Your android smartphone is not merely for attending and making phone calls or hanging on to the music! There is a lot more to do on Android than just playing Angry Birds! No matter, if you are a schoolboy or just somebody looking for self-improvement, abundant android apps are accessible to you that can improve your talents and information base too. Of course, it can likewise keep you amused for long durations as well. Technology has a wonderful impact in keeping you well-managed and high-tech. Recent progress has significantly altered the way individual works.

The open-source platform of the Google Android is rapidly getting infectious and attaining its own devoted supporters. With the enormous figure of apps obtainable for downloading in your app store, you can, at the moment, make the most out of your Android phones. You can get your business, entertainment, recreation, games – all going smoothly with your phone in hand. The key is for this is downloading the accurate Android apps at your clearance. Read also 6 Best Android Apps This Year: Free and Paid Android Application List.

Here, we'll let you discover the paramount apps from the android app store by offering you eight unique Android Apps that can make your smartphone really extraordinary. Here is a nippy roundup of Android apps that will make your smartphone smarter than the smartest! What’s more interesting is that most of them are free apps. Read on to check them out!

Better Open With Android App

Better Open With protects you from the annoyance of having to pick just one default application handler on clicking a file type. With this, you don’t need to select amid “always” and “only once”! You just need to state what apps are your favorites for every activity, and at that juncture set Better Open With to manage your entire defaults.

On choosing Better Open With as the default application for getting files opened, you yet receive the whole action with window, with the exception that at this time you get a number of more features accessible. You get a configurable timeout that spontaneously chooses your favored application if you don’t see to anything after, around, 4-5 seconds. You can likewise set your desired application for every single file type from this app. Therefore you don’t have to delay for the phone to enquire you about this. This offers you more springiness when opening archives. In addition, it allows you to be indolent and it will perform the activity even if you won’t.

Better Open With Android App

Hence, the next time you desire for setting the default app, all you have to do is switch to Better Open With and choose it to be your default option. Now when, it’s directly your default application, no more steps required.

Verdict: At the end of the day, if you are on a lookout for a superior method for the default app handler management, I would intensely endorse that you go for Better Open With. It is a very dependable and trustworthy app that is free from any maddening malfunctions and blunders. Just move ahead and check that out. Download!! Read also 4 Best Games for Android Smartphones This Year.

Flynx – Read the web smartly

Included as one of the indispensable apps on Google play, it truly folds a decent number of features. Flynx assists you in loading links and articles from your application without leaving them. It opens the article contextually in the background while you are busy with your work. Web pages store in a floating window, thus and so, you don't have to close the existing app for accessing your Webpages.

Flynx allows you to load articles and links from all your preferred apps including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Whatsapp in a ground-breaking manner. That too, without disturbing you while you do something creative or useful!

Flynx Read the web smartly Android App

On top of, the quick read mode downloads just the significant content without any ad. The quick read mode allows freeing yourself with the hassle of ads by downloading only appropriate content, thus saves your data and time. It moreover lets you save articles offline. So, you can read them far ahead as well. It is a whimsical free app that substitutes the default Web browser on your device.

Verdict: The Flynx app functions impeccably and it can load articles in the background when surfing social networking applications. The app holds back your time by letting you surf your social network’s newsfeed when holding for pages to load. It is not just restricted to social apps but works with additional apps like Gmail as well. The Flynx will fairly alter the way you use your phone. Download!! Read also 5 Unique Android Apps to Help You Organize Home Party.

MacroDroid – Device Automation

MacroDroid is an influential app for task automation and configuration that emphases deeply on usability by means of a simple UI and reasonable step by step procedure. The app aims to turn your smartphone to be slightly smoother and smarter. It lets you generate “macros” detailed settings. Therefore, if your smartphone frequently wakes you up late at night on receiving a text or an email, you can fix it to move to the silent mode at a definite time. Then you can move back regular tome when you are awake.

