Digital cameras have come quite a long way ever since their access to the flea market. Now you can easily find cameras that may capture professional quality pictures without burning a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, one of the most prevalent problems yet remains the same. Yes, I’m talking about the process of printing professional quality photos. If you get them printed at a workshop, you may need to incur money for conveyance, time and what not! Fortunately, there are more than a few digital photo printers available in the consumer market at the moment that can be bought and used over and over again!

Moreover, if you work as a qualified professional photographer, then printing brilliant pictures is your foremost need. However, what is the factors that you must take account of before you buy the Best Photo Printer for you? Well, you must make certain that the printer you purchase is cost-effective. And another major thing that you need to do for purchasing Photo printer for Photo Studio is to make certain that the printer you purchase will certainly offer you the advantage. However, you need not worry anymore! Most of the high-end photo printers available at the moment let you print photographs with a lot of relief.

Determining the best professional photo printer for your requirements is no more a tough chore. With quite a lot of brand of printers like Canon, HP, and Epson, you can choose from a number of designs that may be pretty attractive to you. Here, we are presenting a number of professional photo printers that are fairly easy to use and are rather reasonably priced. Check out what makes these photo printers one of the best in the market at present.

☼ Epson PictureMATE PM-400 Photo Printer

Producing 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 prints, this small-format wireless printer is the simplest printer designed to work with mobile phones.

Brilliant Design: PM-400 is an unbelievably lightweight printer weighing nearly 4 pounds. Therefore, you are not going to have any portability and manageability concerns. This little machine measures around 9.8 x 15.1 x 7.9 inches (W x D x H). As a result, it can fit into your bags or hand baggage with no trouble. The design of the PM-400 is an elegant bone-white that has gray lettering along with blue and red buttons. Even though the top flap of the printer shields the tuckaway, the 2.7-inch screen is made of sleek white plastic. This ensures that it appears to be spick-and-span and neat on any desktop.

Easy Setup: The Epson photo printer lets you print by means of Wi-Fi, micro SD as well as SD cards. You can print by the use of a USB 2.0 drive too. Setup for Wi-Fi printing can be a bit complicated. To set up Wi-Fi on your printer, you’ll have to click on the Wi-Fi settings. Then you’ll be requested to find your network. This can be done without any problems.

Epson PictureMate PM-400 Photo Printer

Dazzling Performance of this Epson Photo Printer

Epson promises that you can print every single image in not more than 30 seconds. However, if what you're looking for is an intense print complexity, don't presume that you can find it over here. This printer is not designed for qualified photojournalists at all. Yet, the pictures you print would be marvelous. Likewise, using the printer just can’t be cooler. Besides printing from your computer, you can print off your smartphone, SD card, tablet or flash drive. You can make modifications and tunings, for instance, red-eye reduction, by way of the LCD.


  • You can create 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6 and 5 x 7-inch prints
  • The printer is compact and lightweight
  • Exceptional photo quality
  • Wireless connectivity

Verdict: IMO there’s no better way to make use of the photographs on your phone than to print them with PM-400 and dangle them all over your house! Indeed, that’s going to be an ideal tech fun experience that would last all through your lives! After all, there are few things money can’t buy! So, if you are on a restricted budget and yet wishing for something that’s powerful and fast, THEN GIVE THIS PRINTER A GO!!! It's a splendid printer for small pictures that have been captured with huge extents of LOVE. I greatly recommend the Epson Picture Mate PM-400: definitely one of the best photo printers in India! Buy: 53000 Rupees.

☼ Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Instant Color Inkjet Printer

The PRO-100 model under the PIXMA series from Canon is a dedicated printer designed to attain outstanding photographs from high-resolution files.

Features and design: PIXMA PRO-100 holds few perceptible controls on its nice-looking dark gray and silver case. You’ll find three buttons: – Power, Cancel/Resume, Wi-Fi.

Below these buttons is a USB port that would just be used for uninterrupted printing from a PictBridge-enabled camera. The front panel may fold down that possibly will expand as an output tray. An additional panel that’s located on top opens to uncover the print head as well as ink cartridges.  Similarly, the PIXMA PRO-100 makes use of an eight-color ink system:

  • Black
  • Light gray
  • Gray
  • Cyan
  • Photo cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Photo magenta

Another panel located on the top expands to uncover the main paper input tray. This tray can put up about 120 plain paper sheets.

