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6 Best Air Cooler in India under 17000 Rupees

60-Litre Cello Marvel Plus Air Cooler with Remote

Are you on a lookout for alternate means to use power and have cooler and cleaner air to inhale? Or are you seeking a device that may help you save money on your utility bills and at the same time, lessen your cooling budgets this summer? Well, if yes, then an energy efficient air cooler may be the product for you! These cooling units are great replacements when you feel like beating the heat of Indian summers in lieu of typical air conditioning unit.

After all, we all know how unexpected our air conditioning bills can be, particularly in the blistering summertime. In such situations, these desert coolers go above and beyond chilling your houses and rooms. They can further produce cleaner healthier surroundings with some fabulous features. These coolers pull dampness into the arid air in the house, thus growing moisture while dropping the room temperature. Read also Pedestal Fans For This Summer Under 4000 Rupees.

There are loads of uses for such air coolers and there are quite a lot of categories and brands of them accessible in the market to meet the requirements of customers. This article helps you by informing you of more than a few air cooling units and their various uses. We have compiled an array of the best air coolers available in the market at the moment based on some dependable customer reviews. I hope that this data will help you make things easier while seeking for a trustworthy portable air cooler.

Havells Freddo Air cooler

The Havells FREDDO Air cooler is a reasonably priced option to offer you the full air conditioning solution. This desert cooler embraces a solid appearance that looks a lot like your cooler but proposes way better cooling. Read also Havells Steam Iron with Non Stick Soleplate Below 1400 Rupees

Compact size and Classy Design: The Havells Freddo cooler is available in a compact size of 650 x 465 x 1130 mm (L x W x H). This fits well in even the trivial corners of your room. The outer of the air cooler is coated with a dual tone of light brown and white paint. The manufacturer has eluded sharp edges on purpose to guarantee user safety totally. You can safely store it all through the winters. To ensure safe storage, you get a cord winding station that stole the electric cord all over. On top of that, you can drain out the muddy and used cooler water effortlessly by means of the Auto Drain feature.

Water Tank Capacity: The Havells air cooler embraces a massive water tank with a holding capacity of 70 liters. If you fill the tank full, the cooler would keep working for hours so it frees you from getting up at the wee hours to fill-up the tank.

Havells Freddo Air Cooler Review and Specifications

Cooling and Airflow Capacity of this Havells Air Cooler

The Havells FREDDO cooler comes along with a blower fan to ensure great cooling. This 16-inch fan maintains cool air flow all over the room conveying smooth cooling all over the place. With the air delivery capacity of 3500 cubic meter/hour and the 116 square meter cooling area, the cooler offers heavenly cooling experience. The motor is made of aluminum that lasts pretty long and proposes faster cooling. There are three levels of fan speed levels accessible.

Powerful and Easy Cooling: Presenting a cool and influential cooling solution, this cooler from Havells is a desert cooler. It comes along with a tank of 70 liters capacity that certifies faster and longer lasting cooling before you need to fill up the tank again. When not in use, the louvres can be fully collapsed to inhibit dirt or flies from getting inside the cooler.

Perfect Water Drainage System: You can drain the old and unclean water out of this cooler without difficulty using its exclusively designed auto drain process. You can collect the drained water in a container, thus avoiding any undesirable spills.

Verdict: This desert cooler reveals the urge of the producer to construct something unusual while integrating user-friendly features. The product offers castor wheels together with brakes that make the process of shifting cool and painless for you. This air cooler is laden with quite a lot of splendid features that consist of humidity controller, dust filter, ice chamber as well as temperature display together with the remote controller.

Brand Havells
No. of speed 3
Air delivery 3500-meter cube per hour
Cooling area 116-meter square
Ice chamber yes
Humidity Controller yes
Motor Type aluminum
Tank Capacity 70 Ltr
Input Watt 220
Rated Voltage 220-240 V
Price 17000 INR


55-Litre Symphony Touch Air Cooler

The Symphony Touch is a remarkable air cooler that is widely held as “the future of air cooling”.

