Do you have a hair straightener? No? Why not? Well, a hair straightener is a really valuable and handy hair styling instrument and can do wonders for your locks. In fact, at the moment, quite a lot of ladies believe that their hair straighteners are the most indispensable objects in their styling collection. And what I believe is that a professional styling hair straightener is an incredible investment as they provide you the most advanced features in addition to the amazing results. If you style your hair, every so often and do not want to waste your time to visit beauty salons, then investing in a professional and wonderful hair straightener is recommended. Read also Attain Flawlessly Elegant Hairdos With These Best Hair Straighteners.

► Best hair straightener in India under 500 Rupees

But before you get amazed and decide to buy one, I would recommend you to study, explore, research and compare features that fit your requirements. At the present, there are quite a lot of hair straighteners ruling the market but only a few of them provide the desired results.

Well, I know that thousands of hair straighteners in every single shape and size can be irresistible to you. To make this decision stress-free for you, we have tapered down the list of more than a few best hair straighteners under 500 selected by experienced customers and countless reviews. So, get all set to catch a sight of some of the finest and dependable professional hair straighteners obtainable on the market. Beginning with our richly deserved number one…

→ Lovato Nova Hair Straightener

So, let us begin with our very first choice of the best hair straightener under 500 – Lovato Nova NHC-522CRM Hair Straightener. This hair straightener comes together with extra-wide straightening plates that are finished with ceramic and are controlled using an on and off button. Being way too light in weight, it provides extremely looked-for and comfortable grip making you feel at ease. The feature I loved the most is its temperature control button that allows you to select the suitable heat level as per your hair type without producing any mess on your locks.

Now, coming to the dimensions of Lovato Nova Hair Straightener, it is as bulky as any other hair straightener. Don’t worry; it is neither too compact nor too large. In fact, I’m sure you’ll find it to be extremely travel-friendly. The superior heating system of this hair straightener offers you an absolutely flawless hair styling for all kinds of hair and creates super smooth, shiny, frizz-free and sleek locks. Besides, you get a uniform heat distribution that would help you in reducing flyaway that are hard to handle. It would disregard any damaged hot spots by offering stress-free and smooth straightening motion that won’t tug your tresses.  So, you can say that you get soft and shiny locks without any frizz.

However, if you have somewhat normal or wavy hair, it won’t straighten your locks fast and you might need to use it at least 2-3 times on a fragment of your tresses to straighten it. And if what you have are curls, you may well not find it very efficient. On top of that, if you do not prefer using very heavy heating equipment, or if your mane is a bit weak and hair fall out a lot, then again this Lovato Nova Hair Straightener won’t turn out to be a great decision to buy. So, let us look at the other option, which is Bhavya BNHS2009 Bentag ST2009 Hair Straightener.

Price 261 Rupees


→ Bhavya Hair Straightener

Now, the Bhavya Bentag Hair Straightener is another option of the best hair straightener under 500 that would smoothen and uncurl your hair painlessly with no trouble. The patented ceramic coating of this hair straightener supports you achieve outstanding and dependable hair straightening results. Likewise, it is handy, convenient to use and easy to carry.

What’s more? The Bhavya Bentag Hair Straightener comes with dual speed selection as well as 1000 Watts power for tremendous performance. Ceramic plates of the straightener slide along your locks smoothly and without problems. Over and above, it heats up super-quick, so that you don’t have to hold your fire for long to straighten out your curls. To boot, the swivel cord complements its overall functionality by avoiding needless hair tangles.

For the most part, this trendy and easy-to-use gadget would keep your hair neat and orderly for sure. Its overall impression is amazing, but to be honest, this is not the greatest straightener you’ll find. Yes, of course, it works well and would get your job done, but it won’t be as fast as you want it to be. So, it doesn’t hurt catching a glimpse of the next choice of hair straightener. Isn’t it?

Price 319 Rupees


→ Macron Detangling Hair Straightener Brush

So, let us get to the following choice of the best hair straightener in India under 500 – Macron Detangling Hair Brush Hair Straightener. Without a doubt, this hair brush is a professional yet manageable hair straightening choice that would get your hair smooth, glossy, and frizz-free! You can achieve fabulous hairdos in a jiffy without trouble. The brush would heat up like a flash in short order. It's also a lot stress-free to use as you don't have to switch between brushing and using the flat iron over and over again.

