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6 Best Nutri Blender for Juice Smoothie and Protein Shake

BMS 400-Watt Nutri Blender Grinder Juicer And Mixer

In the present day, people are becoming more and more aware and are mindful that appropriate nourishment is the key to living a healthy way of life. So are you planning to start eating healthy? So, how would you do it? Well, the best nutrition tip I can give you is to invest in a Nutri Blender that can be used to make juices, smoothie, and protein shake. In this way, you can scratch that unhealthy ice cream out of your diet downright and you can introduce healthy fruit smoothies in your regime as a scrumptious substitute.  What’s more? You can use milk, fresh fruits, or a slight bit of yogurt to prepare some mouthwatering fruit smoothies that may perhaps make you forget all about that unwholesome ice creams.

However, if you won’t be able to find the best food processor and fruit blender with the finest features and with an accurate amount of power, you won't be able to prepare flavorsome smoothies. There are more than a few kinds of blenders to prepare fruit smoothies you can discover in the market at the moment. There are quite a lot of blenders available these days. It appears that each one offers an assortment of features or provides a particular feature that others don’t. Read also Top 5 Philips Mixer Grinder Juicer and Hand Blender for Indian Kitchen.

So are you speculating that which one is the best Nutri blender? Everyone is able to blend fruits and vegetables together into smoothies. So, let us talk about how to select the best one among them? In my opinion, getting the right blender depends on how you wish it to work for you. So, if you are planning to buy a blender, this article is just for you. You can acquire the info you want to make your decision right here in a speedy, brief and crisp way. List of these blenders would help you along your way. Read also 5 Unique Android Apps to Help You Organize Home Party.

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Wonder chef 400-Watt Nutri Blender by Sanjiv Kapoor

Do you love chocolate milkshakes, mango shakes, cold coffee, juices, smoothies or nearly any delicious refreshments for that matter? Yes? Well, then, just raise your hands and spirits as well! With Wonder chef 400-Watt Nutri-Blend, you can create healthy and flavorsome smoothies, juices, and shakes. Read also Efficient Wonderchef Electric Kettle below 2000 Rupees.

Designed by Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Swati Thoda: The Wonder chef 400-Watt Nutri-Blend is sensibly designed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda. The Nutri Blender is going to change the way you use your food processors, blenders, and crushers for fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, chutneys, and even dry crushing of seasonings and spices. Likewise, you can use the product for crushing of the hardest spices like jeera, garam masala, and all that. You can prepare appetizing chutney in a matter of seconds.

Wonderchef 400-Watt Nutri Blender by Sanjiv Kapoor

This Nutri Blender comes in a Remarkable and sophisticated design

The Wonder chef 400-Watt Nutri-Blend has an eye-catching finish and occupies a smaller amount of kitchen space as it is quite compact in size. The equipment comes together with two compatible jars (500 ml and 300 ml) as well as two sets of stainless steel blades. One of these blades is used for blending while the other one is used for crushing so you can use it according to your suitability.

Rustproof body made of plastic: The body of this food processor is made of hard-wearing and durable fiber plastic. This dependable appliance is competent enough to be your little friend in your kitchen by helping you prepare more than a few feasts including breakfast lunch and dinner.

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Stainless steel jars with PP lids: The Wonder chef blender comes together with two jars. One of these jars has a capacity of 500 ml. However, the smaller jar has a capacity of 300 ml. You can use the shorter jar for crushing a mixture or making a paste with no trouble. The effective design in addition to the tough material makes certain that you attain an extensive life for both the add-ons. A ‘sprinkler lid’ or a seasoning cap comes along with these jars. You can use this lid on the smaller jar for sprinkling powders onto your foodstuff.

The Wonder Chef Blender comes with Sharp blades

The strong and super sharp blades of Wonder chef Nutri-blend are made of stainless steel material that guarantees an adequate blend of material.

There are two blades obtainable with this product:

  • A chopping blade
  • A blending blade

Power Consumption: This appliance devours about 400 watts of power for effective working and needs 220 V of electricity. The equipment comes together with non-skid, rubber feet that ensure ease of operation. You can operate this easy-to-use juice extractor using push buttons and has no complex add-ons.


