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6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features

Singer Brilliance 6180

Sewing can be a decent hobby, and is truly beneficial when you have dresses and clothes that need mending. There are numerous well-known brands of sewing machine, but just one brand is renowned worldwide because of its excellence. Yes, I am talking about SINGER. The singer sewing machine has been reliably predominant in the marketplace for years now. The brand has been dominating the fabric industry for so many years now.

The Singer sewing machines have particularly been intended to work on all kinds of cloths. In fact, the brand has been everywhere from the year 1851. There are several Singer machines to pick from comprising electronic, embroidery, compact, and commercial sewing machines. Are you planning to buy a Singer sewing machine? Well, make sure to research online. In fact, just read on!! Here, we are presenting you 6 reliable sewing machines from Singer. Just associate all the features and specifications of all to ascertain that you choose the correct one for your requirements.

Singer Multi Stitch SDL121512187 Sewing Machine

Planning to purchase a brand new sewing machine? Well, Singer SDL121512187 Multi-stitch Sewing Machine can serve to be the greatest choice. Let us have a deeper look at its features before you resolve to buy it.

Singer Multi-stich SDL121512187 Review and Specifications

Design and style: This sewing machine is finished of a premium quality material. Thus it assures sturdiness and turns it out to be a dependable product to purchase. This tremendously convenient option comes in a weight of 6kg making it fairly handy. Moreover, there’s a handle that can assist you transfer it wherever you desire. This Multi Stitch sewing machine runs on electrical energy. The white and maroon combo color of the product makes it very good-looking.

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Utility: Do you possess a flair for sewing? If yes then this machine is a wonderful option. It is entirely motor-powered so that you can generate exclusive and lovely designs. It runs on electricity but will not pull up much of it. You can craft your masterwork by performing circular sewing machine as well. Its light-weight can let your kids use it without your attention. Along with, it features a 4 step buttonholing and 13 stitches by means of which you can bash various flairs on your outfits. Besides, the reverse stitch knob is a remarkable feature for your accessibility.

Care and maintenance: This Singer Machine is cool to retain and can run effortlessly. The simple constraint is appropriate greasing and cleaning at regular intervals which are very easy. Likewise, the product approaches with a 2 year warranty. In addition, the Singer’s representatives are very amicable. The company is well-known for its customer services.

Pro Features:-

  • Multi stitch option
  • Handy and convenient
  • Utterly Motor-powered
  • Delivers 13 Stitches

Cons: Lacks control over the space stuck between two sews.

Verdict: Do you fantasize about designing and sewing your garments in style? Go for it with the Singer Multi Stitch SDL121512187. This sewing machine is just impeccable for all your desires. You can tryout numerous designs and amaze your families and folks. The same, you can keep aside all your uncertainties as this marvelous product is just within your means. Price: 8000 INR . Read more at Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for Home Use.

Singer Start 1306 Fashion Maker

This Sewing Machine from Singer permits you to design and sew clothes with ease. By way of its plentiful exclusive features, the Singer Start will grow your ingenious sewing likelihoods.

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Design that is Paramount for Beginners: Singer Start is flawless for novices and connoisseur. It devours 6 sewing patterns together with button hole and an LED lighting display. This Led indicator brightens the complete functioning area and prevents you from damaging your eyes. Three pressure feet, zipper foot, buttonhole foot and all-purpose foot offers comprehensive control over your sewing. The heavy-duty and durable metal frame permits skip-free stitching and brilliant sturdiness.

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine Review Specifications

Patterns: Along with 6 built-in stitches, Singer Start 1306 Fashion Maker has a 4 step buttonhole to make sewing a lot cooler for you. The dual spool pins for twin needle sewing will let you sew analogous rows for stitching or adding an attractive dash to your clothes. The device owns three pressure feet, all-purpose foot, zipper foot and buttonhole foot for numerous errands. You won’t need to tune width or length as it has them fixed and predetermined.

Delight in Cooler Sewing and Improved Professional Results: You can delight in skip-free sewing and general sturdiness. The device possesses a heavy-duty metal frame. Moreover, the detachable arm offers easygoing access to necklines, sleeves, manacles, borders and other hard-to-reach zones. Singer Start 1306 Fashion Maker lets your imagination to turn out to be reality. The fast and casual threading diagrams lets you set-up in no time.  Singer Start is a skillfully intended creation laden with exclusive and valuable features. The snap on pressure feet and additional high pressure foot lifter offers comprehensive control and enhance suppleness to your stitching.

Pro Features:-

  • Outstanding choice for learners.
  • Three presser feet Automatic tension control.
  • LED light.
  • Comfortable stitch collection.
  • 12 sorts of thread designs.
  • Darning plate for reckless and Free-motion hemming.
  • Four-step button holler.
  • Free arm, accessories compartment, and automatic tripping bobbin winder.
  • Light Weight.
  • Additional high-pressure foot and gentle one-step lift.
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Verdict: Singer has completely cast off this sewing machine. The model is a cool option for beginners. You can relish discovering the edges of your creativity with its 6 built-in stitch patterns. As it owns predetermined sew length and width, you don’t need to make any modifications with this machine. Price: 7200 INR. Read more at Top Four Sewing Machines in 3500 to 6500 Rupees.