You can perform smarter things with this as well, such as turning your Wi-Fi off if the battery dies. Alternatively, it can let you know the time via your speaker if you press the power button. In consequence, you don’t need to get your phone out of your pocket! It is an ingenious slight app that can accomplish heaps of clever activities. The greatest thing about this is it is truly easy to use.

MacroDroid Device Automation Android App

Constraints add a supplementary regulation to the macro. For example, I could fix a constraint for the macro to just occur on Sunday to Thursday. In such a way, if I tossed Google Maps on Friday or Saturday, then this won’t activate the GPS. To such a degree, Constraints allows adding in a slight additional restriction while you lookout for triggers. You would notice twenty diverse triggers in addition to the 10 constraints and 30 different actions. It is very much configurable. You will get more than a few options, but all of them are easy to implement. On top of, the interface is fundamentally monochrome black, silver and white. It is easy and pleasantly designed.

Verdict: I must say, I am really enthralled with MacroDroid. The app lets you generate a custom macro to power the errands on your Android phone. You can use it for a variety of purposes. With this, you can exit the Bluetooth. In addition, you can keep your device to silent, disable data while you are at a particular place. The template section allows you to use convenient macros as an alternative to creating your own. All-in-all, I would advise you to just go ahead and try it out. Download!! Read also 5 Best Free Android Apps for Painting on Smartphone.

Nova Launcher

The splendor of the Nova Launcher app is how cool it makes filling your complete display by means of the home screen. This is done with nearly no space specified over the inessential interface features. This offers you the kind of artless appearance you just can’t get with numerous other launchers.
Apart from a pleasant and fresh look, Nova functions using stuff so-called Nova actions. They are buttons that can be located on your home screen. In this way, you are freed of stuff such as the notifications menu or app dock.

Nova Launcher Android App

The launcher is packed with attractive customization facilities. This would let you create a look that you desire. Nevertheless, it is correspondingly jam-packed of valuable time-saving aspects to make your life cooler. The app is one of those charms that functions dead-on and devours nearly infinite choices to customize your phone. You can locate shortcuts and widgets on your phone’s home screens. Furthermore, you can make your icons signify all of your connected apps, and a folder to keep them intact. All-embracing, it works very well.

Verdict: In my opinion, Nova Launcher possibly is the paramount thing that has ever occurred to the technology of Android. Infinite customization that you attain is significant to a number of us. Nova Launcher offers both the knowledgeable and the troupers amongst us a stress-free way to perform all this. If you want to have a change, or just desire to attain greater control over the appearance of your phone and the way it organizes stuffs Nova Launcher is just the right app, to begin with. Download!! Read also 7 Best Photo Editor App For Android Smartphone Users.

Pie Control

Pie Control is an Android app that lets you get swift launch buttons, launch an app or shift amid apps from anyplace. The pie comprises of shortcuts, app shortcuts, navigation buttons and any probable Android action. The capability to customize this pie hinges on the app used. The app lets you hide the navigation bar; as a result, it exhibits additional screen real estate and utilizes the pop-up pie screen to traverse through your Android phone. It can let you simply access the Android navigation panels and control them when they could be hard to reach.

Pie Control Android App

It is too reckless using Pie Control than when executing finger gymnastics to access the navigation controls. Are you not willing to root your phone? If yes, then, Pie Control is just the accurate choice for you. This app would permit you to place the navigation controls and shortcuts at your fingertips. Using the app might take some time to get used to the activities. But then again, as soon as you get accustomed to it, you can use it to prompt up your navigation control about your Android phone.

Verdict: Pie Control is definitely an uncommon Android app that utilizes a swipe interface that is pie-like. I extremely applaud this app and acclaim to give it a fair chance to decide if it can save your time. As a matter of fact, it saves RSI of your strained finger tendons. You will love it as I did it. Download!! Read also Free Video Editors for Android Smartphone Users.

SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting

This app is a new standard app that emphasizes on SMS facility through your PC. SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting stresses on the management of your texts by means of a web browser. Hence, it offers a web page with which all your texts get synced in the middle of your computer and phone.