Output Quality – Just Awesome! Yes! I know that you won’t buy the PRO-100 photo printer in order to print text, but you’ll be amazed to know that it can even do that if you want. The printer possesses a quality that’s above-average for an inkjet. It would perform fairly well on more than a few business fonts. Graphics quality you attain would be somewhat above average for an inkjet even though the colors would appear to be off on a number of photographs.

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Instant Color InkJet PrinterSetup of the canon photo printer is rather simple but time wasting. The software would require about 15 to 20 minutes if you are going to install all the functions. The printer would connect to your PC by means of Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi. Additionally, it supports wireless printing by way of Apple’s Air Print protocol. The monochrome prints are exceptional. The three monochrome ink colors — black, light gray and gray do an incredible job.


  • You can attain print size up to 13×19
  • Fabulous output quality
  • Black inks produce brilliant monochrome prints

Verdict: Largely, striding towards a printer that can do justice to great camerawork from a household photo printer is a huge and costly spring. The irony is that even though the Pro-100 is significantly overpriced than any consumer photo printer, it’s really reasonably priced when it’s about a wide-format prosumer printer. Being capable of achieving the certified quality output, the Pro-100 turns out to be Canon’s least pricey prosumer wide-format photo printer. Therefore, if what you’re looking for is a pro-level photo printer that is within your means, the Pro-100 is certainly going to fit your bill. Buy: 31000 Rupees

☼ Epson L850 All-in-One Ink Tank Photo Printers

Promising the finest quality in photo printing along with a resolution of 5760 dpi and an extended color gamut of six inks, Epson L850 is extraordinary by all means.

Remarkable Design: The Epson Ink Tank photo printer captures finest design aspects. The printer owns a tank on its right side along with a control panel at front and a retractable feeder tray behind the scanner bed. Being small in height, it is a bit broader than any laser A4 printer is. On the right side, you can see the tank occupying some additional space.

Setup: The Epson L850 ink tank photo printer won’t just start running as soon as you get it out of the box.  You’ll find no Wireless facility, so setting your printer would be restricted to installing the drivers on your PC and linking it to its USB port. Moreover, there is no LAN port. Therefore, you cannot connect the printer to the network, sensibly. The printer owns a Letter size flatbed scanner as well. This allows you to scan brochures in 1200 dots per inch directly to a memory card, PC or a pen drive.

PC-less printing: Equipped with an instinctive interface and some ports at the front side, Epson L850 can work without a PC. It owns the SD and Memory Stick Pro card slot and a USB port. All the same, it supports mini-SD cards, Magic Gate Memory Stick as well as additional memory types that go with suitable adapters. Among file handling features, you get an option for Backup data that transfers all the memory card pictures to a pen drive.

Epson L850 All-in-One Ink Tank Photo Printer

By way of the direct USB 2.0 port, memory card slot and PictBridge, you can print your photos from your memory cards. You can likewise print pictures right from the camera that supports PictBridge for improved effectiveness. For additional suitability, the Epson printer is armed with a big 2.7” LCD screen that makes direct printing stress-free.


  • Remarkable print quality
  • Reasonably priced ink-tank system
  • Direct USB or memory card printing
  • Better-quality touch-based control panel

Verdict: The Epson L850 fits your business standards without any glitch. If all you want is to print amazing quality color prints at a reasonable cost, then this printer is the perfect solution.  The PC-less printing feature of the printer works fairly good, completely incorporated into its better-quality interface. Its 6-ink system can produce professional quality photo prints and at a cost, you must have never come through either.  The Epson L850 is truly a flawless solution for you if all you want is splendid quality photo prints at minimum running costs. Absolutely it has to be one of the top photo printers! Buy: 28000 Rupees.

☼ CANON SELPHY CP910 Color Photo Print

Selfie is the term of the moment! However, Canon is selling these SELPHY photo printers for a very long time.  The Selphy CP910 is a very compact appliance that may print your postcards or passport size photographs as well. Supporting wireless networking, the photo printer owns a color display along with a USB host port as well as SD card slot. Therefore attaining direct prints is too easy to go.

Incomparable Design: Being 2.5 inches high, 7.1 inches wide and 5.4 inches deep, the Color Photo Printer weighs nearly 1.9 pounds. That is without the battery! The battery of this printer although is not too heavy! You also get the AC adapter that’s brick-shaped encompassed along with the printer. It’s a bit large, nearly 1.3 inches high, 2.5 inches wide and 5.2 inches deep.  You’ll need the AC adapter in order to charge the battery. However, if you don’t plan to print more than 54 photographs, you can avoid it. The 2.7-inch LCD screen displays the pictures with outstanding color and saturation. You can slant it up about 60 degrees for a superior viewing angle.