Overloaded with new age features: This product is a breathtaking invention from the brand of Symphony, the world's principal brand in air-cooling. This compact air cooler is weighed down with more than a few new age features. These features take account of:

  • 6 honeycomb pads
  • Fully closeable louvers
  • Cassette type removable pads
  • 4-side cooling pads
  • Great cooling supported via double blower
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Along with all the terrific features, the cassette type removable pad is a feature you must have never heard of in the realm of air cooling.  With assurance, by way of its fabulous looks, this technical genius will appeal you to “touch it”.

Convenience Guaranteed: This Symphony air cooler comes along with the Intelligent Cooling feature that provides the topmost effects by improving your overall cooling experience. You can control the quantity of water falling on the honeycomb pads as well.

The product holds the feature of air on off button together with flap rotating. On top of that, the most significant feature is that the cooler shows you the level of water. This way, you can check when the water level is low and refill the tank as and when needed.

Symphony Touch 55-Litre Air Cooler

The remote control and auto timer features

You can stay at peace when purchasing the Symphony Touch air cooler as it comes with the useful remote control feature. As a consequence, you can sit at ease and operate the appliance while enjoying the cool air flowing all over in your room.

More than that, the auto timer feature lets you set a timer so that it can get automatically off while you are sleeping at night.

The Honeycomb Cooling Pad: The Honeycomb Cooling Pad of the Symphony Touch particularly deals with anti-erosion, anti-bacterial, anti-deformation in addition to the hydrophilic properties. This grip all the dirt particles present in the air and purify the air systematically. The product requires negligible maintenance and devours a long lasting life.


  • Compact size
  • Low noise
  • Good water capacity
  • Intelligent cooling
  • Runs on Inverter Power
  • Consume less power

Verdict: Symphony Touch is an air cooler that’s finished with amazing quality material and is specifically designed for your room. This innovative air cooler is full of a number of exceptional features including honeycomb pads, closeable louvers, 4-side cooling pads, double blower and a lot more. The dust filter allows the cooler to split up the dirt particles from the air and stops the flies from entering the cooler. This makes certain that you get cool, fresh and dirt-free air all the time. You can operate its minimalistic design with no trouble by way of a remote control.

Brand Symphony
Water Tank Capacity 55 Litres
Blower Control Multiple Speed
Warranty 1 year
Body Material Type Engineering Plastic
Cooler Design Compact
Color White
Air Cooler Type Desert Cooler
Price 11637 INR


Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL 43 Ltrs Room Cooler

With the Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL, it’s stress-free to keep yourself calm and cool in extremely dry and scorched weathers. Its iconic design is one-of-a-kind while its modern tailoring together with optional color trim makes this product a brilliant option for all kinds of interiors. Read also Bajaj IFB Solo Microwave Oven for a Family of Four.

Elegant Design made up of thermoplastic engineering material: With the size of 57×109×40 (W×H×D) cm in addition to the weight of 16.5 kg, Bajaj DC 2015 ICON Digital Air Cooler turns out to be a durable and portable option. You can use it well for both in the house as well as out-of-doors. The body of the air cooler is made up of thermoplastic engineering material that is absolutely rust free. Its elegant design adds a trace of stylishness to your home décor.

You can move it appropriately from one room to another as it possesses capped castor wheels that offer total freedom of movement to it. The nonstop water supply system permits you to acquire cool and fresh air for extended durations.

Water Tank Capacity: This air cooler from Bajaj has a huge water tank capacity of 43 Liters. This lets you shun recurrent refilling. Thus and so, it confirms extensive cooling periods. The unit has an integrated system for incessant water supply, thus, reducing disturbances between cooling episodes. The air cooler retains a water inlet at the top, front, and the back.

Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL 43 Ltrs Room Cooler

Cooling and Airflow Capacity of this Bajaj Room Cooler

The cooling capacity of the Bajaj Air Cooler is 600 square feet. You get the air delivery of about 3000 cubic meters per hour while the air throw distance is nearly 50 feet. For that reason, the product may cool an estimated area of about 600 square feet. This makes it easy to use in large areas including banquet halls, workplaces, banks, and all that. On top of that, the air cooler is fixed with distinctive wood wool evaporative pads.

Speed Control: The Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL air cooler comes together with three distinct speed levels. This lets you accessibly regulate the temperature as per your requirements.

