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800W Black & Decker PRSM600 Food Processor Review

Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Specifications

The Black & Decker is a premium American brand, we always expect something great from its design lab. The Black & Decker PRSM600 Food Processor with 800W capacity is not just an ordinary machine that can only perform a few basic functions in your kitchen. This beast is capable of doing more tasks than you can ever think of doing with a food processor. However, not every household can buy this machine as it comes at a whopping price of 25000 INR.

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Black Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Review in India


The main unit is made up of solid aluminum that provides greater durability by preventing it from rusting and heavy work load. To be true, this food processor looks more like a prototype of some futuristic gadget. It is a compact machine, but it takes a lot of space in your kitchen as there are many small parts attached to it. Operating this machine is not a child’s play and will require a thorough reading of the manual that comes along.Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Bowls


The Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor can perform 20 different functions, some of which are whisking, mincing, pasta making, cake mixing, kneading, kebab making and cookie making. It has got a powerful 800 Watt motor that can do all the tasks without any problem. There is a dialer on the front that allows a user to control the speed of motor. It is also comes with a pulse feature that enhances the convenience.Black Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Egg

You can do more than what we normally do in our kitchen. This machine can turn your kitchen in a local bakery. In fact, it is suitable for a bakery than a domestic kitchen. However, if your family is big, then this is a perfect choice.


The Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor comes with two mixing bowls, one with 4.5 liter capacity and the other with 3 liter capacity. These bowls are so much big that you can process food for a party in just one go. With its 1.25 liter blender you can crush ice and make smoothies. This food processor comes with a bunch of stainless steel blades that can be attached to the main unit according to the requirement. You get two screens with varying sizes for mincing meat at different consistencies.Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor User Manual

The kebbe attachment that comes within the box can be sued to make hollow kebabs. It also comes with an Anti-Splash shield that avoids ingredients from jumping outside while you use the machine. For cookie making, you get four different shapers. An optional pasta maker attachment turns this machine in to a pasta factory.

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All the accessories of this machine are made up of durable materials that can withstand extreme situations.


Black & Decker PRSM600 Food Processor features rubber suction feet that provide it stability even when vibrations are on their peak. Accessories get firmly attached to the main unit avoiding chances of accident. It is really hard for the motor of this machine to get overloaded, but even if it does, the overload protection feature comes into action.Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Specifications

Power Consumption

This food processor consumes relatively more power than other food processors that come under your budget. However, when you are paying so much for the machine itself, then it is quite clear that you will have no problem in spending some extra pennies on electricity bill. The thing that you should be concerned of is its low voltage range support of only 220-240 volts. You must use stabilizer if you do not want to put all your money in vain.Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor review


The Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor comes with two years of warranty. However, if this machine becomes faulty after the warranty period ends, then you will certainly have to spend a lot of money to get it repaired.


  1. Multifunctional in a true sense.
  2. Comes with an uncountable number of accessories that includes high capacity bowls.
  3. Aluminum body.
  4. Attractive design.
  5. Easy to clean as all the parts of this machine easily get disassembled.
  6. Features a power 800 Watt motor.

Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Juice Maker


  1. It is not affordable for everyone.
  2. Hard to use.

Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor Bread Maker


This food processor is not for budget Indian household. It is advised that you buy machine only when you run a bakery or have a big pocket. However, on the front of features and quality, there is no match of this food processor. This beast can do anything within no time.

Price 25000 Rupees
Functions Blending, Mincing, Whisking, Kebab, Cookie
Blades For Dough, Double C
Bowl Material Stainless Steel
Body Material Aluminum Body
Speed Settings Yes
Power Consumption 800 W
Warranty 2 Years
Magic Box Food Processor, User Manual, Warranty Card

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