Cool to Setup: The SELPHY CP910 is cool to set up as well. You’ll have to be watchful, though, about how you locate a load of photo paper into the paper tray. The CP910 supports WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup that permits push-button configuration with compatible hardware. You’ll likewise have to add an ink-ribbon cassette into the Photo Printer.  The printer would be transported with only five pages of postcard-size paper. In addition, you get an ink cartridge for those sheets of paper. The printer drivers and guidebook can be downloaded from a URL that’s provided along with the product. You’ll come across no problems while installing this printer at all.

CANON SELPHY CP910 Color Photo PrintThe printing performance of the SELPHY CP910 performs with an average speed of 41 seconds.  In addition to its proficient paper handling, the printer conveys remarkable speed and output quality. Moving to its higher-resolution mode reduces down its speed to 16 seconds per photo print. You can choose between printings with a glossy or matte finish just by altering a setting in the driver. This may perhaps slow the photo printer down by a considerable bit.

Verdict: The CANON SELPHY CP910 is a brilliant choice if you are looking for a portable photo printer, particularly if you desire to control it with a rechargeable battery. The only noteworthy downside of the printer is its price — for both the consumable and the hardware. The quality of the Photo printer is analogous to a print that you may obtain from a camera workshop. Overall, it’s a fast printer while the outcomes are absolutely free of grain. I highly recommend it as a perfect photo printing printer. Buy: 21000 Rupees

☼ HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer

This is an ultra-portable printer that is surely going to charm the tech-savvy generation. The device can promptly print 2×3″ photographs from your smartphone as it comes along with a companion app for iOS and Android.
Pocket-size printer: Being of nearly the same size as a smartphone, this Bluetooth printer will go wherever you want. By effortlessly fitting into your piece of luggage or bag, this lightweight printer can hardly be seen by any person. The rechargeable battery can print about 30 sheets of photo paper per charge in just about 60 to 80 minutes.

Prints on the Go! The HP photo Printer allows you to produce instant 2 x 3-inch stickable photos from almost anywhere. You can take a picture or use one from your printer, social profiles or from your beloved picture app. Furthermore, the HP Sprocket App is well-matched with Apple and Android devices.

Customize your Photographs: You can get ingenious and creative with the Sprocket Photo Printers! You can add character to your pictures before you print them with filters, emojis, frames, text, stickers and so on. The HP Sprocket App allows you to modify your pictures before you print them. You can print social media photos by way of social media printing with no trouble. On top of that, you can connect your social media profiles to the app and immediately turn any pictures into colorful prints. Thus and so, sharing exciting prints that capture all fascinating moments is a breeze.

HP Sprocket Pocket Photo PrinterThe HP Sprocket Photo Printers lets you print your beloved snapshots instantly. The 2×3 inch size that it produces makes it an impeccable choice for sharing. The printer comes together with a 10-sheet pack of photo papers. All you have to do is just open the top of the device, drop the paper in, and get all set with your printing! So, just get your work started right away!

Bright colors and durable prints: This Photo Printer prints without any ink. For that reason, as soon as your prints leave the printer, they turn into water-resistant, smudge-proof, tear-resistant copies that are all set to be shared and managed. To attain remarkable results, you must use HP ZINK Photo Paper. This paper is particularly designed to make certain that you attain bright, glossy pictures with exciting colors each time you print.

Printable stickers: You can convert your pictures into instant stickers with this printer. All you have to do is just peel off the back of your prints. This way, you can beautify your carrier bag, backpack, photograph album, journal, house walls, scrapbooks or whatever thing that may hold the stickable snaps of your beloved moments.

Verdict: So should you buy the HP Sprocket Photo Printer? Hell yes! Why? Because it will bring the ecstasy you deserve!!  It will delight you in some special ways!! The Sprocket would be an exciting product to carry out at gatherings or other festivities. With this Photo Printer, you can print your pictures from your smartphone or tablet as simply as you post them on social accounts. So, get all set to make time with your loving friends unforgettable by directly shareable 2 x 3-inch photographs or stickers of each exciting moment. Therefore, live it; love it; print it! Buy: 19000 Rupees

☼ Canon G3000 AIO Ink Tank Printers

Pixma G3000 is the first refillable ink tank system All-In-One wireless printer from Canon that's intended to provide high volume printing at slight running cost.