Of all the available PC texting Android apps, this one is the coolest to use. You just have to install the app on your phone, log into your Gmail account and trigger the app. And you are all set to go! The best thing about this is that how smoothly it syncs your messages. Doesn’t matter you are linked to Wi-Fi or working on a data plan. If you are using the Chrome Extension, you are likely to receive the pop-ups while using your Facebook or Gmail tabs. It appears in just the same way as how an inbound chat text appears. Moreover, you can create your texts as well.

SMS Text Messaging PC Texting Android App

The Gmail integration makes the process tremendously stress-free. The Search feature here is the monster mislaid thing in this app and there is no upright clarification why you can't explore to look-out a particular text message. Taking everything into account, this app is ideal for out-workers, freelancers, real estate managers, sales people, and any business person who depend on messaging to send fast, professional texts to contemporaries and clienteles.

Verdict: Download this app to save your valuable time and enhance your output. With this, you won't need to check your device for each message notification. You can check who's messaging you from your laptop or computer without looking at your smartphone. Busy working? Manage your messages or SMS without taking a look at your phone! Yes!! It’s possible with SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting! Download!! Read also Best 5 Antivirus Apps for Smartphones and Tablets.

Universal Copy

Have you ever tried to copy and paste anything that pops up in Google Play Music? No? Try it out! You’ll see that you will fail. The app won’t let you do that. Then, the same retyping that info tends to be a completely irritating task. Here is where our next app – the Universal Copy proposes to some extent a work about. The Universal Copy utilizes the Android's integral Accessibility settings to offer the capability to copy the script in apps that else won't allow you.

Not just Google play Music, but various Android apps including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and many others won’t allow you to do that. Technically, this kind of text is known as Text View. You cannot copy this. The Universal Copy Android app allows copying Text View texts. Using this app is very easy, you just have to install it and you’re all set to go. Then you will have to traverse to the script you desire to copy, trigger the app, touch the text copy and hit the ‘copy’ located at the upper right angle of the app. It is done! Now you just have to paste it at the desired place!

Universal Copy Android App

Generally, the app works impeccably but not all the times. For instance, you can copy the headings In the Google Newsstand, but the body script is not allowed to copy. There are few more Google apps where Universal Copy fails to function well, for some whys and wherefores.

Verdict: Universal Copy is a somewhat detailed app, and if you desire for a particular functionality, then this app serves to be really convenient. The app owns a pleasant design, and it’s totally free! You won’t even discover any featured ads. Since the Universal Copy is 100% free, you must go ahead and give it a damn try! Yes sure, only if you are interested in copying! Download!! Read also Will Passwords Become Obsolete? Five Alternates of Character Password.

Flippr – flip widgets anywhere

With flippr, your preferred shortcuts and widgets are just a contact away. With this app, you can access your widgets while using any software without any need to come back to your home screen! For instance, you can check the weather while playing your favorite game.

Flippr appears as a minor bubble that stopovers at the top of all your phone apps. You can access any of your widgets with the help of this bubble. All you need to do is to tap it and move your finger parallel to shift widgets smoothly.

Here are a number of instances, when you can use this app:

  • Check the stock rates while watching a movie.
  • You can check the temperature in your city while editing a worksheet.
  • Read your Facebook newsfeed while a new level of your favorite game is coming up.

Yes! You can do anything and everything like this with flippr! Isn’t that great?  So now, you don’t need to restrict your widgets to your home screen! With flippr, you can access floating widgets from anyplace and anytime. You can call this to be an innovative type of multitasking.

Flippr flip widgets anywhere Android App

Verdict: The Flippr app places your widgets within its floating bubble. In this fashion, you can rapidly check and intermingle with your preferred apps. You don’t even have to open them or leave the existing app on your display. You can likewise allocate several widgets to a single bubble button, and spool it parallel after clicking on it. Just download Flippr and enjoy the all-new kind of multitasking!! Download!!