The high precision ceramic panel of the Macron Detangling Hair Brush Hair Straightener helps in messaging your head while calming you down. Your tresses would look and feel so soft after smoothening them down that you’ll fall in love with them. Unlike traditional hair straighteners, the Macron Detangling Hair Brush comprises of the 360-degree rotatable wire that helps you avoid any kind of wire twining. Not to mention, it has a safety feature that shuts it off mechanically every time you leave it on for too long.

I would greatly recommend the Macron Detangling Hair Straightener if you have frizzy, wavy, curly or thick hair. To be sure, I love the whole thing about this product except for the fact that the temperature setting is only available in Celsius and there is no way to alter it to Fahrenheit. It gets super-hot, sure, but you have to make your segments small and need to go bit by bit. If you like swiping through your locks smoothly with your hairbrush, then you need to consider another route.

Price 392 Rupees


→ Ecstasy Hair Styling Machine

So, here’s another route for charming, shiny, glossy and frizz-free tresses – Ecstasy Hair Styling Machine 2009-VG. This is the best hair straightener in India under 500 Rupees that comes along with ceramic-coated plates to provide smooth and sleek mane with every single painless blow. Thanks to its fast-working mechanism, you can attain the highest temperature in less than 30 seconds. So now, you don’t have to wait around to attain smooth, sleek, shiny and lustrous tresses.

Besides, the Ceramic Slim is designed in a way that makes the instrument easy-to-use. The straightener would fit gracefully in your hand without making you feel painful or bumpy. Plus, the innovative floating plates provide a cushion to your mane while uncurling, thus making it smooth and frizz-free like a dream.  Moreover, the Ceramic Slim 215 has worldwide voltage; as a result, you don’t need to hold back on your hairdo routine, no matter where you are in the world.  The Ecstasy Hair Styling Machine also claims to hold a 1.8-m swivel cord for longer reach as well as manoeuvrability.

On the whole, it's the best hair straightener under 500 and perhaps just as good as the all other ones out there that have a much greater price tag. So, I’d recommend you to save your money and accept this one as an alternative to those higher priced ones. However, if you are still looking for an alternative, I would suggest you have a look at the Nova NHS 800 Hair Straightener.

Price 400 Rupees


→ Nova Hair Straightener below 500 RS

Now, with this Hair Straightener, going curly to straight or straight to curly is not at all a big deal. You can flaunt your gorgeous and elegant tresses and make a really bold fashion statement.  As it is ergonomically designed, it is particularly easy to use. All you need to do is slide along your locks through the Teflon ceramic coated plates. Also, the 360-degree rotating cord of the hairstyler makes certain that each and every part of your mane is fashioned well. So, get all set to surprise your mates with your transformation and look impressively beautiful with smooth, charming and glossy hair.

Just placing your locks in between the plates, holding the plastic top, pulling down gradually and freeing the grip would get you amazing and suggestive straight hair! Don’t worry, the plates would heat up super-fast but won't hurt your mane at all. You can pick from the 5 temperature settings and tune it in view of that to avoid any harm. The cables can rotate up to 360 degrees. As a result, you get just the accurate angle every time you use it. Moreover, the shiny and compact design of the Nova Hair Straightener makes it easy to carry. So, use it – the world over!

Taking everything into account, with quite a lot of features, this hair straightener can help you style your tresses in any way you want in a jiffy. In fact, I would say that it is an amazing and reasonably priced curling iron to invest in if you are just starting to try-out straightening on your hair.

Buy it if what you are looking for is a provisional resort to curling or straightening hair without giving a second thought to it. However, if you want something that would save your hair as well, give another option of the best hair straightener in India under 500 a shot as it tends to provide more split ends to you.

Price 422 Rupees


→ Shrih Hair Straightener

The next substitute we are going to talk about is the Shrih SH-04742 Hair Straightener. Thanks to this Hair Straightener, you can turn your bad-hair day into a marvellous hairstyle day and look like a prima donna worth million dollars as you step out of your home.

The Shrih Hair Straightener under 500 Rupees comprises of ceramic plates that move smoothly along your tresses. The plates provide your locks a lustre that you long for. By way of the Instant Heating Technology, this hairstyle gets heated up in nothing flat and is all set for perfect results. Furthermore, it comes together with a Handy Swivel Cord Technology that rotates the cable to avoid winding or twisting of the cord while you style.