High Page Yield Ink Bottles: The Canon Pixma G3000 provides high page yield ink bottles of around 7000 pages. Therefore, you can enjoy your photo printing without any needs of disquieting about charges of ink. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about ink supplies running low.

Integrated Ink Tank System: The printer has an incorporated integrated ink tanks. This makes a printer body that’s compact. You can likewise check the remaining ink levels at a glance with no trouble.

Quality Photo and Document Printing: With this printer, you can print borderless photos for about A4 size. The hybrid ink system of the G3000 is proficient enough to create crisp black text documents together with excellent photographs.

Wireless LAN: The Canon Pixma G3000 supports integral wireless LAN connectivity. Therefore, you can print pictures wirelessly from your computer, laptop, mobile phones or tablets without difficulty.

Access Point Mode: The Canon Pixma G3000 can act as an access point when the wireless router is not present. Thus, it allows you to establish a direct connection to your smartphones and tablets.

Canon Pixma G3000 AIO Ink Tank PrinterThe printer supports the all new Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app. As a result, the printer supports stress-free and directed printing from your smartphones and tablets. You can print from cloud services as well including Facebook and Dropbox by means of PIXMA Cloud Link.


  • Access Point Mode
  • Fine quality printing
  • Wireless LAN
  • Mobile and Cloud Printing
  • High Page Yield Ink Bottles
  • Integrated Ink Tank System
  • Fast Copy
  • Better Scanning

Verdict: The Canon Pixma G3000 AIO Ink Tank Printer produces 6000 pages that can be printed from a number of ink bottles. When it’s about finest print quality and dependability, no one can substitute Canon printers. And the Pixma G3000 is no exception! Even though the printing cost per page of 40 to 60 paisa may sound a bit astounding. Yet it is factual for this Low-cost photo printer! Buy: 15000 Rupees

☼ Canon CP1000 Budget Photo Printer

The all-new dye-sublimation thermal transfer printer from Canon — Canon Selphy CP1000 – is one of the best compact photo printers available at present.

A Dye Sublimation printer: The Canon Selphy CP1000 is a Dye Sublimation printer. What’s that? This means that the printer makes use of a distinct thermal ribbon cartridge that possibly will put on the color in three layers:-

  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Cyan

The dye ribbon is then heated and the color is conveyed onto the special paper it comes along. A single cartridge set can print just about a sum of photographs and it comes along with sufficient paper cards.  Not like inkjet cartridge, you can't refill it. As soon as the ribbon has touched its end, it’s finished. You will have to exchange it with a fresh one.

User-friendly: The product is pretty user-friendly. You can use it with your pen drive as well. For this, all you have to do is plug in the printer, switch it on and press the print button. As simple as that!

Print your favorite pictures in rich, vibrant colors: Thanks to the innovative dye sublimation technology, the SELPHY CP1000 creates high-resolution photographs by way of ultra-high quality prints. You’ll be amazed to know that this printer for photo studio uses 16.7 million colors. For attaining precision in prints, the CP1000 takes account of an Auto Image Optimize feature that additionally enriches the blues and dusks. The printer lets you have appropriate color cast as well as contrasts. In addition, removing red-eye and noise is possible as well. If you delight in picture-perfect selfies and group pictures, the Smooth Skin mode eliminates facial flaws to make sure that you attain splendid results every single time.

Canon Selphy CP1000 Budget Photo PrinterThe SELPHY CP1000 has the capability to control the heat applied to the ink ribbon. It offers four print finishes without using a different media type or paper. The choices consist of a glossy finish for a long-lasting print that may last for about 100 years. More than that, the printer supports the three variants of semi-gloss to attain smudge and fingerprint-proof pictures.


  • Rapid and stress-free printing from camera, USB or memory cards
  • Produces ID photographs of extensively accepted standards
  • Create long-lasting memoirs with strong lab quality prints
  • Selectable quality by means of standard photo paper
  • Compact and handy photo printer that is perfect for home


  • The biggest rip-off is that all versions of Mac and Windows are not supported when it’s about the drivers.
  • The Wi-Fi feature has been removed
  • No USB cable to connect to your PC

Verdict: This is a Reliable Photo printer that I highly recommend. The Canon Selphy CP1000 focuses on the better-quality picture printing. In addition, the features of passport photo printing and grid printing feature are immensely good. The real asset of the printer is that it will let you print wirelessly from your smartphone on days off or at a festivities and parties.  You can print your pictures sitting at the comfort of your home: no need to place an order for online prints or head towards a photo-printing workshop. It’s so compact that you can store it anywhere you want. Buy: 6500 Rupees