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6 Best Dual Camera Smartphones This Festival Season

Micromax Evok Dual Note with Dual Camera

Today’s smartphones are not mere a calling device rather has transformed into the all-in-one handheld computer. Smartphones are no longer only a part of the market rather a market itself as well as an eco-system, too.

In smartphones, the camera works as an input thus is one of the main features. Camera in today’s smartphones besides clicking images – play a greater role in making it for professional use. Therefore, in this article, I short-list some most recommended camera smartphones. Here are some of the latest and best smartphones with dual camera in the budget of common Indian. Read also Best superzoom camera under 20000 This Month.

One thing I would like to highlight here. In selection, I gave priority to smartphones have MADE in INDIA tag. Though they are products of Chinese brands.

So, here are six brilliant camera smartphone under 15000 Rupees to buy in this festival season. Read also Smartphones with Powerful Battery Camera under 10000.

Motorola Moto G5S Plus with Dual Camera and LED Flash

The latest smartphone G5 Plus from Motorola comes with many nifty features besides dual-rear shooter. If I am not wrong, this is the first budget phone from Motorola having a dual rear camera. Priced below 15000 Rupees, the phone is a great choice in the group of most reliable smartphones available below 15000 Rupees.

For a regular user, this Motorola smartphone has more features than one would expect to have them in a 15000 Rupees phone. Therefore, buying this is a great investment for at least two to three years. Meager 3000 mAh battery although disappoints me.

Motorola Moto G5S Plus with Dual Camera

Some of the key specifications of this phone are 4GB RAM, Full HD 5.2-Inch Screen, Snapdragon Octa-core Processor, and the latest Android operating system. Moreover, there is a 64GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 128GB more.

In its camera section, it has two 13MP sensors meaning 26MP in total with color dual-LED flash. Moreover, on the front side, the 8MP sensor does wonderful work.

At 9.5MM thickness, Motorola Moto G5S Plus is not that slim trim device and it feels bulky too as it weighs 168 grams.

I like this phone but it is not my choice. I am not going to buy this phone simply because 3000-mAh battery is not that enough when so much can be done on smartphones nowadays. Its dual Camera works well as expected from the brand Motorola and in daily use no way you are going to be disappointed. Buy: 15000 Rupees.

Stylish Xiaomi A1 with Powerful Camera and LED Flash

This is a brand new mid-budget smartphone in the Indian market, exclusively available on Amazon at present. Everything about this smartphone excites me other than its battery, which is feeble compared to what is today’s standard.

The only ingenuous opinion about this Xiaomi 15000 Rupees smartphone can be – ignore it. Today’s smartphone offers so much to do then a meager battery life disappoints when you needed it the most. The idea of carrying power bank cannot make up for that.

Xiaomi A1 with Dual Camera and LED Flash

Other specs of this phone are quite alluring. Poor battery life paves the way for a slim profile, although. It is merely 7.3 mm thick, which, by the standard of the 15000-Rupees smartphones, is exclusive. The metal case despite being slippery makes it intact often.

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Xiaomi A1 comprises of the most recent input and output methods. Hence, users will be up-to-date with it in using it for financial, social, entertainment, and professional use.

Screen CPU and Battery Life of this 15000 Rupees Xiaomi Smartphone

The Xiaomi smartphone sports a 5.5-Inch full HD screen with a standard 404 Pixel density and that is protected with the latest version of corning gorilla glass.

Being powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon processor is a guarantee that it is made for smooth multitasking. In its memory, it bags 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB internal memory, and its microSD card support goes up to 128 GB.

The A1, a powerful yet not recommended smartphone under 15000 Rupees obviously has a dual rear shooter. Both are the 12MP sensors, can take brilliant shots – excels up to the level of the quality often ensured by a regular DSLR.

Going by the specs, I can say that it would work seamlessly with Reliance Jio, Airtel, and other 4G Networks. Even in data transfer and charging, it has the fourth generation speed thanks to its USB C-type port.

Conclusion: My smartphone has a mammoth 5000 mAh battery yet I wish it had a more powerful battery. Camera feature of this Xiaomi smartphone is fascinating still its mediocre power management does not make it up to my list of best smartphones. While so much is there to do, its 3000 mAh battery turns out to be inimical often. Buy: 15000 Rupees.

Metallic Lenovo K8 Note in A Great Built and Design

The Note series smartphones are some of Lenovo’s brilliant budget phones in the Indian market today. A fact of the matter is the note series smartphones dominates even Lenovo’s smartphone portfolio in terms of sales and market response.

The K8 Note is an affordable smartphone with lots of great features. So I am all agog to share its specs details. It is not a smartphone lightweight but it looks quite enticing in a metal frame. Its full HD display is 5.5-Inch in size, protected under a safe corning gorilla glass makes it an all-weather use smartphone.

Lenovo K8 Note with Dual Camera

Easy to guess that this Lenovo smartphone comes with a robust camera setup as this review article is talking the same. Other specs are also worthy at the price it is made available.

Its 4000 mAh battery withers my excessive criticism for a smartphone that does not have sufficient lasting battery. Other features, too, of this Lenovo are according to the set ongoing trend for smartphones below 15000 Rupees. Buy: 13000 Rupees

Coolpad Cool Play 6 – The Best Dual Camera Smartphone

The flagship smartphone is Coolpad’s latest attempt to position itself in the lucrative 15000-Rupees price segment. And, it is exclusively available on Amazon like previous launches by Coolpad in India.