The convenient lock system of the Shrih Hair Straightener keeps it safe, particularly while putting away and traveling. If you want to lock the plates, all you need to do is slither the lock button in the upward direction. On the contrary, to unlock the plates, simply move it in contrasting direction. As soon as you are done with your hair straightening, you can hang it up your counter. Yes! It comes with a hanging loop as well, to provide you extremely stress-free and convenient storage. It is attuned to worldwide voltage starting from 100-240V. So you can carry this beautiful straightener conveniently far and wide.

All things considered, this product covers almost the whole enchilada to get you ready for that big moment. But then again, we have an additional possibility for you. So, checking it out is a must. Get all set to lay your eyes on the Nova Temperature Control Professional NHS 860 Hair Straightener.

Price 428 Rupees


→ Nova Professional Hair Straightener

This Hair Straightener from Nova provides you salon-like smooth and shiny mane. You don’t have to put your tresses through blow-drying, that in many cases, absorbs moistness from your hair strands. You can use this hairstyler to style your locks from wet to dry and curly to straight, in a matter of a few minutes. This low cost straightener can straighten as well as style any kind of locks with adjustable temperature settings and Infused ceramic plates for beautiful, polished, charming edges and flawless straight hair.  You can get this device function at four different levels of temperatures. The long swivel cord guarantees flexibility together with comfort and ease while using this machine.

Another great thing about this hair straightener under 500 Rupees is its quick setup. Yes, you don’t have to plug it into the power socket or leave it for hours before using it. Its fast heat up time of 30 seconds lets you live without difficulty. So now, adore that flawless hairdo at constant caring temperature. Moreover, not like other hair straighteners, you can use it for drizzly or wet hair as well. Amazing!! Isn’t it?

So thanks to, Nova Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener, now, you can enjoy defined hair styling with extreme hair protection. The product is absolutely worth giving a try! And the following Hair Straightener is no different.

Price 475 Rupees


→ Kemei Hair Straightener

Yeah! Now, we are going to look over the Kemei KM- 531 Hair Straightener. This professional ceramic hair straightener, which is actually perfected for hairdresser's use, is impeccable for personal use as well.

Ceramic hot plates of the Kemei Hair Straightener make sure that you get equal heat distribution, soothing your mane while producing a glossy, smooth finish. There is also an LED indicator that points out if the device is on or off. The appliance may well shut off mechanically when the plates are heated to the preferred temperature. At the same time, a thermostatically controlled dial makes this professional Kemei ceramic hair straightener iron appropriate for all kinds of tresses – dense, thin, permed, coloured or naturally straight.

An immaculate hair styling accessory – the Kemei Hair Straightener will make you appear like a stunning diva in a flash. With this best hairstyle under 500 Rupees, you can get smooth, sleek and fabulous locks or wavy, lustrous and bouncy hair – without a hitch.

Price 485 Rupees


→ GTB Hair Straightener

Last but not the least, the GTB HQTT-90 Hair Straightener is an extraordinary combination of hair straightener and combs. With this, you can get professional hair straightening and shaping tools at the same time.

On top of that, you’ll find three temperature settings as well. To manage thicker hair or curls, set it to 210-230 degrees Celsius. If your hair is somewhat normal, I’d recommend you to set the temperature to 190-210 degrees Celsius. Similarly, if what you have is thin and soft hair, go for 170-200 degrees Celsius. Likewise, I’d acclaim that you choose the maximum temperature in the beginning, and far along, reduce the temperature level on the basis of the quality of your hair.

This, one of the best hair straighteners below 500 Rupees gives off rich negative ions while you use it, merging with air to produce water that would condition and moisturize your hair. Thus and so, you get straightened hair right away while leaving behind a healthy sheen and gloss. As follows, you can get ready quickly for going out in hurry, or during those busy morning hours, managing to look gorgeous every day.

Price 500 Rupees


To conclude: I hope that I’ve shared every single professional hair straightener you could imagine to have on your wish list of the best low cost hair straightener in India under 500 Rupees.

Our list of hair straighteners under 500 would let you select ‘the best’ from the greatest options to assure a professional straightener, no matter what you choose. So now, make your choice and share which hair straighteners do you think promise the sleekest, smoothest and glossiest hair with extremely fast straightening? Read also Best Makeup Brush Set Eye Liner Vanity Mirror and Hair Dryer for Indian Ladies.