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Singer 8280 not simply succors you to sew somewhat torn garments, but also cherish your stitching experience and embroidering flair. It arrives along with a swarm of stitch patterns to make your work smoother. Most of all, it is lightweight and moveable and comfortable to set up. It is a simple yet, dependable sewing machine that won't overpower you with too many gongs and extras.

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

Body and Design Features: The Singer 8280 Sewing covers the whole kit and caboodle from fashion to home-based ornate sewing and you can pick from seven accessible stitch patterns by just rotating a dial. Likewise, you get 24 diverse stitch functions to try out many innovative projects and put your imaginative thoughts and designs to come out with delightful conceptions. The machine as well lets you simply alter the needle position for various projects such as topstitching, cording or implanting zips.

Compact, Portable and Robust Sewing Machine: The Singer 8280 Sewing Machine devours a heavy-duty inner metal frames along with a dominant motor to effortlessly hem through manifold layers of colossal cloth. The detachable arm lets you stitch manacles, sleeves and lapels simply while offering access to convenient stowage inside. The space is flawless for firmly holding your device accessories and sewing fundamentals.

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Other Features: Other noticeable features of this simple yet consistent product comprise of:

  • 4 step button hole foot,
  • Adjustable needle position,
  • Changeable sewing length and width,
  • Comfortable altering between patterns with
  • Rapid dial tuning.

This wonderful product is no doubt brilliant for pros as well as household norm.

Pro Features:-

  • Casual threading
  • 8 built-in stitches, more than 30 stitch functions
  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • Horizontal thread delivery.
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure.
  • Free arm for sewing.

Verdict: 8280 Sewing Machine lets you being artistic with needles. Encumbered with a swarm of stitch functions and patterns, this machine is planned to make your work smoother. Along with a built-in motor and Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism, its 8 built-in stitch patterns, 24 stitch functions and 5 mm maximum stitch width offer the springiness of picking your favorite pattern. However, I am not contented with its value. Price: 8300 INR. Read more at Top 4 Tailor Professional Sewing Machine Below 8000 Rupees.

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine

The Singer 1507 is an access level sewing machine that is comfortable to use and sturdy. Its influential motor and heavy-duty frame permits you to grab maximum sewing jobs easily. It gulps a rapid and easygoing threading system.

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Easy to carry or access storage: The carrying handle on the machine and included canvas cover make the machine convenient for sewing class use and home storage. The on-board storing facility of the machine offers relaxed access to the involved accessories. Moreover, the free arm offers cool access to stitch manacles, collars, pant borders and other hard-to-reach zones. The appliance devours an integral carry handle making it cool to carry. You can easily mount it into a cupboard.

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Easy control of needle tension: You can regulate the needle tension to confirm steady sewing quality on any kind of cloth. You can likewise thread the machine rapidly and effortlessly. All you need to do is merely trail the arrows on the device and you are all set to stitch in a snap. In addition, you won’t need screwdrivers to alter from one presser foot to a different one.

Supplementary features: With eight built-in stitches, the machine has options for basic sewing and decorative projects. Keep your seams strong and prevent bunching on any type of fabric with adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. The zigzag width can be set for a maximum of 5mm making the stitch bolder and more pronounced. The four-segment feed dog system confirms that the cloth is supported from the presser foot’s front to the rear, offering more precise feeding. Additionally, you can change the needle position for discrete projects together with implanting zips, cording and topstitching. The incorporated gray canvas cover retains it free of dirt and rubble. In addition, an Automatic Bobbin Winding Clutch adds to the overall convenience.

Pro Features:-

  • Easy to use controls.
  • Easy to change presser feet.
  • A cover for storage.
  • Threading is easy.


  • Stiff to move stitch selector dial.
  • You cannot alter the stitch width.
  • 4-step buttonhole stitch process.

Verdict: Sewing will turn out to be your hobby if you carry this sewing machine home. It is a low-cost machine that is perhaps the finest for learners. It comes along with a 4-step automatic buttonhole, 8 built-in stitches, and a 25 year warranty.  All in all, it's inexpensive and wonderful to set up. I'm fairly enthralled and this would definitely get my bursting endorsements! Undeniably seamless for the price as well!! Price: 9000 INR. Read more at Two Powerful Sewing Machine below 9000 Rupees.

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Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

The Singer Talent 3321 is flawless for promising fashion lovers. Let us have a look at some of the impressive array professional features that escort this machine.