While comparing on specs, the Coolpad smartphone is quite similar to what Lenovo’s NOTE smartphone, discussed above, has to offer. Thus, whether to buy it or not comes down to your trust and admire for a brand. If I were you, I would buy this Coolpad smartphone. I can say this because my experience with the brand Coolpad has been good so far. Though I am not fond of Chinese brands Coolpad and Asus are two Chinese brands I really trust.

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I like the camera features of this Coolpad more than what the Lenovo smartphone has to offer. The camera of both the smartphones is similar in specifications still the Cool Play 6 can take better picture thanks to its CMOS sensor.

Another major advantage the Coolpad smartphone over the Lenovo phone has is the migration to USB-Type C port. Just because of the port, Coolpad Cool Play 6 saves lots of time in charging and data transfer in and out to phone.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 with Dual Camera

There is a noticeable difference in the processor Chip as well. While Lenovo K8 Note has the power of Snapdragon Octa-core (8) processor, the Coolpad Play smartphone rely on a MediaTek processor but in Deca-core (10) architecture.

Out of four smartphones discussed here, I really like this Coolpad phone. It comes with all the needed features that are essential in a smartphone for today’s requirement. Above all, it comes with a lasting 4000 mAh battery and a quick charging and data transfer solution, too. Buy : 15000 Rupees

Good Looking Dual Camera Smartphone InFocus Snap 4

Besides the camera, another reason to buy this smartphone could be its enticing looks and a slim profile. Infocus is a popular brand in India today and it is here to say. It has created a niche among budget buyers, accounts fairly 70% of India’s market potential, who can spend money for quality and luxury.

The Snap 4 Smartphone is exclusively available on Amazon for Rupees 12000 Rupees. It, therefore, is the second cheapest smartphone in the list of best dual camera smartphone under 15000 Rupees here.

In terms of specs, it resembles with the top two smartphones. 3000-mAh battery is not something that will earn my praise and a buy recommendation. Other features are quite similar to what other brands have to offer on their products, some are already discussed here.

InFocus Snap 4 with Dual Camera

Infocus being a company championed in display and projector business shows here, as the display of this phone appears crisp and clear. One could notice the difference only when compared it with its competitor smartphones side-by-side. On the camera front, too, it gets my appreciation. That despite when it lacks branded sensors to assist the primary shooter.

Looking at everything I still feel the Coolpad phone should be the choice if one loves to invest for a smartphone that is truly a multitasking as well as a great camera under 15000 Rupees. Buy 12000 Rupees

Desi Smartphone with Powerful Camera Micromax Evok Dual Note

The last smartphone in the list of best dual camera smartphones under 15000 Rupees is a recently introduced phone from our desi brand Microsoft. The model has two variants in our market: one with 3GB RAM and another with 4GB. Depending on how much you wish to spend buy the one fits your budget.

Talking about the specs of the phone, there are some pros but some of its features fail to elicit comparison with other smartphones available in the same price band. Nowadays, most of the popular smartphones have a metal body that the Micromax smartphone lacks. The same goes for its 3000-mAh battery, too, where it fails to meet expectations of users like me. Those are some essentials for a 15000 rupees smartphone what it fails to bring under nip of user’s finger but other features this Micromax smartphone are alluring.

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Micromax Evok Dual Note with Dual Camera

The Evoke dual NOTE has the USB-C port instead of micro USP. The C-type port is the latest, the fastest thus the phone tends to charge quickly, and the same applies for data transfer as well.

Other nifty features of this desi smartphone are dual LED flash for the primary camera and single LED flash for the front camera. That makes it a productive camera smartphone for all time use. In coming days, the Data network will take a center stage resulting in video calling preferred to Voice calling. Reliance Jio is expecting that to happen sooner and rightly so. To make a video call in dark hours when sufficient light is not present, a LED flat at front becomes a necessity. This smartphone has the one. So it is a smartphone for today and tomorrow. Buy: 11500 Rupees

Which smartphone should you buy when having 15000 budgets?

In crisp and short reviews of the six dual camera smartphones above I have explained what I like, what I dislike in them and amidst what I wish to see in ideal smartphones for common users. Now essential is to understand own requirement before you could decide which smartphone should you buy. If a dual camera smartphone is must then go with the Coolpad smartphone. Features of Coolpad Cool Play 6 are great and it comes with features, which are latest and best. Thus, the Coolpad Cool Play 6 is truly a smartphone up-to-date. Read also Recent Price Cut Makes These Premium Flagship Smartphones Affordable.

However, if camera is not a primary requirement, an ideal smartphone under 15000 Rupees is – then go with either any Asus smartphone, which have heavier battery life or the recently launched Motorola E4 Plus.

Generally, people are crazy about Xiaomi smartphones but I do not see Xiaomi smartphones lasting even 6 months. In my circle, some 7 of them have Xiaomi smartphones and all of them faced some issues their Xiaomi phone within 6 to 8 months of use. If you are spending 10-12 thousand rupees, you would expect the phone to be in well-working condition for at least one and half years. Therefore, on durability factor, I seriously doubt the quality of Xiaomi smartphones.

I am using an Asus Smartphone, popular Asus Max with 5000 mAh battery since it was first launched here in India. Though it has fallen many times from my hand still it is as good as any brand new smartphone. This is what called a durability factor of a product.

Cutting long story short, if dual camera is must, then the Coolpad smartphone is the right choice for you. However, wanting to buy an ideal smartphone with lots of cool features and made in a great quality this Diwali, consider either an Asus or the Motorola or anything other than a Xiaomi smartphone but with a solid battery life.

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  1. I will urge people not to buy Moto E4 Plus. I bought two for home use: first work fine for a month but now the speaker is not working, My Second Motorola Moto E4 Plus, which I bought for my cousin had a network problem so got that replaced, but not sure how long it will work.

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