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7 Best Basic Phone Under 1000 Rupee Online in India

Micromax X590 Dual SIM Battery Mobile Phone

The recent demonetization has changed a base principle of human life. Now you cannot survive with just Roti, Kapara, and Makaan. A mobile phone is now a must. A smartphone is always a better idea, however, a basic phone not bad either. There could be various reasons you want to buy a basic phone: being comfortable in using a smartphone, or cannot purchase because of budget constraint or want to have a basic phone as an additional support.

In the basic phone segment, there are basically three categories: below 1000 rupees, between 1000 to 2000 rupees, and between 2000 to 3000 rupees. In this article, I report on some seven basic phones, available in online market below 1000 rupees. So continue with this article up to the end and select your choice from the list of seven best basic phones under 1000 Rupees at present.

Karbonn K107

Karbonn basic phones though not always impressive on the front of build quality but on durability parameter they are among some best choices available in the Indian market. The K107 model is a recent launch. It consists of some regular and a few interesting features for providing a unique experience to end users.

Karbonn K107 Review and Specifications

Priced at just 900 Rupees, the Karbonn basic phone sports a 1.8inch screen, a VGA camera with digital zoom, 800 mAh battery, and memory expansion support up to 8GB.

Although the display is tiny but better resolution in it has ensured better clarity for the end users. Camera, too, although it is just an 0.3MP sensor but it could take long distance shots with lots of ease.

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Because of a Li-ion battery, users would get better than expected battery backup despite 800 mAh value of it.

On the front of communication and entertainment, Karbonn K107 supports GSM 1G and 2G network, and it can play FM, and Music & video files as well. For content sharing, it comes with single point channel, Bluetooth. Some preloaded games are also given on this Karbonn basic phone.

Karbonn K107 has some necessary memory for hosting operating system and the listed features of it. In its phone book memory, save up to 500 contacts; this will be an addition to the contact memory available on each SIM cards. By using two SIM cards, one can store up to 900 content details on this Karbonn basic mobile phone. Read also Four Good Quality Smartphones below 3000 Rupees.

Features Dual SIM, Games, Media Player, FM, Bluetooth
Display 1.8 inch
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Contact up to 500 in Phone Memory
Battery 800 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 950 Rupees


Sansui X45

Even though this Sansui basic phone is priced below 1000 Rupees, it comes with many good features those are not easily seen in 1500 or 2000 rupees phones. Thus it is a value for money basic phone certainly.

In terms of user’s experience, this Sansui champ got some really standard ratings. Thus, it is a perfect choice, if you are looking for a basic phone with a better screen and reliable battery backup below 1000 Rupees.

2.4inch TFT display of the X45 model is certainly elegant and fonts in them appear very clear because of high pixel density, which is 167PPI.

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Sansui X45 Review and Specifications

It is also a decent choice for audio video entertainment as its memory expansion feature allowing users to add up to 16GB storage. Since it is a low budget basic phone, do not expect much on the front of the camera features. It has an 0.3MP VGA camera with digital zoom, which takes shots in 640×480 Pixels resolution. LED flash is also given so that users could take clear shots even in low light with some clarity.

Looks, Display, and Battery – is what making Sansui X45 a genuine basic phone choice below 1000 Rupees. Its 1850 mAh battery is certainly 1050 mAh higher than that of the Karbonn K107. Trust the higher value of the battery for a longer backup. On the regular usages, users might get close to three to four days of standby and call time.

There are tons of additional features. This lists some regular as well as some recently introduced features in the basic phone segment.

FM Radio, video player, games, Internet browser, Torch are some features making its ample battery onboard a meaningful factor. In terms of security feature, Auto call recording, and Mobile tracker – is also given on this Sansui basic phone. Further, there are some regular goodies such as a calculator, timer, alarm, and stopwatch. Read also 4 Low Cost Stylish Mobile Phone with Huge Screen and Lots of Features.

Features Dual SIM, 2G, 1G, Games, Media Player, FM, Bluetooth, Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker, Calculator
Display 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Memory up to 500 Contact and 200 SMS in Phone Memory
Battery 1850 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 950 Rupees
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Intex Eco Plus

While prominent Indian mobile manufacturers are fading out in the highly competitive Indian mobile phone market, Intex is one brand that has been showing noticeable growth. This Indian brand, based in Gujarat learned from every new launch and improved products quality with post sales service delivery as well.

