Android, released in 2008, was exactly intended for smartphones. Within hardly any years of its announcement, it has turned out to be one of the most far and wide used OS for your smartphones and tablet PCs. In response to this, various Android application developers have been competing to issue new names in the market.

With a lot of accessible possibilities, it is significant to associate and relate the diverse bits of software. These software applications can add fresh functionality to your mobile phone devices. These apps can actually turn your smartphone into a durable and more supportive device. So, which Android apps are the most prevalent, at the moment? Let's take a closer look.

► Pocket Casts in News & Magazines

The latest version, Pocket Casts 6.0 is one of the best moving applications on iOS & Android platform. It is truly easy to discover new podcasts to snoop to, pick over the ones you already own, and a lot more. Pocket Casts' smooth design and mess-free navigation offer you a spontaneous user experience. All your beloved podcasts are put in storage in one easy-to-scrutinize magazine-style collection. The app hangs onto the episode’s lists you have previously on track, or the ones you have downloaded but have not snooped to, and a lot more than that.

Pocket Casts in News Magazines Android App

The material design is gorgeous. Your podcasts would never appear to be so attractive. You will observe colors modification to balance podcast oeuvre. You can pick between dark and light spectacle themes as well. When you are inside an episode, you can willingly hop around on the timeline. You just have to shove a button to hop ahead if you are uninterested. You can likewise backtrack if you missed anything important. It is all-in-all easy to perform.

You can complement episodes to manually assisted playlists with just a single tap. Moreover, you can generate — smart playlists. This will mechanically detach podcasts into a group. You can download that physically on the base of per-episode. The app claims an artless discovery utility. With this, you can discover latest podcasts by the network, category, or staff choices. Furthermore, it is easy to discover and subscribe to the podcasts you already discerned you enjoyed. Download!!

Verdict: If anything was omitted from Pocket Casts, it would be an absence of a Web interface. I would have adored the knack to discover new podcasts, handle playlists, or download episodes straight from a site and getting it sync with my device.

The Pocket casts prices $9 in the App Store and just 99 rupees on Play-store; nevertheless, it’s worth each buck you invest. It looks beautiful and is truly quick. The good news here is that the corporation behind it promises that the subsequent update won’t take a lot of time.

► Prisma in Photography

Prisma is an innovative photo application. All the same, it is also being called — an art filter app. This hot app turns normal smartphone pictures into spectacular works of art that imitate well-known painters like Picasso and Mondrian. Apart from its fabulous filters, it is wonderfully easy to use, minimalistic and clean. The app fairly works like Instagram.

Prisma in Photography Android App

You can either capture a photo with your phone's camera or choose a prevailing photo saved on your phone. After this, you can crop it with a 1:1 aspect ratio and apply an artistic filter to it. In addition, the unswerving social sharing button is another delight.

Generally, image editing apps need the adapted images to be saved to the phone before you can share them. This is where Prisma serves a pro. The app lets you share pictures on Instagram as soon as you are done with your editing. Download!!

Verdict: Prisma converts your pictures into artworks using the elegances of well-known artists. An exclusive blend of neural networks and artificial intelligence lets you convert unforgettable instants into eternal art. You can introduce artistic effects to your snaps and videos, turning them out to be the well-known works of art. Therefore, just be an artist and make your snaps the grand artwork!

► Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard is a keyboard from Google. It manages everything you would anticipate from a wonderful keyboard — emojis, GIFs, Glide Typing and integral Google Search. Gboard devours the whole enchilada you love about Google Keyboard. It offers stunning speed, consistency, Glide Typing, voice typing, and more and integral Google Search.

Gboard-The Google Keyboard Android App

Possibly, the best thing about this app is the knack to propose a restaurant meeting with a contact over a messaging app. So long as the position settings are enabled, you can hit the G icon and type — restaurants near me. You can get more than a few options within that location. You can hunt Google Images' massive library for the flawless image using the G button. Then you can pick a GIF from the foot of the display.

