 is 13MP camera with CMOS sensor, 5.5inch Super AMOLED display, and super thin 7.8mm body.

Google Nexus 6P

Google is the force that controls mind body and soul of Android smartphones. Moreover, it also controls users’ behavior on their smartphones. If the same force decides to design even hardware of an elegant device, it is quite oblivious that smartphone users will take a greater interest in that.

The Nexus device introduction ends with one simple line – it is Google’s baby. All nexus device presently available in market registers great sales. The launch of Nexus 7 is awaited thus Nexus 6P is popular should not be too surprising.

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However, Nexus 6P is still out of reach of most Indian middle-class customers. Nexus 6P with 32GB memory is priced at 35000 rupees. According to some recent news reports, Google wants to challenge Apple with its own sincere approach to hardware design with sales. Thus, I assume something will be done by Google to make its durable hardware affordable for common people, which has been the primary focus of this great software company since the beginning.

So what makes Nexus 6P so unique besides Google tag on its back? Robust configuration, USB-type C access port, first Android update guaranteed, and QHD AMOLED display are some exceptional features of this. The phone sports 5.7inch display, powered by Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, and 3450 mAh battery is also there with at least two days of backup on moderate use.

Camera management on Nexus 6P devices is certainly best in class. CMOS sensor, 4K recording capability, digital image stabilization, and 8MP front-facing selfie camera are some key features here.

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