  • Easy to function
  • Stainless Steel blades
  • Looks very vibrant, colorful and nice-looking with a charming finish
  • Separable parts make it easy to clean
  • Conquers really tiny space in your kitchenette
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Resolves all grinding problems with no trouble
  • Efficient operation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Looks stylish and elegant

Verdict: You can use this blender for stress-free, routine uses. The sharp steel blades and super-fast motor breaks the foodstuff entirely, taking out all the nutrients. As a result, you can speed up your errands with this food processor. Furthermore, all components of this food processor are easily removable and are easy to wash as well. Buy : 2300 Rupees.

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300-Watts Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender

With the help of this uniquely designed Vetronix Nutri Blender, you can prepare healthy and flavorsome juices, smoothies, and delicious shakes.

Sharpest steel blades: Thanks to the super sharp steel blades of Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender, you can break down the foodstuff entirely, thus taking out all the nourishment. So, every time you drink your juices, your body can absorb all the nourishment present in the fruits and veggies in a better way. Read also Why I trust KitchenAid Electric Chopper and Bajaj Hand Mixer.

300W Copper Motor: The terrific motor of the Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender, you can blend your food well. With this, you can prepare healthy, yummy squashes, juices, smoothies and shakes with no trouble. Also, the blender will help you extract every single drop of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, from your food, conveying your juices in the best and consumable form.

300 Watts Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender

You can enjoy your smoothies right off the jar

The Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender allows you to drink your smoothies, juices and shakes right from the jar. The best part is that while blending of juices, negligible leakage and spilling takes place.

Just one touch blending: With Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blend, you can enjoy single touch operation. You'll actually attain fresh and healthy juices, smoothies and shakes – right at the touch of a button. So now, enjoying your favorite tasty shakes and smoothies couldn’t be easier and better. Isn’t that smart?


  • Have your smoothies right off the jar
  • Great motor
  • Single touch operation
  • Sharpest steel blades
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Verdict: The wisely designed blender Vetronix VSM2300 Nutri Blender would assist you to attain weight balance, by preparing scrumptious and yummy juices, smoothies and shakes. These drinks may help you drop your sugar levels; get rid of migraines as well as lower your dietary fat. Its super-fast motor in addition to the sharp steel blades would break your food down thoroughly, pulling out all its nutrition. Super smart! Buy: 1300 Rupees.


Whipsip Personal Blender for Smoothie and Protein Shake Maker

Are smoothies and protein shakes an indispensable thing in your fitness diet? Yes? Well, then the Whip sip Personal Blender is definitely going to make your life better!

BPA Free mixer that’s spill proof: Yes! With the Whip sip Personal Blender, you won’t ever have to burden about BPA, plastic tastes or smells getting into your foodstuff. As the mixer jar transforms into a travel bottle without problems, all you need to do is just blend and go! Likewise, thanks to the ultra-sealable cover, you don’t have to care about the dripping or leaking of your beverage at all. Read also All in One Food Processor with Powerful Motor for Modern Kitchens.

Secure button with anti-slip base: This blender consists of a secure shutoff button that stops the motor from working except when the jar is closed. Furthermore, the anti-slip suction base simplifies your task by increasing the firmness and stops the mixer from moving around. To keep the blender stubbornly in place, you get four rubber feet located at the bottommost side of the personal blender.

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Whipsip Personal Nutri Blender for Smoothie and Protein Shake Maker

Not just a Nutri Blender it turns out to be a drinking bottle

That’s really the greatest thing about this multi-feature personal blender! This little jar changes into a drinking flask with just a slight turn of your wrist. So, all you need to do is leave your mixed juices and smoothies inside, held with the ultra-seal drinking spout cover. And your jar would deal with the rough ride on its own. What’s more? It's absolutely broken, mark and scratch-proof.

