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6 Best Affordable LED TV below 20000 Rupees in India

Best Affordable LED from LG with 22 Inch Full HD Screen

September to April is a season of festivals in India. Therefore, buying new things in this duration is auspicious as per Hindu believe. You may have already made lots of purchase during Diwali sales. Apparently, Dushahara and Diwali is just the beginning of festival season. If you still plan to buy new things for your family and your home, this is right to do so. Here we present a review of best affordable LED TV to buy in this festival season.

The LED TV models considered here comes with advanced features and latest connectivity options. Invest for entertainment and news on a click and invest in a smart LED TV. Replace your old flickering outdated TV with a brand new LED TV. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.

Best Affordable LED TV with 32-Inch Screen – Vu T32S66

Since Vu’s LED TV entertains millions of Indian every day, no question can be on the quality of the product, Vu sales in the Indian market. Vu does not compromise with product excellence. If a customer still reports a malfunction, the brand ensures instant on-site service or sometimes a complete replacement.

Taking about the Vu T32S66, this best affordable LED TV model is a smart LED TV but priced just penny.

Most of the LED TVs available in one price range have a similar set of features. However, count of add-on features and the number of connectivity options and improvement in sound output do matter. The affordable LED TV from Vu comes with many great features for making TV viewing pleasant for everyone. Its smart features are certainly a pro, but its connectivity and enhanced sound are Pro Plus features.

The Vu Smart LED TV has two HDMI ports, two USB Ports, Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring and RJ45 port to connect to the internet. This much connectivity options should be enough to pace with anyone’s requirement. You can connect the Vu LED to external data storage, a setup box, internet, Pen drive, and a media player simultaneously.

Vu Smart LED TV T32S66 Review

One of the strong reasons to buy this LED TV is its powerful audio system, managed by “Automatic Volume Leveler” function for balancing audio output. 24-Watt combed capacity of both the speaker is enough to get cinema hall like feel at home.

The display of this Smart LED is quite impressive. 6.5 sec of response time says it all. There are some preinstalled applications. One of them is YouTube for watching move online. To use smart features of this LED TV, Vu offers a smart remote as well.

The Vu T32S66 is certainly one best affordable LED TV in the Indian market. Going by the features, I can say that it is rightly priced. Buy: 18000 Rupees


22-Inch Full HD LED TV Sony KLV-22P402C

This Sony LED TV is fit for a bedroom than installing in a hall or a drawing room. That is so because of its slightly smaller screen size. However, it is still one best affordable LED TV with Full HD display.

In enhancing Display and in boosting sound – no manufacturer can defeat the brand Sony. In fact, pictures in Sony’s HD Ready LED appear better than in full HD LED TV of other brands.

The affordable LED TV is not this year’s model but still one preferable because of many nifty features. It comes with latest connectivity options, a 22-inch screen in full HD resolution, and its pro feature is “Clear Resolution Enhancer.”

The twin-speaker set produces 20-Watt audio output, awesome in clarity. One should not be surprised by the sound clarity of those speakers as they bear SONY tag. The cherry on the cake here is the add-on feature, FM support. Tune your favorite FM stations and use the Bravia speakers to its fullest.

22 Inch Best Affordable LED TV Model from Sony

Regarding looks and design, the best affordable LED TV with full HD display excels here, too. Further, this LED TV could be an excellent choice if you want to use in the village area. It can operate in electricity fluctuation, and it supports major eleven Indian languages.

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The 22P402C LED TV is a masterpiece from Sony. Before you decide to order it, measure your requirement well. It is just a LED TV, which is a perfect fit for a bedroom or a small room. Expecting any other luxury, other than display and sound would be disappointing.  Buy: 12000 Rupees


22-Inch Best Affordable LED TV Samsung 22F5100

Samsung has made the LED TV more than just perfect. It comes with wherewithal often missing in top-line models. 22-Inch Screen with Full HD resolution, two HDMI ports, two USB Ports, and with the support to wide range of audio and video files. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the best-LED TVs with a 22-Inch screen in full HD category in the Indian market.