Built-in Design and Features: This fashionable and frivolous Sewing Machine is intended to offer flexibility. Interior frame is made of durable metal frame that affords firm support and flawless orientation ensuing in seamless and durable stitching experience. The front load bobbin is valuable for cooler threading and for possessing record of thread consumption. The free arm proposes easy access and professional magnitudes. This transportable machine as well supports to achieve circular sewing. The intuitive modish light attachment lets you study stitch patterns.

Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

Patterns: The 55 in-built stitch functions and 21 stitch patterns will permit you give a free rein to your imagination. It arrives with exclusive and gorgeous designs. Top drop-in bobbin and an instinctive needle threader additionally compliment this. You are assuredly going to relish working on it.

Other Features: This Machine is overloaded with exclusive and comprehensible features. Along with, certain striking features include:

  • 4 step buttonhole
  • Free arm for circular stitching,
  • Flexible stitch and width length.
  • Adjustable needle position,
  • Dial for cool pattern selection,

These features not merely make stitching a truly pleasant experience but also assists you to achieve designs and add-ons those are unquestionably going to grab people’s attention.

Pro Features:-

  • Well labeled controls
  • Simple to pick the stitch width and length.
  • Compact and comes along with a cover.
  • Easy to use.


  • The dial to select the stitches is somewhat rigid.
  • The buttonhole stitch is not one step.
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Verdict: This machine is idyllic for minor projects. It has a beautiful and enhancing covering. Though it has small liabilities in its design, if you have a desire for ingenious stitching, then this is the product for you.  You will likewise be overwhelmed with its sophisticated looks and appearance. Price: 11800 INR. Read more at Top 3 Sewing Machine between 9000 to 11000 Rupees.

Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine

You can witness your creativity turn out to be veracity with the SINGER BRILLIANCE 6180. You can create interesting assignments like dress, bags and a lot more.

Included Accessories: The product comes with variety of add-ons. Here are few of them

  • All-Purpose Foot,
  • Soft-Sided Dust Cover,
  • Thread Spool Caps,
  • Buttonhole Foot,
  • Pack of Needles,
  • Bobbins,
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin,
  • Spool Pin Felt,
  • Darning Plate,
  • Zipper Foot,
  • Needle Plate Screwdriver,
  • Seam Ripper and Lint Brush

Out-and-out clarity: The stitch design panel is visibly presented on the front right panel. The LCD is located straight overhead the stitch assortment and length/width tuning keys. The thread guides are indubitably demarcated on its top and front. This is noticeably clear and easy to follow as well. Furthermore, the perky LED light located above the needle shack additional brilliance to the work area.

Singer Brilliance 6180

An absolute dream to sew with! It owns a robust motor that makes all the difference to your sewing experience. The machine would feel so durable and so would your dresses feel durable. With this machine, you can stitch through manifold layers of cloth with comfort. The product embraces 80 built in stitches that empower you to achieve cooler sewing with improved outcomes. These 80 stitches include:

  • 8 Basic,
  • 58 Decorative,
  • 8 Stretch and
  • 6 Buttonholes
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Sewing reverse is easy: With time you would understand that the reverse button of the machine is neater and smarter than you can imagine of. You need not have your foot on the lever to sew in reverse! All you need to do is simply press the reverse key and it will stitch 4 stitches in reverse direction for you. Except if you grip it down, otherwise it will continue sewing in reverse direction. You will fall in love with this feature!

Comes along some awesome feet! Before you buy this machine, I want you to know that this machine possess an overcasting foot. Once you try it, I bet you would refuse to live without it.

All loving features: Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine incorporates various perfect automatic features, providing you trustworthy outcomes every time. Here’s a list of those features that are sure to expand your creative sewing possibilities:

  • 80 Built-In Stitches
  • Automatic Reverse
  • 3 Snap-on Presser Feet
  • 6 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Push Button Stitch Selection
  • Sewing Speed
  • Automatic Stitch Width & Length
  • Up to 6.5 mm Stitch Width
  • Automatic Tension
  • Automatically keeps stitches balanced and even.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter
  • Automatic Presser Foot Pressure
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stitch guide helps new users determine when and how to use built-in utility stitches
  • Introductory DVD
  • Variable needle positions
  • 13 Needle Positions
  • Free Arm
  • Automatic needle threader.

Pro Features:-

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Robust, noiseless and low vibration.
  • Lightweight


  • Manual in numerous languages on identical page, making it bothersome to read.
  • Sideways thread holder accounts for a diverse threading path. This is contrary to previous Singer models. Read the directions to acquire the threading accurately.
  • Not many review so far.
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Verdict: Singer Brilliance 6180 is all-in-all crammed with countless features and fixtures. The accessories by themselves are worth every penny you invest. The machine is fairly lightweight when compared to any other sewing machine. This makes it expedient for placing away or moving around as well. So buy this BRILLIANT sewing machine and show your flair to the world. Price: 18250 INR. Read also Top 3 Premium Stitching Machines For Designer.

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