Constructed for power and durability: With the Whip sip Personal Blender, you can experience an entirely new level of delectable smoothness in your fruit smoothies, juices, shakes, and soups. Thanks to its four sharpest, high precision, remarkable quality stainless steel blades and super powerful 300-watt motor! The product is dependable, strong, and holds a contemporary design with the motor that’s tested for excellence.


  • Convenience, comfort, and suitability at its best
  • Easy and safe
  • You get a carry-along jar or drinking bottle
  • BPA free mixer
  • Spill-proof

Verdict: With the Whip sip Personal Blender, you can prepare your own fresh vegetables or fruit smoothies, juices or soups overflowing with vitamins and minerals. You don’t have to filter out or waste the significant fibers from the nourishing fruits and veggies. It’s an ideal product for your fitness as it prepares the best and healthy protein shakes and smoothies. So just fasten the blending blade to the jar and put on the base to mix it up with a single touch. Get all set to enjoy the smoothest smoothies and protein shakes straightaway. Buy: 2300 Rupees.

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250-Watt Oster MyBlend BLSTPB-WBL-049 Nutri Blender

There are nearly negligible products available in the market that blend mechanically without any requirement of attention while you perform other errands. The Oster My Blend BLSTPB-WBL-049 Blender is modern and efficient equipment offering a personal touch to your regular and tedious undertakings. Read also For Homemade Cakes First Collect These Appliances and Essentials.

Perfectly fits your schedule: The Oster My Blend BLSTPB-WBL-049 Blender is an individual-sized mixer and sports bottle that may fit you're fast-paced, full of zip routine. Thanks to its fast and suitable single touch blending feature, you can prepare your much-loved smoothies, juices, protein shakes and a lot of other drinks to relish at home, or at the workplace. No matter if you're off to work, the fitness center or just sitting peacefully – this personal blender would help you get you out of your door with mixed beverages and thirst-quenchers in hand.

250-Watt Oster MyBlend BLSTPB-WBL-049 Nutri Blender

Easy to use Blender – Fill, mix, go, and use again

The Oster My Blend is too easy to use! It lets you personalize the material of your blended drink and manage the elements as well. Just fill the sports bottle with food material to create your much-loved recipe, mix, and GO!!! As soon as you relish your drink, you can use the bottle again all through the day to stay hydrated with water or other liquid refreshments.

Super powerful motor and body: The Oster My Blend possesses a 250W universal electric motor at its core. This motor is gifted to deliver remarkable performance and quick results. The body of this robust blender is finished with food grade plastic of remarkable quality. It guards the powerful motor against humidity and dirt. Such a powerful motor may assist you to crush ice for your flavorsome milkshakes allowing you to relish your beverages ice-cold.

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This Oster Nutri Blender is Dishwasher Safe

Oster My Blend is a personalized blender with a cool bottle. This bottle is way too easy to carry, use, and wash. The ergonomic bottle fits in your dishwasher handily with no trouble for thorough washing without losing its polish. You can use this product for rough and tough usage.

BPA free: The bottles are BPA free and can be cleaned with no trouble. There’s no reason to think that this bottle is not suitable for everyday usage. You can mix your much-loved fruits and vegetables and into scrumptious smoothies to improve your fitness.


  • BPA free
  • Powerful motor
  • Dishwasher Safe

Verdict: The Oster MyBlend BLSTPB-WBL-049 Blender is the perfect product for preparing smoothies, protein shakes, or café frappes. All you need to do is just fill and mix with just a twist of the bottle. When it is about appearance, this blender gains huge points for elegance. I must confess that it is the best-looking blender that you would love to place on your kitchen stand. Its smooth design won’t take a lot of space on your stand. So, if you are a busy professional and you know how important it is to live a healthy routine, then it is just the right product for you. Buy: 2000 Rupees.


BMS 400-Watt Nutri Blender Grinder Juicer and Mixer

Want to prepare healthy and delicious squashes, smoothies, juices, shakes and thirst-quenchers crammed with vitamins and minerals every day? Yes? Then the BMS Nutri Blender Grinder Juicer and Mixer is the best choice for you. Read also Top Philips Kitchen Device Pop Up Toaster and Juice.