Samsung 22 inch LED TV with HD Display 22F5100 Review and Specifications

While Sony rules the world of display, Samsung is not far behind either. This best affordable LED TV proves that. Believe it is not – the refresh rate of the screen is 100 hertz meaning it excels on clarity than the Sony TV discussed above. To have a high refresh rate, the LED screen, and the engine managing affairs in the background have to be of top quality. Only 6W audio output disappoints but is enough for a LED TV with a screen size this has.

We had reviewed this best affordable LED with full HD display when launched in the Indian market. Check full review at Top 4 Samsung LED TV Review in India.


32-Inch Sanyo XT-32S7200F Full HD LED TV

Have you heard about the brand Sanyo before? While researching best affordable LED TV, I encounter this LED TV model in an electronics showroom in my local market. To draw my greater attention, sales executive while giving a demo, the first thing he said to me is that SANYO is a JAPANESE brand.

At the price of just 19000 Rupees, this full HD LED TV could be a great buy. Planning to buy a 32-Inch Full HD LED TV, this Sanyo LED is the TV you should buy. In every account, it scores better than models, which carries similar features but available at higher price.

Lacking smart features is in fact, in my opinion, a good thing. One should use a TV as a TV. Apparently, computer type features like smart TV capabilities add more circuit complexity. Want to use a computer, better buy a computer. By the way, this Sanyo LED TV can connect with laptop or computer and act like a grand monitor, too. Lesser is circuit complexity- higher is a chance to occur no malfunction in a LED TV.

32-Inch Sanyo XT-32S7200F Full HD LED TV

Before I dig deep into the specs of this best affordable LED TV, here are some key features answering why it is a must buy at its current price.

  • The Sanyo LED TV is one latest full HD TV model in the market.
  • It is quite affordable. 19000 Rupees is too less for it considering the build quality and the set of features it consists of.
  • Believe it or not, the TV panel of this LED or in fact, of all Sanyo TV panels comes with – not one or two or three rather ten years of warranty from the brand. If you buy this today will you use it next ten years, I do not think so. Right?

PC Connectivity with 2 HDMI and USB Ports

Above I gave you reasons why you buy this TV. Now I will discuss the specific features. Nifty features those make this best affordable LED TV certainly the best among the latest in the market.

Plug it with a CPU, and it becomes a computer monitor where the same is doable which one expects with a smart LED TV. In fact, this is the setup more user-friendly than compressed smart features hiding inside a LED TV.

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Play games, scroll through family phone gallery – hosted on your smartphone, run a slideshow of the images stored in the CPU memory, or do whatever is doable on a smart LED TV. Isn’t this exciting? Isn’t this appears a better choice over a smart LED from premium brands like Samsung and LG?

Other than PC connectivity support, this best affordable LED TV has a headphone jack to let you watch TV without disturbing others at home. I prefer this. My TV has a headphone, so I have the freedom to watch TV as when I wish to. The headphone jack limits TV sound to just to me.

Those looking to harness this Sanyo full HD LED TV by plug it with multiple third-party hardware can do so. Two HDMI and two USB port are Certainly the best counts of connectivity ports even for a premium LED TV.

Other Key features of this best affordable LED TV

With many other features, the Sanyo LED TV is copacetic. In fact, it sets the best standard in sound, display, build quality, convenience features, connectivity, and affordability. Here I am not trying to tell you that it surpasses even Sony in optimizing Sound and display. While measuring it in totality, this 32-Inch Full HD LED TV excels and surpasses similar Sony LED TVs by a great margin.

Whether it is about enhancing color tone or reducing picture noise, improvising audio with dolly sound or ensuring real color in frames, the Sanyo LED TV does it all for viewer’s pleasant experience.

Sound management of this TV is another plus point. Essentially, the four key features tell the whole story. Trust the fact Sanyo LED TV is the best affordable LED TV at this time in the Indian market.

  • Box Speakers
  • Bass Enhanced
  • Surround Sound
  • Headphone Jack for Making Sound Personal and Private

Conclusion: So many good things I have noted for this Sanyo LED TV, but it is not a fit bet for every use. 60 Hz of refresh rate is fine as most LED TV has the same, but that is not pertinent to playing games. However, the rest of the features are more than enough for all time entertainment.