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  • Corrosion-free
  • Perfect for Large Halls, Banks, Workplaces, and Cafes
  • Castor wheels

Verdict: As it’s made of corrosion free thermoplastic, the Bajaj air cooler has been contrived for strength, robustness, and durability. The huge water tank capacity of 43 liters makes it an extremely competent desert cooler. By means of a dominant air throw range of 50 feet, it becomes an impeccable option for big halls, places of work and restaurants. Likewise, it is built-in with castor wheels, thus turning it out to be a modular unit.

Brand Bajaj
Warranty 1 year
Air deflection system 4-way
Water Level Indicator yes
Water Tank Capacity 43 Ltrs
Material Thermoplastic
Power Consumption 200 W
Price 11500 INR


70 Liters Orient Ocean Air Cooler CD7001H

With the Orient Ocean Air CD7001H air cooler, you can stay sure that your summers won’t be damp and scorching anymore. Read also Best Ceiling Fan Brand in India This Year.

Sophisticated Design: The Orient Ocean Air CD7001H appears to be pretty good-looking and stylish in an appealing color arrangement of white and black including a graphical design. The frame of this air cooler is made from ABS plastic that averts problems like corrosion or rust. As the product takes account of caster wheels on its four ends with caps, you can transfer it to your desirable room in your home depending on your suitability. The motor-powered vertical louver movement assists it in conveying cool air to a large room instantly. You can set the horizontal louver movement physically to acquire wintry air in your favored space. The measurements of this air cooler are 65 X 38 X 124.5 mm.

Water Tank Capacity: The Orient Ocean Desert Air Cooler holds a water storage tank with 55 liters of capacity. In addition, it has a water level indicator that aids you in keeping a check on the water level on a day-to-day basis.

Speed Control: The Orient Ocean Air CD7001H consists of three-speed control settings. As a result, you can set the temperature as per your desires.

Orient Ocean Air Cooler CD7001H 70 Liters

Honey Comb Pads Cooling Media

The air cooler comes together with honeycomb pads that perform as an operational cooling medium. These pads are located at an angle to deliver equivalent cooling.

Automatic Louver Movement: The Orient Ocean Air cooler runs on mechanical vertical louver movement in addition to the manual horizontal louver movement.

18.3 m Powerful Air Throw: The cooler has powerful air throw capacity of 18.3 meters. This feature helps in instant cooling. This air cooler from Orient works on 4-way air deflection method to throw air at a space of about 60 feet. On top of that, it owns three-speed controls. Out of this, the top speed proposes the powerful air delivery rate of 3600 m3 per hour. This assists in maintain effective cooling of your home peripheries.

Other Significant Features: The power consumption of the Orient Ocean Air CD7001H is 190 W. The air cooler comes along with an automatic water level indicator that provides an indication whenever the water level goes near to the ground. Additionally, it well-matched with the inverters, therefore you do not have to find the middle ground on cooling each time there is a power cut.

Verdict: With a huge capacity of 70 liters, this desert cooler from Orient is adept of cooling large places. In addition to its great cooling features, the cooler owns a graphical design. The frame is composed of ABS plastic that is resilient to rust and decay. As it is armed with four castor wheels, it is stress-free to move and can be transported from one place to another with no trouble.

Brand Orient
Cooler Type Desert Cooler
Tank Capacity 55 Liters
Speed Settings 3
Fan Size 40.6 inches
Max. Speed 1800m3/hr
Air Throw Distance 10.7 m
Body ABS
Price 11450 INR


20-Litre Usha Honeywell CL201AE Personal Cooler

The Usha Honeywell CL201AE is a flawless heavy-duty cooler designed to offer some of the finest features this summer. Read Also Best Smart Gadgets for Car Owners in India.

Design and Dimension: The Usha Honeywell CL201AE is made up of ABS plastic that delivers sturdiness, durability, and strength.  The color of the air cooler is a mixture of dark and light gray. It comes along with casters; therefore it becomes stress-free to transfer around even when it is filled with water. In addition, the accessibility and convenience that the cooler offers are simply blissful.  The overall design of the Usha Air Cooler is something to be experienced to accept as true.

Water Tank Capacity: The Usha Air Cooler holds a huge 40-liter water tank capacity that makes certain that you don’t need to fill it on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the water tank capacity indicates that the product is designed to deliver you a persistent use for extended episodes of time.