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Easy to use and multi-purpose: With the BMS Nutri Blender Grinder Juicer and Mixer, you can grind and mix a range of ingredients with ease in a matter of seconds. So now, lunch and dinner preparation is a breeze as you have BMS for final touches. The product is impeccable for spices, onion, garlic, seasonings, herbs, cheese, salad dressing, pastes, pulps, sauces, chocolate, and spreads. So, you can enjoy a meal that’s not just more nourishing but is full of flavor and fresher too.

BMS 400-Watt Nutri Blender Grinder Juicer And Mixer

The BMS Blender has a Solid and trendy design

The jars of BMS Nutri Blender are made up of BPA-Free material. The product is easy to carry and lightweight as well. With this food processor, you can mix things effortlessly and clean it up is as simple as a quick wash, thanks to the stainless steel and ABS mixing console. You can blend quickly and with no trouble. All you need to do is set it up and press a button. Within a minute or two, it does it all!

Acquire nutrients in the most digestive form: BMS Nutri Blender allows you to crumble, chop, grind and mix a range of food materials. It offers you the most out of the foodstuff you eat. Nutri-blend lets you enjoy nourishing food that absorbs without difficulty. You’ll love to know that this product extracts every single drop of the antioxidants to boost your immunity. You can acquire omega 3s, proteins, vitamins, as well as minerals from your food material that you consume every day. You can ingest these nutrients in their most digestive form.

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Interlocking system and anti-slip base makes BMS Nutri Blender safe to use

BMS Nutri Blender comes with an exclusive feature known as the interlocking system that guarantees that your jar is fixed securely on the processor before you turn the motor on. Furthermore, it takes account of an anti-slip base to improve stability and stop the food processor to move around while operating.


  • Compact
  • Powerful motor
  • Four sharp stainless steel blades
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-Purpose

Verdict: This food processor is one of the most cost-effective counter appliances. BMS Nutri Blender provides quite a few standards in a tough and useful kitchen device. This multi-function tool allows you to blend batter for pancakes, prepare pastes and pulps, and make desserts, salad dressing, juices, smoothies, as well as ice-cold beverages. Buy: 1950 Rupees.


400-Watts Lee Star Stainless Steel Nutri-Mix (LE-809)

If you want to make a healthy choice, then you must go for Lee Star Stainless Steel Nutri-Mix.

Retains the nutritional value of food: This is an unconventional blender that not just extracts nourishment from the foodstuff. In fact, it allows you to break the food down to its most digestible and consumable form. As a result, you can have the nutrients of the food to be engrossed by your body, without problems and thoroughly! Nutri-mix guarantees to crush and grind the food in a way that may extract all of its nutritious value.

Stainless Steel Body: The Lee Star Stainless Steel Nutri-Mix owns the stainless steel body together with the two sets of stainless steel blades. One of these blades can be used for blending while the other one can be used for grinding. The two inter-changeable jars are unbreakable. Each of them holds the lid in addition to the seasoning cap.

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400 Watts Lee Star Stainless Steel Nutri-Mix LE-809 Nutri Blender

Buy this Lee Star Nutri Blender for Ease to Use Features

You can discover the pleasure of trouble-free mixing, grinding and blending in a matter of single touch with it. The Lee star blender grinder makes your everyday job of blending, mixing and grinding as stress-free and effortless as never before. The chore of preparing your much-loved smoothies, juices, shakes, crushing of nuts, spices, and a lot more is noticeably cool and relaxed now. Read also Automatic Baby Food Maker and Cookbook for Indian Moms.


  • Ideal for preparing healthy smoothies, juices, milkshakes, and mock tails
  • Stainless steel body
  • Two unbreakable inter-changeable jars

Verdict: The Lee Star Stainless Steel Nutri blender is one of the most reasonably priced kitchen equipment. It provides you a lot of value, thanks to its strong and suitable design. This high-performance and robust blender come equipped with a powerful motor that operates at 400 Watts. Taking everything into account this is a recommendable, powerful high-performance blender and grinder to serve you the purpose of grinding and mixing. Buy: 2000 Rupees.

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