Everest Triple Booster AC Stabilizer

Everest is a brand which has become familiar to many Indian consumers as a maker of some good AC stabilizers available in the market. Although new to the market, this brand has managed to become one of the most trustworthy brands out there. Its triple booster AC stabilizer is one of the best-selling products in the market. Priced at Rs. 8490, it’s quite an expensive stabilizer to go for. Let’s learn it in great details in order to figure out if it is really worth the price tag attached to it.

High specifications: In the specifications section, this stabilizer has a pretty decent lineup. When it comes to the capacity, it has that of 4 KVA. The input voltage is 140V-270V and there’s a display option available on the stabilizer to see. The output of voltage on Everest triple booster stabilizer is 200V-240V and it also is displayed on stabilizer for users. Everest claims that its stabilizers are capable of saving up to 40% of the energy generally utilized while running such appliances. This again would be vastly beneficial to buyers who are looking to cut down on their electricity bills.

It has many smart features: Another great feature of this stabilizer is that they are absolutely noise free, which means that you can use them without much disturbance in your office or at home. Also, when it comes to starting the stabilizer, it comes with an instant start option.  Along with it also provides the option for smart time delay. This means you can adjust the timing of your stabilizer to your convenience. The material required to build this stabilizer is aluminum, which gives it the strength and weightlessness at the same time.

An AC Stabilizer based on Reliable German technology

The color which this stabilizer is available in is all white, which ends up giving it a very classic design and unique look. The company provides a replacement guarantee of one-year and also product service warranty of another 4 years. This is pretty great considering that most brands out there provide just a year on their products. Another great feature to notice is that this stabilizer comes with Toroidal Transformers, which is a technology patented in Germany. This helps in keeping the users save by reducing chances of shock and short circuiting etc.

Everest Triple Booster AC Stabilizer


  • High specifications
  • 4 KVA of capacity
  • Saves up to 40% of energy
  • 1+4 year of warranty
  • Toroidal transformers technology
  • Aluminum body

Verdict: This stabilizer is a great package when it comes to delivering absolutely power packed performance. Even though a little expensive than most stabilizers out there, it is worth every single penny you’ll spend on it buying. The four year of service warranty along with one-year replacement warranty provided by Everest ensures that you use this stabilizer without any inconvenience for a long time. It is capable of easily running with 1.5 ton or above, so go for it!

Price Rs. 8490
Transfer Time 6-8 mini seconds
Brand Everest
Warranty 5 Years
Surge Protection Yes
Recommend For AC


4 KVA Monitor Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC Voltage

Voltage stabilizers have become one of the essential items required from every household to workplaces. The market for AC voltage stabilizers is constantly on the rise, especially during summer season. Monitor is one player in the industry which is looking to establish a firm foot in the market and seems to be doing rather good. The 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer has been launched in market for 1.5 Ton ACs. Priced at Rs. 1389, it’s one of the most budget-friendly AC stabilizers out there. Let’s find out everything you need to know about this piece.

One of the best budget products: In the specification section, this voltage stabilizer has some pretty impressive ones. The technology on which this stabilizer functions on is smart sensor technology. This is one latest feature available for smart stabilizers like this one. It even comes with an overvolt protection option. There’s output voltage correction function available along with protection from short circuits and even overload of supply. The power input on it between 190-285V and the output being 230V. In addition, the frequency supported on this stabilizer is 50 hertz and it has a capacity of 4 KVA.

Great for ACs: It can easily stabilize voltage for an AC of 1.5 ton or less. One of the best features of this stabilizer is that it can very easily be mounted onto a wall.  Hence, it’s great for customers who are spatially challenged. The safe feature protection mode on the stabilizer is very efficient in cutting off the power supply the moment it experiences any sudden fluctuations in the voltage. The metal body of this Monitor stabilizer is coated with an epoxy coat, which is known for promoting low heat conductivity and makes this appliance resistant to corrosion, rust, and abrasions etc.

Monitor 4 KVA AC Voltage Stabilizer Review and Specifications

This AC Stabilizer comes in a Sleek design and classic color

Monitor offers a warranty of 1 year on this product from the date of its purchase which seems a pretty standard time period. The color which this stabilizer is available on is all white. This makes its design appear very classic and sleek. Also, it would easily blend in with any type of interiors in any house considering its universal design and color. It works very efficiently with air conditioners, as it’s especially made for them. The fluctuation in voltage power is handled very effectively by this stabilizer, hence, ensuring the safety of your appliances.


  • Epoxy coating
  • Low priced
  • Can be mounted on wall


  • Basically for ACs only
  • 5 tons support capacity

Verdict: This stabilizer is one of the best under budget stabilizers available in the market. It would be perfect for those not looking to spend a huge amount on buying a voltage stabilizer for just sake of an AC. The company provides a wall mounting kit with this product along with an installation guide. The weight of this product is just 2.9 kilograms which makes it less heavy than many stabilizers out there. This is one product which you can definitely go for.

Price Rs. 1389
Transfer Time 6-8 mini seconds
Brand Monitor
Warranty 1 Year
Surge Protection Yes
Recommend For AC