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Cooling and Airflow Capacity: The airflow and cooling capacity of the Usha Honeywell Air Cooler are remarkable. It comes together with a typical 3-speed control. This guarantees that the cooler is capable of delivering the accurate airspeed that you are looking for.

Honeycomb Cooling Media: Do you like having forty winks in a room that’s cool and calm? If yes, then the Usha Honeywell Air Cooler is an ideal choice. It comes with the honeycomb cooling media that offers the finest cooling.

20-Litre Usha Honeywell CL201AE Personal Cooler

Effective Three Speed Options and Remote Control Features

No matter if you want your room to be tremendously or reasonably cool; using the Usha air cooler, you can set the cooling speed that is contingent to your desires as it has three-speed levels.

Remote Control: The Usha air cooler provides accessibility to a fully functional remote control. As a result, you can change the cooling speed of the cooler without getting out of your couch or the bed.

Timer setting feature: If you are somebody who time and again fails to recall switching off machines, then you’ll love the feature of timer setting. This feature mechanically switches this equipment off after a pre-set period that may range from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Verdict: This summer season – escape the heat with Usha Honeywell Cooler. This cooler comes together with some outstanding assets like the one year warranty, brilliant quality, and texture as well as a honey comb mesh that retains extra humidity at bay. In addition, the air cooler holds an ice chamber where you can bung up ice cubes for scorching summer days. This cooler upholds your room's humidity to make the atmosphere more relaxed, thanks to its unconventional humidification level feature.

Brand Usha
Water Tank Capacity 20 Litres
Blower Control 3 speed
Warranty 1 year
Body Material Type ABS Plastic
Cooler Design Compact
Color White
Air cooler type Personal Cooler
Price 11000 INR


60-Litre Cello Marvel Plus Air Cooler with Remote

Cello Marvel plus air coolers is one of the most effective cooling appliances with their influential fans that can cool down a room in a matter of minutes.

Powerful but Not Power Hungry: Yes, the Cello Marvel plus desert air coolers claim to be powerful but not power hungry at all. The product will stay effective even in the most intense seasonal temperatures. At the same time, the product consumes the lowest quantity of power. Furthermore, the oscillating louvers and turbo cooling provide corner-to-corner chilling of rooms. And the best part is that it produces an unbelievably low sound that allows you to enjoy a peaceful nap.

An Elegant Design: The Cello Marvel plus is a compact air cooler that combines a sophisticated design together with a huge tank. It has a better-quality and compact Honeycomb Cooling Pads that makes the cooling process way more effectual. As the air moves through the Honeycomb Pads, it gets in interaction with more water than standard cooling pads. In such a way, it offers a better cooling mechanism.

60-Litre Cello Marvel Plus Air Cooler with Remote

Beat the heat with this Cello Air Cooler

This summer, you don’t have to worry about discovering an impeccable cooling solution for your huge and capacious rooms. As this product is simply terrific! This large sized desert air cooler lets you satisfy all your cooling requests. This product has the capability to cool larger places by offering chill air as it is fortified with unconventional cooling features. This piece of equipment is correspondingly compatible with your home inverter set up that lets you stay cool and calm even in the course of a power cut.

Designed for large open areas: This air cooler is mega-sized that is well suited to meet all the cooling requests of a large household and rooms. The product is intended to serve huge open spaces. The powerful air throw and International styling together with 18-inch fan blade are proficient in delivering the finest cooling this summer season.


  • Huge tanker capacity
  • Lesser noise when associated to other coolers
  • Material is of fairly good quality
  • Powerful 18 Inch Fan Blade
  • Operative Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Influential Surround Cooling System
  • Perfect for big halls, banks, workplaces, and diners

Verdict: The Cello Marvel plus is a splendid air cooler that combines a trendy design with a huge tank. It moreover has the better-quality and compact honeycomb cooling pads that make the process of cooling more competent. This air cooler has everything you need to make your midsummers cool and enjoyable.

Brand Cello
Water Tank Capacity 50 Litres
Blower Control 3 speed
Warranty 1 year
Body Material Type Engineering Plastic
Water Level Indicator yes
Cooler Design Sturdy
Color White
Price 10999 INR
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