The Eco Plus is one decent basic phone near 800 rupees. This looks good, has some cool features, and on durability factor, too, it appears a fine product. Its screen size is just 1.8MP, which is a TFT screen with 114PPI resolution. Memory expansion is remarkably advanced, up to 32GB technically.

Intex Eco Plus Review and Specifications

Besides 800 mAh battery, Intex Eco Plus comes with all the major features one would expect on a basic phone.  FM Radio, Loudspeaker, Video player, multiple ringtone profiles, and music player support making it a true device for GSM calling with multimedia experience.

The Intex phone supports games, in fact, has some preloaded gaming applications as well.

As far as memory is concerned, one can save up to 500 contacts and close to 200 SMS on the given storage of this phone. In order to save more contacts and SMS, change the default memory to SD card.

All in all, at the current price, this is one very good choice if you are on a budget. Although I am not very impressed with its screen and memory but its overall function would provide a great satisfaction to users. Read also Intex Smartphones with 4G LTE Support below 4000 Rupees.

Features Dual SIM, Audio & Video Player, FM, Bluetooth, Calculator, Stopwatch, Calendar
Display 1.8 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 114PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM, LED Flash
Memory up to 500 Contact in Phone Memory
Battery 850 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 850 Rupees
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Micromax X603

The X603 model looks very complete. It sports a 2.4inch screen, which is the second best screen size after the 2.8 inch in the basic phone segment. Further, this phone could run in standby mode for many days thanks to a reliable 1800 lithium-ion cell. The battery is user-replaceable, which means change it if you experience any malfunction in charging it or it provides low backup.

Micromax X603 Review and Specifications

On the name of connectivity, Micromax optimized this basic phone for 2G and 1G networks and Bluetooth for data sharing with other Bluetooth-powered devices.

For entertainment, lots arsenal onboard making it a hot choice for full-time FM or music listening. Not to forget its battery is powerful enough for providing long lasting entertainment sessions.

There are lots of special features as well – making it a close to a real smart mobile phone. Torch, auto call recording, multiple profiles for call alerts, loudspeaker, audio & video player are some handy features loaded on it.

Micromax X603 Sales Box Contents

One genuine concern buyers have with Micromax basic phones – is that Hands-free are not given in the sales box for some models. Good news, however, is Micromax provides a complete kit that includes a decent quality Hands-free as well. Read also Good Looking Micromax Feature Phone between 1100 to 1300 Rupees.

Features Dual SIM, Auto Call Recording, Torch Light, Audio & Video Player, FM, Bluetooth, Calculator
Display 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM, LED Flash
Memory up to 500 Contact in Phone Memory
Battery 1000 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 995 Rupees


Micromax X590 Dual SIM Battery Mobile Phone

If you are looking for a basic phone, which should last at least a week without charging then Micromax X590 is a phone you should buy online now. On this phone, every attempt by the manufacturer is on reducing battery fuel consumption. As a result, this 1000 rupees basic phone performs less on the feature count but very high on battery backup.

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The X590 mobile phone comes with some regular features. It consists of 1.8inch TFT screen, external memory support, and 0.3MP VGA camera.

2400 mAh lithium-ion is what makes this phone really unique in the crowd of basic mobile phones those are powered by a good quality battery. While there is no significant load on the battery fuel consumption, the battery lasts really well. In fact, when the battery is fully charged, low battery alerts are not shown at least five to seven days – depending on hard to regular usages.

Micromax X590 Dual SIM Battery Mobile Phone

When there is no significant difference between features offered by basic mobile phones of Micromax and new players, why one should select a Micromax Phone? I have been a long user of Micromax phones. So I speak being a regular user of Micromax product. Micromax phone performs really well on call quality factor. Even when there is thin mobile network coverage, you would get sufficient signal for making crystal clear calls. I would like to add though on the front of style, Lava is my all time favorite. Read also Voice Calling Micromax Tablet with 4000 mAh Battery.