An emoji search can let you find emojis quicker. And more, the GIF search and multilingual typing will allow you to change languages. Gboard enables text search for emoji. For instance, just type in the word – smile—and you can see all the applicable emojis, allowing you to just touch and select. Google’s Glide Typing is another sophisticated way out that works just as you imagine. You can turn it on or off in the Settings. Download!!

Verdict: Gboard is chock-full of valuable features and owns a clean and easy design that is great to type on. It is perhaps the greatest third-party keyboard on iPhone. Gboard is, at present, only accessible to the ones living in the U.S. You won’t catch it in the App Store in India. However, Google will soon make it available to other markets, including India. All being well, that will occur more willingly.

► Walnut Money Manager and Find ATM

Walnut is an expenditure manager app. This lets you cope with your expenditure, bank transactions, and other expenses. It is entirely automatic and works by scanning your inbox for keywords. It manages everything with appropriate security settings.

Find ATM and Walnut Money Manager Android App

What is unique about this app? The most significant feature of this app is that it functions on its own without any meddling. You won’t have to provide any responses of your transactions and spending to the app. It starts operating as soon as you download it. You can use it for ATM tracking. In Walnut, a green pin represents ATMs that have a small line. Moreover, a long queue is represented through an orange pin and a no cash or unidentified ATM by dint of a gray pin.

This app was particularly useful after demonetization and folks were belligerent to get hold of cash. As of time-consuming queues to inaccessibility of cash, the common junta was suffering hard for cash. As a solution, few apps and facilities had exploded to propose real-time and crowd-sourced way outs. Walnut was one of those. The app had come up to help common man catch an ATM machine with cash within a short duration. Download!!

Verdict: More prominently, Walnut goes through your inbox SMSs that can perchance pose privacy alarms. Nevertheless, if you are observing a cash crisis, sharing your information for a little duration until you withdraw the cash can be fine. Likewise, without opening any app and without creating any physical access, you can track your expenditures with a particular click.

► Pigment – Coloring Book

The pigment is the flawless app to unwind and escape from veracity for a while. It is easy, elegant, and amusing. Even though this app is not actual paper, you drive through the identical procedure of organizing colors. The best thing about it is that your color works are shareable. Unlike colored paper that just doesn’t snap fine and is tough to share. However, with Pigment, you just have to click a button and all your artwork gets shared in its most vivacious and factual form.

Pigment Coloring Book Android App

The app owns 65 free illustrations. It consists of an assortment of digital pens and pencils. This lets you regulate not simply the color, but also the denseness. You can color by way of your fingers or Pencil stylus. The pigment is free for the first week. After this, you can resolve if you truly like coloring and if you desire to take the rush on procuring actual coloring books. Download!!

Verdict: Pigment — the coloring book for the adult is the eventual strain reliever. You can have a break and unwind with this exclusive adult coloring book app. It allows you to color like you would on paper. You can pick from the principal assortment of hand curated, skillfully crafted artworks. You can access 8 diverse types of pencils, brushes, and markers along with an infinite sum of colors to pick from. As soon as you finish your coloring work, you can share it with your friends and family. You also have the facility to print them. Personally, I don’t think you will find a better coloring book.

► Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application allows accessing all the significant document files on your smartphone. It is a principal front-runner for dependably viewing, interpreting, and signing PDF documents. The app is absolutely free.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Android App

Adobe Acrobat Reader owns a glossy and fresh touch-enabled interface. It allows the access to a new Document Cloud online service. This service can automatically offer an access to all your PDF document files over and done with Acrobat mobile apps. You will love the new and well-organized interface. The app has incorporated foremost enhancements in its OCR and text-editing features.

The popular document cloud service of the app comprises of the integral PDF signing and routing facility. With this mobile Adobe Acrobat DC app, you can transform your pictures into PDF file format. Furthermore, with this, you can rapidly open your PDF document files from email, the internet, or any app that provides the Share feature. On top of, searching, scrolling, and zooming in and zooming out features are enabled. Download!!

Verdict: The free Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application makes it cool for you to carry your work related files, together with you. So now, you can connect yourselves and stay prolific with the PDF viewer that is especially designed for your iPad. An icing on the cake is that it functions as the desktop version. The one you are so adapt to use!