At the price of 19000 Rupees, I find this Sanyo LED TV a good buy. If I have to buy one, I will go with this best affordable LED TV. In the end, I repeat once again everything about the Sanyo 32-Inch LED TV is just copacetic. Another reason to buy this 32-inch TV could be you do not want to buy a brand new LED in every two years. Buy: 19000 Rupees


22-Inch Full HD LED TV Philips 22PFL3958

One of the reasons why one should trust the brand Philips is “higher return on quality.” Sounds financial but this theory is applicable when you buy something. Suppose you are paying 10000 Rupees for a product, the question is how much the brand invested in producing the product. Philips spends close to 70% of your payment in manufacturing the goods and providing associated services, keeps less than 20% as profit margin. However, in the case of Samsung, it is almost vice-versa. How I got this figure – by analyzing balance sheet of these giants.

Philips is not a big name in the LED TV market. Still, I considered the Philips TV model just because of a great quality build it has. So it will entertain you and your family many years is certain. Moreover, the Philips full HD LED checks the boxes of the parameters I have set in the selection of LED TV models to be part of this article.

Philips 22PFL3958 V7 A2 56 cm 22 inches LED TV Review and Specifications

This Philips TV consists of many great features including enhanced picture quality and impressive audio features. Therefore, it is certainly one best affordable LED TV out there. Areas where it has not outperformed, it sticks the standard regular features.

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We have already reviewed this Philips LED model when launched in the Indian market. In fact, once it was in great demand on the Flipkart App. Read more about this Philips LED TV brand at Four Best Selling LED TV between 10000 to 20000 at Flipkart App.


LG 22-Inch Full HD LED TV 22LH454A-PT

The LG LED TV is the lowest priced LED TV model among all best affordable LED TV models so far discussed in this article. Regarding features, it is superior to the Philips full HD TV discussed above. It comes with PC support as well as USB DivX video playback support, a rare feature in budget LED TVs. However, placement of the ports is certainly not worthwhile as they appear on the back of this TV. Indeed a poor choice for connectivity ports placement.

The user interface of this budget LED TV supports five major Indian languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi. Not a Smart LED TV, but it can play games. It comes with some built-in games, indeed great news for kids at home.

The build quality of this LED TV will win your heart. No 11000 Rupees LED TV could be as classier as this LG LED TV is. Narrow bezels and a slim profile make it even more elegant. Since USB and HDMI ports are on the rear side, fixing it on a wall is not an option, as that will block reach to ports.

Like any LG TV, this 22-inch model, too, is set out on the noted “Triple XD Engine.” But the use of IPS panel not less than delight. And, if you are looking for a budget LED, which should also fit for planning games, this is the TV you should buy. 300 Hz of refresh rate and the power of Triple XD engine in its background make it one of the best budget monitors any gamer could dream of.

Best Affordable LED from LG with 22 Inch Full HD Screen

Based on the Dolby Digital Decoder Sound Technology, a pair of two powerful speakers of this best affordable LED TV can produce at max 10-Watts audio. There is support for five sound modes: Standard, Music, Cinema, Cricket, and Game.

I am not a big fan of LG’s service support although the brand has been successful in winning votes to become the best consumer-friendly brand in India. LG offers one year of on-site customer support, but free service covers issue inside the TV. Any issue outside like a scratch or crack customer will have to bear service cost. Buy: 11000 Rupees

My Final take on these 5 Best Affordable LED TV models

If you prefer a smart TV, the Vu smart LED TV is the best buy.  My favorite is the Sanyo LED TV, though. The Sanyo TV comes with lots of great features and PC connectivity support as well. Coming towards low models, consider the LG 22-Inch LED over the Samsung Joy Series LED TV if one also wants PC connectivity support as well. However, if you are ready to spend 13000 rupees for a Full HD LED with many great TV features, then the Samsung TV is best.

You might have a question why I haven’t recommended the Philips LED TV. I will recommend the Philips full HD TV to those who prefer to spend for quality over features and for great service as well. Undoubtedly Philips is miles ahead than any electronics brand in India in providing on-site service.

We would certainly like to hear from you. Which LED TV you bought, and how would you rate your experience with your new LED TV. Read also Uniquely Designed Two Channel Soundbar for your Premium LED TV.

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