Features Dual SIM, Audio & Video Player, FM, Bluetooth, Calculator
Display 1.8 inch, 128×160 Pixels, 114PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM, LED Flash
Memory up to 300 Contact in Phone Memory
Battery 2400 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 1000 Rupees


Karbonn K9 Staar

If Karbonn is your favorite brand and wants to have a Karbonn basic phone with a slightly bigger screen, then the K9 Staar is a good choice for you. It is made of durable plastic, has many nifty features, and its multimedia features – is really advanced.

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Display and Battery back of the K9 Staar model is really good. However, what makes it a truly special basic phone is – its FM with recording and security features. The list of security features on this phone include auto call recording and mobile tracker.

Karbonn K9 Staar Review and Specifications

Auto call recorder feature provides the option to record all incoming calls or only the calls that are from the specific numbers -selected by the phone user. This could be an important piece of evidence if you want to keep an evidence of threats through phone calls.

Next, the Mobile tracker feature is allowing easy tracking in case the phone is stolen or misplaced or lost.

Karbonn K9 Staar comes with some preloaded games as well. Its video player can easily play most used 3GP and MP4 files. Its Audio player, however, is optimized for MP3 files only.

This phone has a limited contact memory. Use its browser for internet browsing and take real advantage of its vivid 2.4inch screen.

Similar to what I have seen so far on the phones (already) discussed here, this too has first and second generation network support and only the Bluetooth option for content sharing with other gadgets.

All the seven basic phones, including Karbonn K9 Staar, have proven performance, good features, and durable stylish built. Thus, choose one which is the most appropriate for your requirement.

Karbonn K9 Staar is certainly a decent basic phone and it deserves a place in your online shopping cart. Read also 10 Karbonn Smartphones Below 5000 Rupees.

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Features Dual SIM, Audio & Video Player, FM with Recording, Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker, Bluetooth, Memory Support up to 16GB, Calculator
Display 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM, LED Flash
Memory up to 1000 Contact in Phone Memory
Battery 1000 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 1000 Rupees


Lava Arc Lite FM

Above I have said that Lava is miles ahead in comparison with other mobile manufacturers in designing of basic mobile phones. Essentially Lava gets credit for making basic phones look impressive, elegant. With every new launch, Lava does some experiment on design. And, the Arc Lite FM model is no different and has an attractive new look.

Interestingly, not only on the front of the design, in fact, Lava Arc Lite is a desirable device because of some noted features onboard. Wireless FM is something that is not a common feature on basic mobile phones. Lava, however, offers Wireless FM feature on this beautiful device.

In terms of Language support, Lava Arc Lite FM phone can work in Hindi, Guajarati, and English. Further, the 0.3MP sensor of this phone although a VGA camera but takes nice shots.

Let us now see what it has to offer in its battery and memory segment. The 800 mAh battery looks a regular feature but here it is in a deadly form – offers very good backup. Up to 1000 contacts and 100 SMS can be stored in its internal memory. For hosting multimedia content like video, audio, image, and FM program recordings, users can take advantage of its memory expansion feature. Although it supports up to 32GB of SD card but hangs frequently when used. So better use either an 8GB or 16GB for a smooth working of it.

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Lava Arc Lite FM Review and Specifications

There are essentially two ways one could deal with phone call harassment. Either record the calls for evidence (and use Police & court to teach the person a lesson for life) or avoid them by ignoring the calls. Auto call recorder helps you to record any or all incoming calls whereas Block calls feature providing you the option to block calls from any specific number. Ideally having both features provides a complete safety net around users from harassment by incoming calls. However, since we are in the basic phone segment, only one or no such feature generally finds a place in the list of expected features.

Lava Arc Lite FM comes with the block calls feature and allowing you to block all unwanted calls easily. This is a great feature. On my Asus Max although I am using both features but mostly I prefer the block call option.

All in all Lava Arc Lite FM with lots of good features, stylish design, Wireless FM, and a security feature – is a decent basic phone at 1000 Rupees price. Read also Top 5 Lava Mobile Phones Between 900 to 1500 Rupees.

Features Dual SIM, Audio & Video Player, Wireless FM, Block Unwanted Calls, Bluetooth, Memory Support up to 32GB
Display 1.8 inch, 128×160 Pixels, 114PPI
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM, LED Flash
Memory up to 1000 Contacts and 100 SMS in Phone Memory
Battery 800 mAh, Li-ion
Buy 950 Rupees

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